Other Projects and Works In Process

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Sectors New Allies Series

AYDARR (A Badari Warriors Scifi Romance Novel) – book one in the series was released December 3, 2017. I’m planning for the series to be probably 5 books to resolve the big series arc, plus if readers are enjoying the Badari, I may write some sidequels. This is connected to the Sectors, although the action happens outside the borders.

MATEER – the second book in the series released on Februasry 9, 2018. The third book is going to be DARIK, and I’m currently working on it, probably for an April release..

I have several plots cooking for my other Sectors adventures…definitely planning to write more STAR CRUISE stories in 2018.

Star Cruise: Songbird released in February 24, 2018. This was my novella in the USA Today Best Selling Embrace the Romance: Pets In Space 2 anthology.

Audiobook: Star Cruise: Outbreak was released and currently we have no plans to record another. But we could change our minds!


Sequel to Dancer of the Nile

Status: Have the plot roughed out, excited about revisiting Nima and Kamin, but doing the SFR’s next.

I’ve also been asked by readers – already, which makes an author happy! – for the sequel to Lady of the Nile, which would star Nikare the Medjai and Merneith. I’m mulling the plot.

Other Efforts:  I’m definitely plotting  two sequels to The Captive Shifter, which released in March 2017. Those books are in line somewhere behind the scifi romance novels. I also really want to write a gargoyle romance set in the same world, Claddare, and maybe a holiday story for Nadelma, the cook at the Witch Queens’ palace.

I’m also mulling a big Egyptian PNR series for next year (2018), have to do a lot of research first. So we’ll see on that one.

I’m really superstitious about my Muse and my writing process so I work on whichever book I feel most excited about writing at the moment and that changes from time to time. Sorry!