Weekend Writing Warriors – Lady of Dreams New Short Story

better wewriwaSo this past week I had a new short story published in an anthology…it’s only 1500 words so I can’t excerpt too much for you but here are eight sentences (and I did another quick excerpt on Valentine’s Day here). My heroine works in a museum and has a crush on an extremely handsome Egyptian warrior, the only problem being he’s a 4000 year old statue:

“Good night, warrior,” she murmured. It was time to go home to her lonely apartment and her microwave dinner. Nursing her elderly, widowed mother through her final illness had drained her savings and cost her a place in the Egyptology PhD track but at least she still had the museum job.

As she entered the foyer of the Egyptian Treasures wing, a shiny dime winked at her from the floor.  Chuckling at the sheer whimsy of the idea, Sara snagged the coin and made a wish–Someday I want to know more about that statue– before pitching the money into the fund-raising Fountain of Isis.           

 Crack! Sara flinched as a rapid series of bangs echoed through the marble pillars, accompanied by screams. Gunshots?

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five minute love stories

Here’s the pretty cover for our Los Angeles Romance Authors (LARA) anthology, FIVE MINUTE LOVE STORIES,  just out this week, with 21 other short stories besides “My Lady of Dreams.”

Happy Valentine’s Day with an Excerpt from Lady of Dreams

???????????????????????????????Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone! I’m excited to say I have a new very short story “Lady of Dreams” coming out today in an anthology from Los Angeles Romance Authors (LARA). ( Five Minute Love Stories – So far only available at Smashwords but coming soon in other places.)  The story idea started for me with a photo of a handsome ancient Egyptian warrior carved in stone…and then I thought about the statue being in a museum 4000 years later and…well, here’s a quick excerpt (each story in the anthology is only 1500 words, so I can’t excerpt much!):

What is he thinking? Sara wondered, as she always did when gazing upon the ancient statue of the Egyptian warrior. Tall and strong, the man stood poised for action, shield angled to ward off enemies, sword raised to deliver a killing blow while he glared a challenge at Pharaoh’s enemies. She stepped closer, eying the small crescent shaped scar on his left cheek, tracing her fingertips over the curving lines of his arms, wishing the grainy stone beneath her fingers was warm flesh. But the statue wasn’t even complete; although sheared off, the granite base appeared to have been originally part of a larger piece. Who stood next to this man in life? Another warrior? A god? His beloved?

I’ll never know.

            Statue of Unknown, circa 1500 BCE, stated the museum’s placard. Presumed to be one of a pair.

Duh. Sara grinned. Someone this handsome would definitely have a lady on his arm.

So is she ever going to meet this man of mystery? I always go for the HEA but arranging this one took some doing…..

The Ancient Egyptians didn’t have Valentine’s Day of course, but they were quite romantic and many fragments of poems, spells and love songs remain to us. Here’s a bit from one of my favorites, a plea to the gods:

“For if you will not cause her to love me

I must surely abandon the day,

Consumed to dust in the fire of my burning.”

If you need a longer Ancient Egyptian paranormal romance fix you can read my novella Priestess of the Nile, set in the 1550 BCE time frame, which Carina Press issued as an e book in 2012. (Available here.)  My next Ancient Egyptian paranormal romance Warrior of the Nile is due out in September, also from Carina. Busily editing the manuscript as we speak!

Happy Valentine’s Day!