Weekend Writing Warriors WRECK OF THE NEBULA DREAM Assassin or Bodyguard?

better wewriwaSince we’re a month away from the 101st anniversary of the Titanic’s sinking, on April 14th, I’m still doing excerpts from WRECK until then but after that I’m switching off to something else. I appreciate all the comments and feedback! Sadly there isn’t anything Irish in WRECK I could post for today, although there are characters named Rafferty and Casey but it would cause too many spoilers to excerpt them.

So….instead I went for a bit of the description of the D’vannae Brother, a character who has intrigued many of the book’s readers… As the excerpt begins, we’re in Nick’s POV:

He assessed the only other man on the shuttle who was as deadly as Nick himself could be when the occasion demanded –  a D’nvannae Brother, dressed all in close fitting, soft black leather, as they usually were when traveling outside their world. The swirling red tattoo all D’nvannae wore proudly inscribed on the right side of the face, as a sign of fealty to their Deity, was particularly well defined on this man. He must be senior in the hierarchy, given the number of details in the tattoo. Gotta earn those the hard way in the Lady’s service. Halfway paying attention to a broadcast of an inter Sector sports semifinal, the Brother was unbraiding his long, jet black hair, signifying his contract had been successfully complet­ed and he was now at liberty to accept another.

Who on backwater Glideon might have needed such a high-priced, exotic bodyguard? Or been the target of such a re­lentless assassin? The D’nvannae could be hired for either pur­pose, conflicting offers resolved by the whim of the goddess.

If you’d like more about the D’vannae and their Red Lady, I did a post about them on Paranormal Romantics last week.


OK, so at least the picture above is thematic for St. Patrick’s Day LOL!

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WRECK OF THE NEBULA DREAM, a 2013 SFR Galaxy Award winner,  is available for kindle, as an audio book or a paperback at Amazon. The audio sample is here.