Other Projects and Works In Process



I’m now working on Two Against the Stars, a sequel  of sorts to Star Cruise: Stowaway and Danger in the Stars. Hoping to release Two Against the Stars  in June 2017.

Latest project: have been doing the plotting for a new series set in the Sectors, am now about 30K words into writing first draft as of February 20th. Set this aside to do Two Against the Stars.

Audiobook: Michael Riffle  has recorded eight chapters of double SFR Galaxy Award Winner Star Cruise: Outbreak so we’re hoping to release that by June 2017.


Sequel to Dancer of the Nile

Status: Have the plot roughed out, excited about revisiting Nima and Kamin, but doing the SFR’s next.

Other Efforts: I have a plot for a book I’m tentatively calling Court Lady of the Nile. I’m also plotting a sequel to The Captive Shifter, which released in March 2017.