Other Projects and Works In Process

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Sectors New Allies Series

The fifth book is going to be either TIMTUR or GABE, and I’m currently working on Timtur’s story, probably for a late August 2018 release… I’ve had an idea for the book after those two in the series, that I’m really excited to write as well. And of course at some point I’ll be writing the final book in the series, but not for quite a while.

I have several plots cooking for my other Sectors adventures…definitely planning to write more STAR CRUISE stories in 2018.

Audiobook: Star Cruise: Outbreak was released and currently I have no plans to record another. But I could change my mind!

We’re doing Pets In Space 3, which releases on October 9, 2018. I’ve got my title and my plot, but I have to actually sit down and write the story. I have about 6K words so far!

I’m noodling a new scifi romance series, probably wouldn’t have time to event start it until late 2019…but an author is always thinking! I’m having too much fun with my Badari Warriors right now.


Sequel to Dancer of the Nile

Status: Have the plot roughed out, excited about revisiting Nima and Kamin, but doing the SFR’s next.

I’ve also been asked by readers – already, which makes an author happy! – for the sequel to Lady of the Nile, which would star Nikare the Medjai and Merneith. I’m mulling the plot.

Other Efforts:  I’m definitely plotting  two sequels to The Captive Shifter, which released in March 2017. Those books are in line somewhere behind the scifi romance novels. I also really want to write a gargoyle romance set in the same world, Claddare, and maybe a holiday story for Nadelma, the cook at the Witch Queens’ palace.

I’m also mulling a big Egyptian PNR series for next year (2019), have to do a lot of research first. So we’ll see on that one.

I’m really superstitious about my Muse and my writing process so I work on whichever book I feel most excited about writing at the moment and that changes from time to time. Sorry!