Weekend Writing Warriors Farewell to the Shifters For Now

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Today is the final excerpt from my Shifter and Girl-With-A-Secret story but I’m happy to report I’m well underway on completing the first draft I had abandoned until all of you lovely Warriors encouraged me to pick it back up. I’ll keep you posted when the novel is done and published, I promise!

Caitlyn has persuaded the shifters from the North to meet secretly with Kyle and her outside the city. Kyle was curiously reluctant to fall in with her plan but eventually does accompany her to the river. This excerpt is at the end of that meeting (and I really do have to stop here, not only because I’m actively working on the novel but because it all gets spoiler-y after this scene). Since this is my last excerpt from the book, I cheated a bit and provided ten sentences.  Kyle and Kellan argue over several things during the meeting and finally Kyle says:

         “Kellan, although I’m grateful to know the Pack hasn’t forgotten me, let us have no more fruitless discussion.”

His brother stared at him for a long minute, hands clenched at his sides as if to force the leopard’s claws to stay hidden. “Allow me to station a man here, out of sight in these woods, to assist you.”

Kyle paused, momentarily tempted by the offer, but then he shook his head. “Caitlyn needs protection inside the palace, where no shapeshifter but myself can walk.”

“We’ll be away to the North then – take care of yourself, little brother.”

The two men hugged, pounding each other on the back for a moment. After bowing to Caitlyn, Kellan shifted to leopard form, disappearing into the dappled forest shadows as he left the clearing.

Twirling a leaf in her hand, she rose from her perch on the riverbank and studied Kyle’s face as she walked to meet him.

Reaching to enfold her in his arms, he said, “Thank you for making me come to meet them today.”


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Weekend Writing Warriors I’ve Seen The Leopard

better wewriwa

First of all, a very Happy Father’s Day to all the Dads in the world!

I’m only going to be able to share a few more excerpts with you from the Shifter and Girl-with-a-Secret story because pretty soon it all gets spoiler-y AND I decided to make this my next project to finish. So, today I’ll give you a bit more from Caitlyn’s conversation with the Shifters from the North who came to demand Kyle’s release. One more excerpt next week and then we’ll retire it until the novel is done! I’ve really appreciated all the encouragement from everyone to go ahead with the book…

(Kellan is the leader of the party of shifters and Kyle’s brother.)

“Kyle has endured much during his captivity here and weakens day by day now. The cat is certainly near to collapse,” Caitlyn said, gazing at Kellan. “The Witch Queen doesn’t let him run as a leopard, not ever.”

The men swore bitter oaths. Caitlyn felt power swell in the room, fueled by their anger, and her own magic flared in response.

“You speak as if you’d seen the leopard but if he can’t shift, how is that possible?” Kellan asked.

“We have a connection, meeting in the dreamspace sometimes,” Caitlyn said. “I saw the leopard there.” From the way the men exchanged surprised, surreptitious glances, she could tell the information carried unknown significance for her audience.


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Weekend Writing Warriors Shifters from the North

better wewriwaGoing on a bit more with this scene involving the perturbation in magic Caitlyn felt.  Sergeant of the Guard Quarl tells her the shifters have gone to the stables to leave the castle so she runs in that direction:

“Wait, I have to speak to you!”

They turned, five tall, well muscled soldiers, grim faced. Dressed in dappled green uniforms, long cloaks clasped at the shoulders, all were handsome in the same way as Kyle. Their brilliant green eyes further proclaimed kinship.

“Have you looked your fill, girl?” said the man who had kept her from falling, “What can a servant of the Witch Queen have to say to us, other than more insults?” His hand clenched on his sword hilt as he glared at her.

“I’m no servant of the Witch Queen, I’m from the south, from Ordlathus.” Caitlyn glanced up and down the hall, debating where it would be safest to talk. “Have you come about Kyle?”


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