New Releases in #SciFi #Fantasy and Paranormal Romance for Wednesday September 18

warlord unarmedAs always, I recommend sampling before you buy! I have not read most of the new releases listed (although I always end up one-clicking a bunch as I prepare these posts LOL).



VS note: I one clicked this! Author states the book is based on a much shorter story sharing the same title. I’m always to have MORE from this author!

Murad, a technology-loving Chamele Warlord, has to track down and eliminate a rogue warrior before that male ends Murad’s reign. Permanently.

When a pieced-together wreck of a ship enters the sector without authorization, Murad assumes it is piloted by an ally of his enemy and decides to blow the battered vessel out of open space.

Then he hears the voice of its sole occupant and his orders and his priorities immediately shift. The captain of the ship is his gerel, the one female he’s genetically compatible with—the light to his darkness, his future, his everything.

He will protect her…even if it costs him his life.

Bounty hunter Gale doesn’t want or need protection. She has entered Chamele space on a rescue mission. A tall, muscular, half-naked barbarian with humor-lit eyes and gentle hands won’t distract her from that purpose, no matter what he tries.

A broken ship and an enemy focused on revenge do interfere with her plans. Gale’s goal changes from saving a friend to saving herself. The only being who can increase her chances of survival is the one Warlord she can’t resist.

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VS Note: Always a good week when Taska has a new book out!

Margot Lane thought she had an exciting life – plenty of fans, lots of money, and even her dream role on a hit TV show. But when she busts out of the most expensive and exclusive celebrity fat camp on the east coast, things really get interesting.

Pursued by personal trainers, Margot takes an opportunity to duck out of sight. But she realizes she may have gone from the frying pan into the fire when she finds out that she’s “hiding” on the set of the hot new reality show that’s captured the imagination of the entire planet.

And it doesn’t help that the star of the show is the most achingly gorgeous man she’s ever seen.

Kent and his brothers have traveled from planet Aerie to Earth to take human females as mates and pleasure them into unbreakable interplanetary relations. As part of the project, Kent agrees to star on a reality show, meant to let humans see how relatable aliens are. When he meets a mysterious young woman, he begins to understand the pent-up cravings and desperate demands of his new human body.

Can Margot keep her identity under wraps when the cameras are on? Or will Kent help her do everything she thinks she can’t?

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Looking for love on all the wrong planets? Try the Star-Crossed Dating Agency.
Karos might have survived the war on Romak, but it left scars on his body, and his heart.
Now he’s on Earth, assigned to guard the first alien embassy. His purpose is simple – protect his new home and everyone in it. This time, he won’t fail in his mission.
This book contains a bodyguard who can kick ass in high heels, and a war-weary dragon who is about to learn that love is the only battle you have to surrender to win.

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when shes readyWHEN SHE’S READY: A SCIFI ROMANCE NOVELLA by Ruby Dixon

To get amnesty on a remote farm planet, ex-con Tassar has to marry an alien – specifically, a strange looking creature called a ‘human’. When he sees gorgeous, delicate Leilani, though, all of his plans change. He wants more than just a marriage of convenience. He wants her forever, but only when she’s ready.



VS note: I have LOVED this series, so different! One clicked the book…

The cyborg cowboys of Carbon County thought they’d won the day…The Theta shroud designation was always meant to be an outsider—a spy and saboteur lurking on the fringes of the elite cyborg soldiers. So even as he built a personality out of the dust of Diamond Valley, Montana, Troy Lehigh stayed apart from his brothers while they lived and loved. A Theta could never hope for such a bond.

His only desire, from the first moment he stole his consciousness from the soulless programming that controlled him, was to destroy the consortium that doomed him to solitude. He would’ve done it too, except his brothers chose love over war and trapped him in their midst.
But then, a hundred and fifty years ago, he met a sassy soiled dove in a Montana saloon…
Nell Dearly had wandered too far from home and was struggling to survive. But the long-lost farm girl has no idea just how far out she’ll go.

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red planet dragons of tajss book zewroRED PLANET DRAGONS OF TAJSS (BOOK ZERO) by Miranda Martin

Riley – I was never meant to find out. No one was supposed to know. Yet I do.
I know what’s coming and it’s up to me to stop it, for the survival of my entire race.

Angota – We destroyed Tajss to save it from ourselves. I’ve never doubted our cause.
Until her. Until I find a secret plan that betrays everything my warrior race has ever stood for. Honor, respect, and treasuring our females. This alien female, this human woman, changes everything.

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hunted grace goodwinHUNTED (INTERSTELLAR BRIDES BOOK 17) by Grace Goodwin

VS Note: I love this series and this one sounds so good. One-clicked!

Trapped. Tortured. Only she can save him from the Hive.
Vice Admiral Niobe has resisted the temptation of the Interstellar Brides Program for years, certain there is no male in the universe willing to sacrifice his vision of a perfect life to be with her. Shocked to be matched to her father’s home world of Everis, she transports, expecting to find an eager mate waiting for her. Instead, she arrives within a secret Hive integration center to find him resisting a merciless enemy.

Elite Hunter Quinn might have been captured by the Hive, but he’ll sacrifice anything to save the mate he never expected… never imagined would appear like an angel in the middle of hell. A warrior in her own right, Niobe’s too stubborn to leave him behind. And even if they escape the Hive, their personal scars run deep. Battle and bloodshed are easy. But healing a wounded warrior’s heart? That may prove impossible.

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chilling effectCHILLING EFFECT: A NOVEL by Valerie Valdes

VS Note: Not a romance but a release of note this week…got this from the Interstellar Flight Magazine blog.

Captain Eva Innocente and the crew of La Sirena Negra cruise the galaxy delivering small cargo for even smaller profits. When her sister Mari is kidnapped by The Fridge, a shadowy syndicate that holds people hostage in cryostasis, Eva must undergo a series of unpleasant, dangerous missions to pay the ransom.

But Eva may lose her mind before she can raise the money. The ship’s hold is full of psychic cats, an amorous fish-faced emperor wants her dead after she rejects his advances, and her sweet engineer is giving her a pesky case of feelings. The worse things get, the more she lies, raising suspicions and testing her loyalty to her found family.

To free her sister, Eva will risk everything: her crew, her ship, and the life she’s built on the ashes of her past misdeeds. But when the dominoes start to fall and she finds the real threat is greater than she imagined, she must decide whether to play it cool or burn it all down.

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brute luna hunterBRUTE (WARRIORS OF KAIZON BOOK 5) by Luna Hunter

IBALEN – Finally, I have reached Earth! I will slay the weak males and claim their fertile women. I shall usher in a new golden age and lead my Kaizon brothers to total domination! But first, I will father a thousand sons…That’s my plan. Until I see her. A human female, so small and weak compared to my raw, brute strength… and yet, merely looking at her makes my two hearts race. And her scent! It drives me absolutely wild!
I must know her name. I must know everything about her. I must have her. She must be mine.

EILEEN – My mission was an easy one: Go to the caves and find a crystal. Being abducted by a rogue, dominant, drop-dead gorgeous Kaizon warrior hellbent on taking over Earth was definitely not part of the plan.
Yet I find myself abducted by the hottest, tallest alien I’ve ever seen all the same. His brooding look tells me he’s up to no good, and despite his savage nature… my stomach flutters. I must escape — or I will lose my heart to this brute.


faros layla nashFAROS (THE SRAIBUR CREW BOOK 1) by Layla Nash and Juno Wells

Sometimes a pirate has to choose between love and booty…Fleet lawyer Violet Newfield reluctantly agreed to defend a rogue pirate captain against murder charges, but never expected to be kidnapped in his dramatic prison escape. When Faros ignores all legal precedent and drags her into ungoverned space on his pirate ship, she’ll do whatever it takes to get free and back to her friends on the Galaxos before she’s implicated in any crimes.

Xaravian captain Faros has a deadline: if he doesn’t pay a debt in less than a week, his ship and crew are forfeit. And the Tyboli are not known for giving extensions. The last thing he needs is the sexy Earther distracting him from the mission, but he can’t help noticing her fiery temper and strict adherence to the law. He’s just waiting for the opportunity to corrupt her…When time runs out and they face the choice of saving themselves or an innocent crew, will Faros choose his love of the Earther over money and his ship, and do the right thing?


truth about cinderTHE TRUTH ABOUT CINDER by Alta Hensley

There are hushed whispers about a wicked and decadent place known as the Palace of Lazar. A prince with insatiable tastes and the women who cater to it all. Feasts of pleasure, lust, and forbidden acts… all submitting to the sensual allure of the Harem.
But behind its bejeweled façade of luxury and pleasure lies a haunting and evil truth. A dark and perverse world that only the strong can survive.
A truth Cinder is about to learn when her fairytale dreams become twisted into a macabre masquerade of dancing vices. Will she succumb to the demands of her current story, or cling to her fairytale ending?

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The shadow governments of Earth are complicit in the alien kidnappings of innocent citizens from all over the world. Traded among the darker denizens of the galaxy, humans command high prices as slaves, experimental subjects, and worse.

The League of Aligned Worlds (LAW), is the only thing that stands between these helpless human victims and the dark fate that awaits them on lawless worlds. A collective of sentient planets with highly advanced technology, LAW, actively monitors Earth and similar worlds for abductions.

In the majority of cases, LAW, rescues the victims, apprehends the kidnappers, and resettles those who cannot go back home on compatible worlds. These are the stories of the humans, who cannot return to Earth, and the new worlds that they now call home.

Bria Carmon’s life had never been the greatest, but the icing on the already stale cake was being kidnapped by aliens and told she was going to be a slave on another planet. Life expectancy: Five years. Things didn’t get much better when Bria was rescued and found out she couldn’t go back home. Instead, she would be forced to resettle on a strange, unfamiliar world. A planet that was chosen for her based on nothing more than a questionnaire.

As the king of the ruling Cadrake Clan of the planet Empari, Thrain Cadrake anxiously awaited the arrival of the first human to ever test compatible for resettlement on his planet. Unable to greet the human at the LAW transport ship, Thrain had sent his soul brother, hoping the human would appreciate the honor he was bestowing on them. He never expected his most trusted friend would be coerced into trying to kill the human and jeopardize Empari’s membership in the League of Worlds.

As treachery, misunderstandings, and culture shock threaten Bria’s life and sanity, she and Thrain will have to learn to trust one another to save Empari’s seat in the League of Aligned Worlds, and secure Bria’s place on the only planet she ever felt was truly home.


julian serena simpsonJULIAN (THE A’ROUK BROTHERS BOOK 4) by Serena Simpson

Aliya wasn’t the type to stumble through life blindly. She tiptoed gently with blinders on allowing her to only see what was in front of her. It was supposed to keep her safe.
She forgot when evil came after you it didn’t care about your desire to be safe. It was easy to be in the wrong place at the right time. Now she was paying the price.
They said they wanted her blood, but they really wanted her life.
Julian was getting away from it all. Sometimes there was such a thing as too much family. He dare not say that to his. When you were an alien on an alien planet you were expected to stick close together.
The Earth has been his home for hundreds of years, it no longer felt alien. He struck out on his own and did the last thing his family expected of him—short-order cook for a hole in the wall restaurant—a hole in the wall he loved.
He might have spent the next ten years there if Aliya hadn’t stumbled in starving and looking for a hero. He was no one’s hero, but Aliya could make him believe when she looked at him.
He was fine with letting the Earth battle their own monsters until those monsters came for Aliya. Now he would move not only the Earth but the heavens to keep her safe.



Probably not a good sign when you start reading the refund policy on your mail order bride…Vera Kronus has only choice after a long criminal career. Stay shackled and wait for her transport to a brutal prison planet or switch her ID and be sent to who knows where in the galaxy. She chooses the second option.

And wakes up on a planet where she’s the promised Companion to the most brilliant scientist in the Alliance. He’s been working on a new engine to bring parity against the Coalition. But his work life balance is suffering and his superiors determine that he needs a…Companion.

They thought they ordered the perfect mate. What they got instead was Vera – a human woman whose been sentenced for over twenty counts of grand larceny and fraud.
She has no idea how to cook food for an Alzhon. She has no idea about their customs. She’s sassy, independent, and fiery. With a figure that can send you into a supernova.
The sweet, caring, cosmically handsome and trusting Zerberu should be an easy mark then, right? Wrong. Because there’s one thing Vera never realized in her life of theft and crime.
That a quiet alien would steal her own heart.



When Petra is auctioned off as a breeder in the Hub, the space station that serves as a literal breeding ground for clients of the interstellar company Galactic Continuity, she doesn’t quite know what to think of the godlike man before her. No, not man. Alien. For though the creature who purchased her looks human, no human has glowing sigils pulsating across his skin.

Tonx is a humorous, fun-loving space explorer who returned to his home planet Olympia to discover that the Titans, his species, had severely dwindled in number. That is how Tonx found himself here in the Hub, bidding on the bronze-skinned Earthling woman. She is fearless and brave in a way that makes Tonx excited to repopulate Olympia.

But the Earth woman Petra has no desire to mate with Tonx, and she couldn’t care less about his species. Will Tonx be able to woo Petra and show her their kind aren’t so different after all, or will Petra succeed in convincing Tonx to relinquish ownership of her and return her to Earth?


ravished by the escapeeRAVISHED BY THE ESCAPEE (PROJECT: SHORTCUT BOOK 1) by Jade Waltz

Ashley was thirty-five with no hope of finding love. The Area 51 raid may not have gone as planned, but she was still going to celebrate the best way she knew how: by hiring an alien cosplayer for one delicious night. Xizi didn’t think he’d see the light of day again. That is until the Fates smiled upon him and he was able to escape.
Will Xizi find his enax before it’s too late? And will Ashley agree to leave Earth to never return again?



Zarik would do anything to regain his honor. Even step out of the shadows to try to help one of the frail human females regain her memory. But with every clue, he’s less interested in righting the wrongs of his own past, and more about keeping her safe.
Keeping her at his side. Just keeping her.

Miri has no past.Waking alone in the forest, she stumbles into a strange new world, with giant alien warriors living along side humans. And a devastating war that somehow she missed. Or did she?

Zarik is determined to find out what happened to her. But is she just a path to scrub away the stain of his past? Or is there something more growing between them?


captive iona stromCAPTIVE: NOMADICAN MATES SERIES 1 by Iona Strom and L S Anders

VS Note: Listed in Erotica.

Ivey’s Abduction – I awoke on a strange planet, naked and shackled by my throat to a wall. A bidding war begins, and I’m sold as a sex slave where the only way to ensure my survival is to pleasure the males aboard the spaceship where I must serve.
Unprepared for what these males have to offer, I’m shocked at how easily I succumb. What I find more surprising is how much I crave being under the hands of one male in particular, one male that might be my ticket home.


bound and betrayedBOUND AND BETRAYED (SAVAGE WARRIORS BOOK 3) by Jude Gray

I know what it’s like to be enslaved by an alien…When I leave the colony for a day at the lively and exciting Frizian Outpost, I never expect my life to change forever. Again.
I’m a former human slave, freed by the Zyrnx Warriors and given sanctuary on the colony as I await transport back to Earth.
But when I see a wild and injured Madixx male, caged and tormented by his captors, all it takes is a single glance for me to know I won’t rest until I free him.
Everyone knows the Madixx are dangerous–and maybe he is. But I am haunted by his eyes.
Should I believe this huge, wild man is capable of love, or should I ignore my heart and take what may be my last chance to return to my world?


my aliens babyMY ALIEN’S BABY (DRACI ALIEN ROMANCE) by Stasia Black

Ezo is an alien who’s crazy about all things Earth. He can’t wait to get there in person and experience it all for himself—pizza, chocolate, flirting… After a lifetime of being alone on his old planet, he’ll finally have a place he can call home. But when he arrives, a mate has already been chosen for him. Ana is waiting as soon as he exits his shuttle. She’s beautiful, colorful, and seems as excited to meet him as he is her. He’s never known such happiness. Everything is perfect.…Until it’s not.

Because Ezo isn’t a free man. He has a mission to accomplish. One that his entire race is depending on. But accomplishing his mission could mean having to leave his beautiful Ana behind.


kais captiveKAI’S CAPTIVE (ALIENS OF ATLANTIS BOOK 2) by Skylar Rain and JL Madore

Josie’s life turns upside-down when she arrives on Atlantis. No longer a top engineer, she spends her days on a maintenance crew scrubbing tubes and doing her best to win the support of her crewmates. She wasn’t expecting the practical joke that sent her into the path of Kai, an Atlantean warrior, or his unnatural pheromones which are enough to undo any woman’s self-control.

The last thing Kai needs is another human female throwing herself at him but something about Josie catches him off guard when she unexpectedly stumbles into his arms. Now he has to keep her at arm’s length while they search the bowels of the city for the scientist who’s secrets put them all at risk.


fatal extractionFATAL EXTRACTION (THE CHIKARA REVOLUTION BOOK 1) by Evangeline Rain

Nirvana Faust had led her crew of space pirates through years of successful raids without a hitch but now her lucky streak had ended. She’d flown straight into an ambush laid by the General of Panderon, from whom she had stolen weapons eight years ago. He would prosecute her for her crime unless she was willing to take on a mission for him – infiltrate the stronghold of Chikara and extract the war plans.

In order for the mission to succeed, she would need help from the man who had defected from Chikara. She was expecting to work with a seasoned soldier, not a much younger man who looked like he’d spent more time with books than guns.
But Nirvana should have known better than to judge a book by its cover.


gate questGATE QUEST (STAR KINGDOM BOOK 5) by Lindsay Buroker

VS Note: Not romance (as far as I can tell – the series is on my To Be Read List) but I do love her writing!

Roboticist extraordinaire Casmir Dabrowski has a new nemesis: astroshaman leader Kyla Moonrazor. She’s stolen the ancient wormhole gate the king ordered Casmir to retrieve, and she’s entrenched in an underwater base on a forsaken moon. Moonrazor is more educated and more experienced than Casmir, and she has legions of killer robots and cyborg defenders on her side. Casmir has his friends and… a submarine named the Waddler.

As if his task wasn’t daunting enough, his old competitor, mercenary Captain Tenebris Rache, is on the same quest, and he’ll do anything to keep the Kingdom from getting that gate. If Casmir can’t find a way to defeat them, the king will never let him return to his home, his family, and the career he loves.


taken by the alien dragonTAKEN BY THE ALIEN DRAGON (GALACTIC ALPHA’S CONQUEST BOOK 5) by Stella Cassy

VS Note: Sort of odd, she put out 3 books in one day, that had been scheduled through October and November as far as my notes showed. I did notice the reviews became scarce and somewhat problematic after the first book …so, my compromise was to list this one for those who are following the series and be aware there are two more now available as well. I have NOT read any of them. I guess we’ll see how it goes, as far as any more books from her or on the reviews front. I sure liked her covers!

He betrayed his people for nothing…Moddoc’s people can never know the reason for why he hesitated to sound the alarm during a devastating battle. When he falls into the clutches of human pirate Essie Black, he knows no one is coming to his rescue. Even though she’s his enemy, she lights a fire inside his cold dragon’s heart that he’ll have to ignore. And he’ll have to bide his time if he’s going to make it off her ship in one piece.

Her laughter brings destruction…There’s no honor in picking over a fleeing army for the best bits of loot. Who needs it when there are drakons to capture? With Moddoc at her mercy, Essie will gleefully bring the Hielsrane to their knees. But when the tables are turned and the slave collar is around her neck, she finds herself on the steamy end of a scorching draconic seduction.


khorMINERS OF DJAROMIR: KHOR by Leora Gonzales

K’hor, Warlord of Hamuir, was stuck between a rock and hard place…Literally.
On Djaromir, a remote and desolate mining planet, K’hor and two fellow warlords rule a rugged, but desperate people. With few females remaining, the miners of Djaromir must find new mates or face extinction. When the opportunity arises to rescue Earth-women kidnapped, K’hor sees a new future for his people.

With the new brides under his protection, he hopes that a little time alone with his men will be enough to convince at least some of the women to stay —specifically the one he realizes is his mate.

Juniper wanted a family, not a kidnapping and hostage situation…Applying for the Bridal Pact had taken every ounce of courage Juniper had left in her compact 5’2’’ body. High hopes for a new future had burst into flames the moment she realized her bridal liaison was nothing more than a wolf in sheep’s clothing—or in this case a human trafficker in a cheap dress suit.
Waking on a harsh alien world, Junie knew her plans had gone poof. Blaming it on her bad luck, she’s ready to throw in the towel and admit defeat when he walks in.
Unable to deny a strange and powerful attraction for her Warlord rescuer, Juniper has some tough decisions to make. Even though it makes no sense, Junie can’t shake the feeling that she belongs here—with him. Djaromir was offering her everything she’d ever wanted, topped with one deliciously alpha, panty-wetting Warlord. Was she crazy or could this be fate’s plan all along?

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time turnsTIME TURNS (OUT OF TIME BOOK 4) by C B Lewis

As a consultant analyst for the most technologically advanced firms in the country, Danny Ferguson knows he’s seen a lot of crazy stuff, but nothing comes close to his newest position at the Temporal Research Institute, the world’s foremost time travel organisation.

The corrupted piece of code Ferguson found on the TRI’s closed network is a serious concern for Lysander O’Donohue, the director of the TRI. Unable to trust his own people—any one of whom might be the source—he’s forced to put all his trust in Danny to solve the mystery of the corrupt code and find the identity of the enemy within.
But when an unexpected temporal gate opens, a straightforward code analysis becomes something a lot more complicated.

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mixed signalsMIXED SIGNALS (OFF THE GRID) by Alyssa Cole

VS note: A re-release

Four years after the Flare, the world is finally starting to rebuild – For Maggie Seong, that means leaving the safety of her family’s cabin for college. She won’t be alone, though—hunky former military cadet Edwin Hernandez, family friend and self-appointed Protector of Maggie’s Virtue, will be there. Maggie would much prefer that Edwin himself dispose of her “innocence,” but he’s already rejected her advances once, and a girl has her pride.

Things look pretty bleak romance-wise until Maggie discovers that Devon, the pre-Flare internet boyfriend she’d assumed was dead, is not only alive but on campus. Despite the passage of time, their bond is strong, and they quickly pick up where they left off. Even as Devon aims for a chance at love IRL—everything Maggie thought she’d wanted—Edwin’s desire to protect her makes her question her heart.

Maggie’s torn between the future she didn’t dare to hope for and the past she can’t let go of. And when a group of neo-Luddite terrorists threaten the campus, everyone’s loyalties will be tested. To ensure that the world doesn’t go back to the dark days following the Flare, Maggie might have to sacrifice it all.

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frost and flameFROST AND FLAME (GODS OF WAR) by Gena Showalter

Bane of Adwaeweth is the most feared immortal warrior in All War history. Possessed by a bloodthirsty beast, he will stop at nothing to win. Then he meets irresistible Nola Lee. He hates the power she wields over him, but she alone can rain vengeance upon his wife’s killer.

Unaware of her destiny to rule as queen of beasts, Nola battles illness, addiction and vulnerability. With Bane, however, she experiences pleasure for the first time, and only wants more. But being with him comes with a terrible price.

With enemies lurking around every corner, Bane and Nola must fight to survive. But time is running out, and neither can resist the sizzling attraction blazing between them. Will their romance save the beast and his beauty, or destroy everything they’ve come to love?

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transforming snowridge book 2TRANSFORMING SNOWRIDGE (STONEFIRE DRAGONS UNIVERSE BOOK 2) by Jessie Donovan

Rhydian Griffiths is the leader of Clan Snowridge in the North of Wales. Not only does he lead his clan, but he also takes care of an orphaned boy on his own. The deadline for any remaining family to collect him expires and Rhydian decides to adopt the boy himself. However, hours later, a human female shows up at his clan’s gate, claiming she’s the boy’s aunt. While he’d usually admire her fire and determination, his dragon says he wants the human, but Rhydian must resist. The last thing he needs is a human living on his clan.

Delaney Murphy spent the last three months jumping through hoops to prove she was Rian’s aunt. When she finally finds the blasted Welsh clan hidden in the mountains, she’s told the deadline expired. Even though they try to scare her by tossing her in a prison cell, the action only makes her more determined. After all, Rian is her only family. Provided she can ignore how the serious dragon clan leader looks at her long enough to come up with a plan, she’ll be able to raise her nephew as her own.

As Rhydian tries to ignore the female, a threat reminds him of why any human inside Snowridge could be in danger. He has to work together with Delaney to ensure not only her safety but Rian’s as well. Of course, it might mean giving up the family he’s secretly always wanted but long denied.

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The world has learned to fear vampires and forgotten another threat. Before the bloodsuckers rose, the gods had perfected one race of predators.
And they’ve decided to hunt again.
Avani was raised in another world, away from the secluded werewolves of Oldcrest, but the Elder Pack was the only place where she could be safe. Until now.
In his hundreds of years, Alexius has lived without allegiance, without purpose.
But when a wounded, hunted wolf crashes into his life, everything changes.


last vampire book 5THE LAST VAMPIRE: BOOK 5 by R A Steffan and Jaelynne Woolf

Broke ex-waitresses aren’t supposed to have archenemies. Seriously, that kind of crap is way above our pay grade. We certainly aren’t supposed to have multiple supernatural beings competing for the title of “scariest nemesis.” Yet that’s where I find myself, now that the last vampire on Earth is no longer the last vampire on Earth.

Ransley Thorpe turned his closest friend in a last-ditch effort to save his life. Now all three of us have targets painted on our backs, and the powerful demon who might be able to protect us is the last person in the three realms we should trust.

To survive, we’ll have to rekindle old alliances and rely on friends who have only the barest conception of the danger they’re about to face. One thing is crystal clear—even if we succeed in holding our enemies at bay, my life is about to change in ways I could never have foreseen.

As the only demon/fae/human hybrid in existence, I thought I had problems before.
Silly me. It turns out, I didn’t know when I was well off.


death in the nightDEATH IN THE NIGHT (LEGACY BOOK 3) by Allyson Lindt

Every lover. Every betrayal. Every death. Kirby remembers it all. The gods will pay for the suffering they’ve caused in this life and those she’s lived before. The only questions are where and how?

She has new allies and lovers, but with a lifetime of betrayal guiding her, she doesn’t know who to turn to. The trickster god who makes it easy to throw caution to the wind? The god of passion who sparks delight, terror, and desire with a single look?

Kirby desperately wants one of those people she trusts to be the berserker who set her on this path both then and now, but lifetimes of playing both sides changes a person.
Time is running out for her to find answers. Both about her lovers, and the gods she seeks to destroy before they can act on the prophecies that will allow them to topple modern empires.
Failure means not just her destruction, but the death of thousands.

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reap and reckonREAP AND RECKON (THE REAPER SERIES BOOK 4) by Lisa Medley

The end is here. As Lucifer’s minions attempt to breach the city of Meridian’s weakening portals, The Reaper Authority Force faces its final battle to save humanity. Desperate to find his partner, lost in the last skirmish, RAF member Samkiel recruits an unlikely ally, Officer Victoria Moreno.

Victoria comes across a decapitated body in the chaos of what she’s thinking of as her own personal zombie apocalypse, and against her better judgment, she alerts the mysteriously compelling man who asked for help in locating his missing friend.

Their discovery of a hellish new monster released upon the city, which attacks Samkiel, opens her eyes to the previously unseen supernatural horrors lurking all around her beloved city. Her faith is tested at every new and terrifying turn.
Reapers are real. Angels are real. Lucifer is real… and they’ve all converged on Meridian.
Prepare yourself for the final and most epic battle yet.


night and dayNIGHT AND DAY by Mandy Rosko

Cedric is out for one last night of fun and freedom before he ties the knot out of familial duty. Knowing that vampires make outstanding lovers, he drags his best friend to a vampire party in hopes of finding a night of passion that will make memories to last him a lifetime.

Silus is a centennial vampire lord, set to take over leadership of his father’s clan someday. At his birthday celebration, he spots Cedric and feels an instant attraction. It was only supposed to be a bit of harmless fun. But one taste and Silus discovers that Cedric isn’t human, as he’d assumed. In fact, Cedric’s from a race of creatures who are sworn enemies to his vampire kind. A creature whose blood is supposed to be poisonous to them.

But after experiencing the most intense orgasm of his life, Silus found himself addicted to the light in Cedric’s blood. The two men quickly realize that one night could never be enough. Forced to face their families and overcome generations of strife, Cedric and Silus must find a way to be together – even if it means war.

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Natalie Brewer has come to Paris to live out a dream, not a nightmare. Then a vampire attack exposes her to a whole new side to the City of Lights — and to her own heritage. Before she knows it, she’s swept into a world she never imagined, with gargoyles, werewolves, and dragons who claim she’s descended from a legendary shifter queen. Now her life is in danger, and it’s impossible to know who to trust, other than the mysterious stranger who risks his life for her again and again.

After a decade in the Foreign Legion, all dragon shifter Tristan Chevalier wants is to settle into a civilian life and a new job. His mission: to prove himself to the Guardians of Paris and to protect the city. But all that is threatened when an innocent woman stumbles into his life — and into his heart. Being appointed her bodyguard is a blessing and a curse, because Natalie is absolutely, positively off-limits despite the smoldering desire they both feel. Worse, every shifter in Paris has set their sights on her, from bloodthirsty vampires to power-hungry dragons and jealous rivals. For Tristan, it’s the test of a lifetime, and the outcome will affect the fortunes of an entire city.



Zuriya is a bastard, her past unknown and her future bleak. After committing a murder, she has to flee the mountainous kingdom of Skyloria and run for her life . . . literally.

By a trick of fate, she tumbles into the life of Prince Jonnix, the heir apparent of a neighboring kingdom. When the prince and his household mistake her for a highborn lady – one of the many women who sought to woo the prince and become the future queen – Zuriya has to make a choice: maintain the ruse and pretend to be Zuriya of House Omber, or risk death at the hands of a headsman.

And Zuriya wants to live – Especially now that Prince Jonnix has made his intentions known to her . . . But Jonnix has his own secrets, as does his mother, Queen Glycia. And their secrets put Zuriya in more danger than she could ever imagine.


changing spotsCHANGING SPOTS (CAT SHIFTERS BOOK 5) by Severine Wolfe

That moment when you know exactly what you’re doing and then…
Sarita Gomez had accepted the invitation to the Montana Wolf compound ostensibly to listen to lectures about animal enclosures and breeding problems in the Shifter community. Her own breeding problems. It was time and she wanted a child. Jaguars weren’t sentimental and when her eyes hit on a Leopard, she thought she’d hit the jackpot. Young, stupid, horny. Oh, yes.
From one frozen hellscape to another, Siberia to Montana in winter. Could Raj Tellas life suck any harder? The moment he scents his mate he’s know he’s reached Nirvana. He’s found a woman who will have him. When he finds out he’s nothing more than a genetic material dispenser to her, he quickly turns the tables on her.
Preconceived notions are dashed to pieces and Raj and Sarita are forced to accept reality. Fate has put them together. Both of them must learn to accept some disappointment and learn to appreciate exactly what they have… together.

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VS Note: I’m guessing some of these at least will be romance, given the authors.

The skies have gone rogue. Space can’t be tamed. And magic is a law unto itself.
Transport yourself to new worlds where dark magic clashes with witty witches, diabolic demons, feisty fae, and sexy shifters. Or travel through time and space with cosmic spies, space thieves, and telepathic pirates. Add in a dash of Victorian heroes and inhuman soldiers, and you have a one-of-a-kind science fiction and fantasy collection of intoxicating proportions.

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compel meCOMPEL ME (THE LAST VOCARI BOOK 1) by Elena Lawson

I go by Rose. But don’t let the delicate name fool you—I’m all thorns…The polished metal stakes strapped to my thighs have pierced the hearts of so many vampires I’ve lost count. And after five years I still haven’t found him—the vamp with one blue eye and one brown. The one who slaughtered my mother and left me, a child, to sit screaming in a pool of her still-warm blood.

With any luck, he’ll come to me. You see, I’ve made something of a name for myself with my trade. It seems more and more of the bloodsucking bastards seek to find me every day. Each of them wanting to be the one to say they plucked The Black Rose.

It’s not until a group of three finds me that I think I’ve finally met my match. But these aren’t just any nameless, faceless vamps. I know them. Or, at least, I knew them—when they were still human. Worst of all, I owe them a debt.
But paying it means I’ll need to face my worst fear… that I may not be entirely human, either.


promise of darknessPROMISE OF DARKNESS (DARK COURT RISING BOOK 1) by Bec McMaster

In a realm ruled by magic, the ruthless Queen of Thorns is determined to destroy her nemesis, the cursed Prince of Evernight. With war brewing between the bitter enemies, the prince forces Queen Adaia to uphold an ancient treaty: she will send one of her daughters to his court as a political hostage for three months. The queen insists it’s the perfect opportunity for Princess Iskvien to end the war before it begins. But one look into Thiago’s smoldering eyes and Vi knows she’s no assassin.
The more secrets she uncovers about the prince and his court, the more she begins to question her mother’s motives.

Who is the true enemy? The dark prince who threatens her heart? Or the ruthless queen who will stop at nothing to destroy him? And when the curse threatens to shatter both courts, is her heart strong enough to break it?


fall of dragons book 5FALL OF DRAGONS (DRAGON DOJO BROTHERHOOD BOOK 5) by Olivia Ash

When I became a dragon, my magic evolved. The shift unlocked something other. Something far more dangerous—and deadly—than anyone expected. There’s an entirely new depth to my magic, and for the first time, I truly have no limits. There are no boundaries to what I can do—and that terrifies everyone who has been trying so desperately to control me.
The fact is, I’m a diamond dragon—the only one of my kind. The only other diamond dragons in history were the gods themselves.
So… what does that make me?
A war is brewing, and try as I might, I can’t help but be in the center of it. The Knights want to use me as propaganda to fuel their anti-dragon message. The Bosses want to break me until I bow before them. Harper needs my help to stop this war before it destroys her entire family.
It’s me and my men against the world, and thank the gods I have them—because in the blink of an eye, everything I ever believed in is destroyed.
Because, even from beyond the grave, my former mentor might have found a way to kill me.


ride the whirlwindRIDE THE WHIRLWIND: A LOVE ACROSS TIME STORY by Jackie North

Soulmates across time. Two hearts, stronger together. In present day, Maxton is good at finding trouble and bad at everything else. In 1892, Trent Harrington, sheriff of Trinidad, Colorado, lives a respectable but lonely life, devoid of any closeness.
Trying to escape a past that keeps chasing him, Maxton drives south to avoid getting arrested. When his car spins off the road, he is swept up in a desert whirlwind and finds himself in the year 1892. Lost and alone, unused to the laws of the wild west, Maxton gets arrested anyway.

Trent is tasked with escorting Maxton to Trinidad. The request isn’t unusual, but the miscreant is. Maxton draws Trent’s heart out of its shell with his flashing green eyes and lush head of hair. It isn’t right. It isn’t natural. It’s illegal. Yet Trent cannot resist the impetuous young man. As the two men travel through the vast, empty desert to their destination, will they find in each other the love and companionship they never thought they’d have?


kindred connectionA KINDRED CONNECTION (TWICKENHAM TIME TRAVEL BOOK 1) by Johanna Evelyn

Jane Barton was ready to start her life. She graduated University, inherited an old house, and is on the cusp of starting her own business. When she’s offered the job of dancing instructor to the mostly American’s who trek to Twickenham Manor each month to immerse themselves in a Jane Austen experience, Jane only accepts the position to fund her fledgling business. She has no intention of dwelling on the past like the many people who come to the manor.

When she’s pulled back to Regency England through mysterious magic, she decides to figure out the mystery of a painting she’s inherited with her old house. But what she discovers makes her realize maybe her future has a lot more to do with the past than she ever wanted.

Lord William Reid travels to his cottage near Twickenham manor in a poor attempt to hang onto his freedom, but when his solitude is interrupted by a mysterious woman, he’s forced into helping her find out the mystery of her past. But they both have secrets that have the power to deepen their burdens while breaking their kindred hearts.


bitten by my teacherBITTEN BY MY TEACHER by Mirajane

I dreamed about losing my innocence to a vampire. I’d never met him before. And then I saw him the next morning.  He’s my new college professor. Could this be a coincidence? I’m not sure. Is it scary? Definitely.  He’s way too sexy and I’m drawn to him. But the darkness within him raises questions. He’s hiding a secret. What if he’s been having the same dreams as me? Is he the only one who can save me from the danger that’s coming?


werewolf cinderellaWEREWOLF CINDERELLA by Amanda Milo

Every eligible female *must* attend the ball by decree of the king.
On account of my tendency to suddenly turn from a woman into a wolf, I’d really prefer if I wasn’t being forced into attending.
Anger burns in my throat, making me growl.
Stepmother covers my hand with hers, gently squeezing my fingers.
That’s my stepmother. Grace above all; even under fire… or the threat of a noose. She’s a better woman than I.
What? You thought the rumors were true? That she’s my *wicked* stepmother, who’s kept me as her indentured servant under the stairs?
Oh my friend, you don’t know the half of this story.
To tell it, I’d best begin at the beginning.


warriors assaultTHE WARRIOR’S ASSAULT (THE AGE OF THE ANDINNA BOOK 3) by Kristen Banet

Mave finally has a home. The Ivory Shadow Mercenary Company has taken the long winter off, letting everyone recover from the troubles of the Empire and the shadows that loom over them. Despite the tumultuous beginning to her newfound freedom, Mave has stumbled upon everything that’s ever been denied to her. A family. A home. A place where she can feel she’s starting to belong, as she dives deeper and deeper into her missing culture. She’s finding her wings and touching the skies. For the first time in her life, Mave knows what real happiness is.

There’s only one thing that can ground the warrior that dared to survive a thousand years of slavery. When she’s brought to her knees, Mave must do what she does best. This time, though, she doesn’t have to stand back up alone. The Ivory Shadow Mercenary Company, their King, and their people, will all be standing up with her. Together, they will draw their swords.


fated heartsFATED HEARTS by Garrett Leigh

Devastated by the death of his best friend, Zio is a soldier with one thing on his mind: revenge. Consumed by a conflict that’s raged as long as he’s been alive, he’s had little time or inclination to learn the legends of the shifter world he was raised in.And he certainly doesn’t have time to deal with a shifter of a different kind, even if it’s for the good of the war effort. For the good of his pack. The fact that he’s already crossed paths with the new face in his unit is almost irrelevant.

Do no harm. Give life not death: it’s the oath Devan was reborn to live by, so when he’s sent abroad to embed with a wolf pack as their resident healer, he doesn’t hesitate. In the supernatural world, some bonds are instant—soldiers become brothers, pack become family. But others run deeper and before long, Devan’s at the mercy of instincts he can’t control.

Zio’s inner wolf is desperate to be with Devan, while Devan struggles to keep the pack safe. But as the war escalates, and new love is tainted by anguish and pain, the battles within might prove the toughest of them all.


roses and revenantsROSES AND REVENANTS (THE HOUSE OF MIRRORS BOOK 1) by Cate Corvin

As the last of the esteemed Bell coven, it is my solemn duty to uphold sacred witch tradition, and to protect humanity from the restless spirits of the dead.
Instead, I’m a runaway exorcist living out of a junker van, without a care for the expectations that come with my family name. All I want is peace to work through the endless grief of my parents’ horrific demise, but the universe seems determined to prevent that. The Great Covens are desperate to matchmake their way into my family fortune, and a new, sinister revenant lurks behind every mirror, a dark figure stalking me from the threshold of Death.
Thankfully, I have Eric, my ever-loyal human guardian, protecting my body and soul as I traverse the deadside. He’s watched over me my entire life, but his vow to my father to keep me safe didn’t extend to my heart, still in tatters over his rejection of my feelings for him.
My childhood friend has finally tracked me down, intent on keeping me from running away again. In the five years I’ve been gone, Joss has become a gorgeous warlock who won’t take no for an answer.
Adrian -stoic, secretive, and far too enticing for his own good- has his own reasons for dragging me away from the world of humans, but his coven is plagued by rumors of dark magic I shouldn’t get involved with.
I could handle all of that, if only Warden Stone hadn’t made it his mission to annoy me to death. A deadline I’m not ready to face is looming, and this beautiful but irritating man is intent on forcing my hand.
And I thought being on my own was hard. With four alluring men pushing and pulling me where they want me, can I uncover the dark skeletons in my family’s closet before it’s too late? Or will the last of the Bell exorcists join them in Death forever?


backfired magicBACKFIRED MAGIC (MATESAND MAGIC) by Jane Alters

He was the perfect man. I was sure we’d be happy together, and also, if I could actually get him to notice me, my mom would finally get off my back about finding someone.
I’m not above using my half-witch abilities to turn his head. But my spell doesn’t have the desired effect. He hates me, and now I’m way over my head. I need help, I need protection, and the police can’t do a thing. Luckily, I managed to stumble into the Pierce’s shop. Four hot guys who know a ton about magical elements, magical weapons, and well…their own magical abilities. I’m just not sure if they even believe they’re enough to save me.


immortal redeemed and owls cryIMMORTAL REDEEMED AND THE OWL’S CRY: AUSTIN IMMORTALS #1.5 AND GODSONGS #2.5 by Jax Garren

Immortal Redeemed – Alexandre Moreau did the impossible for an evil-born vampire—he redeemed his lost soul. Why? For a woman, of course. And now, after months of pining, the former spy and expert codebreaker finally gets one night to tell her how he feels. But something’s wrong, and she won’t tell him what.

Sofia Velasquez is dead effing broke—bad enough on its own, but this month she can’t afford her jaguar pack dues. She’ll be cast out, fair game for poachers and hunters, unless she agrees to work with the jaguar cartel running drugs. Backed into a corner, she allows herself one night with the man she’s been lusting after before being forced into a life she’s worked her whole life to avoid. But her clever vampire won’t be satisfied with one night…and neither will she.

Owl’s Cry – Rafael could be anywhere in the world right now—naked on a beach, grinding on a dancefloor in LA, or drinking micheladas with Freyja at their superhero lair… hoping his beautiful partner would slip up and tell him who she really is beneath her mask. When did that last one get to be the most interesting?

But no. He’s being responsible for once and studying. Or that was the plan, anyway, until a witch with talons and an inexplicable vendetta threatens to scratch off his face. When Freyja arrives just in time to scare her off, she has no idea she’s just rescued her partner.

Now he’s helping her stop a series of fly-by attacks—as himself. As the danger heats up, it’s a rousing challenge to work side-by-side with his crush when she has no idea who he is and he can’t access his powers. Next time, though, he’s saying yes to the micheladas.


promised alpha princes book 3PROMISED (THE ALPHA PRINCES BOOK 3) by Claire Cullen

Alex, second in line to the throne, is about to be forced into marriage. He’s in love with Sam, who’s perfect in every way, except one. He’s an alpha. And if there was one forbidden passion left in their society, it was the love between two alphas…

With Alex’s father determined to make him an advantageous match, it looks like his and Sam’s happiness will be left by the wayside. Until they stumble upon an omega living alone on an island, and Alex dreams up a crazy scheme that just might let them be together.

When Jonah’s offered the chance to rescue his family from poverty, he jumps at it. What omega wouldn’t? It takes seeing what Alex and Sam have to truly understand what he’s giving up to help them be together. Can he live a life without love, without a family of his own?

Just as Sam and Alex start to see Jonah as more than merely the key to their reckless plan, he’s torn from their grasp. With the palace’s dark past rearing its head once more, will the truth finally be revealed? And will it all be for nothing without Jonah by their side?



There’s only one thing Kadence has ever wanted—to leave the painful life she’s been forced to endure, and join her father in Olympus. When Kronos comes to her with a mission, Kadence seizes the opportunity to use her demigod powers to earn the right to go to him.

All she has to do is figure out who’s messing with people’s timelines. Good people are dying before they should, others are living beyond their allocated minutes. But as fates are irrevocably changed and darkness appears at every turn, Kadence finds herself wondering—is the world even worth saving?

Her only ray of hope is Micah, a guy with no past or family. Mysterious, philosophical, and confidently optimistic, Micah shows Kadence that for any light to be seen, darkness must be present. For the first time, love has Kadence doing something she’d never imagined…believing.It’s when her world of demigod responsibilities collides with the darkness she’s fighting that Kadence must make a choice. Does she still want to go to Olympus if it means leaving Micah behind?
And when the unthinkable happens—how will she use her powers? Because Kadence has the ability to stop time. It’s whether she wants to restart it that will become the question.


fae king milly taidenFAE KING (THE CRYSTAL KINGDOM BOOK 1) by Milly Taiden

Jerrek Valsys was quite literally cursed. In life and in love. With no wife to see him through those long lonely nights and no way to help tame the beast that currently resides inside him, he’d spent years waiting on his mate with a glowing rock to show up. Seriously. He had. Because the prophecy told him so. But when his beast comes out and finds its mate, he may have to forget about that whole prophecy thing. Even if it means he has to give up his crown as the Fae King.

Kaia Cutestone’s life sucks. She has a job with no future and lives with her dead-beat, soul-sucking brother. The only good things in her life are her friends Jen and Avery. It’s too bad the three of them have just been kidnapped with fairy dust. Yes. Tinkerbell type fairy dust. All Kaia has going for her at this point is that she just ran into the most gorgeous man she’s ever seen. He’s smoking hot, a little dark and dangerous, and she can’t stop thinking about him naked.

Thanks to her love of shifter romance novels, Kaia might be the only person on the planet who can help Jerrek tame his beast and keep him from killing more people. Kaia may not have a glowing rock but she sure is rocking an old ugly necklace. But is that enough to get her a happily ever after and help find her friends?


predators of the pyramidPREDATORS OF THE PYRAMID by M Garnet

As one woman travels through an unending edifice that is so old that civilization has grown and died within it, she is beginning to discover it’s secrets and a dangerous tattooed Killer.
In ancient times there were pyramids that held history and secrets. In the future there is a pyramid that has taken over most of Middle and North America were life has survived for too many centuries to count.
Deep within its stepped back walls reaching above the clouds are those who live in luxury in the upper levels under the restrictions of a harsh government. Deep below in darker levels are just as many who struggle to survive in freedom.
There are times when the two civilizations meet and that can bring forward the lower groups’ hunters and the upper levels tattooed Killers.


broken alice wildeBROKEN (HELLFIRE ACADEMY BOOK 2) by Alice Wilde

After the year I’ve just had, I don’t know how I’m going to make it through this next one. The Demigod Trifecta has made it abundantly clear that they don’t want me here, but what choice do I have?

But not everything or everyone is quite what it seems, there’s a far darker power at play here than I ever imagined possible… The longer I stay here, the more I realize I never should have made the choice to fall. What started out as an exciting new life, has turned into what can only be described as a living nightmare…and the more I learn about the world around me, the less I seem to know.

When I’m given the chance to escape this Hell on Earth, I have to decide whether or should take it or stay and fight my way through.


nemesis genevieveNEMESIS (CIRCUIT FAE BOOK 4) by Genevieve Iseult Eldridge

What would you do if your beloved girlfriend suddenly became your worst enemy?
That dilemma’s all too real for Syl Skye, the last princess of the fair Fae.Even though Syl is all things sun and Summer, she’s drawn to her polar opposite, Rouen Rivoche, the dark Fae princess-assassin of the Winter Court. They should be mortal enemies, but they’re best friends. Girlfriends. In love.

That is, until Roue falls under a dark spell that makes her forget all about Syl, their lives and their love. Now Roue rules Dark Faerie as a cruel and cold Queen. A Circuit Fae who can harness the killing magic in technology, she wants nothing more than to destroy Syl and her fair Fae people.

But when an old enemy brings both Faerie realms to the brink of destruction, only their queens, Syl and Rouen, can save the day—and only if they can put their differences aside for two seconds and team up.
With the clock’s ticking on Syl and Roue’s relationship—not to mention all of Faerie—will Rouen remember the love she and Syl once shared, or is she destined to be Syl’s nemesis forever?


armageddonARMAGEDDON (URBAN FAIRY TALES BOOK 11) by Erik Schubach

Last Upon a time…The Avatars have all gathered in Seattle to face the Elders in a bid to stop the reset of the mortal realm and the loss of trillions of souls spread across the many worlds of our realm.
The women of fairy tales, myth, & legend must split up to face the enemies, who are bordering on godhood, on many fronts. Fighting a losing battle, the Avatars give all that they have to save the world from Armageddon.
This final chapter in the Urban Fairytales saga all comes down to the woman who started it all, Maireni Damaschin, the Red Hood, as she attempts to outmaneuver these timeless titans who can destroy worlds with but a thought.

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winters awakeningWINTER’S AWAKENING (WARLORDS OF EMPYREA BOOK 2) by Georgia Lyn Hunter

Dark warlord Sebris will sacrifice anything to save his angelic dominion of Dregarus, even shed his own blood. Snatching the foretold mortal from her world is nothing—as long as she can find the missing artifact their realm desperately needs to survive. He expects a mere pawn, not a fragile human woman who confuses and tempts him, stirring in him a desire that is as dangerous as it’s deadly.

After a freak accident lands florist Brenna Graham in a coma, she awakens to find herself in another world and in the care of a cold, ruthless immortal. The Darkrean leader both draws and terrifies her. Still, she’s furious over the abduction she unwittingly agreed to. But the longer she’s with him, the more she discovers an unexpected, tender side to the icy warlord. As barriers shatter and rigid laws are broken, an unabiding passion consumes them.

Except, time is not on their side in the dying, war-ridden world. But for a chance at a future and an ever-lasting love, they must fight for survival. When unseen enemies target Brenna, their bond is brutally tested. Sebris vows to bring down dominions to save the woman who became his heart.

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Assassin. Raven. Corbin is one of those elusive raven shifters and the best assassin in his flock. The Council of Paranormals assigned him to watch a nineteen year old witch with orders to kill if need be, but the last thing he expected was to fall for his mark. Now that he knows who she is, what she is…will he follow orders or stray from the path?



Sometimes it takes travelling into the past to find your future. Laura is about to graduate from the Time Travel Academy, but she really doesn’t want to leave. So when her handsome professor surprisingly invites her on one last trip into the past, she can’t resist.

She expected a quick tour of the Great Library of Alexandria, but when they stumble onto a mysterious papyrus scroll, Laura needs to draw on her knowledge of ancient history and mythology to solve the puzzle… without getting distracted by her teacher.An m/f academy romance novella set in the Time Travel Academy universe.


bishop takes knightBISHOP TAKES KNIGHT (REDCLAW ORIGINS BOOK 1) by McKenna Dean

New York, 1955. Former socialite Henrietta (“Rhett”) Bishop, destitute after her father gambles away the family fortune, takes a job at Redclaw Security. But Redclaw is no ordinary operation. Part detective firm and part enforcement agency, Redclaw regulates matters involving the growing population of shifters who have emerged since the onset of the nuclear age.

Peter Knight is a nuclear scientist shattered by the death of his wife. Blacklisted by the government and scientific organizations, he drowns his sorrows while searching for the people behind his wife’s murder.

When Rhett is assigned to recruit Knight, their meeting is more than either bargained for—a rival organization will do anything to secure Knight for themselves. Following a lead to locate a missing cache of alien technology stolen from Redclaw, Rhett is thrown back into her previous glittering life with Knight as her pretend boyfriend. But when someone from the past turns up to start a bidding war on the artifacts, Bishop and Knight wind up in a fight for their very lives.

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callens captiveCALLEN’S CAPTIVE (BROKEN SHIFTERS BOOK 3) by Julie K Cohen

Callen is the pack’s enforcer, The shifter who does whatever it takes to protect his pack.
Whatever. It. Takes. He’s falling hard and fast for Kate, a human the WSSO is hell-bent on destroying.

Kate can’t get rid of Callen. The damn shifter insists on protecting her. He. Won’t. Leave.
Never mind the way his touch blazes a trail across her skin. He longs to be with his pack—in the woods, a place she can’t, won’t, go. Kate belongs in the city, fighting against the WSSO, Not with a shifter who needs his pack more than he needs her. She’ll be fine without Callen. She doesn’t need him. Maybe if she tells herself that enough times, she’ll start to believe it.



Four against one, and they still can’t tame me. I’m a brat. It’s in my blood. But when I cross the four most powerful alphas in town, they take issue with my childish ways.
They say I need to know my place. As an omega, I should fear and respect them.,,(more blurb on ebook seller page…)


remembering a witchREMEMBERING A WITCH by Lauren Connolly

VS note: A 16k ‘novelette’

She’s dreamed of him for years …Fenella found Graham, the man she’s destined to love. Literally. They’re both reincarnations of a centuries-old match. Problem is, Fenella’s gift of Sight only lets her see glimpses of the long-dead couple and never past a certain point. What happened to the original lovers? Did they meet an untimely end? And if so, are Fenella and Graham headed for the same fate?
To get answers, Fenella must give herself over to powers she tries to ignore and reveal her witchy-heritage to the man she’s falling for. But can it be considered true love if the feelings first belonged to someone else?

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There are many dark secrets in the village of Ames Crossing, Illinois…To the locals, Amanda Beaumont is the classy and soft spoken librarian who dates Deputy Zakary Parker. She lives quietly, content with her cat and cherished books in the old house at the base of the cliffs. But, the truth is nothing like it seems as Amanda is actually a daughter of Midnight, and the keeper of a chilling heritage.
Amanda is a Guardian, and duty bound to protect the village. If you thought she was scary when your library books were overdue, you should see her at her other job. In her secret profession she takes on only the most severe paranormal cases, and battles the evilest of foes…
The closer she gets to Zakary, the more complications her duty causes her. Preserving the illusion of the reserved librarian is playing hell on her romance with the deputy. As a Guardian, her calling requires that she maintain her cover, and keep the paranormal world hidden from the public.
But secrets, even old ones, have a way of revealing themselves. Can Zakary accept the truth of who she really is? Or will the kind and handsome Deputy be her undoing?


stalking heather grahamTHE STALKING (KREWE OF HUNTERS BOOK 29) by Heather Graham

With the execution of a serial killer known as the Artiste, Cheyenne Donegal thinks a grim part of her past is finally put to rest. Her cousin had been the twisted killer’s final victim, and then-teenage Cheyenne was integral in bringing him to justice. That tragedy drove her to become an FBI agent. And now she’s back in Louisiana because someone is murdering young women in the same manner as the Artiste.

Krewe of Hunters agent Andre Broussard has deep ties in New Orleans and Cajun country beyond. He knows that more than one monster has stalked the bayou. Has a deadly threat been resurrected, or does someone have a dark inspiration?

With the life of a missing woman on the line, Cheyenne and Andre have to set aside their doubts about each other and work to discover the truth. The case is too close and too personal—but they can’t let it go, especially now that a ruthless killer has turned the tables and is hunting them.

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hunted jessica aspenHUNTED (FAE MAGIC BOOK 1) by Jessica Aspen

When the Black Queen sends her Huntsman on a mission, the last thing Logan expects is to fail. But one sight of the witch he’s been sent to kill changes everything. Now, instead of riding to kill her, he’s riding to save her…and it’s the best damn ride of his life.

Trina MacElvy has hated elves all her life. But now she’s falling in love with the enemy—and the one thing that might save her is the one thing she never thought she’d need…true love’s kiss.


yesterdays hopesYESTERDAY’S HOPES (A SLIP IN TIME BOOK 2) by Jane O’Brien

Yesterday’s Hopes, book two in O’Brien’s newest series, A Slip in Time, continues with Dora trying to find her sister. As she becomes aware of the possibility of time travel, she begins to explore how she, too, can do the same in order to find Fran. Dora suspects her sister is in the 1880s due to some clues she left behind, so she tries to imitate the way she believes Francine has traveled using their grandmother’s precious quilts, which have been passed down through generations. When Dora suddenly finds herself standing on the boardwalk at the train depot in Twin Lake, she is thrilled to discover that she has done it. Now she must find her sister, and bring her back home. The problem arises when Dora meets a handsome man with a crooked grin who has his eye set on her. He won’t give up until he makes her his own. Once Dora begins to fall for him, she loses all focus of going back to the 21st century. Now the two sisters must decided if they want to live in this pioneer setting with the men they love or return to a more comfortable lifestyle. The decision is agony but it must be made.


ivy autumn stoneIVY: EVOLUTION ACADEMY by Autumn Stone

I was born after the oceans rose and the farmlands burned away becoming a cracked wasteland of dead earth. Countries folded and reformed as people were pushed away from the coasts and further into what was called the Heartland.

An unintended consequence of this environmental change, was the evolution of some humans into something…more. I’m unremarkable in every way, except for one, I can grow things. My friends joke that I should have been called “Poison Ivy” but I was too nice. In order to learn more about the Evolved and in a desperate race to save the planet, Evolution Academies were created to study and nurture those who had Evolved.

One day my life is turned upside down when I’m given admission to the Academy-even though I haven’t evolved. I’m not sure who’s behind my acceptance into the school, but I’m trying to find out. My admission is a change to the status quo and there are those who don’t like it. The four most powerful guys in school want me gone and will do anything to make it happen.Evolution Academy will have me questioning everything, including my own humanity.



VS note: A paranormal mystery with maybe a hint of romance?

Rose Gallagher always dreamed of finding adventure, so her new life as a freshly-minted Pinkerton agent ought to be everything she ever wanted. Only a few months ago, she was just another poor Irish housemaid from Five Points; now, she’s learning to shoot a gun and dance the waltz and throw a grown man over her shoulder. Better still, she’s been recruited to the special branch, an elite unit dedicated to cases of a paranormal nature, and that means spending her days alongside the dashing Thomas Wiltshire.

But being a Pinkerton isn’t quite what Rose imagined, and not everyone welcomes her into the fold. Meanwhile, her old friends aren’t sure what to make of the new Rose, and even Thomas seems to be having second thoughts about his junior partner. So when a chilling new case arrives on Rose’s doorstep, she jumps at the chance to prove herself – only to realize that the stakes are higher than she could have imagined. Six delegates have been murdered at a local political convention, and the police have no idea who–or what–is responsible. One thing seems clear: The killer’s next target is a candidate for New York City mayor, one Theodore Roosevelt.

Convinced that something supernatural is afoot, Rose and Thomas must track down the murderer before Roosevelt is taken out of the race–permanently. But this killer is unlike any they’ve faced before, and hunting him down will take them from brownstones to ballrooms to Bowery saloons. Not quite comfortable anywhere, Rose must come to terms with her own changed place in society–and the fact that some would do anything to see her gone from it entirely.

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babysitters covenTHE BABYSITTERS COVEN by Kate M Williams

VS Note: Okay not a romance but who can resist a title like that? Sounds like it might be fun. A release of note…

Seventeen-year-old Esme Pearl has a babysitters club. She knows it’s kinda lame, but what else is she supposed to do? Get a job? Gross. Besides, Esme likes babysitting, and she’s good at it.

And lately Esme needs all the cash she can get, because it seems like destruction follows her wherever she goes. Let’s just say she owes some people a new tree.

Enter Cassandra Heaven. She’s Instagram-model hot, dresses like she found her clothes in a dumpster, and has a rebellious streak as gnarly as the cafeteria cooking. So why is Cassandra willing to do anything, even take on a potty-training two-year-old, to join Esme’s babysitters club?

The answer lies in a mysterious note Cassandra’s mother left her: “Find the babysitters. Love, Mom.”

Turns out, Esme and Cassandra have more in common than they think, and they’re about to discover what being a babysitter really means: a heroic lineage of superpowers, magic rituals, and saving the innocent from seriously terrifying evil. And all before the parents get home.

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bigfoot and the librarianBIGFOOT AND THE LIBRARIAN (MYSTIC SPRINGS BOOK 1) by Linda Winstead Jones

Something in the Water? Marnie Somerset’s new job at the Mystic Springs Library seems almost too good to be true. Yes, the small Alabama town is populated with more than its share of odd people, and she did have a flat tire on her way into town and hallucinate Bigfoot crossing the road, which made for less than a stellar start. But the library is fantastic, her new house is charming, and the hot local writer keeps crossing her path.

In more ways than one.  Clint Maxwell is drawn to the new librarian, even though he knows getting involved with someone from outside Mystic Springs would be a very bad idea. Marnie’s not a Springer, and she won’t last long in a town awash with magic. Still, when she’s threatened he feels compelled to protect her. Is she meant to be his? Is this the woman he’s been waiting for?

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In the third installment of the Fantasy is Alive series by best-selling erotic romance author Trinity Blacio, Shannon Kreep must face her own death and rebirth as well being mated to seven alien alphas. She is the key that will hold many worlds together.

Death was supposed to be freeing, but not to Shannon. It was painful, and only brought the creatures in her dreams into her reality. Her world was now made up of what normal people would call monsters, but Shannon wasn’t normal. The world around her was changing. Witches, warlocks, gods, alien kings and queens from other planets and galaxies were now part of her life. Many factions wanted her truly dead. On top of that, the strangest and scariest thing was that seven men claimed to be her mate—seven alien men.
Oh, but wait, now she was supposedly some kind of queen too.


ravens hartRAVEN’S HART (HAVEN’S HART BOOK 7) by Davidson King

Haven Hart stands on the edge of good and evil. Having balance between the two is the only thing keeping the town from crumbling to the ground. For years, one man has been charged with maintaining that balance. Poe.
The air of mystery surrounding Poe is one of necessity. He’s the keeper of secrets and for good reason. He’s stood alone against the most ruthless men and women, always hiding behind the curtain to help his friends defeat what seeks to destroy them…(more blurb on ebook seller page…)

power of instinctPOWER OF INSTINCT (BLACKSTONE HAVEN BOOK 2) by Taige Crenshaw

A familiar man of two souls will walk beside you. He will protect you with his animal soul. His human spirit will shelter you when you most need. Before the final step to merge your body and soul is taken, a choice must be made.

Sinai Blackstone never expected the prophecy she had to fulfill would create such complications. Her reasons for going against the prophecy are sound. But when Ian finds out, it isn’t just the prophecy that is affected. Sinai isn’t prepared to deal with all that being with Ian entails. There is so much more than fulfilling some family legend at stake. Her heart, soul, and very life are on the line.

Ian McIntyre knows that Sinai believes she did what’s for the best. Yet, she has no clue their joining is beyond even what she could know. ..(more blurb on ebook seller page…)

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sirens songSIREN’S SONG by Karen Chance

War mages are the magical equivalent of tanks: tough, powerful, and deadly. They have to be, in order to defend the supernatural community from the dangerous threats it sometimes faces. But what happens when the threat is them?

John Pritkin has been trying to recover from a demon curse that separated his body and soul and almost killed him. The reunification has left him with a flood of memories to process, some that he recalls from his past and some that he doesn’t, as well as wonky magic, fluctuating power levels, and a splitting headache. Something that only intensifies when he finds himself stuck in a city under siege—by his fellow war mages.

As the only one not overwhelmed by a massive enthrallment spell, John must find a way to free his fellow mages before they destroy themselves, and take a city of a million people along with them.



DancerofTheNile copy_final

New cover SEPT 2019

VS Note: I have a sequel to DANCER OF THE NILE  coming out next week, so I’m also putting a new cover on DANCER. No other new material – just the cover! The old cover is still up though – sigh. But if you haven’t read the first book, here’s the blurb:

2014 Golden Quill Award Finalist

Nima’s beauty and skill as a dancer leads an infatuated enemy to kidnap her after destroying an Egyptian border town. However, she’s not the only hostage in the enemy camp: Kamin, an Egyptian soldier on a secret mission for Pharaoh, has been taken as well. Working together to escape, the two of them embark on a desperate quest across the desert to carry word of the enemy’s invasion plans to Pharaoh’s people.


The original cover, which is still up on most ebook seller sites.

As they flee for their lives, these two strangers thrown together by misfortune have to trust in each other to survive.  Nima suspects Kamin is more than the simple soldier he seems, but she finds it hard to resist the effect he has on her heart.  Kamin has a duty to his Pharaoh to see his mission completed, but this clever and courageous dancer is claiming more of his loyalty and love by the moment. Kamin starts to worry, if it comes to a choice between saving Egypt or saving Nima’s life…what will he do?

Aided by the Egyptian god Horus and the Snake Goddess Renenutet, beset by the enemy’s black magic, can Nima and Kamin evade the enemy and reach the safety of the Nile in time to foil the planned attack?

Can there ever be a happy future together for the humble dancer and the brave Egyptian soldier who is so much more than he seems?

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Gods of Egypt Series updated covers not Dancer2

I’ll have to revamp this banner again soon to add the 9th cover, for RETURN OF DANCER OF THE NILE!



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