Other Projects and Works In Process


The Golden Token

Status: Short story set in the Sectors, appeared in the print-only Dealer’s Choice anthology given away free at the 2016 RT Booklover’s Convention. Planning to issue this story with two others in May 2017.

Romancing The Stars v-2Star Cruise: Rescue

Appears in  Romancing the Stars anthology – no longer available. I do plan to issue this story along with Golden Token and one other in May 2017.

Pets In Space: anthology of short stories from various  NYT, PETS_In_Space_cover_artUSAT Best Selling and award winning SFR authors. My story in the volume is Star Cruise: Stowaway.







My next book is Danger in the Stars, a sequel  of sorts to Star Cruise: Stowaway, the novella appearing in Pets In Space. Hoping to release Danger by March 2017. UPDATE: The book went to my editor on January 17th, so I’m on schedule!

Latest project: have been doing the plotting for a new series set in the Sectors, am now about 30K words into writing first draft as of February 20th.

Audiobook: Michael Riffle is about to start recording double SFR Galaxy Award Winner Star Cruise: Outbreak so we’re hoping to release that in mid March.


Sequel to Dancer of the Nile

Status: Have the plot roughed out, excited about revisiting Nima and Kamin, but doing the SFR’s next.

The Captive Shifter

Status: Expect to release this in March.


Caitlyn has come north to the castle of the Witch Queen, seeking a place as an apprentice witch, although she doesn’t seem to possess enough magical power to qualify. Kyle, a leopard shapeshifter  in thrall to the Witch Queen as payment for aid she rendered to his pack, secretly assists Caitlyn in passing the tests for his own amusement.  Yet Caitlyn has her own powers and a hidden reason for wanting free run in the Queen’s castle. These two outsiders are drawn together in a forbidden alliance, as time grows short for both.  Can Caitlyn accomplish her secret errand on behalf of the goddess she serves before her true identity becomes known? Can she save Kyle from the fate the Queen has in store for him? Or will he have to kill Caitlyn at the Queen’s command in the final triumph of black magic?