SFR Brigade Summer Blog Hop to Other Worlds

This Blog Hop is now over. My randomly selected prizes went to the following:

Amzn Gift Cards:  Kareni, bn100, Melissa

Ebook: bn100, CC, ELF

Free Audiobook Code: EKoven, Anna McLain, txdee


SFRB blog hop july2016Here’s the link back to the main page, where the Grand Prize Rafflecopter is located. This blog hop runs July 11th through the 15th. The Grand Prize can only be won via entries at the main page Rafflecopter. Links to the other participants’ blogs will be found there as well.

(If you’re here for the Weekend Writing Warrior snippet for July 10th, go here.)

On my blog I’m giving away three $10.00 Amazon gift cards (no substitutions) as well as three free ebooks of my latest scifi romance Hostage To The Stars, in the format of your choice (epub or mobi) AND three free Audible downloads of the scifi romance audiobook Mission to Mahjundar. That’s 9 separate prizes, to be awarded to commenters on this blog, via random selection. It is possible for one person to be randomly selected to win more than one of each type of prize.

I’m going to pick a somewhat unusual planet and specify Altair 4, as seen in the movie “Forbidden Planet,” which was released to theaters 50 years go (as of this past March). It was the first science fiction movie I ever saw as a child (on the TV late show in black and white) and absolutely fired my imagination as to what was possible – space travel, robots, ancient aliens, invisible monsters, high tech, heroic (and handsome) space captains and romance…oh yes, I was HOOKED. I discovered Andre Norton’s books around the same time and the scifi movie and the scifi books reinforced each other for me, as far as what genre I was most interested in.

Here was the plot synopsis, from the Internet Movie Database:  A starship crew goes to investigate the silence of a planet’s colony only to find two survivors and a deadly secret that one of them has.

Not to mention a cool robot, ancient alien secrets and more…

Here’s the trailer:

What was the first science fiction movie that fired your imagination? Leave a comment and be entered to win this blog’s prizes.