Other Projects and Works In Process


Latest project: have been doing the plotting for a new series set in the Sectors, am now about 30K words into writing first draft as of February 20th. Set this aside to do Two Against the Stars.

EMBRACE THE ROMANCE: PETS IN SPACE 2 anthology will be out on October 10th. My novella is “Songbird” and takes place on the Nebula Zephyr. The book is up for preorder at books2read.com/u/3L9aYM  (Links to all ebook sellers)

Audiobook: Star Cruise: Outbreak was released and currently we have no plans to record another. But we could change our minds!


Sequel to Dancer of the Nile

Status: Have the plot roughed out, excited about revisiting Nima and Kamin, but doing the SFR’s next.

Other Efforts: I have a plot for a book I’m tentatively calling Court Lady of the Nile. I’m also plotting a sequel to The Captive Shifter, which released in March 2017.