New Releases in #SciFi #Fantasy and Paranormal Romance for Wednesday JAN 22

good bad cyborgAs always, I recommend sampling before you buy! I have not read most of the new releases listed (although I always end up one-clicking a bunch as I prepare these posts LOL).



A desperate widow in need of a helping hand… even a cybernetic one. Hattie came to Mars with high hopes. Hopes that she and her husband would be able to claim a plot of land, to create a home, perhaps even to start a family – all of the things that were now impossible on a troubled Earth. Instead, she’s lost everything, everything except the land, and in order to keep her homestead she needs help.

When help arrives in the form of a tall, gruff cyborg ranger, she is torn between her loyalty to the past and the promise of a new future. But when danger threatens, is she going to lose even that?
M-231 can barely remember the time before – before he became a cyborg, before he shut off his emotions, before he became both more and less than human. Until a stubborn, beautiful female – one who is no longer off limits – makes him remember what it is to feel. Can Hattie and her cyborg overcome harsh conditions, troubled pasts, and a mysterious enemy to create a new future together?


draekon conquerorDRAEKON CONQUEROR (REBEL FORCE BOOK 2) by Lili  Zander and Lee Savino

I’ve lived an eternity. I’ve killed thousands. Destroyed worlds. I thought I’d seen everything. I didn’t think there was anything left in the galaxy that could surprise me. Then I met her. Lani Dennison. A human woman. My mate. My mission was simple. Find Lani Dennison. Zorahan scientists tortured her. I killed them, of course. Okaki pirates abducted her. I tracked them down and infiltrated their ship. Routine stuff. Nothing that presented a problem to a trained soldier that could shift into a fire-breathing dragon. I expected her to be smart. You’d have to be, to survive the Okaki pirates. I didn’t expect her to be lovely. I didn’t expect her to make me laugh. And I definitely didn’t expect her to be the one woman I was destined to be with, the missing piece of my soul. My mate. Now what?


bodyguards breederTHE BODYGUARD’S BREEDER (THE HOUSE OF KAIMAR BOOK 3)  by Miranda Bridges

My alien is engaged. Yeah, I’m still trying to wrap my head around that one. Apparently, Kade and his fiancée are desperate to have a baby and that’s where I come in. Except the longer I’m around the couple, the more I’m not so sure this is arrangement is a good idea. Or that the happy couple is even happy…There’s a part of me that wants to get pregnant as soon as possible so I can be left in peace. However, each of Kade’s gentle touches and soft kisses compel me to change my mind. With the impending war looming, Kade is more insistent I stay close at all times, but the more I’m around him the more I’m in real danger…. of falling for him.


craving the cyborgCRAVING THE CYBORG (RENEGADE CYBORGS BOOK 1) by Jude Gray

Rowena – I was reborn in a cage…sort of. And I met him, the cyborg, because he pulled me out of that cage and killed the man who held me. Who tortured me. Of course I would love him. I just never realized how much. Everything happens for a reason.
It wasn’t a coincidence that he saw me, that he saved me. He was always meant to save me.
RaidenHuman women are forbidden to the Stryaxi. They are not permitted in Graeca.
I freed her for Earth. But I kept her for me. The emperor may kill me, but I do not care. I am no longer the emperor’s fighter. I am the human’s cyborg.


craved by an alien savageCRAVED BY AN ALIEN SAVAGE (KUTARIAN WARRIORS BOOK 3) by Ivy McAdams

Being abducted by aliens was shocking. Even though it was by gorgeous silver Conan the Barbarians in loincloths that’d make my Granny blush. The real shocker though, ya’ll? They turned my friends into aliens to take them as brides. Everyone except me. Now I’ve got to navigate life on a strange planet surrounded by giant aliens speaking some crazy tongue I can’t follow and one of the warriors has got his eye on me. He’s hot, but he’s huge. And I’m not talking one of those corn-fed boys huge. I mean, silver is the new green and don’t make him angry. But I can’t help but stare. And touch. I may be in trouble. Bless my heart.



VS Note: This is listed in Gothic and has elements of SFR and PNR.

Katriana Cardona – My life ended the moment the X-Clan found me. Bitten. Turned.
And claimed by him. My genetic markers label me as a rare Omega. But inside, I’m all female alpha. And I will not heel. Not even to the Alpha of Andorra Sector. Ander Cain promises me protection. A new world of pleasure and pain. But he wants all of me in return. Even if it means taking me by force. I’ll be damned if I give up my inner fight. I spent the last twenty-one years battling the walking dead. These wolves won’t know what hit them when I’m through…(more blurb on ebook seller page…)


alarikALARIK (TAXYON SPACE BOOK 4) by Aurora Springer

Two people fleeing their planets discover a shared destiny. When an alien spacecraft crashes on Mars, the repercussions sweep throughout the solar system and endanger the fragile new alliance with the Warrish mermen. Alarik Kenton Tallis, Eldest of three brothers, was forced to infiltrate human society on Earth as a spy to insure his injured brother receives proper medical care. But, when his transmissions are detected, he must flee the planet.
On Mars, Phoebe Wong, a veterinary scientist with dubious family connections, is desperate to escape the underworld gangs terrorizing the domed city. She jumps at the chance to join the colonists bound for a distant exoplanet. Their paths converge on a space ferry bound for the outer planets. Troubles created by the mysterious spacecraft pursue them to Jupiter. Will their flight end on Europa, the hyperspace gateway to the stars protected by three diverse species?

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After three years of trial, Lilian is free and Monsignor Lucius Mercio’s protege. Her triumph comes at cost. Fearful of Lady Estella’s wrath, Lilian has refused to continue her liaison with Lucius, breaking her heart and straining her relationship with Lucius. She is stunned to discover that Estella is entering her final days and wishes Lilian to return to Lucius and help him through his grief.

Lilian and Lucius’ relationship has only begun to repair, when duty demands she travel to the distant planet Desperation. There, she will confront her deepest fears when the theft of dangerous technology forces her to descend into the depths of Desperation Crevasse. In the frigid wastes at the bottom of the Crevasse, Lilian will discover an ancient legacy of the Five Warriors and Adelaide.

The worst of Lucius’ grief at Estella’s loss has barely passed when his world shatters again. Lilian has disappeared into Desperation Crevasse. He cannot lose them both. Determined to rescue Lilian, no matter the cost, he races toward the Sixth System and deadly danger.

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Motok: Undying loyalty. Total obedience. Swift justice. The creed of the Braxtharian Warrior. My task is simple: defend and protect the empire with my life. Sent on a mission to find stolen females and bring them back to my planet, I never thought the one I’d meet would drive my mating instincts to the surface. She’s off limits. Sacred. Pure. Untouchable. But when I’m near her all my control slips away and I fight the urge to claim her as my own. My hearts beat for her and my protective instincts won’t be denied for long. The female is mine.
Kerra: My life is in danger. I’ve been attacked by strange alien beings that are obsessed with humanity. Every moment I’m alive becomes a struggle for survival. For days I’ve been followed, and I don’t know who to trust. Everything I believed to be true is a lie.
When I’m almost kidnapped, I’m afraid to consider that we’re not alone in the universe.
One champion appears from the shadows and saves my life but he’s nothing like I imagined. If I want to survive, I’ll have to trust the sexy alien and keep my distance, but it won’t be easy. No warrior owns me.



Monsters exist in perfect worlds, too.Iota Nine. A floating city created for the elite—the upper crust of the Earth survivors after the world wars. In this wonderful, dream-like land there’s a lot to live up to, especially when your father is a genetic scientist. But what if there’s always been a dark secret in the family?

Kieran:  He feels the pull the first time he sees her but there’s no way she’ll feel the same. She’s graceful, a princess of the highest class. She’s never been tainted by the ugliness that created Xeno Sapiens. But she also has never seen their species and the first word she utters before passing out is monsters. What will she think if she sees him, a monster caught between two worlds, his and hers? He has no chance to find out when she’s given to another.

Alannah:  She never knew another species existed in the world. Her elegant world consisted of neutrality; a place where everyone looked the same. Except for her, but that was Alannah’s horrid secret—something never to be referred to out loud. It was a price anyone would pay—a lack of childhood, sickly health, constant pain. And another secret. How can he want her when she’s damaged goods?


agencyAGENCY by William Gibson

VS Note: Not a romance but a scifi release of note this week…on my TBR List.

Verity Jane, gifted app whisperer, takes a job as the beta tester for a new product: a digital assistant, accessed through a pair of ordinary-looking glasses. “Eunice,” the disarmingly human AI in the glasses, manifests a face, a fragmentary past, and a canny grasp of combat strategy. Realizing that her cryptic new employers don’t yet know how powerful and valuable Eunice is, Verity instinctively decides that it’s best they don’t.

Meanwhile, a century ahead in London, in a different time line entirely, Wilf Netherton works amid plutocrats and plunderers, survivors of the slow and steady apocalypse known as the jackpot. His boss, the enigmatic Ainsley Lowbeer, can look into alternate pasts and nudge their ultimate directions. Verity and Eunice are her current project. Wilf can see what Verity and Eunice can’t: their own version of the jackpot, just around the corner, and the roles they both may play in it.

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We are a race of Bhiasts, once proud and free, now reduced to hormones and instinct.
When you have lived as long as we have, you do not get to call yourself a man. You either switch off the part that once was, or you go insane. Our masters send us to war, and we never lose. This task should be easy in comparison. There is no instinct more primal than the one they want me to complete. Failure risks all our lives, while succeeding risks hers.
But the tiny human creature has a fire in her eyes, burning so strong it makes my horns ache. I do not want to extinguish it. I want to reach out and touch it. Play with it. Keep it for myself and make it mine forever. I am not supposed to want, to feel, to think…But she pervades every desire, feeling and thought. I am a hardened warrior, and yet her beauty defeats me. Her courage leaves me weak. ‘Tis a sick and twisted joke of my nature that the more attached I get, the more control I lose. Undefeated in battle… until the day she was pushed through my door.


rogue princessROGUE PRINCESS by B R Myers

Princess Delia knows her duty: She must choose a prince to marry in order to secure an alliance and save her failing planet. Yet she secretly dreams of true love, and feels there must be a better way. Determined to chart her own course, she steals a spaceship to avoid the marriage, only to discover a handsome stowaway. All Aidan wanted was to “borrow” a few palace trinkets to help him get off the planet. Okay, so maybe escaping on a royal ship wasn’t the smartest plan, but he never expected to be kidnapped by a runaway princess! Sparks fly as this headstrong princess and clever thief battle wits, but everything changes when they inadvertently uncover a rebel conspiracy that could destroy their planet forever.

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kyreKYRE: WARLORD BRIDES (WARRIORS OF VAZNIK BOOK 2) by Ava York and Starr Huntress

Ship’s engineer and all-around fix-it warrior Kyre is focused on one thing: Finding the rare mineral he needs to boost the comms signal so his crew can get the rest of the intel for their mission. But in the desert, he finds so much more. His mate, feisty and strong. And very, very pissed off. She makes his blood burn, but can he get her to stay still long enough to listen?

Ferne has spent her life hiding from the lottery. One slip down a mountainside and a trip to the hospital later, and she’s matched, whisked away from she life she loves. There’s no way she’ll love the alien warrior she’s been matched with. Not a chance. Probably not. But why did he have to be sweet and strong and hot, all in one giant horned package?


seepTHE SEEP by Chana Porter

VS Note: Not listed as a romance but a release of interest…

Trina FastHorse Goldberg-Oneka is a fifty-year-old trans woman whose life is irreversibly altered in the wake of a gentle—but nonetheless world-changing—invasion by an alien entity called The Seep. Through The Seep, everything is connected. Capitalism falls, hierarchies and barriers are broken down; if something can be imagined, it is possible.

Trina and her wife, Deeba, live blissfully under The Seep’s utopian influence—until Deeba begins to imagine what it might be like to be reborn as a baby, which will give her the chance at an even better life. Using Seeptech to make this dream a reality, Deeba moves on to a new existence, leaving Trina devastated.

Heartbroken and deep into an alcoholic binge, Trina follows a lost boy she encounters, embarking on an unexpected quest. In her attempt to save him from The Seep, she will confront not only one of its most avid devotees, but the terrifying void that Deeba has left behind. A strange new elegy of love and loss, The Seep explores grief, alienation, and the ache of moving on.

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firefly vol 2FIREFLY VOL 2: THE UNIFICATION WAR by Greg Pak, Lee Garbett (cover), Dan McDaid (Illustrator), Marcelo Costa (Colorist)

VS Note: Not a romance but I know we have many ‘Firefly’ fans here! Released in mid-December.

From Joss Whedon (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Marvel’s The Avengers) comes a new era of Firefly, as the definitive story of the Unification War is told at last! Serenity’s crew is divided, as Captain Malcolm “Mal” Reynolds and his First Mate Zoe Washburn are arrested for crimes committed during the Unification War and they each are forced to choose a side. But Mal and Zoe aren’t ready to go quietly, and after escaping from the Unificators, bounty hunters sent by the government to bring them to trial, they find themselves stranded on a far flung planet, with nothing but each other—and the memories of their many mistakes—for company. War can make villains of even the best men, and their quest for redemption will put them at odds with their crew, their family…and each other, forcing them to make a choice: fix the past or fight for the future. Collects issues #5-8.

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lost boyLOST BOY by Bruno Miller and Kristen Painter

VS Note: Not a romance. Reviews are mixed. Might be a short story?

An invasion throws the world into war and leaves a boy lost and on his own. Can he survive the chaos? Or will it change him in ways he can never come back from?
Nothing will ever be the same again.



VS Note: One clicked this.

Investigator, Sergeant Logan Farrell, has never been convinced the human race deserves saving. But it looks like he’s got the job anyway. It’s been five hundred years since we fled the remnants of a dying Earth in search of a new home. Twenty-four ships, each carrying ten thousand Chosen Ones. All sleeping peacefully…until people start dying in cryo. alfunction or murder? Hopefully, the former—a serial killer in the fleet would be drastic for morale. But Logan is determined to find the truth. Unfortunately, he’s got a new partner—and he works best alone.

Katia Mendoza, hot-shot homicide detective, has been woken from cryo to assist with the investigation. But is she really interested in solving the case, or does she have her own agenda? Before he can answer that question, though, they become targets themselves. Nothing like a few near misses with death to bring a couple together, and Logan finds himself falling for the alluring detective. But he doesn’t know that Katia is hiding a secret. It’s not only humans who fled the dying Earth.

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stars beyondSTARS BEYOND (STARS UNCHARTED BOOK 2) by S K Dunstall

VS Note: Not a romance but a scifi release of note this week.

An engineer with a fondness for weapons. A captain with no memory. An obsessive genemodder who loves to tinker. Meet the crew of Another Road. Josune, Roystan, and Nika have escaped the company thugs trying to kill them. They’ve gotten a new spaceship to replace The Road (after it was blown up underneath them). And their new ship is armed to the teeth with dangerous weapons, courtesy of Josune. All that’s left to do before they head out to find the legendary lode of transurides is to restore Roystan’s memory. To do that, they need to collect the genemod machine Nika has ordered. But first, they have to shake off the Justice Department agent and the Companies tracking  them. It should be easy. They’ve done it before. What could possibly go wrong?

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claimed in the alien arenaCLAIMED IN THE ALIEN ARENA by Lizzy Bequin

I’ve been stolen… by mistake.One minute I’m chilling in my dorm. The next, I’m abducted by aliens and dropped into an arena. Alien creatures. Strange weapons. Cheering spectators. And an opponent who is seven feet tall — not including his horns. He looks like he wants to eat me alive, and he’s got the fangs to do it with. He looks like he wants to crush me into the dust, and he’s got the thick slabs of muscle to make that happen.
But he swears he won’t hurt me — quite the opposite, in fact. He’s going to make me feel pleasure beyond my wildest dreams. He’s got a plan. If we work together we can escape.
The only problem? His plan sounds like way more than this little earthling can handle.


rescued by the alien princeRESCUED BY THE ALIEN PRINCE (PRINCES OF RYLORN BOOK 1) by Elle Storms

Amber – After nearly a year in an Albaxi prison camp the time had come to escape or die trying. I thought I’d prepared for anything, but I never expected an eight foot tall, alien prince built like a Greek god to come running out of the forest and pry me from my captor’s grasp.
Kaleon – I never had a choice. My body acted on its own to save her. My mate. My people have been poisoned, made unable to have young, but she could be my salvation. She isn’t the one I came to rescue, but now that I have her I will protect her with my life.



Desperate for money to continue her brother’s expensive medical treatment, Anna Baker signs the contract to enter herself in the running to produce an heir for one of these alien males. It doesn’t sound so bad, and hey, she’s always wanted to travel. To Anna’s surprise, she is chosen out of hundreds of qualifying women, but she doesn’t expect to be tossed in a transport ship, shuttled to a disreputable space station on the other side of the galaxy, and dropped off in a stranger’s bedroom. Her match is swaggering scoundrel Trak Letu, Prince of the Virilian fleet Exir, who turns out to be as infuriating as he is sexy. All she has to do is have his child and she can go home a rich woman, but the easier time passes with Trak, the harder it is to imagine leaving him, or the child he is desperate for.

Prince Trak’s people are heading for extinction, and honestly, mail-ordering a female from a distant planet isn’t his ideal way of meeting the mother of his future child. He’s willing to do whatever it takes to ensure his species’ survival, but the female chosen for him isn’t just beautiful, she’s opinionated, intelligent, and more passionate than he could have imagined. As time passes, he begins to dread the day Anna does have his baby, for he does not look forward to sending her back to Earth. However, Trak isn’t the only alien who desires her. When a trade deal goes badly and Anna, herself, becomes the currency, Trak must navigate a deadly path that unveils a frightening and dangerous face that all Virilian males strive to keep hidden. Even if he saves her, he could still lose her.


aliens gossip queenTHE ALIEN’S GOSSIP QUEEN: SAVING CERASTE BOOK 5.5 by Dane Griggs

Janet: When I accepted the job at a Cerastean healing center, I only intended to focus on the work at hand: saving patients from cancer. And maybe some gossip. There is nothing I love more than juicy gossip. It turns out that a medical facility filled with humans and aliens creates a treasure trove of romance, scandal and fabulous rumors. This facility is feeding my Gossip Queen soul. But there might actually be something, or someone, I could love more. He’s sweet, protective, loves dogs, has a body to die for… And he’s an alien.Could I actually love an alien more than spilling tea?

D’Xurrl: As head of security for Deerfield Medical facility, the humans I am tasked with protecting certainly keep me on my toes. I’ve learned the word ‘shenanigan’ since coming to Earth, and I have found that humans encapsulate the term perfectly. One vivacious human, in particular, has captured my attention with her sweet scent, her love of gossip and her curvy body. I want Janet for my own, but it is a dangerous time for my people. Until the threat has passed, I need to stay away from this luscious human female. Now I just need to make sure my heart and body follow my orders. When events beyond their control test D’Xurrl and Janet’s budding romance, can their relationship withstand the turbulence?


must love dragonsMUST LOVE DRAGONS (SPACE DRAGONS SEEK MATES BOOK 1) by Michelle Ziegler

He doesn’t know what kind of witch he’s dealing with. Kal had no idea what he was walking into when he met Maddie. She might believe that men aren’t from Mars, but he sure isn’t from Earth.
Maddie has enough crazy in her life with one ghost too many haunting her. Too bad fate just threw her a man claiming to be a dragon shifter. If Maddie chooses to accept Kal isn’t crazy, she might be in for the ride of her life. Of course, if she chooses to believe him she’ll have to leave her old life behind.

Kal needs to find his mate before his dragon’s magic consumes him. He might have infinite cosmic powers, but he also has a soul that can’t control the power of the universe. Not without Her. Maddie might be the right witch for him, except the fact she just cursed him to be a chicken. What the hell kind of planet is this anyway?



Auckland, 1859 – Alexandra Greystone is a Supernatural. The power of deduction is her gift . . . and her curse. With one look, she can understand everything about a man: where he comes from, what he does for a living, and even if he cheated on her. Like her former husband.
A marriage annulment is painful enough without Auckland’s peers doing nothing but gossip about her. Bruised and hurt, she accepts a job with Military Intelligence Seventh Division to catch a dangerous criminal.
It’s the perfect solution: she’ll help people, escape Auckland, and keep her mind off her ex-husband and men.
Except that she has to work with Noah, a pugilist with an attitude and appalling manners to make a pirate look like a refined gentleman. Still, maybe an adventure with a man so different from the aristocratic gentlemen she’s used to is what she needs.
She wonders if her uncanny power will discover all his dark secrets. Or if her heart will be broken again.



Two hundred soldiers walk into the burning sands of Gypta, but only a handful make it out. When Magda Stoner wakes in an infirmary halfway across the world, she discovers her memories of the desert are gone. Something happened that tore her mind and soul apart, and the only thing keeping her sane is the fact that she can’t remember a thing.

Ascara d’Jharaena ael Korphen is a warrior, not a soldier, and trying to fit herself into the lesser role at Veritas Traders has left her body battered and broken in the same infirmary where Magda recovers. As they both mend, they meet a survivor of a pirate attack that included gifted attackers. Finding themselves without a unit or mission, they propose a daring plan to infiltrate the pirate horde and bring them to justice.
Can the pirates be stopped? Or will Magda and Ascara be caught before they even begin?


evergreenEVERGREEN by Cari Z

Soldiers. Explorers. Lovers. Broken apart. Cy Konstantin and Scottie Andrews are supposed to make Project Evergreen’s one-way trip to Mars together. A near-fatal accident during training knocks Cy into a coma for half a year, and out of Project Evergreen. He works his way back to Scottie’s side, but he can’t rejoin the mission. Once Scottie leaves, they’re destined to live millions of miles apart for the rest of their lives.
A deadly accident on Mars might spell the end of their distant romance, though—or be the thing that saves it.


rogue planet marsROGUE PLANET (MARS WARS BOOK 2) by John Andrew Karr

VS Note: Not a romance but a release of note…

After jumpstarting the molten cores of Mars, giving the previously dormant planet a fresh start at harboring life, Cpt. Ry Devans is a hero. But he’s also a wanted man thanks to the Earth First Faction (EFF), a terrorist global juggernaut out to quash the colonization of space and keep the last of humanity under its control. Now that the EFF has dispatched its own deadly crew, Devans and his team have three options: fight, surrender, or witness the extinction of the thousands of civilians repopulating space. For Devans and his outlaw partner Dr. Karen Wagner, option number one is the only way to go—but the odds against them are literally astronomical.

Not only are moles undermining every offensive tactic, but some crewmembers onboard their ship are exhibiting dangerously psychotic mood swings. Is it just an extreme case of space crazy? Or a new microbial gift from Mars that could kill their mission before the war with EFF even begins?

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cats protectorCAT’S PROTECTOR: MALES OF MUTANG by Lynne Fitzpatrick

Catherine “Cat” Wilson’s dreams turned to dust in an instant. After building a successful construction business and coming to terms with her infertility, her hopes of becoming a mother were destroyed by the fascist Earth government. Refusing to fall into despair, she hatches a desperate plan to escape Earth on her terms.
Agreeing to build an operations center for the galactic police force on a desolate moon, Cat finds herself assigned a group of protectors. Mutang, the moon, is inhabited by males deemed too aggressive for their society. For Cat, her lead protector, N’ye, fills her with desire.
Succumbing to temptation, Cat finds herself constantly butting up against the strange cultural norms of the Mutangese. She also finds no supplies to build the operations center she promised. N’ye and Cat must conquer giant bugs, vengeful females, murderous traitors, and their own fears to get their happy ending.



Mabel has a relatively quiet and simple life. Every five years there is a family gathering in her home and the time is fast approaching. But this year is different. Strangers are visiting and there is a tension in her family she hasn’t felt before. Three beings that she has never seen before. All watching her every move. Suddenly, passion erupts, storms are looming, and secrets kept from her are putting her life in danger. Will she find out who she really is before her world is torn apart?



When Dr. Layla MacFie realizes someone is stealing much-needed medical supplies, she doesn’t know who to trust inside her surgery. Determined to find the culprit herself, she reaches out to Lochguard’s electrician, Chase, who just happens to be the younger male who’s been trying to woo her for months. But since there’s no one else to help install the security cameras, she can’t avoid him any longer and ends up being alone with him far more than she wants. If only the life of a dragon-shifter doctor wasn’t so complicated, she would be tempted to give in and sleep with the male.

Chase McFarland has known for the last two years, ever since the day after his twentieth birthday, that Layla is his true mate. While he tried to resist his dragon’s badgering, it didn’t take long for Chase to realize how amazing Layla is and that he wants to take care of and claim her for himself. His initial attempts to win her all fail, but when she asks for his help with a secret project, he decides to change tactics and prove he’s a worthy male. The more time they spend together, the more Layla gives in, until he’s ready to tell her the truth and face the consequences.

As the pair dance around each other and discover each other’s secrets, they find out who the thief is and must decide what to do. Will Chase finally be able to prove he’s mature enough for the much older Layla, or will she forever be chained to her work and deny what both she and her dragon crave?

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unmarked gravesUNMARKED GRAVES (PROJECT DEMON HUNTERS BOOK 5) by Christine Pope

In a moment of sheer, unthinking terror, Rosemary McGuire raised powers she never knew she possessed to save herself and Will Gordon from the part-demon, Caleb Lockwood. Now, as Will heals and the police ask questions she and Will dare not answer, more facets of Rosemary’s power begin to manifest, leaving her wondering exactly how far they reach.

Caleb got away with the hard drive that contained footage proving demons are real, but there’s one blessing — no one died in the fiery confrontation. At least, that’s what Rosemary and Will think…until Caleb’s body turns up, and the police stop looking for a perp and start seeking a murderer.

With suspicion floating around them, Will and Rosemary are drawn closer together as they follow a faint wisp of a clue to track down the stolen hard drive…and step straight into a hornet’s nest of demons hiding in plain sight. That’s not all they find. The closer they get to their goal, the more twists and turns arise to trip them up, threatening a future they’re just beginning to envision. Unless they stop the ghosts — and the demons — of the past from destroying it.

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shadow silenceSHADOW SILENCE (WHISPER HOLLOW BOOK 2) by Yasmine Galenorn

Whisper Hollow, where spirits walk among the living, and the lake never gives up her dead…Fifteen years ago, I ran away from Whisper Hollow, Washington, a small town on Crescent Lake in the Olympic Peninsula. But truth is, if you were born here, you can never really leave. I’m Kerris Fellwater, and I’m a spirit shaman. It’s my responsibility to drive the dead back to their graves, because around Whisper Hollow, people-and secrets-don’t always stay buried.

My best friend Peggin finds herself under a curse after she is almost taken by the Lady of the Lake. As Bryan-my guardian and mate-and I work to break the hex, we stumble over a dark and violent mystery from the past. One the Hounds of Cú Chulainn will do anything to stop us from bringing to light.

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Ella – There are no such things as fairy tales or happily ever afters. Not in my world. My reality is riddled with pain and loss and immense hatred. Until him. Trayton Nacht, the new transfer student at Darlington Academy.  Something about his darkness calls to me. The way his eyes glimmer in the night and the cruelty of his handsome smile.
With a single glance, he turned my world inside out. And now I can’t get enough. But what if he’s just like the rest of them? What if this is all just another masquerade?

Tray – She stole my heart, once upon a time. Three years ago in an alley where she left me with a pair of sodden blue slippers. Her life had been mine for the taking, until I discovered the fae magic lurking beneath her skin. Now it’s time to recruit her, to take her to her fate. But first, we’ll play a little game. One that will end in destruction. Because f*ck fairy godmothers. What Ella needs is a Dark Fae. One who can help her burn Darlington Academy to the ground. A Dark Fae like me.



Nothing is certain but death and taxes…When Remy asks Brighton to take their taxes to a local accountant, she happily agrees. Even witches have to pay taxes, but she’s just glad she doesn’t have to do the paperwork herself. It’s an unseasonably beautiful day, so she bundles her little one up, and they go for a stroll instead of driving. She and the baby have a good time on their walk. Still, unfortunately, Brighton makes an unsavory discovery when she walks into the accountant’s office. The bean counter is dead, and Brighton has a difficult decision to make. Will she stay out of the investigation now that she’s a mom? Or, will Brighton and friends solve the crime one spell at a time?


sword of stoneSWORD OF STONE (STONES OF AMARIA BOOK 4) by Tara Brown

Lenny’s journey to the underwater city will change the outcome of the war.
Ilenia is given something she didn’t have the last time she met with Ryze in battle.
With it, she and Lenny search Waterly for the stone before Ryze returns to Dahleigh.
But they’re running out of time. The end is near. King Landon is making his final moves, while Ryze is closing in with his army. And everyone has abandoned them. The elves hide. The witches refuse to fight. The merfolk seal their city. And the king is betraying his own people who don’t know they need to rise up. Which means Ilenia and Lenny have their work cut out for them. Instead of meeting Ryze in the open battlefield, they have to be smarter. They have to risk more. But Lenny always knew this task would take everything from her. Maybe even her life.



Poison wants to remain a dark angel…If she doesn’t follow orders, she’ll lose her status.But she’s got a problem…A big handsome one from the other side…A demon is standing in her way…The same one she’s lusted for centuries…Ringmaster can’t take his eyes off her…She’s all he’s ever thought about…and she’s here…If he doesn’t foil her plans, his boss will have his guts for garters.


magic and destructionOF MAGIC AND DESTRUCTION (NOLA WARS BOOK 3) by Caia Daniels and April Canavan

Magic and war have cost NOLA’s Voodoo Queen nearly everything. Adrien Falcão is lost in her own power. With a community that has betrayed her and a war on the horizon, there’s nowhere for her to run. Secrets, betrayals, and monsters that live in the dark have come to haunt her mercilessly.
Tensions are mounting, the factions are gearing up for the end of days, and Adrien is finally finding her own when it comes to the power flowing through her veins. While she fights not only for the world, she must pick up the pieces of the lives she’s inadvertently shredded in the process.
Magic and Destruction are at her fingertips, and only Adrien can face the chaos on the horizon… but she won’t survive the war alone. Three men that have claimed her heart and soul must find a way to cross the line with her, or none of them will make it out alive.



No more Mr. Nice Guy…Finch is tired of people jerking him around—and now, it’s time for payback against the powerful forces who have made him a pawn in their games. Returning to the surface world is his endgame, but while that seems nearly impossible, especially when a certain Necromancer and demigod have teamed up to take Finch out of the running, Finch plans to use all the tricks up his sleeve on his enemies. And before he’s force-fed the love potion that will ensure he loves Princess Kaya forever. Good thing Shapeshifters are known for their trickery.



When I arrive in Oakleaf Glade to claim an inheritance, I imagine it’ll run to a few hundred in a savings account. Instead, I receive an entire house! I’d thank my lucky stars except for the experiences that come part and parcel with the arrangement. Things like my hair turning bright pink and trending skywards, or a kitten who I swear can understand me when I talk. But when a ghost shrieks me awake at night, warning that if I stay I’ll die just like my great aunt Esmerelda, I’m ready to put my boots on. Except my inheritance runs deeper than a title deed, it’s lodged in my DNA. As the youngest daughter of a youngest daughter, I’m a Pixie, pink hair and all. Luckily, I’ve made some fast friends in town already because I’ll need all the help I can get!


keepers of the sea cliffsKEEPERS OF THE SEA CLIFFS (WINDBOURNE BOOK 4) by Laurel Wanrow

Confident and carefree, Salm can speak with dolphins, but he hasn’t managed to talk his way into getting his own ship. At eighteen, he wants to protect the Windborne coast and waters, but to sail the rough seas ahead, he needs a partner—one his hyper magic gets along with.

Luna keeps the beacon burning in her family lighthouse to guide sailors safely along the windswept Scotland sea cliffs, but she feels as lost as the orphaned gull she rescued. How can she ever spread her wings, knowing that would mean leaving her widowed father and motherless sisters?

Outside dangers threaten their precious coast, tipping the balance for people and wildlife. Salm and Luna merge their magic to help—until he accidentally spills a secret that pulls her family deeper into the shadows of grief, and she takes refuge. Can the fellow who wears his heart on his sleeve persuade the cautious Luna to finally trust her own feelings?

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Mirror, Mirror on the wall, who is the fairest one of all….said no one ever.
Isabella Norveau is the daughter of a sorceress. Growing up, she learned the magic of her mother in their villa high in the mountains. Though she had everything she could ever desire, Isabella desired love over power. It was for this reason that she disobeyed her mother and eloped with a visiting king when she was only sixteen, only to find her dreams broken by a man who pined for his deceased wife, incapable of loving her. After a few years of suffering a loveless marriage, he eventually passed, and upon his death Isabella became guardian of his twelve-year-old daughter whom she’d loved like a sister and set above all others in her affections.
Ruling her kingdom with icy control and compassion, Isabella refused courtiers and turned away noble men who desired to woo her. She allowed no man to get close to her. So, it passed day after day, until she receives from her a mother a very special gift…a mirror with a spirit dwelling within it who sets her ablaze. Confronted with her own passions, her world is thrown into chaos. It is only surmounted when her stepdaughter goes missing from the castle with her trusted huntsman. As everything comes crashing down around her, Isabella must find the courage to embrace a love with the one being who is most dangerous, and yet also the only one able to help her find her stepdaughter.


THE SINS OF DESIRE (THE DEMONS’sins of desire MUSE BOOK 3) by Auryn Hadley

We’re taught that people are sinners or saints. Who says I can’t be both?
See, I’m a bad, bad girl. The kind who loves Satan. Falling in bed with the demon of seduction, befriending the demon of knowledge, being guarded by Beelzebub, and making deals with Lucifer? This is what I call a normal day.
Just one problem: good and evil aren’t at all what I expected.
So I’m going all in. These men are my legion and they hold nothing back, so why should I? Just because something’s “bad” doesn’t mean it can’t feel oh so good – and I’m not about to let Heaven ruin this “good” thing. Maybe this new life of mine isn’t a fairy tale, but it does come with unicorns and dragons – which someone has to protect. That someone is going to be me. In the eternal battle between Heaven and Hell, it’s time to make a new side.  So I’m giving in to my sins. I know exactly what I desire. I just hope I’m not too late.


great witches baking showTHE GREAT WITCHES BAKING SHOW: A CULINARY COZY MYSTERY by Nancy Warren

Poppy Wilkinson is thrilled to be chosen as a contestant on The Great British Baking Contest. As an American with English roots, winning the crown as Britain’s Best Baker would open doors she’s dreamed of. In more ways than one. Appearing on the reality show is her chance to get into Broomewode Hall and uncover the secrets of her past.

But strange things are happening on the show’s set: accusations of sabotage, a black cat that shadows Poppy, suspiciously unsociable residents at Broomewode Hall—and the judges can be real witches. There are murmurs that Broomewode is an energy vortex. It certainly makes Poppy see and do things that aren’t exactly normal, and seems to draw interesting characters to the neighborhood. When a fellow contestant dies in mysterious circumstances, Poppy has more to worry about than burned pies and cakes that won’t rise. There’s a murderer on the loose and it’s up to Poppy and her new friends to solve the crime before it becomes a real show-stopper.


winter masqueradeWINTER MASQUERADE by Kevin Klehr

Ferris wakes on the Sea Queen, an enchanted cruise ship sailing on a chocolate sea. He has no idea how he got here, but he desperately wants to go home to his boyfriend. The alchemist is the only person who can help Ferris, but he’s been kidnapped. The ransom is high tea with scones and jam. Meanwhile, the passengers are gearing up for the Winter Masquerade, a ball where love and magic reign. With a murderous musician, an absent boyfriend, and a mystical party, Ferris soon learns that Wednesday is not the day to fall in love.

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VS Note: Not a romance but a release of note this week…

In the wake of the brutal war that swept the Old World in Siege of Stone, a new danger is forming along the coast. Taken captive by their enemies, King Grieve, along with Lila and Bannon are about to discover the terrifying force that threatens to bring destruction to the Old World. The Norukai, barbarian raiders and slavers, have been gathering an immense fleet among the inhospitably rocky islands that make up their home. With numbers greater than anyone could have imagined, the Norukai are poised to launch their final and most deadly war.

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kings errandKING’S ERRAND: TALES OF A TRAVELER by N J Layouni

VS Note: Time travel…

When a new king ascends the throne of the Norlands, only Vadim and Martha’s intervention saves Anselm and the other knights – men loyal to the previous king – from a trip to the gallows. Now that reprieve is over. It’s payback time. Anselm and his fellow knights have one last chance to prove their loyalty to the crown. But King Rodmar does not require mere lip service. To demonstrate their fealty, he commands the knights to bring home his greatest treasure. Join Anselm, Vadim and their companions on the King’s Errand – an adventure that transports them far from the comforts of hearth and home to a new and exotic world. As they brave the peril of the high seas and confront the unrelenting danger of the desert lands, Anselm finds unexpected friendship and a new sense of belonging – not to mention a woman who just might be the love of his life! But when their convoy comes under attack and the future of their mission hangs in the balance, will they be able to avert disaster? Will Anselm finally find his happily ever after?

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pretiumPRETIUM: URBAN PALADINS BOOK 5 by Severine Wolfe

She was his light at the end of a long, dark tunnel. Kemal Milos Selâniki had been in hell when Allie had extended her hand and dragged him out. He’d had a foot in both worlds until Martin healed his soul, but something was still missing. Then he saw her one night and he knew she was it for him. Carrie Meyers threw light into the dark and shadows he’d been in since he’d been seventeen and Ganelons had killed his family.
When he has to go find his sister, Carrie nearly dies, and he barely makes it back to her in time to save both of them. He reluctantly drags her into his world and tries to convince her that she is worthy of everything to keep.

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He’s the peace-keeping Onyx brother, but there’s unrest in his own heart. Billionaire dragon shifter, Jasper, can have everything he wants. Everything, except for her.
Rose is his employee. The woman who makes him breathe fire. Her life is a mess, so she has Jasper tidied away into the just-friends box. It’s where he needs to stay for the sake of the Dragon Empire. Except that he doesn’t want to. Now, Jasper’s got a decision to make.
Loving Rose will cost him everything, But it will also be his ultimate salvation.


heros havenHERO’S HAVEN (DARK PROTECTORS BOOK 11) by Rebecca Zanetti

He’s her darkest fantasy. . .After years of struggling, Haven Daly has finally accepted that she’s nuttier than a fruitcake. Why else would she see visions of a beautiful but tormented male every night . . . and actually believe she can talk to him, even feel his touch?  But thanks to those dream journeys, she can paint images nobody else on earth can duplicate. In each brush stroke, she captures the blatant masculinity and raw desire in his eyes that promise he’s coming for her…and soon.

She’s the light that keeps him going. . .Quade Kayrs has already suffered a lifetime of pain and torture. Completely isolated, he kept his sanity  thanks to one beautiful female, a vision with kind emerald eyes. In the end, her soft voice led him out of hell. Now, naked and alone, he’s in a strange world that bears little resemblance to the one he left behind. All he knows is Haven.  All he wants is Haven.  His final mission? To protect her from the evil hunting them both—whether she likes it or not.

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stone warriors draganTHE STONE WARRIORS: DRAGAN by D B Reynolds

It was a time when gods walked the earth, when armies fought not for bits of land, but for the very existence of humanity. On such a battlefield, five formidable warriors stood against an evil greater than any the earth had ever seen. But evil is not an honorable foe. Betrayed by someone they trusted, the warriors were cursed, one by one, tossed into the maelstrom of time, imprisoned in stone, their freedom resting on nearly impossible conditions. Until…. Dragan Fiachna, heir to the curse of royal blood, a horror hiding behind a beautiful face…. you shall remain locked in stone until a maiden, untested and pure, shall find grace in your beast and safety in your nightmare.

Dragan Fiachna, born to a life of loneliness, cast into stone by a sorcerer’s curse and imprisoned forever in darkness. He is freed at last, only to discover his enemy still lives and is plotting the death of millions in his quest to rule this new world.

Maeve Collins, brilliant, courageous, and compassionate enough to believe a stone statue can have a soul. Shocked when her beautiful winged man breaks free, horrified at the torment he’s endured, she dedicates herself to reuniting him with the warriors he calls family. But she never planned on falling in love. Racing across half the country in search of the only man who can stop their foe from fulfilling his merciless scheme, Dragan and Maeve discover they’ve unwittingly stolen the one artifact that can defeat their enemy. And he wants it back. Pursued by assassins, they fight their way to Dragan’s brothers, only to discover the war for this world has already begun.

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VS Note: This is a contemporary romance with a touch of fantasy.

One scorching touch connects Sev Dante with lovely jewelry designer, Francesca Sommers. One passionate night together changes their lives forever. One painful secret will tear them apart and destroy both their lives.

As the powerful, take-charge CEO of Dantes jewelry empire, Sev never believed in The Inferno until it sweeps through him like wildfire. According to family legend, to ignore The Inferno guarantees disaster. To succumb, a life of bliss. But what happens when the woman The Inferno chooses works for his competitor and creates a stunning jewelry collection that threatens to destroy his plans to rebuild his family’s empire? The only option available: blackmail her to work for him and become his bride.

Francesca Sommers has her dream job, working for her father, even if he’s unaware of her existence. Her life is almost perfect … until Sev changes her with a single touch. She can’t resist him or his relentless seduction. Has no choice but to surrender to his raw passion. To give him everything and anything he demands. Even to be forced into marriage…(more blurb on ebook seller page…)


spellhackerSPELLHACKER by M K England

In Kyrkarta, magic—known as maz—was once a freely available natural resource. Then an earthquake released a magical plague, killing thousands and opening the door for a greedy corporation to make maz a commodity that’s tightly controlled—and, of course, outrageously expensive. Which is why Diz and her three best friends run a highly lucrative, highly illegal maz siphoning gig on the side. Their next job is supposed to be their last heist ever. But when their plan turns up a powerful new strain of maz that (literally) blows up in their faces, they’re driven to unravel a conspiracy at the very center of the spellplague—and possibly save the world. No pressure.

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After a fateful hunting accident sends her on the run from the law, Robyn finds herself deep in the heart of Sherwood Forest. All she really wants to do is provide for her family and stay out of trouble, but when the damnable Sheriff of Nottingham levies the largest tax in the history of England, she’s forced to take matters into her own hands. Relying on the help of her merry band of misfits and the Sheriff’s intriguing—and off-limits—daughter, Marian, Robyn must find a way to pull off the biggest heist Sherwood has ever seen.

With both heart and freedom at stake, just how much is she willing to risk to ensure the safety of the ones she loves? Nottingham is a delightful romp rife with bois bearing bows, transmen wielding quarterstaffs, noble ladies loving ladies bawdy bisexual musicians, naughty nonbinary outlaws, and saucy sapphic nuns—in other words, Robyn Hood like you’ve never seen her before.

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inherent truthINHERENT TRUTH (BLOOD SECRETS BOOK 1) by Alicia Antony

When Liv Sullivan’s grandmother beckons for help from beyond the grave, the reluctant psychic returns to her small Ohio hometown. Scrambling to make sense of the clues left by the vision, Liv finds herself face to face with undercover agent, Ridge McCaffrey.
 Assigned to protect a woman whose gifts unnerve him, for a covert psychic intelligence operation he doesn’t understand, Ridge struggles to place duty over desire. But when a gruesome discovery is unearthed at Sullivan Farm, the truth becomes clear…Some family secrets are best left buried.

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bars and butterfliesBARS AND BUTTERFLIES by Grace Kilian Delaney

VS Note: From November.

It’s been ten years since my young niece died, and it’s time to make my yearly pilgrimage to the basilica where her prayers were answered, and my nightmare began. I light a candle for her and her parents, a promise I made before they’d passed. An entire family—gone. There’s no peace after death. There is nothing.

I leave as unsettled as I came, shoving the church door with such force I almost hit somebody. Not just somebody. The mysterious man I had seen at the basilica years ago. For the briefest of moments, he had helped me forget the pain and grief in my life.
He invites me out, and he reveals a disturbing secret: he believes he can communicate with the dead. It’s just my sort of luck the first guy I find attractive is delusional. But then, what he does and what I see are impossible and send me scrambling to learn more about him, to figure out how he tricked me. Because what he did has to be a trick.
Step by step, I’m drawn into in his world until I no longer know the difference between reality and imagination. I can’t fall for him. None of this is real. It can’t be. Unless… Gael Taylor is no ordinary human.


deceiving the bandit lordDECEIVING THE BANDIT LORD (WYLDERLAND CHRONICLES BOOK 2) by Elle Clouse

Aisling played the dutiful daughter and ended up with a despicable fiancé. With no choices, she must destroy her reputation, and the lord of Armanta fits her needs. Common born, near penniless, questionable character, and a remote estate where she could keep her secrets, he would be perfect for putting an end to her arranged marriage.

Brogan’s hard-won estate came with many challenges, the least of which was an unplanned royal guest in the dead of winter. In his old life, he’d not hesitate to bed the wayward beauty, but the Lady Aisling deserves more than a rogue in lord’s clothing. Compounded by unwanted magic lessons and a manor with its own mysteries, he is drawn to Aisling as more than a passing acquaintance.
As Brogan and Aisling find a blissful peace, his sordid past is bound to catch up as a powerful rival emerges from the shadows and demands his dues… From them both.

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lock and keyLOCK AND KEY: NOCTURNE ACADEMY BOOK 1 by Evangeline Anderson

What do a mysterious necklace, forbidden Blood Magic rituals, and a sarcastic Nocturne boy with the face of a fallen angel all have in common? Me, apparently. Since I started school at Nocturne Academy, strange happenings have befallen me. The werid key-shaped necklace I found at a flea market chokes me every time I try to take it off. Also, a tall, blindingly beautiful and bitingly sarcastic Nocturne has the lock that matches it. His name is Griffin Darkheart and–like this freaking necklace–I can’t seem to stay away from him, though he’s being Censured for mysterious crimes. Among a student body composed of vampires, witches, were-dragons, and fairies, I no longer know what my future holds. To heck with graduating with honors–I’m just hoping to graduate alive! Nocturne Academy is full of deadly dangers. And I’ve already got a target on my back.



Whether you are a norm or paranormal, we all love a good academy book.
We are bringing you the best of everything in this all-inclusive academy anthology.
Dive into a world where Driaochta Academy is where everyone wants to be and satisfy your academy cravings.


hathornatumHATHORNATUM (PELETUS BOOK 1) by Taylin Clavelli

Have you ever wondered if that little voice inside you is actually, your voice?
Egypt captivates Benjamin. As an adult, he immerses himself in his chosen profession, as an archaeologist in the ancient city of Abydos. For Ben, the hieroglyphs, and paintings unlock dreams of a time long lost.
The dig Ben works on is financed by Ashari Hathonatum. For many years, the man has been looking for the one who completes him. He initially saw his heart’s match from a distance. But that was a long time ago and from an alternate universe. When Ashari encounters Ben, he wonders if he is the reincarnation of the man he saw, through another’s eyes, all those years ago. Will the secrets Ashari hides about his heritage stop their love blooming, or will others from his dimension, determined to keep Ashari from his heart’s match, rule the day?

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My name is Kaitlyn Lightson, and I can see ghosts. Despite my weird ability, that no one but my best friend knows about, my life is pretty normal. In a few months, I will be at university and far away from my small ghost town I’ve lived my whole life in.
But one deadly car accident changed everything. Death was not the end for me, because instead, I became an angel. Guardian Angel to be exact and my only job is to protect important humans in dire need to pay back the debt of our second life.
Only if I can survive Angel Academy that is. Turns out Angel Academy is deadlier than any school I’ve been to before…I have to choose a side, light or dark, at the end of my first year. Light angels are good, kind and the choice my best friend is sure to take.
Dark angels are evil, seductive and they call me to me more than I want to admit.
Seduction is a game in this world, and dark angels know how to play it better than most.
And I want to play.


pack of liesPACK OF LIES (THE POTENTATE OF ATLANTA BOOK 2) by Hailey Edwards

Hadley is losing time, and her shadow refuses to shed light on the gaps in her memory. How can she protect her city if she can’t remember where she goes or what she does when she ought to be asleep? Her grim history appears to be stuck on repeat, and the only way forward might be a scythe through her back.


queen in hidingA QUEEN IN HIDING (THE NINE REALMS BOOK 1) by Sarah Kozloff

Orphaned, exiled and hunted, Cerulia, Princess of Weirandale, must master the magic that is her birthright, become a ruthless guerilla fighter, and transform into the queen she is destined to be. But to do it she must win the favor of the spirits who play in mortal affairs, assemble an unlikely group of rebels, and wrest the throne from a corrupt aristocracy whose rot has spread throughout her kingdom.

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iron will of genie loTHE IRON WILL OF GENIE LO (A GENIE LO NOVEL) by F C Yee

Genie Lo thought she was busy last year, juggling her academic career with protecting the Bay Area from demons. But now, as the Heaven-appointed Guardian of California, she’s responsible for the well-being of all yaoguai and spirits on Earth. Even the ones who interrupt her long-weekend visit to a prestigious college, bearing terrible news about a cosmos-threatening force of destruction in a nearby alternate dimension.

The goddess Guanyin and Genie’s boyfriend, Quentin Sun Wukong, do their best to help, but it’s really the Jade Emperor who’s supposed to handle crises of this magnitude. Unfortunately for Genie and the rest of existence, he’s gone AWOL. Fed up with the Jade Emperor’s negligence, Genie spots an opportunity to change the system for the better by undertaking a quest that spans multiple planes of reality along with an adventuring party of quarrelsome Chinese gods. But when faced with true danger, Genie and her friends realize that what will save the universe this time isn’t strength, but sacrifice.

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claimed by the dragon lordCLAIMED BY THE DRAGON LORD by Miranda Bailey

Parallel universes don’t exist. They don’t. So why is there a god-like man that claims to be a dragon lord in my bathroom? With a portal to another dimension? He says that without me trillions will die. His people are dying out, they can’t breed and want to try with the people of another world, but it’s not working. I just want to go home but first, he tells me, I have to teach his people how to…date? With him as my pupil, I may never want to go back home, but what if I fail? Can I handle the fate that awaits the people in the other worlds if I fail? And am I just Adakan’s teacher, or is this something more, much more?


wolf marshals packTHE WOLF MARSHAL’S PACK (U S MARSHAL SHIFTERS BOOK 3) by Zoe Chant

She never meant to be Little Red Riding Hood. Nature photographer Aria Clarke is most comfortable with her camera in her hands and mud on her boots. And she’s a single mom, so she’s used to facing down the most dangerous wildlife of all: a group of neighborhood kids on a sugar rush. Taking photos of a wolf should have been no problem. Until the wolf turns into a man right before her eyes — and starts to stalk her.

He was never meant to be a lone wolf. Deputy US Marshal Colby Acton hides his loneliness behind jokes and a stunning smile. Werewolves are meant to have packs, and living without one is taking a toll on him, no matter what he pretends. Then Aria slams into his life with her courage and intelligence and sexy legs and, oh right, an adorable eight-year-old daughter. She’s his mate, destiny, and pack, all in one tough package. And she’s another wolf’s chosen prey.


his dragon protectorHIS DRAGON PROTECTOR (DIVINE DRAGONS BOOK 2) by Jill Haven

Dragons have been chasing me my entire life, and now my best friend is shacked up with one of them and about to give birth. Normally I’d stay away, but I need to make sure he’s safe. And when I meet Mason, the only person I am worried about is myself…Mason puts my omega instincts into overdrive and awakens something in me that’s been dormant forever. I hate feeling out of control, but I can’t walk away from him.
The good doctor wants to protect me from my past and the things that I’ve done, but no matter how hot desire burns between us I can’t surrender. But when old enemies put us all in danger, I’ll need a dragon alpha at my side if we’re going to survive.


murder on poets hillA MURDER ON POET’S HILL (AN ELLA DANIELS MYSTERY BOOK 2) by J A Whiting

Ella Daniels, a professor of American history at Green Hill University, comes from a family with many talents, and seeing ghosts is one of them.
When Ella’s brother, Ben, becomes worried about one of his friends, he and Ella go to check on the man and discover a terrible scene. What happened to Ben’s friend? Who is responsible? Is there a link between the incident and another mystery on Poet’s Hill?
With the help of their sister and a black cat named Raisin, will Ella and Ben and the rest of the family members find the answers before it is too late?



The battle lines have been drawn. My fellow scions and I stand on one side, and the power-hungry barons on the other. The scheme they’ve put in motion could shatter both our community and the nonmagical world. Neither I nor the guys I love are willing to let that happen, but with the barons throwing both laws and parental bonds aside, we’re short on options. The fate of our world could come down to a literal battle for our lives, one I’m not sure we have any hope of winning.

Will the strength we’ve found together and the allies we’ve managed to gather be enough to carry us through? How close to the barons’ level will I have to sink to have a chance at victory? As our time runs out, the only thing we can count on is that blood will be spilled—and lots of it.


dont tempt meDON’T TEMPT ME (NORA JACOBS BOOK 4) by Jackie May

Something is wrong with Nora. There’s a darkness inside her that she can’t seem to control. As she and her men search for answers to her siren’s dark nature, someone puts out a hit on her clan. Now, mercenaries from all over are trying to kill them. On top of all that, Nora must take on her first official case for the FUA. Someone is stealing mythical creatures, and they need to be stopped before they can steal the magic of the world’s most powerful underworlders.



Haven’t I been through enough? God, I swear I only joined this nuthouse school a year ago, and somehow I’ve gotten into some huge major drama every single semester. If you ask me I think everyone in this place is a little too obsessed with me. It’s lucky that I have my guys with me to help get through some of this shit. I think if I was alone and dealing with things like crazy shifter bitches, ancient magical destinies, all while trying to attend my classes I would have a mental breakdown. Wait, I’ve already had several.

Now, in my final semester at Bloodwood Academy, I’m hoping I can finally breathe, maybe take a long vacation where I can get to know my guys a little more intimately if you catch my drift…Granted, that probably can’t happen seeing as we ended the previous semester in some hot shit. What with my dad being summoned into Nicky’s creepy underground dungeon, me dealing with the stupid alpha feud, and my shit parents wiggling their way back into my life, it’s wild that I’m even still alive.


rescued by the fae princeRESCUED BY THE FAE PRINCE (FAE OF BALLANTINE) by Serena Meadows

Reese is hailed as a hero after helping save Ballantine. But even with his royal blood and good looks, the Fae warrior has always felt like an outsider. His family is made up of passionate inventors and intellectuals, but Reese would rather explore the mountains and woods, than the long, dusty corridors of the family library. Until she appears. A human woman comes to peruse his family’s latest invention. Sarah is short, feisty, and unlike any creature Reese has ever beheld. She’s also utterly captivating, and completely uninterested in getting to know him.

No human can survive long in the world of the Fae, but Sarah somehow prospers. The more Reese fights to unravel her secrets, the more tangled he becomes in her deep golden eyes and easy smile. Something about Sarah doesn’t add up, but when he finally finds the answers he’s looking for, it’s too late. Reese is falling hard, and the consequences could be devastating.


my four seamenMY FOUR SEAMEN by Laura Wylde

Evan, Terrance, Collin, and Carter who are ex-Navy Seals, have a strong friendship that was torn apart by a tragedy. As they try to rebuild what they once had, they are struck by something else. Something that doesn’t seem real…A mysterious creature that dwells in the waters of the Bermuda Triangle has surfaced…Just as the ex-military men believe the end has come, an unexpected savior comes to the rescue. But she’s no ordinary angel. These seamen have to make an impossible choice. Can they leave everything they have ever known behind just to stay alive? For her it might be worth it.


faerie forgedFAERIE FORGED (THE MAGICSMITH BOOK 3) by L R Braden

Alex is screwed. She’s due at the fae Court of Enchantment in less than twenty-four hours, but she’s not even close to being ready. Her job is hanging by a fraying thread. There’s a new vampire master in town. And several of her werewolf friends have been captured by the Paranatural Task Force.

She’s their best chance for release before the full moon reveals their secret, but the Lord of Enchantment is not someone you keep waiting—even when he happens to be your grandfather. All Alex can do is call in a favor, hope to hell she can survive the plots of the fae court, and hightail it home to salvage her life. One mistake at court could change everything.

Amazon      Apple Books

will and the wildsTHE WILL AND THE WILDS by Charlie N Holmberg

Enna knows to fear the mystings that roam the wildwood near her home. When one tries to kill her to obtain an enchanted stone, Enna takes a huge risk: fighting back with a mysting of her own.

Maekallus’s help isn’t free. His price? A kiss. One with the power to steal her soul. But their deal leaves Maekallus bound to the mortal realm, which begins eating him alive. Only Enna’s kiss, given willingly, can save him from immediate destruction. It’s a temporary salvation for Maekallus and a lingering doom for Enna. Part of her soul now burns bright inside Maekallus, making him feel for the first time. Enna shares Maekallus’s suffering, but her small sacrifice won’t last long. If she and Maekallus can’t break the spell binding him to the mortal realm, Maekallus will be consumed completely—and Enna’s soul with him.


promised oneTHE PROMISED ONE (DEMONS’ LUST, BOOK 1) by Athena Aston

Light and dark want to suck me dry…Weapon. Oracle. Sacrifice. It’s all I’ve heard about since I turned eighteen and smokin’ hot demons and divine looking angels started showing up on my doorstep. They want my affection… and my powers. And no matter which side I choose, I’ll end up six feet under soon enough. But the world is ending and if I don’t pick a side, chaos reigns. All of my options suck, but all of my suitors make me yearn. How can I choose when I lose no matter what? And why should I have to? Heaven… Hell… they’ve got nothing on an Earth girl with an attitude.


bitter pillBITTER PILL (PSYCOP BOOK 11) by Jordan Castillo Price

There’s a new drug on the streets called Kick. The side effects are so brutal, most folks only try it once…unless they’re psychic. Then they do it until it kills them. Psychic medium Victor Bayne is well acquainted with pharmaceuticals, from the Auracel that blocks his ghosts to the Seconal that offers him a blissful nights’ sleep. But he’s managed to steer clear of street drugs…so far.

Jacob Marks has a medicine cabinet filled with every over-the-counter remedy known to man, but none of them are doing much for his mood—and his long, fruitless days of combing through records at The Clinic are taking a heavy toll. But their lackluster investigation does have one silver lining: a front row seat at The Clinic when the first Kick overdose comes in. And as scary as the drug might be, if it truly does augment psychic ability, the appeal is not lost on Vic. Because the very first hit never killed anyone. Where did Kick come from? Why is it so addictive? And why is everyone at The Clinic acting so darn shady? That’s what Vic intends to find out. And if he’s lucky, he can also expose a shadowy figure from Camp Hell. Unfortunately, the demons of his pill addiction might prove just as deadly as his long-buried history. He thought he’d managed to ditch that pernicious habit. But what if it was only lurking in the shadows, waiting for the best time to rear its ugly head?

Amazon      Apple Books

dawn of the endTHE DAWN OF THE END, THE RISING BOOK 3 by Kristen Ashley and 12 Narrators

VS Note: Available in audiobook only.

Once upon a time, in a parallel universe, there existed the continent of Triton. The land was filled with beauty, but it was also splintered by war. Out of the chaos grew a conspiracy to reawaken the Beast, a fearsome creature who wrought only tragedy and devastation. The only way to stop him was to fulfill an ancient prophecy: Triton’s four strongest warriors must wed its four most powerful witches, binding all nations together and finally bringing peace to the land.

This is the story of their unions: the quiet maiden Silence and the savage king Mars. The cold warrior Cassius and the fiery witch Elena. The steadfast soldier True and the banished beauty Farah. And the pirate king Aramus and the mysterious queen Ha-Lah. Their unions will not be easy, but each couple must succeed, for the fate of their world is at stake.


riot babyRIOT BABY by Tochi Onyebuchi

VS Note: Not a romance. I’ve seen it described as “political speculative fiction” and there’s a fantasy/SF element. Sounds like a tough read in terms of the gritty subject matter but I’m intrigued. A release of note…

Ella has a Thing. She sees a classmate grow up to become a caring nurse. A neighbor’s son murdered in a drive-by shooting. Things that haven’t happened yet. Kev, born while Los Angeles burned around them, wants to protect his sister from a power that could destroy her. But when Kev is incarcerated, Ella must decide what it means to watch her brother suffer while holding the ability to wreck cities in her hands.

Rooted in the hope that can live in anger, Riot Baby is as much an intimate family story as a global dystopian narrative. It burns fearlessly toward revolution and has quietly devastating things to say about love, fury, and the black American experience. Ella and Kev are both shockingly human and immeasurably powerful. Their childhoods are defined and destroyed by racism. Their futures might alter the world.

Amazon      Apple Books

escaping destinyESCAPING DESTINY (DESTINY SERIES BOOK 3) by Dria Andersen

VS Note: From late December

Frankie Lebron and Aren Ele share a common enemy, the Ajo vampire. Frankie isn’t one to be told what to do and Aren’s nature is to protect what he cares for, leaving them butting heads, in spite of the heat between them. They are both forced to face their fears as Ajo victims begin to appear. Faced with the real threat that has been steadily stalking their tribe, they must find a way to work together in love and life. As they search for clues, Frankie is thrust into a war she wasn’t sure she was ready for. Can they trust each other to face their demons and the killers?



Elena Jensen doesn’t belong at Alpha Wolf Academy, the most prestigious shifter university in North America, but that’s her reality and she’s determined to make the best of it. When she meets a guy with emerald eyes and dark, wavy hair that makes her start rethinking her disbelief in soul mates, Elena’s opinion of AWA changes. Although, she’d feel better about her place in the social order if her crush’s twin sister wasn’t trying to destroy her reputation and get her expelled.

Elena’s already shaky foundation is pulled out from under her when the academy is besieged by soldiers and she chooses to put herself in danger to save lives. When it’s life or death, the enemy of your enemy is your friend… or at least, Elena hopes so. Because more than just her life depends on it.



When Lox warrior, Roclan, is sent to investigate a crime, he wasn’t expecting to encounter a female so captivating he would be compelled to go into a rut. Unfortunately, she is his prisoner. Roclan quickly realizes he has to find a way to keep her alive, if only to explore if she is his to claim, but Omega healer, Nyan, isn’t interested in escaping her punishment. As she tries to keep the brutish Alpha at a distance, he peels away her defenses until she is forced to address the deep compulsion between them… setting her at odds with her own desires and the secrets she holds.

Amazon      Apple Books

layoverlandLAYOVERLAND by Gabby Noone

VS Note: Not a romance (although it is listed in romantic comedy) so I don’t know if there’s an HEA but it sounded like a good book. Advance reviews were pretty positive. I put it on my TBR list.

Beatrice Fox deserves to go straight to hell. At least, that’s what she believes. Her last day on Earth, she ruined the life of the person she loves most–her little sister, Emmy. So when Bea awakens from a fatal car accident to find herself on an airplane headed who knows where, she’s confused, to say the least.

Once on the ground, Bea receives some truly harrowing news: she’s in purgatory. If she ever wants to catch a flight to heaven, she’ll have to help five thousand souls figure out what’s keeping them from moving on. But one of Bea’s first assignments is Caleb, the boy who caused her accident, and the last person Bea would ever want to send to the pearly gates. And as much as Bea would love to see Caleb suffer for dooming her to a seemingly endless future of eating bad airport food and listening to other people’s problems, she can’t help but notice that he’s kind of cute, and sort of sweet, and that maybe, despite her best efforts, she’s totally falling for him.

Amazon      Apple Books

circus of the deadCIRCUS OF THE DEAD BOOK 1 by Kimberley Loth

Mom sent me all the way across the country to the Louisiana bayou to join the circus and help my uncle for the summer.  Except there is something not quite right on this swampy cursed island, and after having my fortune told, I can’t leave.  I try to escape, but Benny, an all too charming ghost gangster tries to kill me by feeding me to a tiger. Thankfully I’m rescued by Samuel, the incredibly hot ringmaster who can’t be a day over twenty. Can he? In addition to avoiding the human scorpion, staying away from the big cats, and having trouble figuring out who’s dead and who’s alive, I have to find a way to escape this horror show. Will I get out of the circus alive or will I join their army of ghosts and become a murderer myself?


vampire sirenVAMPIRE SIREN (REAL MEN OF OTHERCROSS BOOK 3) by Celia Kyle and Marina Maddix

Is it her siren’s song that lures the sexy vampire? Her body? Or her heart? As a sultry siren, Cora Murphy can have any man she wants—and her interfering mother has a long list of eager candidates suited to her daughter’s station as fae royalty. But Cora just wants to live a normal life, working at Othercross as a Sentinel and hoping one day a man will fall in love with her instead of succumbing to her mystical—and totally bogus—allure.

Of course, that can’t happen if she never lowers the glamour she uses to prevent every Tom, Dick, and Harriet from following her around like love-struck puppies. Even her best friend, Deo Nicolaides, must have been hit by her siren song, because the young vampire keeps trying to get her into bed. As tempting as that might be, Cora doesn’t dare give in to her primal desires. She’d rather die alone than live the rest of her life knowing Deo’s love isn’t true. But what if it is?


dragon assassins nannyDRAGON ASSASSIN’S NANNY (F.I.R.E SPECIAL OPS DRAGON BOOK 4) by Maia Starr

I’m the most powerful dragon assassin in the world. I could have any woman I want.
But I’ve fallen for the one that I can’t have. She’s my daughter’s nanny. Being her boss isn’t the only thing that makes it totally wrong. Lianne is a distraction. I’m an important member of the Special Dragon OPS team. The Alpha of F.I.R.E has his eyes on me. I can’t let my team down. It’s why I needed a nanny in the first place. But her sweet curves have become an obsession. My job is slowly taking a backseat. Being with her is more than just a compulsion. I need to keep her close. Lianne has a little secret, and a wolf is after her life. There’s no one in the world that I can’t defeat. And the man that’s messing with my woman is going to regret ever being born.


fated fearFATED FEAR (ANGEL’S FATE BOOK 3 ) by Tessa Cole

The Winter Queen had me and my guys where she wanted us, forcing me to make a terrible deal with the Winter Court itself, and even then, we barely escaped with our lives. Now we’re all being hunted. Especially Titus, whose rage tore the lid off the one secret that could spell his doom.

Among all of us, he’s the biggest prize — the only one with a connection to a magic so powerful that whoever controls it, controls the realm. His fight to stay free digs its talons into my soul, because I know the fear of imprisonment and have spent my life determined to never be trapped again. Except something I never thought I wanted is wrapping itself around my heart — ties between me and my guys that are starting to feel less like chains, and more like home.

But now the Winter Court’s frozen magic courses through my veins, an icy tether that could yank me back into its trap at any moment. And when the next disaster strikes, the ties between me and my guys may not be enough to save us all.


something wickedSOMETHING WICKED by Kim Knox

VS Note: A re-release.

Magus Felix Hurst thought she could outrun her duty. Her destiny. She failed. In trying to escape her marriage to the half-demon magus, Zacharias Mael, her usual bad luck traps her in a farmhouse infested with a magus’s worst nightmare. And her hated betrothed.
In the end, there is one only way to escape. Will that price prove too much? For either of them?


hacking justiceHACKING JUSTICE (FRACTURED MINDS SERIES BOOK 5) by Karen Allenton

After being caught in the midst of an illegal hack, IT Specialist, Sam Zachman accepts a plea deal to stay out of jail. He is required to join a special FBI team charged with tracking and stopping serial killers. The deal was just too good to be true. When teammate and reformed psych ward patient, Lucy Bray, is injured in the line of duty, his new job is put on hold, and Sam can’t fight the pull to return to his old criminal lifestyle.

When a hack goes horribly wrong, leaving three of his friends dead, he has no choice but to turn to the only person he trusts, even if she isn’t mentally stable enough to help. As the last hacker left standing, he and the supernatural team of hunters will have to work off the books to unravel the clues and stop a new faceless serial killer threatening millions of lives. If they fail, Sam stands to lose more than just his freedom. He’ll lose his life and those of everyone he holds dear.


fire queenTHE FIRE QUEEN (THE DARK QUEENS BOOK 10) by Jovee Winters

Forgotten by nearly everyone she’s loved after the curse struck Kingdom, Fiera does what any proper fire goddess should do, she gets back to work. But in her heart an emptiness has begun to grow, pulling her deeper and deeper in reclusion. But there is one who still remembers, one who will do anything to bring the fire goddess some measure of joy again, even if that means sending her to a literal world of icy hell to do it.

Amazon      Apple Books

bound by her passionBOUND BY HER PASSION BOUND BY HER BLOOD BOOK 2 by Mara Leigh

One newly-turned female vampire, four powerful males hiding dark secrets—alone each is lost, together their passion ignites and changes the vampire world forever.
Selina’s story continues in Book 2 of the exciting and passionate Bound by Her Blood series.
****Spoiler Alert****
This is Book 2 in a series. If you haven’t read Book 1, BOUND BY HER BLOOD, be warned! The rest of this description contains spoilers related to Book 1.
I was alone and abused—both as a human, then a vampire—but I am strong, I am a fighter, I will survive. Captured by the terrifying Pike and separated from Rock and Gray, will my growing power be enough to escape—or to resist the inexplicable yearning I feel for my captor? Meanwhile, the city is terrorized by a vampire serial killer, and overrun by wooden-stake-wielding cops, including the hunky Colton who won’t stop pursuing me—and I’m not sure I want him to, in spite of the danger. And through all this, Xavier won’t stop hunting me, until I suffer a painful death.


flames of chaosFLAMES OF CHAOS (LEGACY OF THE NINE REALMS BOOK 1) by Amelia Hutchins

Aria and her sisters return to the Human Realm of Haven Falls to find one of their own that’s gone missing. They soon discover things have changed in the Human Realm and that nothing is what it seems, including Knox, the egotistical, self-centered, frustratingly gorgeous man who declared himself King during their absence.
Sparks fly when the two enter a fiery battle of wills as Aria learns she is more than just a witch in the Hecate bloodline; she is much, much more.
Will Aria embrace her savage side to find her sister and save her family, or will she burn to ashes from his heated kisses and burning hot embrace?
Knox has ulterior motives for being in Haven Falls and never expected the little witch to show up and brazenly challenge his rule.
It was supposed to be easy; get in and get out. Move pieces into place and set the stage for the war he’s been planning for over five hundred years. Aria is his sworn enemy but something within her calls to him and he hates himself for craving the fiery kisses that have reignited his cold, dead heart. One taste, and he thought he could get her out of his system. He was wrong.
Will Knox let go of the memories of the past, driving his need for revenge that will destroy the pretty little witch he craves, or will he push the boundaries to fight for and claim what is his by right? Either way, war is inevitable. And nothing will stop him from reaching for what is his.



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