Last of the Mohicans

You, the Heroine, are standing literally in the middle of a battlefield, armed men all around you trying to kill each other, as a surprise attack has just taken place. The enemy wants to kill you. The man you love is in the rear of the column, a prisoner in chains. You have a one shot pistol and your terrified sister to protect. What do you do? What does your Hero do?

Well, if he’s Hawkeye, adopted son of the Mohicans, he gets himself free, fights his way through the battle taking place in a large meadow, kills the bad guy about to cut your throat and crushes you to him in a fast embrace before you and he flee to the river to escape.

One of the most intense movie scenes I’ve ever watched comes about half way through “Last of the Mohicans.”   I’ve been watching and rewatching that 4-5 minute sequence lately because in my newest Tale of the Nile paranormal romance, the hero Kamin has to rescue his lady love Nima in the middle of a battle and I wanted to create some of that same intensity when I wrote my scene. (NOT  recreate the scene – mine is totally different in place, detail and action – but see what elements built up that excitement.) Hawkeye is totally focused on getting to Cora before any of the Iroquois can kill her.

He and his two companions literally run through the fringes of the battle, which has become a confused and deadly arena of man to man individual fights. Hawkeye engages with the enemy warriors only when they get in his way. He keeps his focus on getting to Cora. There’s a poignant blink-and-you-miss-it moment where he runs right by another, unnamed woman who is standing there in a terrified daze. I always wonder what happened to her but you can’t blame Hawkeye for leaving her to her fate. There’s no time for chivalry, no time for gallantry, no time to do anything but sprint as fast as he can run, to Cora.

She’s not tamely waiting for him to rescue her, mind you. She shoots one enemy dead and tries to fight off another bare handed, all of which buys precious time for Hawkeye to get to her.

And eventually they get their HEA, after other tense and tragic moments. Do you have a favorite movie or novel scene with this kind of heart stopping intensity? I’d love to hear about it!