Veronica’s USA Today HEA and Amazing Stories Columns Archive

JeanWalker_SciFiEncountersArchive_BannerI find there are many occasions where readers are asking me about a USA Today/HEA interview I’ve done, or a special column I wrote, or my new column at Amazing Stories.  I’m also going to be writing occasionally for Heroes & Heartbreakers.There was no one place to collect all the posts – so I’ve created an archive of all the links and topics, which I will keep updated. Listed with most recent first:

Interview with Bec McMaster, Author of Last True Hero, April 6, 2017

Heroes & Heartbreakers: Science Fiction Romance Best Bets for March 2017 – Love Intergalactic Style, 3/25/17

Heroes & Heartbreakers: Science Fiction Romance Best Bets for February 2017 – Cyborg Sex and More!, 2/23/17

Heroes & Heartbreakers: Two Award Winning Science Fiction Romances Worth a Second Look, 2/16/17

Interview with Hayley Stone, author of Machinations, 11/3/16

Scifi and Fantasy Romance Authors discuss what scared them as a kid and favorite candy, 10/31/16

AMAZING STORIES: Science Fiction Romance with a hint of Halloween, 10/27/16

Interview with Deb Bailey, author of Hathor Legacy: Revelations, 10/25/16

HEROES & HEARTBREAKERS: Out of This World: October 2016 Science Fiction Romance Best Bets, 10/20/16

AMAZING STORIES: Science Fiction Romance Authors Write About Pets In Space, 10/13/16

Pets In Space Authors talk scifi romance and favorite pets…in space, 10/6/16

AMAZING STORIES: Sports and Games in Science Fiction Romance, 9/29/16

Romance Authors Discuss the Appeal of Time Travel and Share Their Preferred Destinations in Time, 9/22/16

Interview with Ilona Andrews, author of  Magic Binds, 9/20/16

Veronica Scott Recaps Dark Matter Season 2 Finale “But First, We Save the Galaxy”, 9/17/16

Veronica Scott Recaps Two New Dark Matter Episodes, “Sometimes In Life You Don’t Get to Choose”, 9/10/16

Interview with Anna Carven, Author of the Dark Planet Warriors Series, 9/10/16

Veronica Scott Recaps Killjoys Season 2 Finale ‘This Is How It All Began’, 9/3/16

Veronica Scott Recaps Dark Matter “Take the Shot” Episode, Android’s a Threat, Or Is She?, 9/3/16

Veronica Scott Recaps Killjoys Episode “Johnny Be Good” and Shares Interview Snippets with Actors Aaron Ashmore and Luke MacFarlane, 8/27/16

Veronica Scott Recaps Dark Matter Episode “Going Out Fighting,” 8/27/16

Interview with Veronica Scott, author of Trapped on Talonque, by Joyce Lamb, 8/26/16

Interview with Carysa Locke, author of Pirate Nemesis, 8/25/16

Veronica Scott Recaps Killjoys “Full Metal Monk” Episode and Interviews Actor Sean Baek, 8/20/16

Veronica Scott Recaps Dark Matter “Stuff To Steal, People To Kill” Episode, 8/20/16

Veronica Scott Recaps Killjoys Episode 7 ‘Heart Shaped Box’and Interviews Actor Morgan Kelly, 8/13/16

Veronica Scott Recaps Dark Matter Episode 7, Android Tries Hard to Relate, 8/13/16

Interview with Genevra Thorne,  author of The Beloved, 8/11/16

Veronica Scott Recaps Killjoys “I Love Lucy” Episode and Interviews Actress Tamsen McDonough, 8/6/13

Veronica Scott Recaps Dark Matter “We Should Have Seen This Coming” Episode and Interviews Actress Melanie Liburd, 8/6/16

Veronica Scott Recaps Killjoys Episode 5 and Interviews Actor Thom Allison, 7/30/16

Veronica Scott Recaps Dark Matter Episode 5 and Interviews Actor Shaun Sipos, 7/30/16

Interview with Vi Voxley, author of Nadar: Alien Warlord’s Conquest, 7/28/16

Veronica Scott Recaps Episode 4 of Both Killjoys and Dark Matter, 7/23/16

AMAZING STORIES: The Fallen Empire Series by Lindsay Buroker, 7/21/16

Veronica Scott Recaps Season 2 Episode 3 of Both Killjoys and Dark Matter, 7/16/16

ROMANCING THE STARS Anthology Authors Share Their Love of SciFi Romance, 7/14/16

Veronica Scott Recaps Season 2 Episode 2 of Both Killjoys and Dark Matter, 7/9/16

AMAZING STORIES: Science Fiction TV Shows Versus SFR Novels, 7/7/16

Veronica Scott Recaps Season Premieres of ‘Killjoys’ and ‘Dark Matter’, 7/2/16

Interview with Tracey Cooper-Posey, author of Faring Souls, 6/30/16

Veronica Scott Talks Season 2 of ‘Killjoys’ with Creator Michelle Lovretta, 6/30/16

Fantasy Authors Share Binge Worthy Movies, 6/27/16

AMAZING STORIES: Science Fiction Romance and Steampunk, 6/23/16

Interview with Susan Grant, CHAMPION OF BARESH, 6/16/16

Interview with Nalini Singh, ALLEGIANCE OF HONOR, 6/14/16

AMAZING STORIES:  How Can You Find New Science Fiction Romances to Read?, 5/23/16

Interview with Jeffe Kennedy, PAGES OF THE MIND, 5/31/16

Veronica Scott Recaps ‘The 100’ Season 3 Finale, 5/20/16

Interview with Grace Draven EIDOLON, 5/19/16

We Asked Sci-Fi Romance Authors to Share Their Favorite Binge-worthy SciFi Movies and More, 5/13/16

Veronica Scott Recaps ‘The 100’ Perverse Instantiation, 5/12/16

AMAZING STORIES: The Joy of Series, 5/12/16

Veronica Scott Recaps ‘The 100’ Red Sky At Morning, 5/6/16

Interview with S. E. Smith COMMAND DECISION, 5/5/16

Veronica Scott Recaps ‘The 100’ Join or Die, 4/29/16

AMAZING STORIES: There Be Space Pirates in Science Fiction Romance, 4/28/16

Veronica Scott Recaps ‘The 100’, Demons, 4/22/16

Interview with Michelle Diener, DARK HORSE,  4/21/16

AMAZING STORIES, Talking Titanic in Space 104 Years After the Tragedy, 4/14/16

Exclusive Cover Reveal and Excerpt Anna Kashina ASSASSIN QUEEN, 4/11/16

Interview with Alison Aimes TRAPPED, 4/7/16

Exclusive Cover Reveal and Excerpt STAR CRUISE: OUTBREAK by Veronica Scott, 4/5/16

AMAZING STORIES, AMAZING PEOPLE: Veronica Scott Helps Narrate Ellison’s City on the Edge of Forever Audiobook, 4/1/16

AMAZING STORIES, Illuminae Science Fiction Told in a Unique Format, 3/31/16

Veronica Scott Contributes Her Voice to Star Trek Audiobook Featuring All Star Cast, 3/31/16

AMAZING STORIES: Science Fiction Romance or Romantic Elements?, 3/17/16

Special Interview with JoAnn Ross, Beyond The Sea, 3/17/16

Veronica Scott Recaps ‘The 100’, Terms and Conditions, 3/11/16

Interview with Cara Bristol, Captured By The Cyborg 3/10/16

Veronica Scott Recaps ‘The 100’, Thirteen, 3/4/16

Veronica Scott Reacts to ‘The 100’ Bitter Harvest, 2/26/16

Interview with Aurora Springer, THE GRAND MASTER’S MATE, 2/25/16

Veronica Scott on ‘The 100’: Hakeldama, So Much Emotion and Betrayal, 2/19/16

AMAZING STORIES: Award Winning SFR Authors Discuss the Genre, 2/18/16

Veronica Scott Recaps ‘The 100’, Watch the Thrones, 2/12/16

SciFi and Fantasy Romance Authors Share Favorite Romance Novels, Nalini Singh, Grace Draven, Jeffe Kennedy, Cara Bristol and more 2/11/16

Special Topic: What’s the Appeal of Outback or Rural Romance? Rachel Johns, Cathryn Hein, S. E. Gilchrist, Lisa Ireland, Mandy Magro, 2/8/16

What’s the Future of SciFi Romance? SFR Galaxy Award Winners Weigh In, 2/5/16

Veronica Scott on ‘The 100’, All Ye Who Enter Here (episode 3), 2/5/16

AMAZING STORIES: Australian SFR Is Alive and Well, 2/4/16

Veronica Scott on ‘The 100’: Wanheda Part Two: Romantic (and not) Gestures, 1/29/16

Interview with Carol Van Natta, OVERLOAD FLUX, 1/28/16

Veronica Scott on ‘The 100’ Season Three Opener: Love’s on the rocks for nearly everyone, 1/22/16

AMAZING STORIES: Cyborg Romance Is Here and It’s Hot, 1/21/16

Interview with Diana Paz, TIMESPELL, 1/13/16

AMAZING STORIES: Veronica Scott Talks Science Fiction Romance, 1/7/16

SFR Authors Share Fictional Tech They’d Love To See Become Real, 12/31/15

Interview with M. K. Eidem, GRIM 12/17/15

Interview with Ruby Lionsdrake FROST STATION ALPHA 12/3/15

Like Some Magic with Your Romance? Here Be Magic box set authors 11/19/15

Interview with Zen Cho  SORCEROR TO THE CROWN  11/5/15

Audiobook Narrator Michael Riffle Turns the Tables on Veronica 10/23/15

SciFi and Fantasy romance Authors Talk Scary Reads for Halloween 10/22/15

Like Some Noir With Your Paranormal? Dark Secrets Authors Deliver 10/8/15 – Cynthia Eden, Jeffe Kennedy, Mina Khan, Megan Hart, Rachel Caine, Suzanne Johnson

Why Do We Love Rock Star Romances So Much? (Special column) 10/6/15 – Nalini Singh, J T Geissinger and others answer the question!

They’re Not in the Matrix: Veronica Scott Rescued Keanu (The Cat) and Jake 9/26/15 by Joyce Lamb

Interview with Lisa Medley SPACE COWBOYS AND INDIANS 9/24/15

Interview with Susan Grant THE STAR KING 9/9/15

Interview with Anna Hackett REED (Hell Squad Book 4) 8/27/15

Interview with Michelle Lovretta Creator of TV Show KILLJOYS 8/20/15

Interview with Anna Kashina THE GUILD OF ASSASSINS 8/13/15

A Special Interview with Lisa Kleypas  BROWN-EYED GIRL 8/10/15

Interview with Catherine Spangler SHADOW FIRES 7/30/15

Interview with Kelly Jensen and Jenn Burke CHAOS STATION 7/16/15

Interview with Charlee Allden STEALING MERCURY 7/2/15

Interview with Grace Draven RADIANCE 6/18/15

A Special Interview with Author Barbara Delinsky about her novel Blueprints 6/8/15

Interview with Donna S Frelick UNCHAINED MEMORY and Laurie A Green INHERIT THE STARS 6/4/15

Interview with Nalini Singh SHARDS OF HOPE 6/2/15

Interview with Jeffe Kennedy THE TWELVE KINGDOMS: TALON OF THE HAWK 5/21/15

Interview with Sharon Lynn Fisher ECHO 8 5/7/2015

Exploring Appeal of Fantasy Romance 4/23/15 – Grace Draven, C. L. Wilson, Jeffe Kennedy, Anna Kashina, Amy Raby, Dana Marton, Leslye Penelope, Eleri Stone on the genre’s appeal for them, and their personal book recommendations.

Titanic’s Sinking 103 Years Ago Inspires SciFi Novel April 14, 2015 – discussion of Wreck of the Nebula Dream and the sinking of Titanic.

Interview with Dragon Slayer author Eleri Stone April 9, 2015

Interview with Michelle Howard Torkel’s Chosen March 26, 2015

A Chat with Author Pippa Jay When Dark Falls March 12, 2015

Interview with Author S. E. Smith Merrick’s Maiden February 26, 2015

Winners of the 2015 SFR Galaxy Awards February 12, 2015 – on what they each find so appealing about writing science fiction romance – Meljean Brook, Jane Ann Krentz, Rachel Bach, S. E. Smith, Nina Croft, Kylie Scott, Corrina Lawson, Sheryl Nantus, Lyn Brittan, Anna Hackett, Sonya Clark, Kate Corcino, Ariel MacArran, Carol Van Natta, P J Dean, Jael Wye, Ruby Lionsdrake, K. C. Burn, Renae Jones, Finnegan H. H. O’Riordan (and me)

Interview with Author Christine Feehan Viper Game January 29, 2015

Interview with Author Alexis Duran Touch of Salar and To Catch A Threeve January 16, 2015

SF&F Authors Make Resolutions for Their Main Characters January 1, 2015 – Thea Harrison, Rachel Bach, J Kathleen Cheney, Mur Lafferty, Eve Langlais, Tina Christopher, Jessica E Subject, PJ Dean, Jenny Schwartz, Tee Morris (and me)

Interview with Robin D Owens Heart Fire December 18, 2014

Interview with Jeffe Kennedy Tears of the Rose December 4, 2014

Interviews with Cara Bristol Warrior and R. L. Naquin Demons In My Driveway November 20, 2014

Silkwords Puts the Plot Decisions in the Reader’s Hands November 14, 2014

Interview with Nalini Singh Archangel’s Shadows November 6, 2014

Authors’ Take on Favorite Scary Books October 31, 2014 – Sharon L Fisher, Mira Grant, Amy Bartol, PJ Dean, Angela Campbell, Jody Wallace, S. E. Smith, Jeffe Kennedy, J Kathleen Cheney, Cara Bristol, Cathy Pegau, Joshua Roots

An Andre Norton Recommendation and Chat With Cynthia Eden Playing with Fire October 23, 2014

Chat With Authors of Earth Ship Siren Series October 9, 2014 – Shona Husk, Mel Teshco, Denise Rossetti

Interview with Patricia Briggs Shifting Shadows September 25, 2014

SF/F Authors Share Favorite ReReads September 22, 2014 – Mary Robinette Kowal, Rachel Bach, Nicole Peeler, Kristin Painter, Diane Dooley, Eleri Stone, Jody Wallace, S. E. Gilchrist, Tina Christopher (and me)

Checking in With J. Kathleen Cheney The Seat of Magic and Jessica Subject Another Night Another Planet September 11, 2014

Behind the Scenes with Two Audiobook Narrators Escape From Zulaire August 28, 2014

A Chat with the Creators of SciFi Romance Quarterly August 13, 2014 – Diane Dooley, Heather Massey, KS “Kaz” Augustin

SciFi and Fantasy Authors Pick the Worlds They Want To Visit (part 2) August 11, 2014 – Nalini Singh, Rachel Bach, Pip Ballantine, S. E. Smith, Jeffe Kennedy, PJ Schnyer, Sheryl Nantus, Cindy Spencer Pape, Sonya Clark, K. M. Fawcett (and me)

Nebula Nights Authors Share Their Love of SciFi Romance August 8, 2014 – Cathryn Cade, Lyn Brittan, Pauline B. Jones, Melisse Aires,Stephanie J. Pajonas, Greta van der Rol, C. E. Kilgore, K. G. Stutts, P. K. Hrezo, Catrina Taylor and me. NOTE: This special boxed set is no longer available but the individual books remain on sale of course.

SciFi and Fantay Authors Pick the Worlds They Want To Visit (part 1) August 7, 2014 – Yasmine Galenorn, Ilona Andrews, Mur Lafferty, Tee Morris, P J Dean, Eve Langlais, Cara Bristol, E. D. Walker, Pauline B Jones (and me)

Interview with At Star’s End Author Anna Hackett July 31, 2014

Interview with Rachel Bach Paradox Series July 17, 2014

Interviews with Susan Kaye Quinn Third Daughter, Pip Ballantine & Tee Morris Dawn’s Early Light  July 3, 2014

More Authors Share Favorite SciFi TV and Movies June 30, 2014 – Rachel Bach, Jaye Wells, Joshua Roots, Angela Campbell, Lisa Kessler, Cheryl Brooks, Greta van der Rol, Janni Nell (and me)

Authors Pick Their Favorite SciFi TV Shows and Movies June 23, 2014 – Jill Archer, Jeffe Kennedy, Diane Dooley,Shona Husk, PJ Schnyder, Eleri Stone, Inez Kelley, Branli Caidryn (and me)

Interviews with Gail Carriger Timeless (Parasol Protectorate) and Cindy Spencer Pape Steam & Sorcery (Gaslight Chronicles) June 19, 2014

More Authors Share Their Favorite SciFi & Fantasy Reads June 9, 2014 – Cara Bristol, Ella Drake, Jeffe Kennedy, SueAnn Bowling, S. E. Smith, K. M,. Fawcett, Diane Burton, Sheryl Nantus, Pippa Jay, Melisse Aires, Cathy Pegau (and me)

Interviews with Linnea Sinclair Tales From the SFR Brigade and Ilona Andrews Burn For Me June 5, 2014

SciFi & Fantasy Authors Share Their First SF Reads June 2, 2014 – Cathryn Cade, C. E. Kilgore, E. D. Walker, Jessica E Subject, Pauline B Jones,Eve Langlais, P J Dean, Amy Bartol (and me)

Chats with Jeffe Kennedy Mark of the Tala and Cara Bristol Terran May 23, 2014

Interviews with Sheryl Nantus  Into The Black, Laura Kaye East of Ecstasy, Mur Lafferty Ghost Train to New Orleans – May 8  2014

Make Time to Play: Romance Authors Share Their Favorite Toys April 27, 2014 – I’m listing this one because my toy horse got his photo in the column, along with my memory of toys.

On 102nd Anniversary of Titanic‘s Sinking We’re Still Fascinated April 14 2014

Welcome to National Anxiety Month Magic of the Nile  April 2, 2014

Buzz About SciFI and Fantasy Romance Nalini Singh Shield of Winter March 27, 2014 – interview

The Buzz About John Scalzi Red Shirts The Human Division Lock-in March 24, 2014 – interview

Buzz About SciFi and Fantasy Mary Robinette Kowal Valour and Vanity March 13, 2014 – interview

Buzz About SciFi and Fantasy Romance S. E. Smith Hunter’s Claim February 27, 2014 – interview, also mentioned books by PJ Schnyder, Cara Bristol, Amy Bartol, Jessica Subject

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