Sectors SF Romance Novels Reading Order

For the most part these are standalone stories occurring in my futuristic, galaxy-spanning world of the Sectors. When  there are sequels, the spoilers in succeeding books for the first book are as mild as I can make them. Where there is any connection besides the Sectors setting, I’ve grouped the books and put them in my suggested reading order. The stories all occur in the same general time frame, although I’d say the events of  WRECK are the earliest.

Wreck of the Nebula Dream – took place prior to the Star Cruise books, no direct link as far as characters but sister ships

Star Survivor – direct sequel to Wreck

Star Cruise: Marooned

Star Cruise: Outbreak – next book after Marooned

Star Cruise: Rescue – short story released in the Romancing the Stars anthology on June 28, 2016 – note RTS is no longer available now but I plan to release Rescue, Stowaway and Golden Token in one volume, probably in May 2017.

Star Cruise: Stowaway – novella released in the Pets In Space anthology – note I do plan to release Stowaway along with two other short stories in one volume in May 2017


Escape From Zulaire – completely standalone


Mission to Mahjundar

Hostage To The Stars – direct sequel


Lady of the Star Wind begins in the Sectors and moves to a less high tech setting

Trapped on Talonque – completely standalone

The Golden Token – short story written for the Dealer’s Choice paperback anthology, which was handed out at the RT Booklovers’ Convention in April 2016 and is not currently available unless you can find a used copy somewhere.. I do plan to publish this story myself, along with two others, in May 2017.