New Releases in #SciFi #Fantasy and Paranormal Romance for Wednesday July 31

pulled by the tailAs always, I recommend sampling before you buy! I have not read most of the new releases listed (although I always end up one-clicking a bunch as I prepare these posts LOL).



A clerical error matched Georgia to the wrong alien. It’ll take months to get their marriage annulled, so she’s stuck in a grand house that’s falling down on a backwater planet with a massive brute of an alien who likes books more than people. But the more time she spends with Talen, the more she questions if their marriage was a mistake after all.

All Talen has in the universe is his family. When his brother’s latest scheme delivers a human female to his door, technically his wife, he refuses to turn her away. She’s part of his pride now and he knows that her luscious form and biting wit is vital to his future. He’ll win her heart and convince her that nothing about the heat between them is a mistake.

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Surviving a horrifying alien abduction and dangerous slave revolt, Grace thought she was finally safe on this spaceship full of protective alien gladiators. Until her musical improvisations accidentally go viral. Now she needs to overcome her crippling stage fright or it could mean death for them all.

The one good thing in her life is her new alien friend, Tyree. A few weeks ago he morphed from a small, female-looking elf into the hottest male this side of the Milky Way. Which means he has problems of his own, like avoiding tripping over the genitals swinging between his legs, and dealing with the constant arousal of being around Grace, the human woman haunting his fantasies.



Amelia ‘Runt’ Thomas’ life revolves around a dangerous game of cat and mouse with the most ruthless criminals in the world. She follows two codes: the code of hackers and her personal code of honor to bring down anyone who thinks they’re untouchable. She is on target until one fateful night when the touch of a strange man sends an unexpected shock wave through her. Now, the faint whispers in her head are growing louder and more annoying, distracting her from her mission.

Derik ‘Tag Krell Manok’s search for the mysterious woman who changed his life nearly two years before is finally over. As a Prime warrior from another world, he knew the moment he touched Amelia that she was his bond-mate—but she disappeared before he could whisk her away to safety. He is determined not to let that happen again, but he also knows that he needs to proceed with caution because Amelia is unlike any woman he has ever known before.

As their connection grows, so does Derik’s fear that he will be unable to keep Amelia safe from a man who is just as determined to find her and use her amazing talents for his own devious purposes. Find out what happens when an alien warrior, a determined AI named RITA, and a few other surprising twists come together to save a special woman named Runt!

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lionman kidnappingLIONMAN KIDNAPPING (CHIMERA SECRETS BOOK 3) by Eve Langlais

He never wanted to become a beast. But the only way to stay a man requires the taming touch of a woman.
Marcus escaped the doctors who thought it was okay to experiment on him. Totally expected to savor freedom far, far away from the evil wrought by the Chimaeram Clinic.
Instead, he finds himself inexplicably drawn back to the place that made him a monster.
And what do monsters do best but terrorize humans?
When he kidnaps Jayda, he has no thought other than to make a certain doctor pay. However, taking an alluring woman to his lair means having her close. Hearing her. Smelling her…
Remembering what it means to be a man.
Wanting to be her lover.
Is she his salvation, or his downfall? Because there is only one punishment for a project gone rogue.

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VS note: A fun series!

When a reclusive billionaire hires Brigid as his personal chef, she has a feeling the job is too good to be true. The pay is jaw-dropping—as is the wannabe she’s replacing in the kitchen. Dane’s heart is in the right place, but seriously, baked beans over pasta? It’s like he learned to cook on another planet. He’s eager to learn her ways, and Brigid is more than happy to give him very personal lessons.

Dane has never felt like he belonged anywhere. Not among his fellow Sadirian soldiers in the fleet of the Coalition of Planets and not as the highest ranking med-tech assigned to assist the Department of Homeworld Security on Earth. All of that changes the moment he meets Brigid.

Resisting their mutual attraction is impossible—especially when soldiers from the Coalition arrive to arrest the Sadirians living on Earth and wipe the memories of all the Earthlings who’ve encountered them. But as Dane and Brigid fight to preserve their chance at a future together, they find that a new enemy has risen in the galaxy that threatens everything they know and love.

As their worlds shift around them, can they hold on to the spark that connects their hearts?

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aces oddsACE’S ODDS: FAVOR’S FATE (OBSIDIAN RIM) by Sela Carson

Mkhai Kerbasi is a former soldier running on luck’s fumes. He gambled and won, but he’s still in debt to the mob boss who runs Gizem, a glitzy, glamorous space station where all the shine hides a dark underworld. The only hand he’s got left to play is getting the mob boss’s daughter off the station… but how much of his heart is he willing to lose?

Silbe Otxoa is no pampered princess, even if her father is one of the most feared men in the ruined galaxy. Now that she’s embroiled in a desperate scheme to keep her family safe, she has to team up with a roguish smuggler who makes her want to bet on him with everything she’s got.

The two of them together might be able to beat the odds, if they can trust each other enough to lay their hearts on the table.



Forced to be a medic at a corrupt arena, Cracker dreams of getting one person on her side, and then, he shows up.

Cracker’s life after the explosion was textbook. She only had one broken leg from the blast, but she was sent to the arena at the request of some retired generals, and there, she was altered into a lost leg with a tether running through it.
She was delighted when communication with everyone as possible, and even if she had to hide her equipment, she had friends to talk to again. She hid her situation as best she could, but the day that she met the first-gen cyborg, she thought that things might just be turning around.
With a tiny drop of hope in her life, she asked Lucky for programs that would help her out of her situation, and her friend delivered.
Cracker was now back in action.



Harper – This was it. Our one and only chance to have the kind of adventure each of us could only dream of. A rag-tag crew of (mostly) scientists, a spacecraft that definitely wasn’t going to pass any inspections, and the type of desperation that comes from living each day on a dying planet.
Okay, so we didn’t plan for the space battle we found ourselves in the middle of. The sad thing is, when we felt our spacecraft falling apart after being hit, to a one, we thought: still better than life on Earth. Dying among the stars… there are worse ways to go.
It’s not like any of us had anyone to go back home to, anyway.

Rassan – I rescued the tiny Earth woman.
Plucked her nearly lifeless body from the vastness of space. And from the moment I saw her face, I knew I’d never be the same.
The alien is making me feel things I’ve sworn to never feel again, want things I have no right to want. This is madness…(more blurb on ebook seller page…)


farbornFARBORN (MAXIM COLONIES BOOK 2) by Lesli Richardson

Davies McKellan is a man without a true home. The cocky mining contractor navigator has spent his entire adult life roaming the stars and refusing to be tied down by anyone.

But that doesn’t come without cost. Like loneliness.
When Davies makes his first run to the planet Pfahrn, he meets Olarte, a Pfahrn who intrigues him in ways he never dreamed possible.
Except duplicity and deadly secrets are a killer combo that’ll make any man rethink his past. And if the eight-foot-tall green alien is Davies’ future, he might be down for that. He’s got priorities, though.
Like making sure they uncover the truth first, and don’t die in the process.

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terran temptationTERRAN TEMPTATION (TERRAN 1) by Echo Ishii

Dr. Annalisha Montague has earned a glowing reputation as a Terran scientist. She has also attracted the attention of two men, a senator who wants her for her bloodline and a Terran commander who wants her heart and soul. Will she choose to honor her bloodline or her heart?

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Zealish has finally found his mate—only to wake in the hospital to find out he was dreaming. The whole thing—sneaky caresses, possessive touches, caring for the one person meant to be his and his alone—vanished. A figment of his wandering imagination.

Angela will do anything to protect her twin sister. But when she meets Zealish, who loves Everly and can’t have her, she refuses to be the substitution. His second choice. The wrong twin.

But when Zee leaves the city and comes after her to save her life? Angela wonders if she’s the wrong twin after all.



VS Note: The Author’s Note from ebook seller’s page: Please note: This is NOT at ALL like my other series. This is a messy, angsty, dirty reverse harem sci-fi fairy tale arcing over the course of three books. The HEA won’t come until book three. If you have triggers, do not read this book. If you’re still with me…welcome to the Twisted Kingdom! states the HEA will be at the end of book 3.

Jude Camden slaughtered thousands of her soldiers. He executed her brother in front of her. And he was only willing to accept an end to the war—harmony across the planet Syrus—on one condition…

Taken by the infamous Camden princes—Jude, Orlann, and Malac—Maari Delayne must cement a fragile planetary peace by merging two rival bloodlines. The Camdens are powerful, insatiable, and remorseless. They are as irresistible as they are infuriating, ruthlessly wringing pleasure from their captive night after night.

Yet Maari is far from helpless in their grasp. She has a gift that will let her deny the brothers what they need most from her—as long as she doesn’t let any of them into her heart.


hunters mateTHE HUNTER’S MATE (IRIDUAN TEST SUBJECTS BOOK 5) by Susan Trombley

Still haunted by nightmares about Hunter’s sacrifice to save the lives of her and her friends, the last alien Tarin expects to see on Akrellia is the Menops bounty hunter himself. She’s drawn to the dangerous male, despite his insectoid appearance, but chalks it up to their experiences together, unable to accept it might mean more—even as she decides never to let him out of her sight again.

Hunter has spent his life searching for one thing and one thing only—a cure for imprinting. To that end, he joined the traitorous Iriduan, Halian, in a devil’s bargain that has him deceiving Tarin and her friends, and he’s not comfortable with that deception—or with his growing concerns about Halian’s plans.

When the execution of part of Halian’s plan isolates Hunter and Tarin on an unknown alien world, far from help, Hunter’s problems grow even more complicated. An unanticipated metamorphosis leaves his body completely changed—in a way that makes it impossible to ignore his growing feelings for Tarin.

But secrets, lies, and a past he can’t change form a seemingly insurmountable obstacle between them. Hunter must prove he’s worthy of his queen and earn her forgiveness for his past mistakes, but the consequences of those mistakes have yet to fully manifest—and when they do, no one will be safe.


claimed by her alienCLAIMED BY HER ALIEN (BALROV MATES BOOK 2) by Tempest Luna

Transported through a wormhole on what should have been a simple harvesting mission, Naomi ejects from her burning ship moments before impact. Injured, desperate, and alone, she breaks into an isolated dwelling to steal food and water.

Vrax comes back from the trade to find his house raided and the most delicious scent infusing the air. Still, no one steals from him. No one besides the Sypians, of course. The race of alien invaders have enslaved the entire planet, and if Vrax doesn’t report the tiny human to the monitors, he could lose what little freedom he has left. But Naomi is different from any creature he’s ever seen. Delicate, yet strong. One choice, one split-second decision, and he will do anything for her. Even give up his own life.



VS note: Hard scifi not romance but I always enjoy Alexis’s stories. 

Nine previously published novelettes and short stories and one new novelette span five thousand years of future history as humanity reaches across the stars.



She owes them her life. She’ll pay with her body.
After she is caught trying to steal an artifact from an alien temple, Avalon is saved from a terrible fate by four veteran warriors, but the battle-scarred brutes make it clear they have no intention of setting her free. She belongs to them now…(more blurb on ebook seller page…)


model rusticMODEL: RUSTIC (MODEL HUMANS BOOK 3) by Nix Whittaker

Model humans are divided. Some are wary of the possibility of humans from earth arriving while others are on a war footing. When a scout from earth arrives Crescent is forced to choose a side. Putting her family at risk and everything she has ever cared for.

Levi had been told the new planet he was scouting was empty of human life. Thrown into the middle of a political war he has to rely on a stranger.



Dr. Janet Watson and covert agent Sara Holmes, introduced in the acclaimed A Study in Hour, continue their dangerous investigation into the new American Civil War with the help of fresh allies, advanced technology, and brilliant deduction in this superb reimagining of Sherlock Holmes.

It’s been two months since Dr. Janet Watson accepted an offer from Georgetown University Hospital. The training for her new high-tech arm is taking longer than expected, however, leaving her in limbo. Meanwhile, her brilliant friend and compatriot, Sara Holmes, has been placed on leave–punishment for going rogue during their previous adventure.

After an extremist faction called the Brotherhood of Redemption launched a failed assassination attempt on the president that caused mass destruction, Holmes, who is now operating in the shadows, takes on the task of investigating the Brotherhood. Holmes is making progress when she abruptly disappears.

When Watson receives a mysterious message from Holmes’s cousin Micha that indicates that Sara Holmes’ disappearance might be connected to the Brotherhood and to Adler Industries, Watson and Micha go on a high-stakes mission to reunite with Holmes once more.

Together, Watson, Holmes and Micha embark on a thrilling, action-packed journey through the deep South to clear Holmes’s name, thwart the Brotherhood’s next move, and most important, bring their nemesis to justice for the atrocities she’s committed in the New Civil War.

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red sandsRED SANDS (WARLORDS OF ATERA BOOK 1) by Celia Kyle

Fleeing a life of abuse, Sheri climbs aboard a mail-order mate spaceship bound for a distant station, but never arrives… Fate intervenes and her trip takes a quick, deadly turn when she crashes on the planet Atera. She’s surrounded by endless sand dunes, dangerous creatures, and alien beings that remind her of Earth lizards. But one particular lizard hardly leaves her thoughts—a sexy, two legged, muscular male bent on protecting and caring for her at all costs.

Drazan is a fierce warrior, the strongest Ateran of the Red Sands, he rules his dunes with an iron fist and sharp sword, and is honor bound to face all challengers to his position. During one of these battles something… strange… happens. Fire rains from the skies and a strange black metal box filled with females crashes to the sands. All thoughts of fighting are lost to the allure of these odd humans—especially one deliciously curvy female who stirs his blood. Now he finds himself with dark yearnings, strong need, and a hardness between his legs that he’s never used before.

With Sheri consuming his thoughts, Drazan may have forgotten about his last challenge but his opponent’s brother hasn’t. Now he’s determined to see Drazan suffer… even if that means killing Sheri.


migrationMIGRATION: QUEER SCIFI’S 6TH ANNUAL FLASH FICTION CONTEST by Various including J Scott Coatsworth

VS Note: Not romance but a release of note. And flash fiction is always fun!

1) Seasonal movement of animals from one region to another.
2) Movement of people to a new area or country in order to find work or better living conditions.
3) Movement from one part of something to another.
Three definitions to inspire writers around the world and an unlimited number of possible stories to tell. Here are 120 of our favorites.
Migration feaures 300-word speculative flash fiction stories from across the rainbow spectrum, from the minds of the writers of Queer Sci Fi.

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Evelyn’s secrets have all been revealed, even questions she never thought to ask. Despite the turmoil surrounding her childhood and true identity, she knows one thing for sure: she belongs with her devoted Bonded Variants – Ethan, Josh, Tyler and Alec.
But the truth hasn’t set Evelyn free.

The division between Variants and humans continues to widen. Nowhere is safe. Behind all the chaos is one man – Davis Damari. He’s the truth she’s been chasing her entire life, and the only one capable of destroying the life she fought to build in Bradford Hills.
Davis will stop at nothing to get Evelyn. Her Bond will stop at nothing to protect her.
Evelyn must find a way to embrace her immense power, or risk losing it all.


alien commanders babyTHE ALIEN COMMANDER’S BABY: THE BREVIEX SERIES BOOK 2 by  Molly Rowland

Marian never expected to find salvation in her alien captor. But, Vrox, a muscled warrior from Ranov, stole her heart when he rescued her from life as a concubine in the king’s service.
Now, Marian and Vrox are racing through space, outside of the King’s grasp, searching for a quiet corner of the galaxy to call their own. A safe place to raise their child.
But the king is more cunning than they could have imagined. And he won’t let their insolence stand.


varros human brideVARRO’S HUMAN BRIDE (TARRKUAN MASTERS BOOK 2) by Sue Lyndon

Julie is desperate to travel to Tarrkua and join her sister–the only family she has left in this universe. But to reach the distant alien planet, she must assume the identity of another Earth woman who’s supposed to marry a Tarrkuan. Can she pull off the switch without her new alien husband learning of her deceit?

After years spent in the asteroid mines, Varro returns to his home planet only to discover his betrothed has married another. Angry and hurt, he vows to never trust another female again, though he knows he must fulfill his duties to his people and procreate as soon as possible. Now he must take the human bride who’s offered to him–a stranger from Earth, no less. ..(more blurb on ebook seller page…)



Rita is the most amazing shifter in existence. She can turn into one of the most beautiful and clever animals in the world and she loves it.

Rita is a racoon shifter, and despite being so awesome, she’s not having an easy time finding her mate. When she tries to entice matchmaker extraordinaire, Gerri Wilder, with an offer for exchange of services, she’s dismayed that Gerri tells her no.
Something about having to wait till the time is right – bah!
So when she receives a mysterious message from Gerri, Rita thinks Gerri has finally taken her up on her generous offer. The thing is, Rita is expected to pull off a heist and steal an item of value for Gerri.
What she finds instead, is that Gerri sent her to meet a half-man, half-cyborg!
One who is really sexy and just Rita’s type.


clockwork heartCLOCKWORK HEART by Mandy Rosko

A Great War has wreaked havoc on the world, but that’s nothing compared to what Brandon did to her.
Betty Bel-Grant lives every day preparing for revenge. She uses her father’s plans and builds machines of destruction that no one has ever dreamed of, waiting for the day when the automaton returns.
But when he finally shows up again, this time minus the glowing green eyes, he pleads with her to believe that his clockwork parts had been sabotaged; his machinery had been hijacked to make him attack.
The excuse is convenient, but unbelievable, because why would her Uncle Jimmy want to kill their family? Betty’s determined to find out the truth, and to see to it that the person responsible pays.  Even if it’s the man she loves.

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Bad Panther is about to become Dad Panther…Dr. Sugar Jennings, host of a Protector Blade, is about to become the mother of twins. Axel of Rodu, her alien panther mate and next in line for the Lyran throne, is already in Dad Panther mode and freaking out.

When the fourth and final blade surfaces and sends out a distress call, Sugar has no choice but lead the existing blades on a rescue mission. The Creator Blade and its reluctant host are on the run.

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zhadraZHADRA: OBOSIAN WARRIORS BOOK 1) by Sabine Ferruci

The view from an alien cage is not how Commander Grace Summers planned to see the universe.  This was so not in the training manual. But in the cage next to her, Grace finds a helping hand. A big silver one. With claws. Jackpot: an alien hunk who has a decent escape plan. But why do Zhadra’s eyes start to glow when Grace wants to improve the plan? And why does his every growl make Grace melt into a heated puddle of need? After escaping, close encounters with the big guy nearly distract her from their destination: his planet.  Is there a place for her on Obos? And will it be with him or without him?


after the fallAFTER THE FALL by Kyndra Hatch

VS note: A re-release of Kyndra’s story for the 3rd Pets In Space anthology, which is no longer available.

The Invaders took everything worth living for. Can an Invader show him how to live again?

A’ryk Chiste of Korth marooned himself on an uninhabited world for a reason. He doesn’t want to be reminded of a galaxy where his people lost the war, taken over by the merciless Invaders who changed his life forever. A galaxy where he failed at the one thing he was born for, to protect worlds. He wants no part of the shaky forced ‘peace.’ So when an Invader crashes onto his planet, the simple solution is to let her die. But his furry companions have other ideas.

Lyra Merrick is a surveyor for the Earth Council of Habitable Worlds. She searches for and reports planets that can be terraformed for human survival, comfort and stability. It is business as usual when she finds another planet in a little known section of the galaxy. A routine mission turns into a fight for survival when her ship has a malfunction and she crashes to the icy, unrelenting world. When she comes to, she hears a voice in her head. Confused, she wonders if the lonely existence of a surveyor finally made her crazy. Not only is she hearing things, her eyes are deceiving her too, because she’s in the domicile of the sexiest man she’s ever seen.


survive the chaosSURVIVE THE CHAOS (SMALL TOWN EMP BOOK 1) by Grace Hamilton

VS note: Not sure how much romance if any there is but it’s charting high in the SFR cateogry. And I do love post apocalyptic stories. Put this on my TBR list.

After Austin Merryman’s wife died, he and his fourteen-year-old daughter left home to travel the country in an old RV. But the comfort and renewal they sought soon descends into chaos—even before the EMP hits.

When a message from an old college buddy leads Austin to a bridge in the middle of nowhere, he finds his friend—now an NSA agent—waiting to give him a USB drive. Before the contents can be explained, machine gun fire strafes the bridge, killing Austin’s friend and forcing Austin into the raging river.

Rescued downstream by a beautiful veterinarian, Austin learns that EMP attacks have thrust the world into eternal darkness—and separated him from the only person he has left: his young, but resourceful, daughter. Now, he’ll move heaven and earth to locate her and make it to his brother’s prepper hideaway in Utah.

But the post-apocalyptic world is no longer a friendly place. Resources are growing scarce. Factions break out and walls go up. Everyone is willing to do whatever it takes to survive in an increasingly hostile environment. And Austin’s daughter is caught right in the middle of this splintering society.

But an even deadlier foe stalks them as they struggle across the landscape. Someone who hasn’t forgotten about the USB drive Austin possesses.

And they’ll do anything to get it back.



Since birth, I’ve been locked in an underground training facility beneath a secret bunker.
The war wages on above me, but I’ve never seen it. In fact, I’ve never even seen the sun.
They wanted me to be their perfect weapon. Their perfect warrior princess.
But now that I know the truth, I’m fighting for myself.


break the dayBREAK THE DAY: A MIDNIGHT BREED NOVEL by Lara Adrian

After a shocking betrayal nearly killed him and the people he cares about the most, what Breed warrior Rafe wants more than anything is revenge against the insidious brotherhood called Opus Nostrum. But to achieve that goal, he must turn his back on the Order and infiltrate a dangerous gang with ties to Opus. Risking everything to redeem himself and carry out his deep-cover mission, Rafe will let nothing stand in his way–least of all his desire for one of the loyalists he should despise, a mysterious, dark-haired beauty named Devony Winters.

But Devony has secrets of her own to protect, as well as a personal duty she will do anything to fulfill. And as a daywalker passing herself off as human to the gang she’s been embedded with for months, the last thing she needs is a dangerous former member of the Order unraveling all her hard work. Her plans depend on keeping Rafe at arm’s length, but if she surrenders to the dark need he stirs within her, it will be her heart that pays the ultimate price.

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wild witchTHE WILD WITCH (THE COVEN: ACADEMY MAGIC BOOK 3) by Chandelle LaVaun

In the Old Lands, nothing is as it seems. Something lurks in the darkness…watching…waiting. I see it moving in the shadows. I hear it whisper in the wind. I sense it following our every step. I feel it on my spine like the caress of fingertips across my skin.

Is it Joseph and his army waiting to ambush us again? Or is it just the ancient chaos of this place waiting to suck us in and never let us back out? As I stand here within the darkness staring at the dancing flames, I know our time is up. We have to make our run for it. Now.

This was a rescue mission, except now we might need the saving. With Tegan still unconscious, and Tennessee lost to his fear for her, no one knows what to do. All we have is my crazy plan and it might get us all killed. We made it to the balefire….but now, we have to make it back out alive.


mermaids heartMERMAID’S HEART (DARKSEA ACADEMY BOOK 2) by Stacy Claflin

Being a royal should make my life easier, but it only compounds my problems. When my father, the new King of Valora, succeeded the beloved King Tiberius, many of his subjects believed he killed my uncle just to gain the throne. His new policies only make the people hate him more. Just my luck, they transfer their loathing onto me.

Even my best friend and my boyfriend aren’t enough of a buffer, and I’m continually fending off verbal, and sometimes physical, attacks. That’s when my powers start growing…

When no one at the academy can—or will—help me learn about my new abilities, I begin to research them on my own. Modern answers seem to be entwined with a terrifying ancient legend. If the lore is true, my destiny is far more tragic than my present problems. And I don’t know if I can change it. Or if I should even try.



Who do you hold onto, when the sky begins to fall?

When an ancient curse takes hold of the land, Katerina Damaris and her friends are forced to do the impossible. To venture into the belly of the beast.

Trapped in a wasteland at the end of the world, they find themselves facing dangers they could have never imagined. Old enemies and resurrected monsters. An army of darkness like never before.

The gang races to unlock the prophecy, but before the secret is unveiled, one of their party is taken before their very eyes. …(more blurb on ebook seller page…)

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kingdom of mirrors and rosesKINGDOM OF MIRRORS AND ROSES by Various

Beauty and the Beast, but not how you remember it…Deep in the forest, a castle hides. No one knows who lives there, but rumors of a beast keep people away.
Cloaked in shadows, hidden from view, a prince destroyed by a curse shuts himself away from the world, ashamed of the beast he’s become.
And in the village, a beautiful girl with her nose in a book, yearns for something more.
True love is the only thing that can break his curse. True love is the one thing she’s looking for, but how can they find true love when neither knows the other exists?
Find out if love really can defy all odds in this set of thirteen captivating retellings of the classic fairytale, filled with love, hope and the strength of two people willing to do whatever it takes.


kiss of the red scorpionKISS OF THE RED SCORPION by Various including Susan Tisdale

A deadly curse. When two goddesses clash, a cursed object is hurled through time. A scorpion necklace, beautiful but deadly, surfaces again and again over the centuries with the power to level cities and destroy mankind.

A timeless battle. From ancient Ireland to near-future New York, the necklace calls to those with the propensity for evil, energizing the wicked and, when worn, bringing disaster to the wearer and turning the good to bad.

A love worth fighting for. Honorable men and women have fought to keep the necklace safely hidden, its dark magic carefully buried for the good of humanity. But over the years, the necklace and its powers have been unveiled. Only an act of selfless love can break the curse—if the soulmates can find each other in time.

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One day, I‘ll rule every lycan and vampire in the world as their hybrid High Alpha with my triplet sisters at my side.
As if that’s not enough pressure, I just met my fated mates, and one of them is the heir to a massive witch coven.
If we have babies (WAY in the future, geez) they’ll be witch-vampire-lycan hybrids. With Lucifer and Lilith as their great-grandparents.
But I can’t even think about that right now. I have to figure out why all the students at my school act like they’re hypnotized. And get to know my mates. And try not to rip my freaking clothes off every time I see them.
Oh, and all that without my parents finding out. Cause they’d FREAK.

Cosmo Saville guiltily hides a paranormal secret from his soon-to-be husband. And if he can’t undo a powerful love spell, uncertainty threatens his nuptial magic. But when he’s arrested for allegedly killing a longtime rival, he could spend his honeymoon behind bars…

Police Commissioner John Joseph Galbraith never believed in love until Cosmo came along. Falling head over heels for the elegant antiques dealer is an enchantment he never wants to break. So when all fingers point to Cosmo’s guilt, John struggles to believe what his heart is telling him.

As Cosmo searches for the real killer among the arcane aristocracy, John warns him to leave it to the police. But with an unseen enemy threatening to expose Cosmo’s true nature, the couple’s blissful future could shatter like a broken charm.

Can Cosmo find the lost grimoire, clear his name and keep John’s love alive, or will black magic “rune” their wedding bells?

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witch in timeA WITCH IN TIME: TRUE MATES GENERATIONS BOOK 4 by Alicia Montgomery

When three strangers appear at his doorstep, Lord Reed Townsend, Duke of Huntington, knows something is not quite right. And it’s not just because his wolf immediately recognizes Elise Henney as his True Mate. But the cold, unfeeling Alpha doesn’t want to risk his heart again, despite the fact that his wolf is urging him to claim their mate. He ignores his instincts, hoping that the desire and longing he feels for the young American miss would eventually go away.

Transported from modern day New York to Regency England, wolf shifter Elise Henney and her companions deduce that their only way home lies with the London Alpha. But, Reed’s suspicious nature is a major hindrance, not to mention, his cold, unfeeling nature. Still, she can’t help but feel drawn to the broody duke, but he can never know who she really is or where she’s from.

Sparks fly despite their denial of their attraction to each other. But, Elise’s only way home relies on Reed’s fate, one she cannot change no matter what happens. Can they let history play out as it’s supposed to or will they defy time, in order to be together?


shadows suzanne wrightSHADOWS by Suzanne Wright

Devon and Tanner fight like… well, cats and dogs. Which makes sense since hellcats and hellhounds aren’t exactly a match made in heaven. Unfortunately, their demons’ antipathy towards each other is matched only by the red-hot sexual tension between Tanner and Devon. It’s driving them – and their long-suffering friends Harper and Knox – mad.

When Devon is nearly kidnapped, Tanner’s protective instincts kick into overdrive – he’s sticking by her side, day and night. But staying so close means their hunger can no longer be denied . . . They know their demons won’t accept the match, but after one red-hot night they’ll fight to stay together as long as they can, even though shadows are gathering around them. Devon’s would-be kidnapper is still on the loose, a serial killer carrying rage from a twisted past threatens the lair and, most of all, Tanner and Devon are losing themselves to the heat between them. When this relationship goes up in flames, it could be a blaze that neither of them can walk away from.

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paranormal misdirectionPARANORMAL MISDIRECTION (SASHA URBAN SERIES BOOK 5) by Dima Zales and Anna Zaires

With my seer powers finally under my control, I’m ready to plunge into the unknown to find my father.
He may have abandoned me, but I’ll go to the ends of the Otherlands to save him from his torment.
Only problem? With unexpected allies and even more surprising enemies, this rescue mission might be more than I bargained for.

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When her mother’s letters reveal an ancient tome exists, Willow realizes more is at stake. Killian knows about the book as well and will do whatever it takes to possess it and her. To stop him, they embark on a global scavenger hunt to find it before he does.

On the journey, Willow and Eli explore life as a couple. They’re falling head over heels into bed and in love, now that Eli has put passion before duty. But, navigating romance proves challenging when their relationship becomes embroiled in controversy. Besides warring with Killian, they must fight against the people that oppose their romantic union.

Along the way, their chase to find the missing book unveils unknown aspects of Willow’s powers and unearths secrets and betrayals.

As Eli told her before, ‘All magic comes at a cost.’ By the time they reach the end of their quest, they will pay a hefty price for staying one step ahead of the vampire king. Can their budding romance withstand the chaos and fallout? Or will evil triumph?

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blazing petalsBLAZING PETALS (THE ANOMALY SERIES BOOK 2) by Aster North

Dancing Flames. Cold Steel. Flowing Blood.

My name is Everly Banks, and I seem to collect problems like most people collect dust bunnies. With an army of enemies at the gate, I must gather one of my own.

With the hunters on my side, and maybe even in my bed, I begin to have hope that I will make it through the coming war with my mind and heart intact.

Some people seek to use me while others play the long game. But not all of my enemies are what they seem. A betrayal blindsides me and lives hang in the balance as my magics cry out for me to destroy it all.

I will dance among the blazing petals and cover myself in the ashes of their destruction. The line in the earth is being drawn, and it won’t be my blood that flows freely. Choose your side wisely.


mink omega in hidingMINK OMEGA IN HIDING (SHIFTER TOWERS BOOK 2) by Jessica E Subject

VS note: I’ve been enjoying the snippets Jessica has been sharing…

Roan is looking for a way out…As a mink shifter omega, I never thought I’d escape the soul-crushing, gang-ruled world I lived in. But, one night on my way home from working at the strip club, the opportunity arose. I needed to find a place to hide, somewhere I could go where no one from this life would ever find me. Someplace I could start over. With my parents deceased, I only had one person from my past I could ask for help. But would he want to see me again?

Hansol has everything in his life, except his mate…After two years of running a successful fitness center with celebrities as my personal clients and friends, one would think I had everything I’ve ever wanted. But I don’t. The one thing I still desire is to have my mate by my side. Something my sun bear keeps reminding me of every day. Sure, I’ve had plenty of omegas and other alphas in my bed, but no one I want to wake up with each morning. That person left my life years ago with no explanation and no goodbye.

Will they find their way back to each other? Then Roan shows up on my doorstep, soaking wet, and with no belongings. Of course, I take him in. But I don’t know how long I have until he leaves again. Can I trust him this time? Can I finally claim him as my mate? Or am I holding onto false hope? Because I know there is something he is keeping from me.


tales and darknessTALES AND DARKNESS (LOST TIME ACADEMY BOOK 3) by G Bailey

What if fairy tales wanted to destroy the world? What if you are the only one who can stop them…

With Lost Time Academy and the rest of the island fast asleep, Madi and her men set off to find the secrets hidden in the council of good tales before they wake up.
With a goddess declaring war on earth, Quin’s uncle missing, and no one else stepping in to help, Madi, Warren, Quin and her tale brothers need to save everyone.

With dark powers arising, hidden prophecies coming true and a world to save, Madilynn Dormiens needs to become what she has always meant to be.
The sleeping raven.
Even the darkest fairy tales can fall in love.



The twisted minds of K.A. Knight and Erin O’Kane have come together to bring you short stories that will leave you wanting more. See your favourite characters like never before…you asked for more…we delivered.

In this addition find yourself immersed in the circus as you find out what Rhea and her men got up to at Christmas with some never before seen bonus scenes.

Why not pull up a chair and get ready for some steamy extra stories from The Wild Boys, with never before seen scenes and a short story set after The Wild Interview.


time traveler's magicTHE TIME TRAVELER’S MAGIC (BOOK 1 OF THE MAGIC BOUND SAGA) by Anna Applegate

A stranger thrusts Ember Brighton into another time, where she learns her crumbling life has a greater purpose. Pursuing this new life, however, will leave her loved ones in danger until she realizes who she is and what she’s capable of. If she fails to work quickly enough, her mother’s deadly fate will be sealed.

When the confident and mysterious Rane Andersson shows up at all the right moments to help, Ember can’t help but distrust his motives. Without him, though, she’s left with more questions than answers, and more people trying to kill her than she can fight off alone.

Despite her reservations, she’s forced to put her faith in him. Now Ember’s running out of time to find her way home, save her mother, and fix the balance of time itself.

Will her run-ins with rogue vampires and evil shifters prove to be more than she can overcome? Or can Ember face her destiny head on?



Violet – I was raised as a hunter – trained to kill all of the monsters that go bump in the night. I left that life behind, vowing to never kill unless necessary. Unfortunately, necessary happened pretty quickly. With blood on my hands and no place to go, I rely on the help of a sexy rancher. Turns out he’s a wolf shifter and I’m falling hard. FML.

Jackson – When I inherited the family ranch, my whole life went to hell. Then, I met Violet. She’s strong, sexy, and just fiesty enough to put up with someone like me. Basically, she’s everything I ever wanted in a woman. The only problem is that she’s a hunter and I’m a shifter.



“True love can break the curse, Hazel,” the witch said, laughing in my face.

Ever since leaving my coven, everything has been going wrong. None of my spells work, my potions turn to ash, and now I think my dog is losing the ability to talk to me. I don’t deal in curses, but after that witch reveals her intentions, it’s clear that I have been living under a rather potent one.

Things change when Jamie Ross walks into my shop. All it takes is one brush of our hands and everything’s different. I always thought curses were meant for fairy tales, but the joke’s on her because I just met my happily ever after.



A century ago, a seer foretold that not only would my mate be the one to find me, but that she’d be a witch with a dark past. A witch and a vampire? Not bloody likely. No, I’ve been around the world, and I have met my share of witches. Trust me when I say there is no mate for me among them.

When a strange girl has a bad car accident passing through Diablo Falls, I’m just doing my job as an EMT to save her life. I have no expectations of anything. But as I accidentally taste her blood, the words of the seer ring in my ears: “One drop is all it takes.”

She has no idea who she is, what she is, or anything about her past. How can I convince this witch that she’s my mate?


first awakening alexx andriaFIRST AWAKENING (DIABLO FALLS PARANORMAL SHORT STORY) by Alexx Andria

Fate will not be denied — no matter how hard he tries.
On the trail of a supernatural killer, Paranormal Crimes Operative Beckham Carter lands in Diablo Falls and right in the crosshairs of his Fated Mate, Lyric Johnson.
Lyric doesn’t know what she is and Beckham isn’t interested in teaching her the shifter ways but when danger comes for them both, they must work together or die fighting an ancient evil.



I’ve been waiting for her for centuries. Now it’s time to bring her home.
I didn’t make it to Diablo Falls, a safe haven for vampires like me, until it was too late. Humans captured my beloved, accused her of witchcraft, and punished her as they saw fit.
Never to be seen again. Or so I thought.
I can feel her, and it’s time to put the plan I’ve spent years crafting into action. She’s different this time, and I’m excited to get to know her, and fall in love all over again. But I had to wait until she was willing to take a chance on the unknown.
The one who has loved her forever.
She’s here now, in my tarot card shop, wanting answers on what led her to Diablo Falls. Where the mysterious invite came from. Will I be able to convince her she’s mine?


damiens dilemmaDAMIEN’S DILEMMA (BROKEN SHIFTERS BOOK 1) by Julie K Cohen

Damien needs to blood-bond a shifter to retain control of his wolf and his pack. He would blood-bond Tess in a second, except his enemies have destroyed her ability to shift. And they’re not done with her. . .

Tess is determined to navigate this new world without her shifter abilities. She won’t let anyone get in her way, least of all Damien, the alpha who’s determined to make her his. . .  even if it kills him.



One contest, one chance to change their fates.
Everyone expects Nyalin of the Obsidian Clan to do great things. And he’d gladly do so, except that he hasn’t inherited a single drop of his late mother’s legendary magic. Now his clan refuses to waste resources to teach him, and the last chance to discover his father’s identity—something his mother took to the grave—is slipping away.

Then one small gesture of kindness changes everything.
Everyone expects Lara of the Bone Clan to do her duty. But in the wake of her brother’s untimely death, that means marrying the cruel and power-hungry heir to the Dagger of Bone. Lara is willing to risk everything to escape her fate, even if it means taking a chance on a famous orphan everyone says has no magic.

Then one small gesture of defiance changes everything.
With the contests to confirm the Bone Clan heir approaching, Lara and Nyalin must unravel dangerous secrets if they want a chance at happiness. But they have more enemies than they know. Enemies who won’t stop until the empire itself lies in smoldering ruins.


blood book and candleBLOOD, BOOK AND CANDLE (BAD WITCH BOOK 6) by Robyn Bachar

Anne Williams is a seer—the rarest, most dangerous kind of magician—gifted with the ability to divine the past, present and future. Anne spent her life hiding her true nature to protect her from those who would abuse her prophetic powers, but with an impending apocalypse on the horizon Anne can’t afford to stay in the shadows. Anne steps up the plate to help magiciankind, but someone tries to take her out of the game—permanently.

Wounded and with nowhere else to go, Anne finds shelter with chronicler Simon St. Jerome, but with one touch he plunges Anne into a tangled web of secrets and lies. Simon spent centuries concealing his past while recording the history of magician society, but nothing can hide the truth from a seer. As his soul mate, Anne is determined to discover every secret he’s buried—including the tale of how she died once before in a failed attempt to spend eternity with her immortal lover.

As danger closes in around them, Anne and Simon must overcome the scars of their pasts, or risk never seeing their futures.

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midspring rebellionTHE MIDSPRING REBELLION by Doreen Heron

Things are amiss in the fairy court, made worse one spring morning when King Oberon’s wife decides to leave him. His decision to gather his thoughts in the human realm lead him into the path, and arms, of workaholic human Nick Chandler. But when Oberon’s throne is threatened, will he be able to retain his kingship and his newfound love?

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ancients kathryn moonANCIENTS (THE LIBRARIAN’S COVEN BOOK 4) by Kathryn Moon

The Ancients, a race of creatures between gods and monsters, are trapped in Canderfey. Fighting for their home, the University, and the remaining residents of the town, Joanna and her coven are in daily peril. When one of the Ancients escapes the boundary, the coven is separated, Isaac traveling in search of a solution to the turmoil of the summer.

As days wear on, can Joanna and her coven keep their warrior spirit, or have they been fighting too hard and too long? Perhaps the Ancients—older, more powerful, and impossible to kill—are an obstacle too enormous to overcome.

Will Canderfey be saved and the coven free to live in peace? Or will the cages, keeping Ancients in and magic out, crumble and set chaos loose upon the world?


spellbound allie therinSPELLBOUND (MAGIC IN MANHATTAN BOOK 1) by Allie Therin

1925 – New York

Arthur Kenzie’s life’s work is protecting the world from the supernatural relics that could destroy it. When an amulet with the power to control the tides is shipped to New York, he must intercept it before it can be used to devastating effects. This time, in order to succeed, he needs a powerful psychometric…and the only one available has sworn off his abilities altogether.

Rory Brodigan’s gift comes with great risk. To protect himself, he’s become a recluse, redirecting his magic to find counterfeit antiques. But with the city’s fate hanging in the balance, he can’t force himself to say no.

Being with Arthur is dangerous, but Rory’s ever-growing attraction to him begins to make him brave. And as Arthur coaxes him out of seclusion, a magical and emotional bond begins to form. One that proves impossible to break—even when Arthur sacrifices himself to keep Rory safe and Rory must risk everything to save him.

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Angelo “Growl” Marconi is known as The Growling Wolf CEO because of his viciousness in handling his rivals in the business world and the way he had a tendency to growl when he was annoyed or turned on (something his lovers found extremely arousing). “He stalks them, pounces, and rips out their throats,” is a statement synonymous with the gorgeous half Italian, half Cree Indigenous man. However, most of his associates, friends, haters, and lovers would be surprised to know exactly how close they are to his true identity with his infamous moniker. Because, Angelo “Growl” Marconi actually is a wolf. A wolf shifter to be exact. And even with his long lifespan he has focused on his business, his younger brothers, and his pack. Nothing else.
That all changes the day that Joi Young marches into his office building. Joi is a creative, talented, independent, snarky, full-figured, brown-skinned beauty and Angelo’s mate. Knowing she belongs to him does something to Growl and he’s determined to claim her, bond with her, and possess every inch of her. Just the way the spirits intended. However, Joi has other ideas. She already escaped one demanding and controlling man and has no plans to return to the same type of relationship again. No matter how hot the sex is.
But Angelo refuses to take no for an answer. They belong together, and he’s determined to show that to her. But when Growl’s secret business dealings, his secret dual nature, and Joi’s ex returns to the scene to cause havoc, Angelo has to do everything in his power to keep Joi safe and prove to her that she’s his queen… and his love.

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It was only supposed to be one night, that was all Bea was willing to allow herself. One night, a random stranger, one that didn’t drive her up a wall, no strings attached, no holds barred fun.

And it was fun, a hot night with an even hotter wolf, that continues into the wee hours of the morning.
Things start to get a little, ahem, hairy, and it isn’t long before Bea realizes their fun extended night is swiftly coming to an abrupt end.

Not one to hang around and drag this out, feeling just a mite cornered and, truth be told, a little scared to find out how it could all unravel, Bea does the only thing she feels she can: she flees.

What’s a shebeast to do when she realizes the wacky wolf she fled so many nights ago may very well be the male she’s always wanted?



Would Kian decide that the benefits of trusting Lokan outweigh the risks?
Would Lokan betray his father and brothers for the greater good of his people?
Are Carol and Lokan truelove mates, or is one of them playing the other?


nothing gainedNOTHING GAINED: THE CHOSEN ONE BOOK 4 by Macy Blake

Sawyer Smith’s life is a hot mess.
Hot, because he’s found six of his eight mates. To say things are heating up between them is putting it mildly.

mess, because he’s the Chosen One, the son of a goddess with no powers of his own, tasked with fixing the broken magic in his world… and he has no clue how to do it.

With every new layer of mystery that’s revealed, Sawyer’s doubts about his abilities get stronger. To complicate matters, Sawyer is growing weaker by the day. Meanwhile, his newest guardian, the one he’s calling Yellow Eyes, refuses to reveal himself.

With time running out, Sawyer’s desperate enough to make a daring move — one that’s potentially deadly for him and his mates. Because at the end of the day, if there’s nothing ventured… there’s Nothing Gained.



Silas Patronne was on a mission for his Coven, Coven DuCane, in Perrysburg, Ohio trying to locate the missing brother of a friend of the Coven when he met the most fascinating creature he’d ever laid eyes on. Locked away in a closet, tortured but not broken, he found his forever love chained to the floor and borderline feral. He and many others were held captive by the Coven in Perrysburg and used and tossed away, but this man would not be broken. Silas marveled at the strength and fortitude of his beloved and wondered how he would ever pierce the armor and win his beloved’s love and trust. Life hasn’t been easy for Wolfe Reynolds, even before he was kidnapped by this evil coven of vampires. Baggage is Wolfe’s middle name and he’s gotten so used to being on his own, so used to running when things get tough, how can he even begin to believe that Silas really loves him. Silas is determined to win his beloved’s trust and avenge his treatment at the hands of this renegade coven, by any means necessary. No one torments a beloved of Coven DuCane and lives the tell the tale.

Wolfe Reynolds has known hardship all his life. From the foster care system, to the streets, to dancing on a bar for tips, nothing has come easy. When he sees a naive young man being lured out to the back alley behind the bar, he knows he has to step in, what he doesn’t know is that he is no match for the creatures waiting for him. Chained and alone in a dirty and dank closet, Wolfe refuses to give these monsters the satisfaction they want. He fights every feeding and ponders his next move. When Coven DuCane comes to save the day, Wolfe is unsure. Can he trust these vampires any more than the others who have held him captive? He grows attached to the man who freed him, Silas Patronne, but he cannot let himself fall for him. He can’t let himself be that vulnerable again. Danger lurks beyond the walls of Coven DuCane and to protect Wolfe, Silas will invoke an ancient rite, so barbaric it was relegated to history, until now. Can Silas avenge his beloved and come out of this alive? Can Wolfe learn to trust his heart and the man who holds it?

Fate is never wrong.


alphas sunALPHA’S SUN: An MC WEREWOLF ROMANCE by Renee Rose and Lee Savino

How to date a human:

1. Just say no.
Sunny Hines is the most infuriating female I’ve ever met.
Long hair, big sunny smile, cute little freckles, yoga-tight body.
Delicious scent.

2. Resist the urge to claim. Walk away.
My wolf wants to mark her, but there’s no way in hell I’m falling for a human.
This pretty little hippie human is driving me crazy.
Two years ago, I had her beneath me, howling my name, until she left.
Now she’s back, but she’s not going to put me on a leash.

3. No…Just no.
But when I see her with another man, I can’t stop myself from
Marking my territory and making it clear:
Sunny is mine.


peace of qilinPIECE OF QILIN (HARET CHRONICLES QILIN BOOK 7) by Laurel Chase

The mages and the fae aren’t letting go of their differences. They’re both willing to go to war for domination, even if it tears Haret apart.

It’s time to stop hoping for compromise and start flexing my magical muscle. I just need a way to shelter the innocent. I can’t protect everyone, and I still have a long list of tasks from Iaga. We’ve been moving from city to city, and we need a home base.

Not everyone will make it out of this alive. A lot of Haret’s history was buried, and uncovering it just might start an avalanche of trouble. The future can still be bright, as long as we keep our sights on that rainbow and the light it represents.

I’m Carlyle Licorne, and I’m fighting for my happily-ever-after.



…this book has one special girl and four vampire rockstars who are ready to protect her heart and soul.

Ivory Bennett has a gift… and she is ready to return it.
With the dark power looming over Ivory, her world is once again going to be turned upside down.
Not knowing who to trust, what to believe, she gets pulled closer and closer into the darkness.
With the final fight drawing closer, will Ivory be strong enough to do what is right? To protect those around her?
Or will she let the darkness take over, letting him have what he wants…



I thought that the hardest thing I would have to face this year would be Trial Month.
Gods, I was naïve.
My name is Luna Moon. Don’t ask me what I am, because complicated doesn’t even begin to cut it. I recently found out that
everything I knew to be true has been a lie.
Including who I am.

The goddesses and their chosen Guardians have been keeping a secret, and in the wrong hands, this secret would plunge our worlds into chaos.
We are the only thing that stands in the way of the realms’ greatest evil escaping his eternal prison.
Scratch that, I’M the only thing standing in his way.
Themis’ scales have tipped. Nobody is safe. Nothing is as it seems. No one can be trusted.


king of ashKING OF ASH (BLOOD COURT BOOK 2) by Ava Mason

Everyone is born with a purpose in this life. I’ve always known that. As soon as a person takes their first breath, they are endowed with a meaning, a quest.
It’s what defines them, what drives them. For twenty-one years, I thought I knew what that was for me.
Then, everything changed.
Now I know that purpose. Her.
The woman I’m meant to live for and the one for whom I would lay down my life.
And now, I would do anything to keep her safe.


queen of allQUEEN OF ALL (THE MASKS OF UNDER BOOK 6) by Kathryn Ann Kingsley

The world of Under has been remade into what it was long before the Ancients were put in their prison. They are free, and with them comes the reign of the callous, merciless King who was once the man I loved.

I always knew Aon was a monster, and as the King of All he is far worse. But a part of me refuses to give up on him, hoping that Aon might be strong enough to shed the skin of the ruthless King he has become.

But time is running out, and the Ancients are forcing me to choose. Either I let them destroy who I truly am, or fall to my knees and be remade into the one thing the King of All has always wanted, yet has always been denied…
The Queen of All.


rocks and railwaysROCKS AND RAILWAYS: STALLION RIDGE #4 by Maz Maddox

Mack Kelly is a man of many talents: deputy, former solider, expert coffee drinker and a real suave player with the men. What he’s absolutely not is a person who should be in charge of anything.
Especially an entire town.

When Stallion Ridge is down one sheriff, the absolute last thing Mack wants is to have to fill in Centaur size horseshoes. Wearing the mantle of the man in charge, he now has to not only keep the town in order, but help facilitate the construction of the shiny new railway.

There’s just one tiny problem — there’s a damn demon sleeping inside where the railway needs to go. Not just a demon, but one made of stone who used to be a god.
With horns.
And a tail.
And a really nice ass.

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two dealsTWO DEALS (BLACKWELL DJINN) by Nikki Kardnov

WILLA – Willa Locke, crappy psychic and crappier bartender, is battling some demons. Literally. She just wants to run away from it all and be normal for once. Why can’t she have the perfect happy life that seems to come so damn easy to everyone else?

Thankfully, she knows of one very suave, very self-indulgent djinn who might just be willing to help her if the price is right.

POE – Poe Blackwell has lived for centuries by two rules: always look out for number one (ahem, himself) and never get thy hands dirty. Well, unless he stood to gain something. And the only thing Poe has ever wanted is power.

So when Willa comes to him looking for a deal, his first thought is: what do I get out of this?

Willa claims to know the name of his soul mate. In the world of djinn, a soul mate is a gateway to incredible power. If he can find this woman and bind himself to her, he would always be the most powerful man in the room.

But as their deal plays out and Poe spends more time with Willa, he starts to feel an insufferable attraction to her. What the bloody hell is going on? Why can’t he stop thinking of her? And why does he suddenly want to protect her from her demons?
When it comes down to it, Poe is faced with a choice: power or love?


bound to the dragonBOUND TO THE DRAGON (LOST DRAGONS BOOK 5) by Zoe Chant

The town of Hainesville might not be anyone’s idea of paradise, but curvy nurse-turned-restaurant-owner Mercy Reynolds would do anything to protect it. She’s got no time to daydream about love or happy endings – not when she’s got her hands full running her diner, looking out for the local kids, and taking on every other job she can handle… and even some she can’t. Like standing up to the criminal gang that’s been terrorizing the neighborhood. And patching up the devastatingly handsome stranger who’s just put his life on the line to protect her from them.

Dragon shifter Dante Novak is doing his best to rebuild his life. He’s escaped from the manticore gang who forced him into a life of crime – and now, all Dante wants to do is make up for the hurt he’s caused. He knows Mercy is his fated mate from the first moment she drags him into her kitchen to treat the stab wound in his side. He’ll do anything to protect her – but will she still want him after she discovers the truth about his past?

When they find themselves up against the terrifying enemies who will stop at nothing to make the town theirs, it will take more than Dante’s strength and Mercy’s determination to make it out alive.


here comes the sonHERE COMES THE SON by Dahlia Donovan

When evil stirs in the shadow of the Rocky Mountains, heroes come in both ordinary and extraordinary packages.

Ignatius Faber knows a few things for absolute certain. He’s half-demon, his father is the unequivocal prince of darkness, and demons want to destroy his city. And if he doesn’t make the first move on his crush, they’re never going to be anything more than a teenage fantasy that’s lasted into his thirties.

Lalo Pavia grew up hard and fast, orphaned at a young age. As an autistic, he’s learned to approach life cautiously. He throws his energy into gardening and photography—allowing both to provide a buffer between himself and the rest of the world.
Except for Iggy.
Can they find triumph, life, and even love in the middle of a city in flames?
Their fight for the mile high city has just begun.

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spells priceTHE SPELL’S PRICE  (MATES AND MAGIC) by Jade Alters

Basic looks, basic magical abilities, basic life.
That’s my curse.
When I saw the four of them, the Grace Brothers they were known as, I knew basic wasn’t going to be good enough anymore.
I can’t play it safe my whole life, but I have no idea how wrong things could go when using a spell way past my abilities to control.
Also, there’s that one small thing about me that isn’t so basic.
I can shift, and who knows how that’s going to affect things.
Oh well, I’m willing to risk my sweet panther body on the chance I’ll get my human life out of basic mode.
No risk, no reward…Right?



Jacob tore through the hunters that held his soulmate hostage, slaughtering anyone who stood in his way. Now she’s safe in the Sanctuary with him, but too afraid of him to even meet his eyes. Desperate for her touch, he will prove to her he’s more than the brutally dangerous vampire he seems, but violence is all he knows…

Sparrow has barely started to recover from her traumatic kidnapping. Her only source of safety is Jacob’s silent, icy presence. She should be running in the opposite direction. She doesn’t know why the terrifying vampire warrior makes her feel so protected, so safe.

When she starts seeing horrific visions and getting strange urges to hurt and kill her only friends, she realizes the nightmare of her torture isn’t over, and her bond with Jacob may be the key to saving them all.


hearts of bloodHEARTS OF BLOOD (CHEVALIER BOOK 2) by Kay Doherty

Omega wolf shifter, Vance, and the rest of his small pack have finally found an Alpha willing to take them on and were still trying to regain their footing when the McBane Pack attacked them. When a vampire appears in front of him, Vance realizes he’s looking into the ice-blue eyes of his mate, and the fact that his mate is something other than wolf scares him.

Sakima knew the wolf shifter was his destined companion the moment he scented him at Elysium, but claiming the gorgeous young Omega wolf is a dangerous proposition. Vance and his unconventional pack have attracted the attention of the vampire coven. As the owner of Elysium, Sakima has been asked to use the club to gather information on the powerful interspecies pack and its Alpha.

Unfortunately for Vance and Sakima, the vampire coven and the continued attacks by the McBane Pack are only a portion of their problems. Amidst concerns over Alpha Tanner’s abilities growing with Sakima’s addition to the pack, a spurned ex targets Vance in an attempt to remove him from Sakima’s life, and Elysium becomes a hot bed for interspecies mingling where anyone could be an enemy.

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feast of sparksFEAST OF SPARKS (THORN CAHPEL BOOK 2) by Sierra Simone

I’m an outcast and a loner, named for death itself. Fate wasn’t supposed to have plans for me.

But then she came back—the girl I once kissed in a thorn-covered chapel in the woods. She came back, and I could no more resist her than I could pry out my own heart. And by some trick of fate, she wants me as much as I want her. The only problem? She also wants the man who owns Thornchapel, Auden Guest.

And so do I.

Eight years ago, I did something to Auden, something terrible. He hurt me back the only way he knew how, and so here we are: our hatred seasoned with pain and my loneliness seasoned with longing. The only thing we can agree on is Proserpina Markham, and she wants us to find a way to be together—all three of us.

If Auden wants to earn her as his submissive, then he has to earn me as well.

But with the discovery of bones behind the altar and the carnal revel of Beltane fast approaching, it’s becoming clear that Thornchapel’s secrets are much deeper and older than any of us could have ever guessed. And no matter how bright and merry a feast of sparks may be, it’s always followed by ashes.

And darkness.

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shatter the skySHATTER THE SKY by Rebecca Kim Wells

Raised among the ruins of a conquered mountain nation, Maren dreams only of sharing a quiet life with her girlfriend Kaia—until the day Kaia is abducted by the Aurati, prophetic agents of the emperor, and forced to join their ranks. Desperate to save her, Maren hatches a plan to steal one of the emperor’s coveted dragons and storm the Aurati stronghold.

If Maren is to have any hope of succeeding, she must become an apprentice to the Aromatory—the emperor’s mysterious dragon trainer. But Maren is unprepared for the dangerous secrets she uncovers: rumors of a lost prince, a brewing rebellion, and a prophecy that threatens to shatter the empire itself. Not to mention the strange dreams she’s been having about a beast deep underground…

With time running out, can Maren survive long enough to rescue Kaia from impending death? Or could it be that Maren is destined for something greater than she could have ever imagined?

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No one can understand the tormented life of Dire Wolf Luc. As Alpha of his pack, he should be the most powerful and confident in the bunch, but his ability to sense others—the emotions and presences of existing as both shifter and human—has worn him down. Dire Wolves seem to live forever, but Luc has begun feeling as if the end of his road is approaching. He’s also stuck on a mission he can’t solve, searching for shewolves he can’t find, and failing his pack all the way around.

Cassiel is a woman who makes her own rules and lives her own life—a solitary one in the bush of Alaska with just her sled dogs and a healthy respect for the dangerous lands around her. She has no interest in other people or trying to follow someone else’s rules. But anyone alone in the bush needs to be prepared for predators, and while she’s ready to tackle any threat, there’s one that scares her more than the others. A creature from her nightmares lurking in the dark and howling at the moon.

One soldier struggling with the overwhelming chaos in his mind, one woman terrified of the monsters that seem to haunt her world, and a chance encounter that brings each of them closer to the edge of death than ever before. In the world of the Dire Wolves, the leader of the pack is the strongest and surest of them all. But when the mission stalls out, Luc will have to use any means necessary to find the women he can’t be sure actually exist…even if that includes scaring off the one woman whose very presence quiets the storm inside him.
One soldier, one fight…one chance at forever.

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brave the tempestBRAVE THE TEMPEST (CASSIE PALMER BOOK 9) by Karen Chance

Cassie Palmer has been chief seer of the supernatural world for a little over four months. In that time, she’s battled two gods, fallen in love with two men, and confronted the two sides of her own nature, both god and human. So it’s not surprising that she currently finds herself facing two adversaries, although they have a single purpose: to wipe out the supernatural community’s newest fighting force, leaving it vulnerable to enemies in this world and beyond.

To prevent catastrophe, the vamps, mages, and demons will have to do the one thing they’ve never managed before and come together as allies. Cassie has the difficult task of keeping the uneasy coalition intact, and of persuading her own two opposing forces, a powerful mage with a secret and a master vampire with a growing obsession, to fight at her side. She just hopes they can do it without tearing each other apart.

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book charmerTHE BOOK CHARMER by Karen Hawkins

VS Note: Not a romance and not full blown fantasy but ‘magical realism’. Sounded good and is a release of note…

Sarah Dove is no ordinary bookworm. To her, books have always been more than just objects: they live, they breathe, and sometimes they even speak. When Sarah grows up to become the librarian in her quaint Southern town of Dove Pond, her gift helps place every book in the hands of the perfect reader. Recently, however, the books have been whispering about something out of the ordinary: the arrival of a displaced city girl named Grace Wheeler.

If the books are right, Grace could be the savior that Dove Pond desperately needs. The problem is, Grace wants little to do with the town or its quirky residents—Sarah chief among them. It takes a bit of urging, and the help of an especially wise book, but Grace ultimately embraces the challenge to rescue her charmed new community. In her quest, she discovers the tantalizing promise of new love, the deep strength that comes from having a true friend, and the power of finding just the right book.

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rogue kingTHE ROGUE KING (INFERNO RISING BOOK 1) by Abigail Owen

Kasia Amon is a master at hiding. Who―and what―she is makes her a mark for the entire supernatural world. Especially dragon shifters. To them, she’s treasure to be taken and claimed. A golden ticket to their highest throne. But she can’t stop bursting into flames, and there’s a sexy dragon shifter in town hunting for her…

As a rogue dragon, Brand Astarot has spent his life in the dark, shunned by his own kind, concealing his true identity. Only his dangerous reputation ensures his survival. Delivering a phoenix to the feared Blood King will bring him one step closer to the revenge he’s waited centuries to take. No way is he letting the feisty beauty get away.

But when Kasia sparks a white-hot need in him that’s impossible to ignore, Brand begins to form a new plan: claim her for himself…and take back his birthright.

Amazon     Apple Books

matter of prideA MATTER OF PRIDE (GESA’S MENAGERIE BOOK 7) by Kaye Draper

Gesa and her pride have managed to survive the fae lands and take back their mate from his psychotic father. But Oisin is broken, unable to recall much of his previous life—including the reasons he fell in love with a big, brash gryphon or a young, unstable fox.
Meanwhile, Hisashi’s display of power in the fae lands has only increased the growth of his dangerous, uncontrollable spirit powers. He needs an anchor. And that might mean tying himself to the family shrine for the rest of his long life.
Oh yeah, and then there’s the matter of the gruff, asshole mage who is about to be forcibly returned to the guild for redistribution—and he doesn’t take well to the idea of Gesa buying him.

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cardinal sinsCARDINAL SINS (HIDDEN GEM BOOK 2) by Lissa Kasey

The most powerful man in City M, Paris Hansworth, has been hiding a painful secret: the world’s toxic environment is killing him. It’s killing everyone, or at least changing everyone’s DNA. Paris believes the only way to save his city and his friends is to find answers to the many mysteries of the last plague. His search leads him to a long abandoned facility, and to the rescue of a mercreature by the name of Rain.

Left behind and trapped by ice and toxic water, Rain finds himself intrigued by his strange savior, though he’s been lost so long even the language of the world has changed. He only hopes that he and Paris can find common ground before the internal demon Rain can see eating away at Paris, finally devours him completely.

A virus spreads through the city, targeting Paris’s loved ones, and Paris is willing to sacrifice almost anything, including his own life, to save them. But when the past Paris thought he’d escaped comes calling, he’s forced to adapt again, possibly becoming a monster himself. He’ll need to overcome his past to save his friends and only then will he have a chance at finding love.

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entwinedENTWINED  by M M Wilde

For as long as fae Bram can remember, he’s been anxiously awaiting the day he reaches his maturity. As a life-giver, it means his Alpha will finally become known to him and he can begin his own family. But when his one true mate doesn’t appear, the devastated omega fears he must be broken.

Nerdy human Darby has been dumped by his boyfriend via email. As if that wasn’t bad enough—his job sucks, his tiny apartment is a hovel and he has no social life. And now he’s hallucinating that the cute twink who shows up in his dreams is in love with him. Clearly, he needs professional help.

When Bram learns that his Alpha is a human, he must cross the veil so they can be together. However, no fae can survive on the earthly plane for long before they die. If Darby doesn’t believe he truly exists, then Bram will have no choice but to leave his fated mate forever.

Convincing a flustered human that fairies are real has never been so annoying—or so dire. Because now, there’s more than one life at stake.



MaroonedFinal-FJM_High_Res_1800x2700VS: For my backlist highlight this week, I’m picking STAR CRUISE: MAROONED! This was one of those books where I woke up in the morning with the whole plot in my head and I just HAD to sit and write…it was my first really big seller too, which was satisfying to say the least, to see that readers liked it!

Meg Antille works long hours on the charter cruise ship Far Horizon so she can send credits home to her family. Working hard to earn a promotion to a better post (and better pay), Meg has no time for romance.

Former Special Forces soldier Red Thomsill only took the berth on the Far Horizon in hopes of getting to know Meg better, but so far she’s kept him at a polite distance. A scheduled stopover on the idyllic beach of a nature preserve planet may be his last chance to impress the girl.

But when one of the passengers is attacked by a wild animal it becomes clear that conditions on the lushly forested Dantaralon aren’t as advertised – the ranger station is deserted, the defensive perimeter is down…and then the Far Horizon’sshuttle abruptly leaves without any of them.

Marooned on the dangerous outback world, romance is the least of their concerns, and yet Meg and Red cannot help being drawn to each other once they see how well they work together. But can they survive long enough to see their romance through? Or will the wild alien planet defeat them, ending their romance and their lives before anything can really begin?

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The term “new” is generally plus or minus a week or two. I try to catch up on ones I missed in recent months.  And I may mention ‘special items’.

I do NOT cover every single new release in SFR/FantasyR/PNR. I never have. That would be an impossible task for any human! I assemble my list by hand every week based on various informal inputs, and I do curate the list to some extent…

I check and verify all the buy links at the time I create the post  but after that I’m not responsible.

What Do I Do Weekend Writing Warriors

Warriors logo revisedTaking excerpts from CAMRON, one of my recent scifi romance releases…(BADARI WARRIOR’S BABY is actually the most recent).

Here’s the link to the Weekend Writing Warriors central page, so you can visit all the participants sharing excerpts today…a fun way to sample new books and find new authors! (Also welcome to the Sunday Snippet visitors!)

Punctuation may be wonky to comply with our guidelines here. May be edited a bit from published version.

If you haven’t read any of my Badari Warriors books, here’s the background:

Genetically engineered soldiers of the far future, the Badari were created by alien enemies to fight humans. But then the scientists kidnapped an entire human colony from the Sectors to use as subjects in twisted experiments…the Badari and the humans made common cause, rebelled and escaped the labs. Now they live side by side in a sanctuary valley protected by a powerful Artificial Intelligence, and wage unceasing war on the aliens. 

The excerpt – Gemma and Camron have escaped the crashed, burning flyer, after he does indeed obey the dying Khagrish scientist’s order to kill her (she was hopelessly trapped). Now they’re on the run together and have stopped to pick some berries because they’re starving. Suddenly Camron tells Gemma not to move. He’s still under the influence of the Khagrish drug, requiring a direct order before he can move.

“There’s a gliddern coiled under the bushes,” he said, “A reptile, highly poisonous. If you’re bitten there won’t be anything we can do to save your life, not out here in the forest.”

A chill ran through her body as if he’d poured ice water over her. Snakes were one of her biggest phobias. Voice shaky, she whispered, “What do I do? Will it bite me if I step away from it?”

“Order me to extract you from the thicket as fast as possible,” he said, “Use those exact words.”

She bit her lip as the buzzing continued and grew louder. Sweat popped out on her forehead and she debated the wisdom of what Camron was proposing to do.

“What are you waiting for?” he asked, voice harsh, “The gliddern is growing agitated.  Give me the command so I can move.”

“Ex-extract me from the thicket as fast as possible,” she said, struggling to form the words. I can’t stay here.

Next moment a scream was torn from her throat as she was snatched from the center of the berry branches, thorns scraping her skin as Camron lifted her into his arms, pivoted and retreated faster than she’d have thought anyone could possibly move. The buzzing from the gliddern was angry and insistent.

VS: Ah, but did they escape unscathed?

camronThe blurb:

Dr. Gemma Madarian is far from her home in the human Sectors, kidnapped along with hundreds of other humans to be used for horrifying experiments conducted on a remote planet by alien scientists.

She and another prisoner, Camron of the Badari, are the only survivors of a deadly crash landing. She’s paired up with the genetically engineered soldier by their mutual enemies and sent fleeing through rough country, hunted for pleasure by an enemy officer and his ferocious trackers.

The enemy wants a triumphant kill. Gemma and Camron want to survive.

Camron never dreamt of having a mate but Gemma shatters his preconceptions and makes him desperate to do everything in his power to save her life and claim her for his.

There’s no help or refuge to be had in the desert where they’re fleeing for their lives.
Or is there?

Will Camron and Gemma live to fight another day and explore the growing attraction between them, or will ancient secrets and bitter rivalries end their bid for freedom?

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BadariWarriorsBoxSetFinalNew to my award winning Badari Warriors series? There’s a box set of the first 3 books!

There’s no new material included, other than a brief recap of why I wrote each book (which appeared in previous blog posts) But I thought it was time to put the books together!

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Why I Wrote My Alien Empath #SciFi Romance Novels


Today I’m going to talk about why I wrote the four books in my alien empath series, starting with Star Cruise: Stowaway, which was originally written for the first Pets in Space™  anthology (and is now available separately).

stowawayFrom the beginning I knew I was going to place my Pets story in the Sectors, an interstellar civilization where most of my scifi romances occur. What kind of pet would be logical in a spacefaring world? Of course –  cats go anywhere, any time, right? Not to mention that my own Jake the Cat is a strong advocate for more feline presence in my stories LOL.

I also wanted to have an alien pet involved, just for fun.

At the time I was writing Star Cruise: Outbreak and had a scene take place in the cargo hold. It occurred to me that even on a spaceship there might well be vermin, so I gave Moby the white rescue cat to the Cargo Master, Owen Embersson.  Since he had the pet, Officer Embersson would have to be the romantic hero of the short story. What kind of a woman could he naturally become involved with? How could I write a plot for them that involved more than just everybody enjoying cats, feeding cats and playing with cat toys? Owen wouldn’t normally interact with the Nebula Zephyr’s passengers and I felt I’d done enough ‘crew member falls in love with another crew member’ stories for now…but he’d be the first person to interact with a stowaway!

Once I knew Tyrelle the heroine was going to be a stowaway, the rest of the plot elements fell into place for me.

star trek the empathI was always fascinated by the Star Trek episode “The Empath,’ and although my story goes off in its own direction completely, that was the original moment when I started thinking about a heroine who had this set of abilities. The Urban Dictionary defines empath as “a person who is capable of feeling the emotions of others despite the fact that they themselves are not going through the same situation.” Of course Tyrelle can do so much more, including forcing unsuspecting people to act on feelings they may not even realize they harbor. But there’s a cost to her…

I also enjoy the way Nalini Singh writes and uses Empaths in her Psy-Changeling series – my favorite book in the series is Shield of Winter, where Ivy Jane and the other empaths play a large role in saving their civilization. (No spoilers.)

Plenty of room in the creative universe for each of us to write our own version of empathy as a gift/curse/power/temptation!


Artist Nyssa Juneau

Star Cruise: Outbreak features an alien pet, Midorri, who is kind of a cross between a tribble and a red tailed panda (my favorite animal after cats). I decided to keep her on board the Nebula Zephyr after the events of Outbreak so she could be involved in this Stowaway adventure too, and then as pets and secondary characters often do, she kept becoming more and more integral to the plot and revealing new capabilities I didn’t know about before. I got really fond of my furry little green friend with the six legs!

I realized after I finished the Star Cruise: Stowaway novella that I wasn’t done with the subject of these beautiful, empathic women and their predicament with the Sectors’ organized crime syndicate. I decided to tell a much longer story for Miriell, who is the sister of the Stowaway heroine. For Danger in the Stars I put her in the heart of the Amarotu Combine operation, at the mercy of her violent ‘controller’, and when I asked myself who would be her hero, Conor Stewart appeared. (To be clear, Conor is not the controller.)

DangerInTheStarsFinalShe sees good in him, well hidden under the façade of the dangerous hitman and crime boss. He goes out of his way to help her when he can and cautious attraction blossoms between them. Not to give spoilers but there’s much more to Conor than meets the eye. He is a hero!

I made great efforts to ensure I didn’t stray into Stockholm Syndrome territory – where a victim may start to feel affection or emotion toward the captors as a psychological survival strategy. I tried to ensure that both Miriell and Conor stayed clear headed and genuine at all times about what the situation was and that their emotion was trustworthy true love, not an outgrowth of her captivity. Miriell was a high ranking priestess on her own planet and remains pragmatic at all times about those who hold her prisoner, including Conor. But her powers tell her he’s keeping secrets and she can’t help but wonder if her god Thuun has sent him to help her.

It’s not my usual Sectors spaceships and blasters scifi story (although there certainly are some of both elements in the action scenes) but I was really intrigued with telling this tale and exploring a few things about both the empathic priestess (which brings in my element of mysticism that I always like to incorporate) and the stone cold mob hitman, who has to fight his deepest instincts to preserve and protect. When it comes to Miriell, he can’t stand by and let her remain a pawn of the Combine. This is a romance, so the Happily Ever After ending is guaranteed, even if perilous for my couple to attain.

TwoAgainstTheStarsFinalFor the next book, Two Against the Stars, I thought it would be interesting to write about one of these captive empaths who manages to get free of the crime syndicate on her own and then is on the run from them and the authorities. I wondered what she’d do if confronted with a situation that required her to risk her own hard-won freedom. Of course that begged the question what the dire situation could be, and it had to involve a hero in jeopardy, since I’m writing romance.

Here’s the description of the eventual story (more about why I wrote certain parts below):

Empathic priestess Carialle has escaped the evil Amarotu Combine, but she’s hardly out of danger. Not when she risks everything to rescue a drugged man from a crooked veterans’ clinic. By lulling the clinic staff to sleep, she reveals her powers. And once again, criminals are after her and her rescuer.

Marcus Valerian, a wounded Special Forces veteran, never expected to have his life threatened by the clinic that’s supposed to help ex-soldiers like him. But when he wakes from a drugged state to find a lovely woman urging him to run–he does. In his family’s remote fishing cabin, he suffers the agony of withdrawal, soothed only by her powers.

In their idyllic hideaway, the two also discover a nova-hot attraction flaring. But can they stay alive long enough for it to become more? Not if the Combine has anything to say–they are not giving up until Marcus is dead and Carialle is their weapon.

Notice in the description that eventually the couple flees to a cabin deep in the woods? When I was a kid, we lived in upstate New York and my family had a vacation place on a lake nearby. The cabin was built from scratch by my grandfather and some of my best childhood memories center around that cabin and the lake, fishing, boating, swimming and hiking. I can even remember bits and pieces of when there was no cabin or even a road at all on our land – we had to hike in through the forest and sleep in tents. (I was really little then.)  So I decided to write a version of the cabin into the book, as a safe haven for Carialle and Marcus. The real family cabin was only accessible via a very rough, unpaved road added later, so I exaggerated that situation a bit for the book. And of course my grandfather wasn’t a Special Forces veteran. Actually he worked for Nestle International at that point in time as an executive and wow did he get great gift baskets at the holidays! Despite being in an office nine to five, he had mad skills as a builder and wilderness scout and all round capable guy.

But the cabin, Marcus’s memories and some of the events that transpire there are my tribute to a very happy part of my own childhood. Of course a lot of what’s in the book is purely fictional LOL. To my knowledge our cabin lacked an Artificial Intelligence, a force shield and any subterranean facilities!

TheFatedStarsFinalWhen it was time to write the fourth book, The Fated Stars, I wanted a really unique situation. I always feel I owe it to my readers to write a different take on each novel, not just repeat the same setup every time. I started pondering what would have happened to a male empathic priest from their planet of Tulavarra if he’d been kidnapped and forced into working for the crime bosses. My daughters have been challenging me to write a female soldier for several years now and I thought this book was my golden opportunity to write a really kick ass woman mercenary.

Cover artist Fiona Jayde created an alien carnival for me, although you have to look closely to see it on the cover, but I thought that was a fun touch…when I was little we used to go to the county fair and the volunteer firemen’s field days and I especially loved the merry go round. I pulled on those memories a bit when writing about the place where Samell is held prisoner. Of course I never met any aliens – to my knowledge! – at any of the rural fairs I attended as a kid (we did bring home a live duck named Cleveland once but that’s another story), but it was a fun concept to translate to the far future and the rim worlds of civilized space. Very different than anything I’d ever written before.

Writing Larissa, the tough heroine, was exciting because up to that point my major military characters had always been guys. There’s a unique fight scene in the book where she takes on one of the alien Shemdylann in hand to hand combat – no spoilers – and that was a lot of creative fun to think through. I’ve made the Shemdylann so imposing and invulnerable (except to blasters) in all the Sectors novels that now I had the challenge of saying “yes, but Larissa can win this fight because…” and make it believable.

There’s also an interlude where she and Samell have an encounter with an ancient, sentient tree (and its pets, the Amusing Ones) and I drew a bit on how I felt many years ago when my late husband and I took a vacation amidst the giant Sequoias.

I don’t know if I’ll feel the call to write another empath novel but never say never. I do have a plot in mind thanks to my busy Muse…

For the full blurbs and all the buy links, here’s my blog page for the series 

InterstellarWarriorPriestessesFinal cropped

Note: Portions of this post appeared previously on the Whiskey With My Book Blog and Pauline Baird Jones’s blog.


New Releases in #SciFi #Fantasy and Paranormal Romance for Wednesday July 24

sentinel anna hAs always, I recommend sampling before you buy! I have not read most of the new releases listed (although I always end up one-clicking a bunch as I prepare these posts LOL).



VS note: Very exciting that Anna is expanding her Galactic Gladiators universe (and writing cyborgs)! I one clicked this!

When Quinn Bennett’s exploration ship is attacked, the security chief finds herself abducted by alien slavers. Unable to save her crew, she is taken across the galaxy and sold to a desert scavenger on the lawless planet of Carthago. Driven by her guilt and failure, she’ll do anything to escape and save the other abductees from her ship. Chained and forced into servitude, she’s waiting for her chance to strike, when across a dusty trading post, she comes face to face with a big, cyborg gladiator.

Jaxer Rone’s loyalty is to his imperator—the man who saved him from a lethal cyborg military program. Jax works tirelessly for his gladiatorial house and would die for his fellow cyborgs. His emotional dampeners have never functioned well, but while he feels some emotion, he never lets it get in the way of his duty. Right now, his mission is to find the stolen humans from Earth. But when he rescues the fierce, relentless Quinn, he starts feeling a rush of emotion he’s never experienced before.

Quinn and Jax join forces to track down the aliens holding the other Earth women captive. Side by side, they venture into the desert and uncover a desire hotter than the desert suns. But the aliens who captured Quinn want her back. In order to protect Quinn, will Jax embrace his newfound feelings or shut them off to keep her safe?



Luhcean had never dreamed of finding a mate of his own, especially not one as unique as Eva. Now that he has found her, Luhc wants nothing more than to complete their bond and to keep her out of harm’s way. However, Luhc’s plans didn’t take into account Eva’s proclivity to find trouble around every corner. With his mate lost on an unfamiliar planet, Luhc’s only hope to bring her home lies with the last three people he would have ever trusted for this mission.

Eva has had her fill of near-death experiences, insane enemies, and stuffy spaceships. All she wants is a few hours of shore leave on a tropical alien planet with a fruity drink in her hand. But when Synergis lands in the middle of her paradise, she is once again on the run. Eva will need to embrace all of her newfound magical abilities to escape the perils hidden beneath Varuna’s surface.

Fighting to survive the dangerous depths of Varuna, Eva and Luhcean find themselves caught up a secret war with Synergis, and they are forced to choose between saving the Common or saving themselves.


committed to the alienCOMMITTED TO THE ALIEN (REBELS OF SIDYTH BOOK 7) by Sabrina Kade

There’s no way she can have him …… but she can’t leave him alone.

Celeste’s always been interested in the sexy, sensitive Glykoran but it’s complicated. This alien has a wife back home. And a kid. She’s accepted her role as his friend, so when Glykoran becomes a widower, she refuses to leave his side. Love may be the last thing he’s looking for, but she’s in too deep to let him suffer.

Glykoran knows he made the right decision to leave his family behind when offered exile. But when news arrives that he’s lost his mate and daughter, he doesn’t know if he’ll recover. Or if he even wants to. Celeste won’t give up on him, but is Glykoran capable of feeling anything now that he’s lost everything?



The focus of K’ver soldiers is legendary.
But the bright eyes of one human female threaten to distract Iq’her from his mission. A rising tide of anti-alien sentiment threatens to destroy the fragile steps towards peace.

Iq’her’s assignment is to infiltrate one of the breakaway groups and try to keep them from doing too much damage. But Stasia’s sharp will and lush curves make his blood boil. And when she’s in danger? All bets are off.

Stasia knows she isn’t anyone important. Nobody special. Just one of the thousands of survivors trying to build a new life. She’s got enough to worry about, trying to keep her hot-headed brother out of trouble. But one alien warrior in particular makes her heart race every time he’s near. His touch sets them both aflame, but can they survive the fire?



Sathion. A new home, where humanity can start over. The planet was gifted to us by a benevolent race of aliens. They intend for us to colonize. I am one of the rare humans who has been chosen to go there.

But en route our transport ship was attacked by pirates, and my friend and I have been kidnapped. These new aliens tell us we are ‘Omegas’. They tell us we are meant to pair and breed with ‘Alphas’ of any race, be they human or alien.

I don’t know what it means to be Omega. But what I do know is that I was just given a second chance at life, an opportunity to live it on my own terms. No matter what my captors say, I will find a way to get to Sathion. No one is taking this away from me.


bound by her alienBOUND BY HER ALIEN (BALROV MATES BOOK 1) by Tempest Luna

Sent through a wormhole on a routine harvesting mission, Tessa finds herself bound, caged, and auctioned off to the highest bidder.

Ro isn’t free. No Balrovian is. Not with the Sypians in control. So when one of the invaders tells him to buy Tessa—or else—he isn’t sure what to make of the soft, beautiful human.

Something about her calls to him. Reminds him what life was like before Sypian rule. Before the endless nightmare of enslavement and fear.


steel coyoteSTEEL COYOTE by Beth Williamson

The universe is a tough place to make it as a female cargo ship captain, and Remington Hawthorne fights every day to scrape by. A sketchy deal goes south, and although she doesn’t want anyone else to touch her ship, she’s forced to accept help from the stranger who calls himself Max Fletcher. He’s hot. And he’s trouble. Big trouble. But she’s out of time, out of money, and every crooked cartel is on her tail.

Max Fletcher has spent his life running from his past. So he has no idea what makes him offer to bail out tall, gorgeous, sassy Remy when she needs a pilot to get her illegal cargo to its destination—the last place in the universe he ever wanted to land again. One thing’s for sure, it’s gonna be a helluva ride.

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venomous lustVENOMOUS LUST (EOK WARRIORS BOOK 4) by Mary Auclair

Commander Khal has been tasked with the mission of a lifetime by Prime Councilor Aav, the most powerful Matriarch in the Ring. He must locate and retrieve a weapon so powerful it could plunge trillions of people into civil war, chaos and violence. This is a dangerous mission – the mission he needs to prove himself once and for all as a worthy Eok warrior, just like his brothers before him. He is the Ring’s only hope for peace, and he won’t fail – no matter the cost.

Hazel wants go to Earth to be reunited with her twin sister and she will stop at nothing to achieve that. When she hides under Commander Khal’s spaceship past curfew, she has no idea of the trouble she’s going to cause. Soon enough, she finds herself hurtling into space, far away from home and at the mercy of a stern and dominant Eok warrior who doesn’t want her there.
She is a hindrance to Khal’s mission, but he can’t seem to keep his hands off her anyway. As an intricate web of deception and betrayal threatens to thwart his plan, Commander Khal will have to choose between his lust for Hazel and his duty.

Can he rein in the urges of the Mating Venom, or will he – and the entire Ring – be lost to the Madness?


temptation penelope woodsTEMPTATION by Penelope Woods

He was once a man. Now, he is a caged beast. This world has shattered him, but I will be the one to make him whole again.

I live a sheltered existence. When my mother died, my father took us into the heart of the forest. He gave me one simple rule: never cross to the other side.

I’m pulled to him like a magnet to metal. He stares into my eyes. My body locks with fear, and I collapse into his arms. In one moment, he makes me his. My guarded life is over.

He and I are connected by a secret. A pulse between two broken hearts. Every sin leaves a mark, but his are forever.


soul of starsSOUL OF STARS by Ashley Poston

Once Ana was an orphaned space outlaw. Then she was the Empress of the Iron Kingdom. Now, thought dead by most of the galaxy after she escaped from the dark AI program called the HIVE, Ana is desperate for a way to save Di from the HIVE’s evil clutches and take back her kingdom.

Ana’s only option is to find Starbright, the one person who hacked into the HIVE and lived to tell the tale. But when Ana’s desperation costs the crew of the Dossier a terrible price, Ana and her friends are sent spiraling through the most perilous reaches of the Iron Kingdom to stop the true arbiter of evil in her world: an ancient world-ending deity called the Great Dark.

Their journey will take their sharp-witted pilot, Jax, to the home he never wanted to return to and the dangerous fate he left behind. And when Robb finds out who Jax really is, he must contend with his own feelings for the boy he barely knows, and question whether he truly belongs with this group of outcasts.

When facing the worst odds, can Ana and her crew of misfits find a way to stop the Great Dark once and for all?

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into her orbitINTO HER ORBIT by Miranda Vold

Nobody’s ever had sex in space before.
But that’s about to change.
Maya Tarkanian, one of the new astronauts being sent to help construct the state-of-the-art Atlas Space Station, is approached by a NASA doctor who wants her to collect data while she’s in orbit. Not just any data, though: biological data. Private data. Intimate data.
They want to study zero-gravity sex.
It’s absurd, presumptuous, and totally out of line.
But then Maya meets her new crew—which just so happens to be full of intelligent, competitive, gorgeous men. Men in peak physical condition, wearing skin-tight jumpsuits. Men she’ll be tightly confined with for months…(more blurb on ebook seller page…)



Prince Mortok is in need of a mate and he curses his misfortune as soon as he finds out that the human girl that he has chosen is dead set on resisting his offers of luxury and status. Yet, when he sets his eyes on her he’s unable to resist her curvaceous body and fiery attitude and makes it his goal to claim her as his mate for life.

Will she be able to resist? And as his time with her draws on, will she want to?

Julie despises Prince Mortok and everything that he stands for no matter how powerful, big, and sexy he may be. Her goal is to resist him until he tires of her and lets her go back to her old life. As time passes, however, she soon becomes acquainted the prince’s more tender side and finds her resistance faltering.

The burgeoning passion between prince and human is soon challenged, however, when a plot to usurp Prince Mortok’s rule is revealed and forces the couple to take action in order to not only preserve their bond, but their way of life itself.


tamed kalllista daneTAMED: A DARK SCIFI ROMANCE (CENTAURI CAPTIVES BOOK 3) by Kallista Dane and Kate Richards

Joran – I command an elite team of warriors. Lead them into combat, conquer my enemies. How can one human female be so hard to tame?
Once our world was the pride of the galaxy. Now Arythios is gone. Destroyed by evil forces while we were away. Our leaders, our friends, our lovers – all dead. We alone survived. But without offspring, our race will not.
Homeless, hopeless, we begged the Interstellar Federation to help us track down and vanquish our enemies. They ignored our request. Instead, they sent us a handful of females from a primitive planet called Earth. “To see to the needs of your troops,” their ruler said.
I was ordered to choose one of the aliens. Breed with her. My human is stubborn and undisciplined, not like our sweet, gentle Arythian females. Her fiery spirit tempts me to indulge my darkest desires. But if she is to be my mate, she must learn to obey me. She will submit – or she will be punished.
She will be tamed.
Xia – I may be the captive of an alien warlord. But I call no man Master.
And I never will.
A feral child, abandoned in the wild, I survived by being stronger, tougher than the most ferocious beasts. After my rescue, I trained as a warrior. Fighting side by side with the men, yielding to none. Now I’m trapped on an alien warship. The arrogant commander thinks he owns me. He’s determined to turn me into his submissive mate. I’m determined to escape.
I can never let him know I find his dominance wickedly arousing. Stern punishment won’t bring me to my knees – but I’m becoming a slave to the passion he’s awakening in me.


mini maxMINI MAX (TEAM EIGHT ORIGINS BOOK 5) by Viola Grace

VS Note: I don’t believe these Team Eight books contain romance. It’s a super hero series, scifi, but not even romantic elements from what the reviews of the other books indicate.

Max was raised with a purpose, but her accelerated development had nothing to do with it. She was born to be a Demyani, a Girl Bringer. In a community full of men who could only generate boys, she produced a hormone via her passive presence that tipped the scales and made girl babies enter the families.

Her extreme height and immense strength were secondary characteristics to her place in her adoptive family. She brought the girls.

Life was routine, but she had a plan for her retirement when her family no longer needed her services. That plan was set on its edge when she meets an investigator from the Cluster Team Project. She is a candidate for Team Eight, but she has to strike a balance between being there for her family and going off-world to be there for everyone else.

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port holePORT HOLE (TEAM EIGHT ORIGINS: BOOK 6) by Viola Grace

VS Note: I don’t believe these Team Eight books contain romance. It’s a super hero series, scifi, but not even romantic elements from what the reviews of the other books indicate.

Duulahar grew up knowing that her adoptive mother had killed her birth mother, or at least, that is what was on the video that her father kept showing her. It was not the most pleasant of upbringings.

Her father decides to break a lifetime of habits and send her shopping in his treasured sports car, and she knows that her dementia-laden mother is the target with her as the scapegoat. Her father is not particularly subtle.

Kidnapping her mom is a reflex, but Duulahar knows that putting distance between her father’s hypnotic talent and those in his way is all that she can do to keep them alive. Her talent for small holes in space will not help her here.

Her stubbornness versus her father’s evil. Who will win?

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aurelian prisonerAURELIAN PRISONER (CAPTIVE MATES BOOK 1) by Corin Cain

Allie: I took from the species. Now they want… me. My greatest fear is captivity on their ships. I’ve been hiding for years, and times running out.
Aurelian enforcement agents.
They look like Greek Gods in the flesh. Greek Gods had more mercy. Break their laws, and the seven-foot-tall alien warriors chase you down. The only thing they hunt more passionately than criminals is their Fated Mate, the one woman who can bear their sons.
My sister was taken from me by space pirates. My freedom is all I have. I won’t let them take it. No matter how they try to break me, I’ll keep fighting to break free.
Aurelians may be honorable on the surface. The arrogant species has strict laws and rules to how they can treat their prisoners. But I’ve seen another side of the alien species…Possessive. Dominant. Controlling.
And if I can make them succumb to the mating rage, they’ll have no choice but to let me free.


last astronautTHE LAST ASTRONAUT by David Wellington

VS Note: Hard scifi not a romance but sounds intriguing. On my TBR list.

Sally Jansen was NASA’s leading astronaut, until a mission to Mars ended in disaster. Haunted by her failure, she lives in quiet anonymity, convinced her days in space are over.
She’s wrong.
A large alien object has entered the solar system on a straight course toward Earth. It has made no attempt to communicate and is ignoring all incoming transmissions.
Out of time and out of options, NASA turns to Jansen. For all the dangers of the mission, it’s the shot at redemption she always longed for.
But as the object slowly begins to reveal its secrets, one thing becomes horribly clear: the future of humanity lies in Jansen’s hands.

selass salvationSELAS’S  SALVATION: THE QASAR LINEAGE BOOK 8 by Pearl Tate

Selas – Sent to the surface of the prison planet Dactyles, I’m appointed to clean up the mess created by the Warden Benard. In addition to restructuring the management and ferreting out any of the previous warden’s supporters, I have to supervise the matings of a few lucky males.

Branching out beyond the dome, I work to notify all the prisoners that Benard’s no longer in power on the planet. Not everyone believes me though, and I’m captured and held as a prisoner.

When mating marks develop on my body, I’m shocked and confused. There are no more females, right? And does it really matter when I’m about to be executed by the previous warden’s crazy followers?

Karen – Struggling to live up to the professional aspirations of my family while attending college, I find myself less and less interested in becoming a doctor or lawyer as they expect. I’m much more interested in continuing on with the active lifestyle and Aikido training that makes me so focused and relaxed.

When I’m abducted by aliens at a study group with friends, I’m told if I give up my family and life on Earth, I can have the life I want.  But it also comes with a little catch that definitely sounds… interesting. Is there really someone out there that’s perfect for me?


thief milana jacksTHIEF: A REGHA HORDE WORLD STORY (HORDE#0) by Milana Jacks

VS Note: Previously published on author’s website as a 3 part serial

Eron – Regha Horde never lingers in one place. They come, they raid, and they leave. I’m counting on that. Because I stole the Omega the Horde raided the house for, and I’m keeping her.

Kate – Abducted, auctioned, then stolen, I will resist for as long as I damn well please.



All my life, I was trained to be the perfect killer.
An assassin. A ghost in the night. The sort of phantom that gives grown men nightmares.
But the woman who raised me to hunt dragon shifters made a mistake, and that blunder left me marked. Magical.
Determined to undo all of this, Zurie is now at war.
With me.
My former mentor won’t stop until I’m dead, but we know each other too well.
Moves. Tactics. Fears. Strengths. Weaknesses.
This will be a gruesome end for one of us—and I don’t care if she is the best assassin in the world.
No one tries to kill me and survives.
Because I’m not the same little girl she took in all those years ago. The one she trained to murder and steal from dragons.
I’m a warrior, something neither human nor dragon. There’s more power brewing within me than even I realize, and it’s about to break free.
And when it does, the world will tremble at my feet.


jade warJADE WAR (THE GREEN BONE SAGA BOOK 2) by Fonda Lee

On the island of Kekon, the Kaul family is locked in a violent feud for control of the capital city and the supply of magical jade that endows trained Green Bone warriors with supernatural powers they alone have possessed for hundreds of years.
Beyond Kekon’s borders, war is brewing. Powerful foreign governments and mercenary criminal kingpins alike turn their eyes on the island nation. Jade, Kekon’s most prized resource, could make them rich – or give them the edge they’d need to topple their rivals.
Faced with threats on all sides, the Kaul family is forced to form new and dangerous alliances, confront enemies in the darkest streets and the tallest office towers, and put honor aside in order to do whatever it takes to ensure their own survival – and that of all the Green Bones of Kekon.
beggars kingdomA BEGGAR’S KINGDOM (END OF FOREVER SAGA BOOK 2) by Paulina Simons

Julian has failed Josephine once. Despite grave danger and impossible odds, he is determined to do the unimaginable and try again to save the woman he loves.

What follows is a love story like no other as the doomed lovers embark on an incredible adventure across time and space. Racing through history and against the merciless clock, they face countless dangers and deadly enemies.

Living amid beauty and ecstasy, bloodshed and betrayal, each time they court and cheat death brings Julian and Josephine closer to an unthinkable sacrifice and a confrontation with the harshest master of all…destiny.

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chosen soulCHOSEN SOUL (DEMON BAYOU SERIES BOOK 2) by S Lawrence

Charlie has fled from death her entire life, but it’s finally caught up to her. Now to survive, she must go to hell.
Dagen is a Prince of Hell who recently discovered his forgotten past. He has battled the Fallen, those angels determined to destroy humanity for thousands of years.
When Charlie runs into his bar to escape her fate, they both might find their destiny.
Turns out being killed might not be the worst thing that can happen to you!


steel aiki fSTEEL (KALIMIA CHRONICLES BOOK 3) by Aiki Flinthart

Even steel can be broken.
Mamlakah is once again on the brink of war, this time over who sits on the throne. Alere, Jarran, and Mina race toward Madina to claim Jarran’s inheritance as Jun First. With a Weishi House kill-contract on her head, Alere unlocks new yanstone powers – which lead her further down a destructive path Mina cannot condone.
But Nasra Connor and Jun Fourth Hassan Wen-Gates reach Madina first, and they pave the city’s streets with blood to secure the throne. Xintou House’s students and Bonded Xintou are murdered. Mistress Li, the two Jun Seconds, and Jarran’s daughters are imprisoned and slated for execution.
Even if Alere can reach Madina in time to prevent the executions, her fighting skills are no use against Nasra and Rohne – the two most powerful Xintou in existence. Her only chance is if she and a reluctant Mina can master the yanstones. But Mina is unwilling to use the yanstones’ brutal powers against her old friends.
So Alere will gamble her mind, her life, and the sanity of everyone she loves on one, dubious, chance of victory. If she can’t prevail, Kalima will be subjugated beneath the steel will of the strongest xintou in history.
All hope of freedom… lost.

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Welcome to Diablo Falls, the town where anything can happen. Built on magic by an ancient coven, it draws all sorts to its quaint streets—shifters, vampires, fae, and more, including a baby witch who has no idea what she is or what she’s capable of…

Ebony Case’s only goal when she hits the road is to get away from her cheating boyfriend and to find solace in the tiny town of Diablo Falls, a place her grandmother once lived and she remembers visiting as a child. But car trouble and a freak snowstorm leave her stranded and exposed in the wilderness with no way to contact help.

Vampire and Diablo Falls resident tarot reader Malcolm Orloff knows when his cards give him a sign, he has to act. They send him into the woods during a freak weather event when the temperatures skyrocket, threatening to melt the snow and cause massive flooding and landslides. When he finds Ebony, he immediately realizes she is the source of the magically warm-up but she’s complete unaware of her powers or that she’s causing it.

Ebony is reluctant to believe his claim that she’s a witch, but after finally observing her powers and seeking help from one of the town’s resident witches, she is forced to not only accept her true birthright but also her growing attraction to the vampire who saved her life.



She’ll make him purr for more…Darcy Mae is certain she’s a witch. Her mother was, as her mother before, but her stutter botches every spell she tries. Convinced that an eloquence potion will solve her problem, she heads to Devil’s Crown to gather ingredients. But a rugged park ranger with golden eyes shows up and awakens something wild inside of her. A need so strong, it scares her. A desire she’s helpless to resist.

Adrian’s inner animal demands seclusion, a place away from humans and shifters alike. His job patrolling the mountain wilderness is all he needs to be happy—until he rescues a curvy human from a rogue shifter. Darcy smells of catnip and makes his mountain lion growl for a mate.

He’s going to claim her even if she’s a witch.


first witch bear babyFIRST WITCH-BEAR BABY: A DIABLO FALLS PARANORMAL SHORT STORY by Charlie Hart and Frankie Love

Three is bear-ter than one.
It takes me nineteen years to figure out my life was a lie.
My dad? Liar. My mother? Who the hell knows.
And my future?
Well, apparently these bear shifters in Diablo Falls think they know exactly where I belong.
They say I’m their mate, that I smell like apple-pie a la mode.
That I’m the only thing they ever want to taste.
Turns out, after being sheltered so damn long, I want a bite of what these untamed alphas offer.
A mysterious address may have brought me here, but my destiny has been calling all along.
I belong in Diablo falls … but I have to die if I want to stay.



Celine Crane can’t remember how she ended up in Callum Cree’s arms but she’s not exactly complaining.

Attacked and left for dead in the woods, somehow, she survived—and in fact, she feels better than ever. Her savior explains her life is about to change and she somehow senses he’s the only one to help her with that change. Something makes her trust the mysterious and mesmerizing mechanic and she finds she doesn’t want to be anywhere else but by his side.

Finding a beautiful woman wounded and confused in the woods is not how Callum expects to find his mate. But, after he finds Celine bitten by a rogue shifter—and in the throes of her first shift—he knows he has found exactly that.

Nothing is as it seems in Diablo Falls and now that she’s part of the shadowy creatures her mother warned her about, she’s not so sure who the bad guy is anymore.



Gwen had no clue who she was tempting with her smart mouth and scathing glances. Tyr wanted to put the fiery human in her place. She was hard to ignore, even before he discovered the secret in her blood, a secret that could alter the balance of power among vampires. Something had to be done to silence the maddening human.

Tyr was that pompous, overdressed man who frequented the bar. He had the sex appeal of a modern-day Norse god, but the personality of a Viking raider. It didn’t matter that Tyr radiated an unworldly power, Gwen refused to fear him. After all, he wasn’t the only one who was unique. And though he claimed good intention, his actions said otherwise.


first fae bear babyFIRST FAE-BEAR BABY: A DIABLO FALLS PARANORMAL SHORT STORY by Charlie Hart and Frankie Love

My mother warned me to never go to Diablo Falls.
But I never was a rule follower.
When I see a crazy-pants ad on a DF Forum from a supposed bear pack, looking for a woman to breed, I’m curious.
And more than a little aroused.
It’s not long before I find myself on the doorstep of a cabin with three burly men ready to claim me.
It’s all fun and games until they shift.
Then sh*t gets real.
Turns out my mother warned me for a reason.
I’m more than a rule-breaker – I’m a freaking Fairy Queen.


harley merlin 10HARLEY MERLIN 10: FINCH MERLIN AND THE FOUNT OF YOUTH by Bella Forrest

It’s been a year since Katherine tried to take over the world, and Finch Merlin is itching to do something other than odd jobs for Erebus, God of Darkness. Erebus promises he’ll free Finch of his servitude after he completes one final task—finding the Fountain of Youth.

Finch has no idea why Erebus wants eternal youth, since the guy is already an immortal being. All the secrecy makes Finch uneasy, but he has no choice but to obey.

He knows he’ll get by with a little help from his friends, namely his old pal Garrett, who’s still dealing with the whole “being resurrected” thing. There’s also Ryann, Harley’s foster sister, now a regular at the San Diego Coven. Whenever she’s around, Finch feels butterflies in his stomach. Or maybe it’s just a bad case of indigestion.

Together, they’ll infiltrate the flashy world of the magical elite in search of a rare artifact, one that will help them capture a poltergeist—the angry ghost of famed adventurer Ponce de León.


have lizard will travelHAVE LIZARD WILL TRAVEL (DOUBLE OH SHIFTERS BOOK 1) by Eve Langlais and Mina Carter

A lizard of many faces, he not only must save the world, but also convince a lady to pet his reptile. International agent Simon is on a mission. And it isn’t to avoid the shoe of the woman he’s sent to spy on. This undercover operative must find a dangerous recipe book before it’s too late. The fate of shifterkind depends on him. But if it comes down to saving the lovely Petunia or the world…his trouser-lizard wants a say.

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I was a blessed vampire queen until the day I decided to kill my king.
Now I’m a captive of alpha wolves, rulers of the Luxa Pack, and it is no place for a vampire.
They decide to keep me as a slave on this strange land across the sea, and no part of me ever wants to go back to my home.
I ran from my world, from my people, and from everything I had ever known to a world much darker than I ever thought possible.
I crave their blood, they crave my immortality. 
They also want my heart, and if they knew who I really was…they would want my throne.


cards of love the empressCARDS OF LOVE: THE EMPRESS by Rochelle Paige

Being an unmatched warlock serving as the head of a coven wasn’t easy. The desire for a feminine touch to help preserve harmony among his witches made Warren Ainsley long for his fated consort more than usual.

Then she finally showed up in the local diner. Only Opal Smith had no idea magic existed and didn’t know what a consort was.
Can Warren convince Opal that the magic between them is real?


hunger witches of the big easy book 2HUNGER (WITCHES OF THE BIG EASY BOOK 2) by TS McKinney

Gabriel Gaudet is still in New Orleans, and still the Legislateur in charge of the city, now that Nic has taken Thibeau back to New York with him. Though happy for his brother, he can’t help but be jealous of Nic’s happily ever after—not jealous to the point he didn’t want his older brother to find the love he so richly deserved, but the kind of jealous where he wanted love to find him too, but suspected it never would. When mysterious murders involving voodoo dolls begin happening all over the Big Easy, Gabe has to track down the culprit and destroy the dark magic associated with the murders. It should be simple enough—but when was anything ever simple when it came to magic? The bloody poppet at the last murder scene leads him straight to the shop of a known warlock, but instead of finding him, he encounters a gorgeous creature who reeks of dark magic but has the smile of an angel. Things turn from simple to deadly complicated faster than Gabriel can pronounce a spell to stop it.

Marchand’s life sucks. Not only can he not find the desire to escape the cruel fiancé he’s apparently tied himself to, but he feels anchored in a world where he has zero desire to be. All that changes, though, when a mysterious, handsome and sexy man enters his boyfriend’s shop, calls himself a Legislateur, like Marchand is supposed to know what that is, and even stranger than all that, calls Marchand a vampire! He tells him the little poppets he makes for the shop have been killing people all over town and then takes him captive until he can “figure out what to do with him.”

Two powerful men are thrust into a mystery full of dark magic, gorgeous vampires, warlocks, voodoo, demons, and fallen angels, and the two have to first determine if they’re even on the same side…and if their rapidly developing feelings for one another are all too real or if they’re something they just conjured up. An evil plot to take over New Orleans and terrible danger surround them on all sides in this city where the veil is thin between this world and the next, and most especially, after dark.


lost whisperer of the seasLOST WHISPERER OF THE SEAS (THE WINDBOURNE BOOK 3) by Laurel Wanrow

Tired of drifting from one port to the next on her family’s schooner, with no one but the dolphins to talk to, teen witch Coral is desperate to find a place where she fits in. Then she discovers the illegal world of magical dueling. She can let her wayward magic fly and finally make friends—if she can hide the competitions from her parents.

A young wizard of prodigious skill, Ty Sterling has lived his seventeen years land-bound, but he dreams of a life on the sea. Yet, in this tightly knit enclave of seafaring folk, no one will give a landlubber with no apparent skills a place on board their vessel, and Ty can’t disclose his special training.

As Coral climbs the dueling ranks, the stakes with the town bully go even higher. Her place as a duelist and her work with her beloved dolphins are turning with the tide—until newcomer Ty becomes an ally. Will they find enough trust in each other, despite their secrets, to stay afloat?

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As Jynx’s big day gets nearer, everything is going to plan. Kinda. Almost. Okay, not at all. Sorting out the guest list is taking more diplomacy than a terse standoff with nuclear-capable nations. Half the guests will happily each the others and that’s just the hell contigent. Plus, no one actually knows the etiquette for seating God and the Devil in the same row.

The seating plan is the least of Jynx’s worries when the dress shop is hit and her custom made gown is stolen. Trying to track down another lands her in a car accident with a polar bear and almost struck off the Anti-christ’s Christmas card list.

What she doesn’t expect is every bride’s worst nightmare… her groom’s ex turning up at the wedding. In HER dress. Forget princess of hell, in a fight for her groom, true love and her pack, ALWAYS bet on a Demon Bridezilla.

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when witches wakeWHEN WITCHES WAKE: BOOK 1 (THE BANCROFT COVEN SERIES) by Hilary Foxhill

She fell in love with a witch. And then she met her.

Emily Quinn led a lonely and mundane life. Until the dreams started. Naked bodies lit only by candlelight, dancing and chanting in a smoke-filled room. Then there was the woman in her bed. Whose kiss felt like nothing she had ever felt in her waking life. In her dreams, she loved this woman, and those dreams led Emily right to her.
Claire was an artist and the High Priestess of a coven of witches. If only there was some way to tell this beautiful stranger that they were meant to be together.
Getting involved with witches couldn’t have come at a worse time. There were a lot of them in the city, and they were being hunted and murdered one at a time.
Would Emily’s dreams save her life and the life of the woman she loved, or would they send her running blindly into danger?


rafe dragon knightRAFE: THE DRAGON KNIGHT (DRAGON’S BLOOD MC BOOK 10) by B A Stretke

Rafe Adair knows why he’s been forced down the mountain to live among Clan Keith and their Human mates, but that doesn’t mean he has to like it. After a confrontation with King Duncan’s mate and consort Lyle, it was decided that Rafe needed some sensitivity training. Humans have always been a sticking point for Rafe. He sees them as selfish and disloyal and he never wanted them in his company. That was fine in the sparsely populated Shetland Islands, but here in their new home of Laramie, Wyoming it wasn’t going to work. He needed to be able to function around humans and the many new human mates of the dragon circle. Rafe expected to do his time and maybe learn something, what he didn’t expect was to find his mate. His human mate. Scared and alone on the streets of Laramie, Rafe finds the young man and saves him from a group of wolf shifters, and Rafe knows he has to follow him and keep him safe. The young man has secrets and is in grave danger. Can Rafe open himself to this human enough to keep him safe?

Noah Owens is running for his life. Back home in Idaho, he and his cousin were attacked by a pack of jackals and left for dead in their burning house. Only Noah survived. There is a contract out on his life, and the jackals are after him to finish the job. All Noah knows is to run and with any luck stay one step ahead of his pursuers. On a darkened Laramie street he is being accosted by a group of wolf shifters when he runs into a wall of a man who scares the wolves away. He doesn’t know why, but this man makes him feel safe for the first time since the attack. Events move quickly and his enemies are hot on his trail. Can Noah trust this man Rafe Adair? Can he learn to trust a stranger and allow him to save his life? Dark forces surround them and only by Rafe’s side can Noah find the safety he craves.


grand master marina simcoeGRAND MASTER (DEMONS BOOK 3) by Marina Simcoe

I’ve been told my love for adventure would get me in trouble one day. When I agree to be taken to a place unknown to entertain a group of men I’d never met, I wonder if that day has come.
It is supposed to be a fantasy brought to life. Until one man hijacks it, taking over my imagination, my body, and eventually my heart.
Except that he turns out to be not a man at all and his dark past might ruin everything between us before it even began.
Unknown to us, danger lurks in the shadows, leading me to discover firsthand that sex demons have their vulnerabilities. And even the Grand Master of the Eastern Council is not invincible.


love me dreamyLOVE ME DREAMY by Laura Burton

Sitting on a park bench, Amelia can’t remember how she got there. But when a young, Californian surfer wanders up, figuring it out doesn’t seem so important. The chance meeting leads to a date and then another. Sparks fly and although she never imagined falling in love with someone so much younger than her, he’s perfect.

That is… except for the strange men in black suits who keep showing up.Are they being followed? 

Toby knows a secret, but if he tells Amelia, he risks losing her forever. With the guardians set on tearing him away from her, he whisks Amelia to another part of the world. They’re safe, but not for long. Their relationship is put to the ultimate test, when Toby and Amelia stand at the top of a waterfall. With only one chance to stay alive, he asks her to take a leap of faith. Amelia thinks they will surely die, but Toby insists it’s the only way to be together.


strands of loveSTRANDS OF LOVE (TAPESTRIES BOOK 7) by N J Walters

VS note: a re-release

Tied to the land in a way that only another Texan can understand, Samantha Calloway is facing mounting debts and a merciless drought as she struggles to save the farm that’s been in her family for generations. Unwilling to surrender to an unscrupulous neighbor who offers her a way out, Samantha is left hoping for a miracle when she’s stunned by the mysterious appearance of two hulking, otherworldly warriors on her land—men who stir an undeniable sensual desire in her.

Jace and Darian Hunter are deeply committed to the welfare of their expansive lands and all the people who rely on them, but privately they are also deeply saddened at the prospect of living out their lives without the blessing of a loving woman. They know well the stories of the magic tapestry that might bring them a bride, but they’re still shocked when the tapestry appears—and mysteriously transports them to the world of the beautiful and sensitive Samantha.

As the brothers try to explain the promise of the tapestry to a skeptical Samantha, the trio are suddenly transported back to Javara, where Samantha soon learns that the brothers are as deeply dedicated to the land as she is—and also dedicated to unleashing the power of their passion to bring her to sexual heights she’d never imagined. And as she’s confronted with a choice between returning to her home alone or forsaking it all for a chance at a loving life with Darian and Jace, they will stop at nothing to entice her with every glorious erotic pleasure and unquestioning devotion to win her heart and a lifetime of unending love.

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portrait of deathPORTRAIT OF DEATH: UNFORGOTTEN by Isobel Wroth

Three years ago, I held her pink silk toe shoe in my hand, helplessly watching the cab drive away before I could give it back to her. The next morning when I stood in front of the portrait drying on my easel, I knew the beautiful ballerina would soon die. Her portrait is one of two hundred and twenty-seven. Each one of the subjects is the victim of murder, and I’ve painted them all. I’ve kept my morbid ability a secret for twenty years, terrified someday, someone would find out.

Someday has arrived, and the someone banging down my door today demanding answers is a gorgeous, irate homicide detective armed with a photo of one of my paintings right there on the front page of the most popular tabloid in the city. He peppers me with questions I can’t answer, and despite my worst fears being realized, all I can think about is painting this man, alive, and with far fewer clothes on.

Detective Callum Graham tells me the dead ballerina I painted is his sister, and she’s been missing for three years. Missing, he says firmly, as though any other conclusion is unacceptable. My inappropriate thoughts of seeing him naked, vanish. How do I explain to this man, this brother desperate to find his baby sister alive, that she’s been dead for two years, eleven months, and three weeks?



VS note: Apparently a short novella.

Ava saw her mate. He saved her life from the wolves trying to kill the Tribe and take Tara away from her brother Owen. After the fight, he disappeared. Follow Ava on a journey that might steal everything away from her that she’s ever wanted.

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lucky ladyTHE LUCKY LADY (THE BOOK CLUB 13) by Keira K Barton

VS Note: Time travel

Her career is fulfilling, but after years of dating men who can’t handle her success, Helen Baker is ready to try something new in order to find love. She never thought that would mean traveling back in time, but thanks to a mysterious purple-haired woman in her book club who claims to be a godmother with magical powers, that’s exactly what Helen does. Giving up everything isn’t easy, but she has a plan to make it through the Great Depression and find the man of her dreams in the process.

Jack Brown is an heir to a fortune, but he’s the only one who knows that. He’s been rejected by his father ever since he can remember, and after his heart was broken years ago, he closed himself off to love as well. When he and Helen’s paths collide, it makes him wonder if he’s been missing out on the best part of life all along. Can Helen help him believe in love again? Or will his wounds prove too deep to heal?


blushing brideTHE BLUSHING BRIDE (THE BOOK CLUB 11) by Jaclyn Hardy

VS Note: Time Travel

​Charlotte loves nothing more than a good mail order bride novel, so when Dr. Lachele says that she can send them to take part in any love story that they want, Charlotte knows exactly where and what time period she wants to go. She thinks the life she wants can be found in 1880 in Idaho Territory. Joshua has worked hard preparing his new homestead and now he just needs a wife to help take care of his home. The advertisement for Charlotte promises the perfect fit, and he is excited to meet his new wife. Life in this new time isn’t as easy as Charlotte expected, and each day brings a new challenge. Joshua is everything Charlotte could have ever imagined, but home sickness for the comforts of the twenty-first century is almost too much to bear. Will Charlotte give up and return to the home she loves? Or will Joshua show her that she has everything she needs right there?


VS Note re the Book Club Series – obviously there are more in the series but I only list the ones where the heroine goes back in time. In some of them the heroine seems to go into a modern category romance, which is still a fun trope but I’m not listing them here. A little too far removed from the genres I cover…


magic and timeMAGIC AND TIME (FATED MAGIC SERIES BOOK 1) by Ally Summers

Just because the world is ending, doesn’t mean I have to let him back in.
That’s the problem with exes. They think a crisis means someone needs to be rescued.
But I’m not that kind of magix. I have my own power and strength.
Enough to save my family, town and the people closest to me.

Keeping my magical secret has become harder than ever and the enemy threatens everyone I love. The only one who can help is the man who destroyed my world. My very hot, magical, shifter ex.

I know better than to trust him a second time, but the clock is working against me.
Time is running out, and I refuse to let evil win.

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magic and shadowsMAGIC AND SHADOWS (FATED MAGIC SERIES BOOK 2) by Ally Summers

They want to steal my magic?
As long as I’m breathing, that will never happen.
I don’t want to rely on Finn to protect my family in Sullen’s Grove, but with evil breathing down my neck, the choices aren’t as easy.

What do I do, but take my hot human boss with me to Vegas to track down the source of the magical power grab. Letting Jack in might be the only way to win this fight, no matter how terrified I am to open my heart. Even if it’s only a little.

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magic and fireMAGIC AND FIRE (FATED MAGIC BOOK 3) by Ally Summers

Heartbreak sucks.
The only way to get over losing Jack is to throw myself into my work.
The movie set in New Orleans should be the perfect distraction, especially when the lead actress disappears.
But’s never that easy, is it?
Finn shows up, wanting to flip everything upside down with those bedroom eyes and every magical trick in his fingertips.
There’s dark magic everywhere we turn, and putting us back together is the last thing on my mind. Doesn’t he know by now I can’t turn my back when someone needs help?

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bears captureBEAR’S CAPTURE (BEAR LAKE PROTECTORS) by Maia Starr

My father sent one of his men to hunt me down.
A bear shifter, just like I am.
Except that he’s known what he is for a long time.
I watched him transform when I was in danger.
The way he protects me makes me feel things that I’ve never felt before.
I want to let him hold me.
Claim me.
I want everything, except being captured.
He isn’t letting me go.
And perhaps, I don’t want to escape.
Braden is ruthless.
But I see love in his eyes.
Now, I’m pregnant with his baby.
And I demand to know his secrets.
I deserve to find out why I was brought here.
Was it because of love?
Or was it a charade just so I could give birth to the future heir of my father’s royal clan?


patron of mercyPATRON OF MERCY (LORDS OF THE UNDERWORLD BOOK 3) by Sam Burns and W M Fawkes

Lach has spent the last few thousand years counting only on himself. What he needed, he took. What he wanted, he won with charm. All except a god he turned his back on an age ago, when he had a different name and didn’t know what he was giving up.

Thanatos, god of merciful death, is one of the gentlest gods in the pantheon—easing the transition between life and death for billions of mortals. But he has faced eternity alone. After breaking his heart on the sharp words of a fisherman’s son, he hasn’t been able to connect with anyone.

Now, Lach is crashing back into Thanatos’s life, dragging him into an adventure that could save the world . . . or kill them both.



I grew up surrounded by shifters but nothing prepared me for Cash Ridge.
The wildly possessive grizzly bear shifter who comes storming onto my brother’s ranch to claim me.
He says I’m his territory.
He thinks he owns me.
My brother and his lion shifter friends think otherwise, but nothing seems to stop him.
This grizzly is obsessed with my curves and his obsession keeps growing…
And not a crew of angry lions, the law, or even my shouts of protest are going to stop him from taking what’s his.
He says I’m his mate.
He says I belong to him.
He says he’s going to stuff me full of his cubs…
…I think it’s time for me to shut up and start listening.


kissed by midnightKISSED BY MIDNIGHT (THE CIMMERIAN CAGE BOOK 3) by Cate Corvin

Just when I thought I could be happy in the walls of the Cage with my four dark protectors, everything crumbled beneath my feet. Three of them have marked me. Two are bound to my soul. And one has been lying from the day we met.

With Locke’s grip on sanity slowly unraveling, the Frosts taken over by their fiercely territorial natures, and Dominic’s unrelenting thirst for revenge, it’s all I can do to hold us together.

Because it’s time to take the fight to the darkness and burn out the corruption with wildfire. And if we make it out alive… Cimmerian will be ours.


beasts of both worldsBEASTS OF BOTH WORLDS (PARANORMAL DATING AGENCY BOOK 22) by Milly Taiden

Fighting a lifetime of learned prejudice against shifters, Harlow Quinn left home to escape her family. Never in her wildest dreams did she expect to find Gerri Wilder of the Paranormal Dating Agency and two smokin’ hot mates. Just thinking of them made her hormones go up in flames.

Lux Luther, wolf alpha, and his tiger beta, Osian Drive knew they would someday find the woman to complete their triad. They didn’t think she’d be so sassy and sexy. From the first glance, they had to fight the dirty thoughts about Harlow and her gorgeous lips. But not for long.

Targeted by a heinous group of anti-shifters, this unlikely threesome must place the fate of their world in their unwavering love and trust in one another or lose more than just their happily ever after. Some horrors are worse than anything ever imagined, and for Lux, Harlow, and Osian it’s a fight for their very existence.



VS Note: A release of note…

When the ship in which they are traveling is captured by Carpagamon island raiders, Temple sorcerer Penric and his resident demon Desdemona find their life complicated by two young orphans, Lencia and Seuka Corva, far from home and searching for their missing father. Pen and Des will need all their combined talents of mind and magic to unravel the mysteries of the sisters and escape from the pirate stronghold.


heart of cinderHEART OF CINDER (FIRECATS BOOK 4) by P Jameson

She was a broken girl.
He tried to put her back together.
But it would take a tiny miracle to fix them both.

Her name was Janet, but the psycho who had owned her called her Twenty. She’d do anything to forget about her time as an evil man’s Doll. Even trust another bad man with her darkest secrets. The damaged Alley Cat shifter shows her glimpses of the normal life she desperately longs for. But he might be just as broken as she is. And even if he’s not, girls like her don’t get happy endings.

Samuel “Smokes” Mendoza was content to live his life incomplete. Until a picture changed everything. One look at the woman known as Twenty, and his entire life purpose changed. Use, take, harm became save, heal, protect in a single heartbeat. Easier said than done when his werecat clan is falling apart before his eyes and his inner beast is clawing its way to the surface.

With a surprise he never saw coming, his broken girl is in danger once again. This time will be different. Smokes knows he’s not good enough for her, but maybe he’s good enough to keep her safe.


hour of the wolfHOUR OF THE WOLF (MAGGIE’S GROVE) by Dana Marie Bell

Not much worries Noah Wulfenbach, one of the most powerful shifters in North America, but questions about Iva Yamauchi’s recovery had made him anxious. He was vigilant in his caring for his mate, sitting beside her tree, talking to it—to her. Now that she’s back, Noah’s relief is matched only by his desire to drag the feisty dryad to his house to complete their mating bond.

Iva is ready to make up for lost time, especially with the delicious Alpha Prime of the werewolves, her fated mate. She and Noah had only just recognized their connection when she was injured and broken, forced to retreat to her tree. She’s curious and excited to find out just how firmly she’s tied to Mr. Tall, Dark and Growly.

Before Iva and Noah can explore the depth of their connection, supernatural hunters threaten the population of Maggie’s Grove. Together with the other town rulers, the fated pair must slay the demon-possessed leader of the hunters. Iva and Noah just found each other; they’re not ready to say goodbye…but they may not have a choice.

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hungry like a wolfHUNGRY LIKE A WOLF (CLAWS CLAUSE BOOK 1) by Jessica Lynch

I rememberThree years ago, Maddox Wolfe lost his mate. Since there’s nothing more dangerous than a bonded shifter on his own, Ordinance 7304 gave him three choices: voluntary incarceration until he’s no longer deemed a threat; a lobotomy-like procedure performed by government-employed witches that would dissolve his bond; or, most final, a state-sanctioned execution so that he could be with his mate again. And while death held a certain appeal in the hazy days following the tragedy, Maddox had his family and his pack to live for. So, refusing to give up his memories of his sweet Evangeline, he chose to spend the rest of his days in the Cage.

I forget—There’s a hole in Evangeline Lewis’s memory. The doctors tell her that it’s normal, that she’ll recover fully in time. After all, it’s only been three years since the accident that nearly killed her. They never thought she’d wake up; a nagging, annoying sensation that something’s wrong is the least of her worries. Especially since she has so much going on: a new apartment, a new job, her mother’s well-meaning attempts at match-making… but tell that to her wayward psyche. By day, she can’t shake the feeling that something’s missing. And, by night, she can’t escape the dreams of a shadow man with glowing golden eyes…(more blurb on ebook seller page)


anhagaANHAGA by Lisa Henry

Aramin Decourcey—Min to his few friends—might be the best thief in Amberwich, and he might have a secret that helps him survive the cutthroat world of aristocratic families and their powerful magic users, but he does have one weakness: his affection for his adopted nephew, Harry.

When the formidable Sabadine family curses Harry, Min must accept a suicide mission to save his life: retrieve Kazimir Stone, a low-level Sabadine hedgewitch who refuses to come home after completing his apprenticeship… and who is in Anhaga, a seaside village under the control of the terrifying Hidden Lord of the fae. If that wasn’t enough, Kaz is far from the simple hedgewitch he seems.

With the Sabadines on one side and the fae on the other, Min doesn’t have time to deal with a crisis of conscience—or the growing attraction between him and Kaz. He needs to get Kaz back to Amberwich and get Harry’s curse lifted before it kills him. Saving Harry means handing Kaz over to his ruthless family. Saving Kaz means letting Harry die. Min might pride himself on his cleverness, but he can’t see his way out of this one.

The Hidden Lord might see that he never gets the choice.

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the king armentroutTHE KING: A WICKED NOVELLA by Jennifer L Armentrout

As Caden and Brighton’s attraction grows despite the odds stacked against a happily ever after, they must work together to stop an Ancient fae from releasing the Queen, who wants nothing more than to see Caden become the evil Prince once feared by fae and mortals alike.



The most bewitching girl I ever laid eyes on rises out of the fishing hole like a goddess born out of Nature itself.
I can’t believe what I’m seeing.
She is definitely not from around here.
If she was, she would know what kind of danger she’s in right now.
There are many secrets around Smokey Mountain, dark secrets.
I should probably go and introduce myself before any of the less than savory locals, decide to add her to the menu.



I survived my night with the shifter alpha, but I’m not out of the woods yet. I need to find my brother without getting caught, survive my bullies, and pass my classes.
Easy, right?
I also have to be prepared. My night with the shifter might’ve ended differently than I ever imagined, but now I’m being given to the vampire alpha. And this time, I might not be so lucky.
Four men own me. To do with what they wish…(more blurb on ebook seller page…)



Meadow Springs had been locked away in a hospital for several years. At sixteen she was a victim and sole survivor of the mass murder of her family. The ordeal had left her semi-comatose for a long time. Since she was the only survivor and couldn’t talk, the police tried to pen the murders on her, but it didn’t stick.

Josiah McCray was there the day that Meadow was brought to their home to go into hiding. The beautiful blonde in the wheelchair was a shadow of the woman she should be. All Josiah saw was his mate, and he loved her no matter what.

The killer was still out there, and Meadow had his identity locked inside her mind and the killer knew it. Everyone previously in charge of her care were now dead. There was no way that was a coincidence.

Meadow was a loose end, the one that got away. There was no way the killer could let her live.


tamiko and the two janitorsTAMIKO AND THE TWO JANITORS (AMARANTHINE SAGA BOOK 3) by Forthright

Conspiracy theories, werewolf scares, and protest rallies have hampered the peace process in America, where social and political unrest keep most Amaranthine from declaring themselves. Those not in seclusion rely heavily on illusion to mask their true nature.
As the newly appointed principal of a small elementary school, Tamiko Reaverson is doing her part for world peace. She rallies her community’s support and applies for Hisoka Twineshaft’s school revitalization project, which will bring Amaranthine to her hometown. Little does Tami realize that Fletching was founded by one of the oldest and largest urban enclaves in the United States. And two of her staunchest supporters—janitors at her school—share a secret neither wants exposed.


descending into madnessDESCENDING INTO MADNESS (WINTERLAND TALE BOOK 1) by Stacey Marie Brown

What if Alice Liddell’s story didn’t happen the way you think? What if it wasn’t Wonderland she fell into, but Winterland.
This mad tale is dark, twisted, sexy, and nothing like the legend you know.

After losing her job and finding her boyfriend/boss cheating on her with her replacement, twenty-five-year-old Alice Liddell has moved back home to save money and regroup.

She doesn’t think things can get worse until her younger, more responsible sister, Dinah, gets her a job—as a Christmas elf.
Dressed in a slutty costume with fathers peeking down her top and kids vomiting on her, she wants nothing more than to escape the reality of her life.

When she sees a sexy, shirtless man, carrying a glowing red light, and bearing antlers, her curiosity gets the better of her. But following him might be the biggest mistake she ever made.

Falling into another realm, Alice finds herself in the world of holiday legends and fairytales. But she is not prepared her for the dark madness of this place. Nothing is what is seems and no one is what they are in the fairytales.

Even the mysterious, sexy Scrooge.

Welcome to Winterland, where the good guys from the North Pole have gone bad, and the only way to survive is to descend into its madness.

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court of destinyCOURT OF DESTINY (FORBIDDEN QUEEN BOOK 4) by Dyan Chick

Queen’s Trial just got more dangerous.

Someone on the inside is trying to eliminate the candidates. They aren’t just after Cassia, they’re trying to end the trials all together.

With Tiana dead, they have no leads on who could be sabotaging the trials. If they don’t figure it out quickly, there might not be anyone left to compete for Queen.

On top of trying to survive the Trials, Cassia has to navigate the addition of a new prince to her mates. One that none of the other princes are happy to have joining their ranks.


spark of the dragons heartTHE SPARK OF THE DRAGON’S HEART (HAREM OF FIRE BOOK 1) by Willa Hart

It’s been five years since my great-aunt and her husband rescued me from foster care — and since I discovered dragons exist.

For reals.

Yeah, I had a hard time believing it too, but now I’m learning what it means to be a dragon keeper — a human with special powers who acts as a sort of liaison between dragons and the unsuspecting human world.

When Uncle Max leaves town and entrusts me with my first case, I’m forced to enlist the help of the last five PIs on earth he’d want me to ask — his nephews. As much as I want to hate them for betraying Max, when we all finally meet face to face, the earth shakes with the instant connection between us.

And those powers I’m supposed to have? They seem to grow stronger the more time I spend with the devastatingly sexy dragon shifters.

But the confusing attraction I have for all five men will have to wait until we solve this mystery. That’s if we don’t stumble upon an even bigger one along the way.

Spoiler: We do!



VS Note: Paranormal elements evidently.

Lucy Bray doesn’t deny her checkered past. She’s tracked enough killers to know that saving innocent lives sometimes means doing whatever it takes. Working with the secret FBI supernatural task force has taught her to hone her hunting skills and be prepared for anything.

So, when a mock hostage training exercise goes sideways, and Lucy comes face to face with a new killer, there’s no question—the rules of this game have changed.

It’s going to take more than her wits if she wants to stay alive.

Lucy is the new innocent who needs saving, and this killer isn’t playing pretend. This is one game of winner takes all that she refuses to lose.



I have a confession to whisper at your ear. That shadow caressing your body in the dark, that tingle which draws you to arch your spine… it tempts me to ruin. You’re beautiful when you sleep.

Everything I long for.
All I ask is a sip, a taste of the life coursing through those delicate veins.
Just one little bite.
And I’ll make you mine… forever.


king of the faeKING OF THE FAE by Ava Mason

She is the human destined to destroy his world.
He is the Fae king sent to kill her.
He wasn’t supposed to fall in love with her.
She wasn’t supposed to be his Fated Mate.
Everyone’s twenty-first birthday is supposed to be something to remember. A milestone, a step into real adulthood.
My birthday was when everything changed.
That’s the day the men showed up.
Everywhere I went, they watched me, creeping closer, trying to find a second when I was alone.
They all wanted the same thing; to capture me and bring me back to their world.
One was different. Dark, mysterious, and sexy, he stood out from the rest. He had come for my blood.



A corpse with no eyes bursts into flames before Toronto’s Special Crimes Detective Fairuz Arshad can investigate. Her superiors are ordering her to close the case before it’s even been opened, and it isn’t the only one. She tracks down a siren and a faerie, both missing organs and brushed off by the police. Fairuz and her dryad partner, Rowan, suspect there’s more to this mystery than it appears. The evidence points to a string of parahuman murders, with all the victims missing organs.

The police are covering up the crimes, and Fairuz realizes the killer may be one of their own. As Rowan joins the ranks of those keeping secrets from her, the list of people Fairuz trusts grows smaller. More bodies are uncovered, and she fears something
far more sinister is at work than a simple serial killer.
With her own team turning against her, can Fairuz catch the killer before he strikes again?


gods of jade and shadowGODS OF JADE AND SHADOW by Silvia Moren-Garcia

VS Note: A release of note; apparently there is some romance or romantic elements but it’s not the main focus.

The Jazz Age is in full swing, but Casiopea Tun is too busy cleaning the floors of her wealthy grandfather’s house to listen to any fast tunes. Nevertheless, she dreams of a life far from her dusty small town in southern Mexico. A life she can call her own.

Yet this new life seems as distant as the stars, until the day she finds a curious wooden box in her grandfather’s room. She opens it—and accidentally frees the spirit of the Mayan god of death, who requests her help in recovering his throne from his treacherous brother. Failure will mean Casiopea’s demise, but success could make her dreams come true.

In the company of the strangely alluring god and armed with her wits, Casiopea begins an adventure that will take her on a cross-country odyssey from the jungles of Yucatán to the bright lights of Mexico City—and deep into the darkness of the Mayan underworld.

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american bearAMERICAN BEAR (CAT SHIFTERS BOOK 4) by Severine Wolfe

Ony Chernavin knew the moment he scented cinnamon and honey that his mate was near. When he saw her protecting herself and walking away the winner, he knew she was the woman for him. His mate. But then, she is attacked, and it looks like she will be blamed for her own attack. He doesn’t the only thing a Tiger can, he runs off with her to protect her.
Kada Fischer has spent her life trying to find her place in the world. She’s accepted as an Animal Husbandry expert and has some respect in her clan in Alaska, but it’s not satisfying. She heads to Montana to speak to other shifters about increasing the odds for their fertility and populations to find the Bears in the lower forty-eight, just as prejudiced as the ones in Alaska. When one Bear tries to attack her, she’s sickened, stunned and numb. When she wakes up in an airplane high about the Pacific, she doesn’t know what to say or do.
What would you do if the person you’re drawn to sees the most horrific moment of your life, the most embarrassing thing to happen, and then the world decides you’re to blame? Ony shows her what he would do.


call of nightCALL OF NIGHT (THORNE HILL BOOK 3) by Emily Goodwin

True love never dies.

Not even when those around me are trying to kill it. With vampire bounty hunters still out for me, having the Grand Coven accuse me of treason against witches is the last thing I need. No one should tell me who I can and cannot love.

Determined not to let anyone or anything get in our way, Lucas and I decide to lay low for a while and let everything blow over with my coven while Lucas hunts for the vampires who tried to kidnap me. But things, of course, don’t go according to plan, and when I stumble upon an ancient evil force hiding out in the underground of Chicago, we realize our forbidden romance is the least of our worries.

As we search for a way to defeat unbeatable odds, I start to discover that things aren’t what they seem…including my very existence.


seekersTHE SEEKERS (KREWE OF HUNTERS BOOK 28) by Heather Graham

Keri Wolf has joined the crew of The Seekers, a show that searches for paranormal phenomena, as they explore a supposedly haunted old inn on the road between Philadelphia and Harrisburg. The place is famous for its warm welcome—and infamous for being the site of an ax murder rampage in the 1920s. They’ve barely begun when a very real dead body is discovered in the basement. As a nonfiction author, Keri is supposed to be the rational one, but she can’t explain a terrifying apparition that seems to be both a threat and a warning.

Former detective Joe Dunhill knows what she’s going through—the strange gift of being able to see and talk to the dead is a struggle he shares. A new member of the FBI’s Krewe of Hunters, he’s on the team investigating the disturbing death. The town is steeped in old-fashioned superstition, and the deeper Joe and Keri plunge into the dark secrets of the inn, the closer they get to a devastating truth. Will a bloody history be repeated? Or can the spirits of the past reach out to stop a killer?

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Having forsaken her crown for a chance to save her family, and the world, Vi Solaris washes up on the shores of Meru. She’s wounded and barely alive. But Vi’s fight for survival is only just beginning.

As a princess in a foreign land, everyone is after her.

The pirate queen Adela wants to sell her to the evil elfin’ra. The Twilight King wants to use her to settle an old score. And, perhaps most dangerous, is the scheming Lord of the Faithful who sees her as an opportunity to further consolidate his power.

The only path for Vi is forward. But she doesn’t yet know if she’s running toward salvation… or a brutal end to everything she loves.



Days away from completing her first year at Miss Castwell’s Institute for the Magical Instruction of Young Ladies, Changeling-born Sarah Smith might just get away with posing as an upper-class Guardian girl named Cassandra Reed.

But strange visions of a Lightbourne destroyed by Miss Morton’s revenant army keep Sarah from enjoying her achievement. Plus, the Mother Book, Sarah’s one secret advantage and the ultimate entrée in Guardian society, suddenly stops revealing itself to her…putting her in a precarious position with the Guild. On top of all that, her former lady’s maid left Miss Castwell’s, and the new hire is, well, taking some getting used to.

If it weren’t for her two best friends, Alicia McCray and Ivy Cowel, who will do anything to protect her secret, Sarah doesn’t know if she’ll make it another year. When the three girls take summer holiday with Alicia’s family (chaperoned by an exacting and very disapproving Mrs. McCray), a relaxing vacation in Scotland is the last thing they’ll find.

Mrs. Winter is thrilled that Sarah is spending time with the influential McCray family, but Sarah can’t help but feel that her real purpose is to find other Changeling children like her, and free them to realize their own magic. Can she find genuine satisfaction in her accomplishments when she knows there are others like her out there who need her help? Will the three girls uncover the deeply-held secrets they’re looking for in the mysterious mountains of Scotland? Will the Mother Book finally start talking to her again? And will Sarah come to understand the importance of her connection with Ivy and Alicia, and the true nature of her own power…before it’s too late?

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how to run with the wolvesHOW TO RUN WITH THE WOLVES (HOWL AT THE MOON BOOK5) by Eli Easton

Zeus loves his job on the Mad Creek Search & Rescue team, and his inner Saint Bernard is finally being used to his full potential. When he sees a mysterious and wild-looking quickened—a dog shifter—at an earthquake site in Alaska, Zeus is compelled to investigate. Zeus falls hard for the primal beauty of Timo and of Alaska itself. Both call to his deep canine soul. But the Qimmig pack’s laws are as harsh as the Alaskan winters, and Timo is out of his reach.Timo’s pack of dog shifters left their Inuit village generations ago and have lived wild ever since. Not trusting the “one-skinned,” and with their numbers dwindling, the Qimmig are on the verge of extinction. Timo is shocked to discover a whole group of “two-skinned” working as a rescue team, and he is particularly fascinated by Zeus, a gentle giant. He senses what Zeus feels for him… but it’s forbidden.Can Mad Creek save this lost quickened clan? Perhaps—if they can learn how to run with the wolves.



TwoAgainstTheStarsFinalVS: The SFR Station website is adding my TWO AGAINST THE STARS from my backlist this week, so I thought I’d highlight it here:

The third in my stories of alien empathic priestesses… can be read as a standalone, or in sequence with STAR CRUISE: STOWAWAY and then DANGER IN THE STARS.

Empathic priestess Carialle has escaped the evil Amarotu Combine, but she’s hardly out of danger. Not when she risks everything to rescue a drugged man from a crooked veterans’ clinic. By lulling the clinic staff to sleep, she reveals her powers. And once again, criminals are after her and her rescuer.

Marcus Valerian, a wounded Special Forces veteran, never expected to have his life threatened by the clinic that’s supposed to help ex-soldiers like him. But when he wakes from a drugged state to find a lovely woman urging him to run–he does. In his family’s remote fishing cabin, he suffers the agony of withdrawal, soothed only by her powers.

In their idyllic hideaway, the two also discover a nova-hot attraction flaring. But can they stay alive long enough for it to become more? Not if the Combine has anything to say–they are not giving up until Marcus is dead and Carialle is their weapon

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all 4 books in series



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The term “new” is generally plus or minus a week or two. I try to catch up on ones I missed in recent months.  And I may mention ‘special items’.

I do NOT cover every single new release in SFR/FantasyR/PNR. I never have. That would be an impossible task for any human! I assemble my list every week based on various informal inputs, and I do curate the list to some extent…

I check and verify all the buy links at the time I create the post  but after that I’m not responsible.

Don’t Move Weekend Writing Warriors

Warriors logo revisedTaking excerpts from CAMRON, one of my recent scifi romance releases…(BADARI WARRIOR’S BABY is actually the most recent).

Here’s the link to the Weekend Writing Warriors central page, so you can visit all the participants sharing excerpts today…a fun way to sample new books and find new authors! (Also welcome to the Sunday Snippet visitors!)

Punctuation may be wonky to comply with our guidelines here. May be edited a bit from published version.

If you haven’t read any of my Badari Warriors books, here’s the background:

Genetically engineered soldiers of the far future, the Badari were created by alien enemies to fight humans. But then the scientists kidnapped an entire human colony from the Sectors to use as subjects in twisted experiments…the Badari and the humans made common cause, rebelled and escaped the labs. Now they live side by side in a sanctuary valley protected by a powerful Artificial Intelligence, and wage unceasing war on the aliens. 

The excerpt – Gemma and Camron have escaped the crashed, burning flyer, after he does indeed obey the dying Khagrish scientist’s order to kill her (she was hopelessly trapped). Now they’re on the run together and have stopped to pick some berries because they’re starving.

Her stomach growled and she had to admit the idea of even a handful of berries sounded good. “Wait here and I’ll gather enough for both of us,” Gemma moved closer to the thicket of bushes, taking care not to get scratched by the thorns among the berries and flowers.

“The green ones are actually the ripest,” he said.

Gemma reached for a particularly fat berry that practically glowed because it was such an intense green. She popped it in her mouth and was surprised by the flood of sweet juice cooling her throat, “Oh, these are incredible.” She searched for a means to collect more than a few berries and plucked a broad leaf from a nearby sapling, using it as a makeshift basket to collect her harvest.

“They’re good in pie.”

Whatever she’d expected him to say, it wasn’t a remark about baked goods. She grinned at the homey detail, surprising in their current circumstances.

A particularly fat cluster of berries hung a bit further into the thicket so she carefully stepped among the branches.

“Stop,” Camron’s voice was intense, “Don’t move.”

Heart pounding, Gemma stayed frozen in the position she’d taken to reach the berries, “What is it? What’s wrong?”

camronThe blurb:

Dr. Gemma Madarian is far from her home in the human Sectors, kidnapped along with hundreds of other humans to be used for horrifying experiments conducted on a remote planet by alien scientists.

She and another prisoner, Camron of the Badari, are the only survivors of a deadly crash landing. She’s paired up with the genetically engineered soldier by their mutual enemies and sent fleeing through rough country, hunted for pleasure by an enemy officer and his ferocious trackers.

The enemy wants a triumphant kill. Gemma and Camron want to survive.

Camron never dreamt of having a mate but Gemma shatters his preconceptions and makes him desperate to do everything in his power to save her life and claim her for his.

There’s no help or refuge to be had in the desert where they’re fleeing for their lives.
Or is there?

Will Camron and Gemma live to fight another day and explore the growing attraction between them, or will ancient secrets and bitter rivalries end their bid for freedom?

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BadariWarriorsBoxSetFinalNew to my award winning Badari Warriors series? There’s a box set of the first 3 books!

There’s no new material included, other than a brief recap of why I wrote each book (which appeared in previous blog posts) But I thought it was time to put the books together!

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Lady of the Star WindFinal-FJM_High_Res_1800x2700VS: Revisiting one of my backlist titles!

As usual with me, there were multiple things that caused me to write this novel.

First and foremost, I’ve always loved Andre Norton’s Witch World stories. I was captivated by the first one in the series, where the hero steps from our modern day world into Witch World on a one way trip, and then has to cope with everything fantastical there. I loved the way she left the reader feeling there was a huge backstory to Witch World itself and she would drops crumbs and hints in the books that often raised new questions.  I wanted to write my own novel that would accomplish a similar goal. So my couple from the futuristic  Sectors have to flee through a portal of sorts, to the low tech world where they end up. I’m not saying my novel is on a par with Witch World! But there are mysteries and magical powers my characters have to get used to. And the hero and heroine seem to be the embodiment of an old legend in their new home, which brings its own challenges.

That’s the big picture answer.  But one extremely important magic item in the novel is a mirror that belonged to a powerful goddess in ancient times. The inspiration was an ancient Egyptian mirror I saw in a museum in 1995. I never forgot it, graceful and beautifully made – the handle has three Egyptian gods holding up the fan-shaped mirror frame, and of course the reflective surface is long gone. I loved the imagery of this mirror, but when I thought about using it in a book, I saw different figures on the handle. And a lot of cool things it could do, if the person holding it only knew how to tap into the power.

Next I was pondering who would take a one way trip to an unknown destination like this and not be upset or dismayed by being permanently cut off from everything familiar. Andre Norton’s Simon Tregarth was a ‘burned’ spy fleeing from certain death, no way out. Who in my world would be desperate enough to travel? My characters in other Sectors novels mention the Outlier Empire from time to time. So I thought, what if the heroine is fleeing the Empire? This insight triggered a cascade of insights about who should be the hero and why he’d go with her.

My heroine’s name is Alessandra, and Mark the hero, is the only person who has ever called her Sandy. (She’s an Imperial Princess of Outlier and no one would dare to be so familiar. Well, no one but Mark.) That’s a nod from me to the movie version of “A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court,” where at the very end Bing Crosby’s character and the heroine (is she reincarnated? Is she the actual girl from the past?) know each other by the nickname he had for her –  ‘Sandy’. I always thought that was such a cool touch! And maybe there’s a smidge of a hint of time travel in my novel…no spoilers, so you’ll have to read it to see.

Although this novel is a complete, standalone story with a Happily Ever After, I built a lot of mysteries and things yet to be discovered into Lady of the Star Wind. I definitely have sequels in mind for adventures on the planet, although I can’t imagine these characters will ever return to the Sectors. Never say never but I’m pretty sure.

So there’s plenty left to tell in future books, much as Ms. Norton (I fangirl her, can you tell?) went back to her Witch World again and again.

The cover is by Fiona Jayde as always and I felt the two stockphoto models really captured my hero and heroine.

canva between worlds crossings scififriThe story:

Are they merely luckless lovers … or a legend come back to life?

Mark Denaltieri, ex-Sector Special Forces, has been hired by the Outlier Empress to rescue her granddaughter, Princess Alessandra, from kidnappers. Since the Empress once had him tortured and banished, she’s the last person Mark wants to work for. But he takes the job. He’ll save Alessandra, his first love, and discover why she didn’t speak for him when he desperately needed her. Then he’ll be on his way, finally free of his past.

Alessandra would rather her rescuer was anyone but Mark–after all, he let her believe he was dead all this time. But when the couple are forced to flee her captors by Traveling via a strange crystal globe, they find themselves in a lovely Oasis on a desert planet, the old attraction sizzling between them again.

They soon discover they are far from alone. The Oasis holds the entrance to another world, one in which the inhabitants are convinced Sandy and Mark are the Lady of the Star Wind and her Warrior, come to free them from an evil Queen.

Mark and Sandy must work together to unearth an ancient mirror, and crown the true king of this land.  Can they fulfill the prophecy of the Lady and her Warrior … and this time, will their love survive the test?

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Portions of this post first appeared on Pauline Baird Jones’s blog in 2016.

New Releases in #SciFi #Fantasy and Paranormal Romance for Wednesday July 17

shielded heartAs always, I recommend sampling before you buy! I have not read most of the new releases listed (although I always end up one-clicking a bunch as I prepare these posts LOL).



VS Note: Oh yes, definitely one clicked this!

Arthos, the Infinite City, is a place of alien wonders and indescribable beauty—and, most importantly for Samantha, it’s also halfway across the universe from her abusive ex-fiancé. She came to the city desperate for a fresh start, but she finds herself downtrodden on a world of aloof alien beings with little hope of finding her place—and a good chance of being kidnapped or killed before she can even settle in.

At least until she is saved by an irresistible alien with piercing eyes and a seductive smile.

Alkorin is the living embodiment of temptation, and he makes no effort to disguise his desire for her. But when his past threatens to drag her into a dangerous underworld, she discovers he isn’t who he claims to be. After enduring so much suffering, can she bear to take a leap of faith with this mysterious alien? Can she trust him with not only her life, but her heart?


alien prisoner honey phillipsALIEN PRISONER (ALIEN INVASION BOOK 2) by Honey Phillips

Rachel is too busy working to support her brother and her helpless mother to worry about the aliens taking over Earth – until she breaks one of their rules and finds herself imprisoned on a spaceship with a group of other human females. Determined to find a way to escape and return home, her overwhelming attraction to one of the massive horned warriors is an unwanted distraction, no matter how strong the bond between them.

Commander T’chok knows that intimate contact with the potential Breeders is forbidden, but never has he met a female who stirs his blood like Rachel. With her propensity for trouble, she needs a strong mate to protect her, care for her – and provide her with a firm, guiding hand.

Can Rachel escape her prison and the alien warrior who is determined to claim her? Or will T’chok do whatever it takes to keep her?


sweep of the bladeSWEEP OF THE BLADE (INNKEEPER CHRONICLES BOOK 4) by Ilona Andrews

VS Note: I LOVE this series. I had this one pre-ordered.

Maud Demille is a daughter of Innkeepers—a special group who provide ‘lodging’ to other-planetary visitors—so she knows that a simple life isn’t in the cards. But even Maud could never have anticipated what Fate would throw at her.

Once a wife to a powerful vampire knight, Maud and her young daughter, Helen, were exiled with him for his treachery to the desolate, savage planet of Karhari. Karhari killed her husband, and Maud—completely abandoned by his family—has spent over a year avenging his debts. Rescued by her sister Dina, she’s sworn off all things vampire.

Except… In helping Dina save the world, she met Arland, the Marshal of House Krahr, one of the most powerful vampire houses. One thing led to another and he asked for her hand in marriage. She declined. Arland is not used to hearing the word ‘no;’ and try as she might, Maud can’t just walk away from Arland. It doesn’t help that being human is a lot harder for Maud than being a vampire.

To sort it all out, she accepts his invitation to visit his home planet. House Krahr is extremely influential and Maud knows that a woman—a human, with a very questionable past—who’s turned down a proposal from its most beloved son won’t get a warm reception. Maybe she’s not sure about marrying Arland, but House Krahr isn’t going to decide for her. Maud Demille has never run from a fight, and House Krahr will soon discover that there’s a lot more to Maud than they’re expecting.

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mating enigmaMATING ENIGMA (PRAESIDIO BOOK 3) by Ava Ryant

So…Earth was invaded by Aliens. That happened. I’m not joking. Fortunately for us, Humans developed latent abilities that enabled us to defend and protect our planet. We call ourselves the Praesidio. Years later the world is not the same. We know we are not alone in the universe. There are dangerous things lingering in the darkness.

Elena is an Agent in the global-reaching Enforcement Agency charged with tracking down criminals using a powerful and secret Praesidio ability. The new world has dangerous enemies that like to hide in the dark pits of society. Elena is reluctantly drafted into becoming a spy and meets a deadly ally in the ruins. Together they team up in order to combat a looming threat to Humanity and the Laren race. Along the way they discover far more than they were expecting; danger, treachery and a love so powerful it transcends every obstacle.

When a terrible disaster strikes Elena and her sexy-spy are transported off world and find a passion so raw in will leave them both branded.


crossfireCROSSFIRE (STAR KINGDOM BOOK 4) by Lindsay Buroker

VS Note: Not a romance although I gather there may be a verrryyyy slow burn romance possible over the series? But I thoroughly enjoy her writing…

For the first time in his life, roboticist Casmir Dabrowski is headed to another star system as an advisor for the Kingdom space fleet. He’s being given a chance to prove himself to King Jager by helping find the ancient artifact he inadvertently lost. It’s best not to think about what might happen if he fails…
But with technologically advanced astroshamans after the artifact, not to mention the deadly mercenary captain Tenebris Rache, it’s not long before the mission collides with disaster.
Soon, Casmir and his friends are caught between warring factions, and he must choose between what the king would want and what he knows is right.



Is it a rescue or a princess-napping?
Nyssa Leofric can’t marry the new head of Riel Industries. They trade in illegal weapons and he only wants her for her wealth and family name. When her parents insist, and unable to escape on her own, she arranges arranges her own kidnapping, hiring the mercenaries known as the Dead Suns.
Jessie Tabris believes in two things: getting the money up front and that people lie. He takes the job because Riel owes him credits. But when Nyssa’s ransom is paid, he finds himself in a bind. No one should be forced into a life they don’t want. But the Dead Suns are threatening to disavow him and his team if he doesn’t return Nyssa to Riel.
Now they must work together or they could both wind up as part of Riel’s next experiment.

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through the tearsTHROUGH THE TEARS (TORN BETWEEN WORLDS BOOK 1) by Leigh M Lorien

Huge, horrid creatures with a taste for human flesh have been invading Seacliff Manor and its surrounding lands for years. Ghouls are coming from another world through portals made of magic. No one knows why or how, but nothing good ever comes with them.

During a hunting trip, Eamon encounters one such monster and falls through a portal into the ghoul’s hellacious desert home world. Separated from his home, his friends, and his lover, with no magic of his own and no sign of other life, Eamon expects to die there…until an encounter with a lone stranger gives him hope. There is a way home. But can Eamon survive alone in ghoul-infested terrain long enough to get there?

Worlds away, the Lord of Seacliff Manor is determined to bring Eamon home. Despite all evidence to the contrary, Rafe knows his human lover is alive. It’s just a matter of finding out where. To that end, Rafe has a plan. It’s dangerous, perhaps even suicidal, but he’ll do anything to save the man he loves.

From different sides of the galaxy, the lovers fight monsters and seek magic with one goal in mind: reunion. Monsters aren’t the only things they’ll have to defeat to find their way back to each other, and the horrors uncovered along the way may be more than they can handle.

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wedding seasonWEDDING SEASON: A COLLECTION OF ROMANCE READS by Various including Marie Dry

VS Note: Here’s what Marie sent me regarding her scifi romance story in this anthology: “I have a short story in there about a time travelling Zyrgin…” Don’t miss it!

This summer, ROSA vows to have you falling in love all over again with ‘Wedding Season’, a collection of romance reads from the Romance writers Organisation of South Africa.
All proceeds go to the Athol Williams Read to Rise literacy charity and the ROSA Scholarship Fund.


enemy within marcella burnardENEMY WITHIN (CHRONICLES OF THE EMPIRE BOOK 1) by Marcella Burnard

VS note: A re-release

Horrific torture in an alien prison torpedoed Captain Ari Idylle’s military career. Stripped of command and banished to her father’s scientific expedition to finish a PhD she doesn’t want, Ari refuses to fly a desk. She intends to have her command back by any means possible, until pirates commandeer her father’s ship, and she’s once again a prisoner. Perhaps this cunning captor isn’t what he pretends to be.

As far as Cullin Seaghdh is concerned, the same goes for Ari. Her past association with aliens puts her dead center in Cullin’s cross-hairs. If she hasn’t been brainwashed and returned as a spy, then she must be part of a traitorous alliance endangering billions of lives. He can’t afford the desire she fires within him. His mission comes first. He’ll stop at nothing, including her destruction, to uncover her true purpose and protect what is his.

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salvation daySALVATION DAY by Kali Wallace

VS note: Not a romance. Scifi. I enjoyed the book although there was a bit too much emphasis on politics, especially toward the end, BUT that said, the plot kept me guessing for a long time and there were good twists and turns. A new release last week but I waited until I’d read it myself to list it here.

Zahra knew every detail of the plan. House of Wisdom, a massive exploration vessel, had been abandoned by the government of Earth a decade earlier, when a deadly virus broke out and killed everyone on board in a matter of hours. But now it could belong to her people if they were bold enough to take it. All they needed to do was kidnap Jaswinder Bhattacharya—the sole survivor of the tragedy, and the last person whose genetic signature would allow entry to the spaceship.

But what Zahra and her crew could not know was what waited for them on the ship—a terrifying secret buried by the government. A threat to all of humanity that lay sleeping alongside the orbiting dead.
And then they woke it up.

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Since the Trilyn’s made their pact with the people of Earth, Prince Akrawn has been struggling to find his genetically compatible human mate while also dealing with distrust from his own brothers.

When an apparent misunderstanding makes Prince Akrawn public enemy number one, rather than face the legal ramifications on Earth or return to his home planet, he chooses to disappear into the streets of San Francisco, but the human authorities aren’t going to let him go that easily.

Brilliant SFPD Detective Catherine “Cat” O’Shea is tasked with tracking him down with the assistance of her AI. While Cat learns more about Akrawn and starts to believe he may not be responsible for the crime he’s accused of, she has no idea he’s using the same technology to spy on her and has become fascinated with the tenuous and beautiful woman.

Forced on the run together by a nefarious entity set on destroying them and gaining control over the Trilyn, can Akrawn and Cat see past all the reasons they may be wrong for each other to the truth of their destiny?


rogues maskROGUE’S MASK (ROGUE STAR BOOK 9) by Ava  York

He doesn’t want me on this mission.
Thinks my skills are a waste of time.I’ll prove him wrong. I’m the only one who can get those files, and he knows it. When the agents of the Dominion are hot on our trail, I’ll have to trust him to see us through. And the man beneath the mask? Much more than I ever imagined.



Mandy was having a seriously crappy day.
And that was before she was snatched from Earth by bad-ass alien warriors in need of brides.
Taken to a high-tech space station designed to entice human women, LA socialite Mandy is anything but impressed. She’s not falling for their holographic fantasy suites, their promise of a dream wedding, or their gorgeous, brawny warriors. Especially not the abrasive, arrogant guy she’s been matched with.
The last thing Dorn wants is a mate. He craves battle and discipline, not a weak female.
As a Drexian commander tasked with defending his people from a menacing enemy, he has no desire for a frail human mate. Even if they are his species’ last chance for survival. Especially not one as spoiled as her.
But, unfortunately for Dorn, he has no choice. Not if he wants to get back to his battleship and save both Earth and the Drexian race from extinction.



VS note: Of course being an apocalypse trope fiend, I one clicked this.

Shelby Hughes’ day is off to a rough start and it doesn’t seem like it will improve anytime soon. Sitting at work, in a nearly dark cube and hearing the panicked voices of her co-workers, Shelby wants to bang her head on her desk – her father has finally been proven right. Grabbing the go-bag from the bottom drawer of her file cabinet, she crosses to the windows, looking out across Seattle’s 5th Avenue. With the city at a standstill, she takes a moment to make a quick list:
Find a bike.
Find her son.
Get on the road.
Prepare to eat crow when she gets to her father’s house.
And pray like hell that her daughter makes it there.
In a world without electricity, Shelby is determined to do what she’s always done – make the best life for her children, no matter what stands in her way.


radio silence 2019RADIO SILENCE (OFF THE GRID) by Alyssa Cole

VS note: A re-release. 

Arden Highmore was living your average postgrad life in Rochester, New York, when someone flipped the “off” switch on the world. No cell phones, no power, no running water—and no one knows why. All she and her roommate, John, know for sure is that they have to get out, stat. His family’s cabin near the Canadian border seemed like the safest choice.

It turns out isolation doesn’t necessarily equal safety.

When scavengers attack, it’s John’s ridiculously handsome brother, Gabriel, who comes to the rescue. He saves Arden’s life, so he can’t be all bad…but he’s also a controlling jerk who treats her like an idiot. Now their parents are missing and it seems John, Gabriel, their kid sister, Maggie, and Arden are the only people left alive who aren’t bloodthirsty maniacs.

No one knows when—or if—the lights will come back on and, in the midst of all that, Arden and Gabriel are finding that there’s a fine line indeed between love and hate. How long can they expect to last in this terrifying new world, be it together or apart?

Amazon     Apple Books

apokalypsis book 2APOKALYPSIS BOOK 2 by Kate Morris

VS Note: I went back and one clicked book #1.

Avery Andersson led a charmed life, even if she had seven siblings, still lived at home, had no love life (or much of a life at all), and was a homeschool kid growing up. She loved her simple life, though, and her parents, who were as devoted to their children as they were each other. As she bears witness to some strange occurrences all happening within the span of a few weeks, Avery begins to question everything she knew and how it was all changing so quickly. Meeting a dark and brooding soldier who saves her life only adds to the confusion she is spiraling into.

The sexy-cute blonde from the bar, the same one he’d saved from possibly being murdered by some random creep, was a homeschooled nerd from a family full of odd siblings and equally strange parents? And her mother was the therapist he was being forced by the Army to see at least once a week. Great. Combine that with her obvious distaste for him and clear disgust by his tattoos and Tristan knew enough to stay away from Avery Andersson for good.

However, their lives are about to intersect again and again as one tragedy after the other forces Tristan and Avery together in order to survive. As events escalate, the country begins to collapse and the night crawlers multiply by the hour, they will learn that fighting this out and sticking together is going to be their only answer.

Amazon     Apple Books

lightest object in the universeTHE LIGHTEST OBJECT IN THE UNIVERSE: A NOVEL by Kimi Eisele

VS Note: ok, this must be the week of the apocalyptic novels! 

What if the end times allowed people to see and build the world anew? This is the landscape that Kimi Eisele creates in her surprising and original debut novel. Evoking the spirit of such monumental love stories as Cold Mountain and the creative vision of novels like Station ElevenThe Lightest Object in the Universe imagines what happens after the global economy collapses and the electrical grid goes down.

In this new world, Carson, on the East Coast, is desperate to find Beatrix, a woman on the West Coast who holds his heart. Working his way along a cross-country railroad line, he encounters lost souls, clever opportunists, and those who believe they’ll be saved by an evangelical preacher in the middle of the country. While Carson travels west, Beatrix and her neighbors begin to construct the kind of cooperative community that suggests the end could be, in fact, a bright beginning.

Without modern means of communication, will Beatrix and Carson find their way to each other, and what will be left of the old world if they do? The answers may lie with a fifteen-year-old girl who could ultimately decide the fate of the lovers.

Amazon     Apple Books

noahs arkNOAH’S ARK (CHRONICLES OF KASSOUK BOOK 0) by Vijaya Schartz

When Trixie’s starfreighter, Noah’s Ark, drops out of jump space in an uncharted part of the universe, she believes the Earth-like planet on her viewer represents hope and salvation for her motley crew and the ragtag settlers aboard her ship.

Kostas, ex Space Marine, the expert survivalist recruited for this expedition, doesn’t believe in coincidences, and knows that when something looks too good to be true, it usually is.

Everyone on this voyage to seed a new planet with life, is running from something, and harbors dangerous secrets… including Trixie, who vowed to never let a man control her life again. As for Kostas, he would get lynched on the spot if anyone suspected who he really is.

But on this seemingly abandoned planet, others are watching, herding them for evil purposes… And when the truth emerges and secrets unravel, Trixie and Kostas will have to fight for survival, for freedom, and for the right to love.


black sky morningBLACK SKY MORNING (MEN+MACHINE 3) by Hanna Dare

A bounty hunter in over his head.Xin knows how to look out for himself, and he knows when something sounds too good to be true. But a forgotten planet filled with riches is too tempting to pass up. Fortunately Xin also knows someone who can back him up – if he doesn’t arrest Xin first.

A government agent who’s lost hope.Jonathan Gray used to believe in a better future. Now he’s not so sure. Then Xin walks in, with his dark eyes and maddening smirk, and Jonathan feels like he’s waking up for the first time in months. Well, parts of him at least. He knows Xin is trouble, but when trouble looks this good it’s impossible to resist.

Two men. One dangerous planet. To survive they need to trust each other – too bad neither of them does trust.


stolen desireSTOLEN DESIRE (PLANET OF DESIRE BOOK 3) by Robin Lovett

VS Note: Listed as erotica…

Koviye – My people call me the Sex God, but I, Koviye of the Fellamana, am so much more. I read their every desire and satisfy them with a mere touch of my hands. I’m sworn to share my powers, and this thing humans call monogamy is biologically impossible for me, or so I thought until I met the human, Jenie, Lieutenant General in the rebellion against our mutual enemy determined to destroy us. Now, as though Jenie has some power over me, I cannot think of touching anyone but her.

Jenie – I’ve dreamt of Koviye every night since I landed on this sex planet where every breath I take is an aphrodisiac to my blood. I am not fully human, I am part alien, and the planet has awakened my body’s instinct to find a mate. The next person I have sex with I will form an attachment for life, which is impossible for the Sex God. I have a rebellion to lead. Mating a polyamorous alien would ruin me. I can never have him, no matter how much I burn for him.

But I need his help. My best friend was taken prisoner by our enemies, the Ten Systems, and the only person with a ship fast enough to save her is Koviye. And all those dreams I’ve been having about him aren’t just dreams, he tells me. They’re real. He can dream walk, so if I can’t have him while I’m awake, at least I can have him in my dreams—as if that will ever be enough.

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wrappedWRAPPED (TEAM EIGHT: ORIGINS BOOK 4) by Viola Grace

VS note: Not sure there’s romance but I enjoy her writing.

Brneary lived a life of luxury in preparation for responsibility. One night that should have been a celebration turns into national horror, and she is the sole survivor. Waking in the hospital when no one else even left remains behind, she grieves her family and then finds out that there have been… changes.

She is left with a huge corporation, a vast personal fortune, and a family of thieves and assassins who cling to her as the last of her line. They help her gain control over the gift that rises, and while learning, she finds out that her world is even more twisted than she had imagined.

Generating armour from anything she touches is not a skill that helps when personal betrayal hurts her worse than any projectile.


captive of the wolf packCAPTIVE OF THE WOLF PACK: A BONFIRE FALLS PARANORMAL ROMANCE by Liv Brywood and Aria Hunt

I’m in love with three wolf shifters who also happen to be my best friends. They don’t know how I feel, but I can’t keep this secret much longer. Our relationship is strictly forbidden. Witches and shifters don’t mix in my world. Falling in love with them would mean punishment by death, so I flee. My stepmother Lexus, High Priestess at Dark Magic Academy, is enraged by my disobedience. She’ll stop at nothing to get me back. She wants to control my magic, but she’ll never control my heart. It already belongs to three irresistible men.

Nyx, Remus, and Torak are my guys. I don’t care if we’re not meant to be together. There’s an undeniable connection between the four of us. I can’t ignore it anymore. Our love is dangerous, but it’s worth risking everything. War is coming to Bonfire Falls. There’s nothing I can do to stop it. Love is the strongest magic of all, but I don’t know if it will be enough to keep us safe.


fallen alice wildeFALLEN (HELLFIRE ACADEMY BOOK 1) by Alice Wilde

All angels are offered a choice: attend the Celestial Academy or be cast out of Heaven. Until two hours ago, only one angel since the beginning of time has ever made the choice to leave. Today, I made that two.

No one warns you where you go after the fall. If I’d known, I can’t help but wonder if I’d still have made the same choice.

It turns out there’s another Academy, and in order to earn the right to freewill on Earth, I’m going to have to make it through an entirely different set of trials.

I traded angels for demons, among other things, and it’s obvious I am not one of them. Here, in the midst of the very worst Hell has to offer, I stand out like a light in the dark…and that isn’t a good thing. In just a few short hours, I’ve already drawn the unwanted attention of several of the more devilishly-handsome (is that a compliment here?) brutes…and they’ve made it abundantly clear that they don’t want me here.
If I want a chance at life on Earth, I need to graduate…but first, I’ll have to survive the Demigod Trifecta.
My name is Eden, and today is my first day at Hellfire Academy. 
Today, I become one of The Fallen


own to obtainOWN TO OBTAIN (MYTH OF THE OMEGA BOOK 9) by Zoey Ellis

Kardos – Burning with disbelief, Kardos’ fury sets the entire known Lands alight.
He swears to reclaim what belongs to him, but discovers the true cost of trying to cage the beauty he loves to see fly.
Shaya – Shaya seeks the life she had, but she is no longer the Omega she once was.
Battling her heartache, she soon learns that to find her strength, she must stake a claim of her own.

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on wings of passionON WINGS OF PASSION (ON WINGS SAGA BOOK 2) by M D Grimm

Every story has a beginning….Dragons. Angels fear them and demons follow them. Formidable beasts of incredible power, they fight each other to the death for dominance. But dwindling dragon numbers cause alarm among the angelic ranks. Surely when the dragons have finished killing each other, the victors will search elsewhere for conquest… maybe even the Upper Realm.

Roland, an angelic artist of significant talent, doesn’t know what to believe. Part of him longs to see a dragon in person, and his peaceful life of contentment is wearing thin. He wants passion, desire, adventure, and love. He gets more than he bargained for when he and his sister are ambushed and captured by demons, and they bring him to a creature who surpasses Roland’s wildest imaginings.

But the mighty dragon Asagoroth is not all that he seems. Something sparks between him and Roland. Something neither anticipated. Something that will shake the cosmos to its core.

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souls and shadowsSOULS AND SHADOWS BY Various

Face haunting new worlds filled with paranormal creatures and breathtaking romance. Journey with beautiful beasts, sexy-as-sin vampires, soul-searing demigods, shadowy necromancers, and unlikely heroes as they fall in love and battle for good in this collection of fantasy adventures.
Will they survive the shadow’s call?
There’s only one way to find out.

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tollTHE TOLL by Cherie Priest

VS note: Not a romance. Gothic horror, set in the South. I’m not usually a horror reader but I did enjoy this one. Very atmospheric and she makes you wonder how certain plots will work out. Some went the way I expected and some didn’t! A new release last week but I waited till I’d read it to list it here. The book has mixed reviews.

Titus and Melanie Bell are on their honeymoon and have reservations in the Okefenokee Swamp cabins for a canoeing trip. But shortly before they reach their destination, the road narrows into a rickety bridge with old stone pilings, with room for only one car.

Much later, Titus wakes up lying in the middle of the road, no bridge in sight. Melanie is missing. When he calls the police, they tell him there is no such bridge on Route 177.

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Kosta Troika has to betray everything he believes in, if he’s going to save his pack. He’ll do whatever it takes. He never expected the sweet, sassy girl next door with curves he’s had a very naughty crush on for years would fight to save him.


havoc auryn hadleyHAVOC (RISE OF THE ILIRI BOOK 9) by Auryn Hadley

The world has waited a long time for the Kaisae—Salryc Luxx, leader of the iliri and commander of the allied forces. Kaisaes before her have died or gone mad. But now that they are so close to finally winning the war and finding peace for her species, either option is unthinkable! She’s still needed. The war is yet to be won, and now there’s a coup brewing at home in Anglia.

As Sal prepares for a crucial push into enemy territory, the biggest battle her country faces isn’t about destruction; it’s about the rebuilding that comes after. If they want this war to matter, their new citizens will need to remember what it means to be iliri: to make packs, have children, and find the remains of their culture. They’ll need to make a home, and do it together—all three species: iliri, graouri, and humans. Although Sal is battling personal issues almost as large as her military battles, like the fact that no Kaisaes live into a happy old age. They either die fighting—or they go insane.

The newest member of Sal’s pack, Ryali, has been recruited to research the creation of the iliri species in the hope of discovering the reason Kaisaes have historically lost touch with reality—and hopefully she can find a way to make sure it doesn’t happen to Sal. But she’ll need more than old books to help. Luckily, there’s an answer—and Sal’s newly-expanded four-mate harem is determined to save her. It looks like they’re going to need a much bigger tent.


shade of vampire 78A SHADE OF VAMPIRE 78: ORIGIN OF VAMPIRES by Bella Forrest

Amal and Amane have discovered something remarkable: the location of the protein which allows Derek to walk in the sun, even as a vampire.
Along with Tristan and Esme Vaughn, the grown-up grandchildren of Anna and Kyle, Derek and Sofia set out to learn more about the world from which the protein originates – and, most importantly, its residents.
On arrival, however, they encounter a new, yet mysteriously familiar species…one which may predate even the oldest vampire or Mara – and lead them to question everything they thought they knew.



Eva is being hunted. Whether it’s by her obsessive ex or a murderer stalking her through the streets of New York, there’s danger around every corner.
But she can survive it all as long as she has Damon, Mason, and Beckham…right?
When disaster strikes, and Eva is left all alone to pick up the pieces, Eva will have to discover what’s really inside of her. Can Eva discover who she is and unlock the keys to her past in time to save herself and the ones she loves? Or will the bond between Eva and her men be broken forever.
And when Eva discovers who she really is…will it actually set her free?


legacy lughnasadhLEGACY (LUGHNASADH ELITE ACADEMY BOOK 4) by Layla Heart

The first day of the new academic year started pretty normal for Litha, between hanging out with the princes and Phoenix and going to her first class it all seemed perfectly simple, but it ended horrifically wrong with Litha, Kit and Rune locked in a room at the succubi cafe, surrounded by fae soldiers. As they broke free, Litha sacrificed herself to save the woman she’d always thought of as her grandma.

In the fallout after Litha’s magnificent magical attack, things become even more grim as Litha, Phoenix and the princes are surrounded by the rest of the fae army, who are now slowly closing in on them through the thick smoke. They can’t see the soldiers, but they can hear them come closer.

The five have to stand their ground, protect Litha and her grandma, and try not to get killed before backup reaches them. But when the fae soldiers reveal their new weapons, things get even more dicey. Will they make it out? And in what condition?

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VS note: Previously published but this is evidently all the ‘episodes’ in one place.

Lainie never expected to be admitted to the prestigious Time Travel Academy.She never expected to study runes, ancient languages and meet real life Vikings.And she certainly didn’t expect to fall for her teacher… and a Viking… and a mysterious archivist.When a forbidden jump in time goes wrong, Lainie will have to draw on everything she’s learned to make her way back into the present – and into the arms of her men.

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portals savannah vertePORTALS by Savannah Verte

A banishment portal meant for one becomes a catalyst to destiny for seven brothers who pass through. Their journey takes them between worlds, time, and back again, revealing truths they were never supposed to uncover: everything they’ve believed for a millennia is false, they are pawns on someone else’s game board, and, they are all expendable. Between the world they know, and the ones they don’t are more portals, each with truths waiting to be revealed.

Can they turn the tables, reclaim their lives, reunite with their mates, and end the game? Or, will their world be lost forever before they can return?
Truth takes time…theirs is running out.


let down your hairLET DOWN YOUR HAIR (GAY EVER AFTER BOOK 1) by L M Brown

VS note: A re-release.

When Prince Aiden sets out to rescue a princess, the last thing he expects to find is a cross-dressing artist named Robert. Can he set aside his fears and find the fairy tale ending he longs for?

In a world where fairy stories are historical fact, Prince Aiden is on a quest to find a princess to rescue and bring home as his bride. Deep in the Enchanted Forest, he finds Robert, a cross-dressing artist who lives alone in his tower. Mistaking him for a woman, Prince Aiden is determined to have Robert as his bride.

When the prince of his dreams shows up at Robert’s tower he is far from happy, especially when the handsome prince refuses to believe he is a man. Can he convince Prince Aiden to love him as the man he is, or is their happily ever after doomed from the start?


war laura thalassaWAR (THE FOUR HORSEMEN BOOK 2) by Laura Thalassa

The day Jerusalem falls, Miriam Elmahdy knows her life is over. Houses are burning, the streets run red with blood, and a traitorous army is massacring every last resident. There is no surviving this, especially not once Miriam catches the eye of War himself. But when the massive and terrifying horseman corners Miriam, he calls her his wife, and instead of killing her, he takes her back to his camp.

Now Miriam faces a terrifying future, one where she watches her world burn town by town, and the one man responsible for it all is her seemingly indestructible “husband”. But there’s another side to him, one that’s gentle and loving and dead set on winning her over, and she might not be strong enough to resist.

However, if there’s one thing Miriam has learned, it’s that love and war cannot coexist. And so she must make the ultimate choice: surrender to War and watch humankind fall, or sacrifice everything and stop him.


shards of frostSHARDS OF FROST (MERCURY PACK SERIES BOOK 5) by Suzanne Wright

When had life stopped being so simple? Probably around the time that Casey Frost first agreed to pay off her drug addict brother’s debt to save him from a brutal beating. It soon became a “thing.” When the dealer—who’s also an Alpha shifter—demands she do something that goes against her very being, Casey decides enough is enough. It’s while she’s confronting the Alpha that he appears—Eli Axton, a ruthless wolf shifter with a dark reputation. When their eyes lock and the mating urge violently kicks in, she knows her world is about to change.
The last unmated male in his pack, Eli feels weary and alone. Seeing his friends so happy makes the Head Enforcer acutely feel the absence of his true mate. He wouldn’t have expected to find her in the parking lot of a shifter fight club, or for her to be such an unusual breed of shifter. Certain that the female enforcer belongs to him, he doesn’t hesitate to claim her. Not everyone is happy to see Casey mated, though. Soon danger is coming at them from different angles, threatening the life they’re trying to build. Their enemy needs to be eradicated fast. But how did you destroy an enemy when you weren’t sure who they were?


bewitch meBEWITCH ME: RED VEIL DIARIES #5 by Marianne Morea

In the flesh, love.
But…you’re dead.
Ah, well. There’s dead and then there’s dead-dead.
Lane Alden stared at the man she once loved. The same man she mourned and never really got over. Yet here he stood, outside the infamous backrooms of the Red Veil, the underground vampire club where blood and sex rule, and anything goes.But anything goes was a distraction she didn’t need. Especially not one that made her mouth water and her nether bits throb. She had a witch to find. A sister witch who went missing after taking a walk on the wild side. Finding a Dark Fae may have played a role in her friend’s disappearance, she can only wonder if the man she loved and lost was back in her life for the same reason. Coincidence? Not a chance.

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Hadley Hunter thinks she’s seen everything – okay, maybe not everything but a lot of things – but she’s never seen a cupid convention.
When her good friend Booker’s fellow cupids descend on Moonstone Bay, she thinks it’s going to be fun and games. Instead, it’s mayhem and mystery when a rash of suicides and attempted suicides hit random island residents.
That means it’s off to the races to solve another mystery.
Hadley has been doing a lot of thinking about her life. She wants a career, not a job. She also wants to uncover a murderer. Even though her boyfriend Galen tries to keep her out of the case, she’s bound and determined to be in the thick of things.
Galen’s fears come to fruition when something starts calling to Hadley in her dreams and he’s convinced whatever creature convinced the others to try to kill themselves is now after Hadley.
Between egocentric cupids who are at war with each other, a big mystery regarding the origin of some of Hadley’s favorite paranormal friends, and her own determination, Hadley isn’t giving up without answers.
She’s used to having magical backup at every turn. This time, she’s going to have to fight the ultimate battle alone.
Is she up to the challenge? She’d better be. Everyone she loves is in danger and she’s the only one who can save them.
It’s time to witch up … and she’s ready.


finding infinitiFINDING INFINITI (HAVENWOOD HALLS HIGH BOOK 23) by Rose Garcia

oe Greg has reunited with his soul mate Infiniti Clausman only to lose her in a cruel twist of fate. Separated by time and space—and a memory ward that has wiped him from her mind—he vows to do whatever he can to find her, but so far nothing has worked. Believing he’ll never be able to see her again, he starts losing all sense of himself. Worse than that, he can’t shake the growing feeling that Infiniti’s life is in danger…again.

Infiniti Clausman is trying to make the most of summer, but something isn’t quite right. She feels like she’s stuck, as if she can’t move on, as if she’s missing something or someone. She dismisses the sensation, calling it a case of the graduation blues, but when her psychic neighbor tells her about a quantum event that’s been happening since the Cold Moon last December, Infiniti can’t ignore the feelings any longer.

Soul mates separated. Memories forgotten. Time slipping. Joe must find Infiniti before it’s too late—or he might lose her again, this time for good.



When Slayer Henri and his Intermediary Sébastien are sent to Paris to deal with attacks by vampires, they find the truth is worse still.
They also find unexpected allies in a family of gargoyles who help protect mankind.
Paris is under attack by demonic forces and it will take the united talents of humans, gargoyles, and vampires if they are to be defeated.
Sébastien also finds that his mate is the last creature on earth he would have expected.
When the time to fight comes, can Sébastien survive, or will his life be forfeit in the depths of the dungeons of the infamous Cardinal Richelieu.


shadows howlSHADOW’S HOWL (HIGH HOUSE CANIS BOOK 4) by Riley Storm

Academy-trained mage Jennifer Shaw is setting out to make things right. First stop is the hideout of the wolf shifter rebels, where she’s greeted by the most suspicious, untrusting, and downright gorgeous man she’s ever met. With the need to focus on her own mission, it’s only fair the universe assigns her the worst distraction possible as guide and guard. But she’s got a secret to fix, and even the hella-handsome hunk isn’t going to distract her.

After a betrayal that rocked him to his core, Liam Canis doesn’t trust anyone farther than he can throw a dragon. That includes the mage who appears out of thin air, claiming to be there to help the rebels finally defeat the Tyrant King and retake their home. Despite her gorgeous figure and insane attraction to his entire being, Liam isn’t going to let himself be dissuaded from finding out her real reason for being there.

Time is running out for the duo, as the forces loyal to the Tyrant King rush to reinforce the fortress at Moonshadow Manor. The two of them will have to learn to get along if they hope to bring down the defenses and lead the rebels to victory. Linden isn’t sure he can ever trust his gut again, no matter what it says about Jennifer and what she might mean to him. But only a mated pair will be able to save his friends, and fix a wrong she can’t ignore.



Los Angeles, 2019. Cathy is struggling to find the strength to be on her own. With her fiancé trapped in an irreversible coma, she surfs on his favorite beach unable to muster the conviction to turn off his life support. Suddenly flung centuries back in time, she’s horrified to land in the middle of a Viking war. But her heart nearly stops when she discovers a Norseman who looks exactly like her fiancé.

Wessex, England, 878 AD. Tortured by the death of his wife, Viking Andor Thornsson punishes himself by fighting countless battles. But when a gorgeous woman appears from nowhere and pulls him to safety during a losing skirmish, he fears extreme blood loss caused a hallucination. Behind deadly Anglo Saxon enemy lines, he reluctantly agrees to lead her to his stronghold under one condition: he’s not responsible for her fate.

But Andor can’t help falling for the curvy blonde even though she claims she must return to the future. And as they face bandits and hidden dangers together, Cathy wonders whether she’s attracted to the warrior himself or the stark reminder of what awaits back home.

Torn by painful memories and agonizing loss, can Cathy and Andor heal their broken hearts and make a timeless connection?


song of blood and stone l penelopeSONG OF BLOOD AND STONE, EARTHSINGER CHRONICLES BOOK 1 by L Penelope

VS note: A re-release which author states has been ‘expanded’. New cover too.

The kingdoms of Elsira and Lagrimar have been separated for centuries by the Mantle, a magical veil that has enforced a tremulous peace between the two lands. But now, the Mantle is cracking and the True Father, ruler of Lagrimar and the most powerful Earthsinger in the world, finally sees a way into Elsira to seize power.

All Jasminda ever wanted was to live quietly on her farm, away from the prying eyes of those in the nearby town. Branded an outcast by the color of her skin and her gift of Earthsong, she’s been shunned all her life and has learned to steer clear from the townsfolk…until a group of Lagrimari soldiers wander into her valley with an Elsiran spy, believing they are still in Lagrimar.

Through Jack, the spy, Jasminda learns that the Mantle is weakening, allowing people to slip through without notice. And even more troubling: Lagrimar is mobilizing, and if no one finds a way to restore the Mantle, it might be too late for Elsira. Their only hope lies in uncovering the secrets of the Queen Who Sleeps and Jasminda’s Earthsong is the key to unravel them.

Thrust into a hostile society and a world she doesn’t know, Jasminda and Jack race to unveil an ancient mystery that might offer salvation.

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academy of sixACADEMY OF SIX (ORIGINS OF THE SIX SERIES BOOK 1) by A K Koonce and Aleera Anaya Ceres

Deadly monsters live in all of us.
The Academy of Six has just never seen a monster as terribly mundane as Izara Castillo. And that is a dangerous problem. She has four semesters to not only understand her supernatural abilities, but harness them as well.
Everything at the Academy is a disaster, from Interdimensional Travels through hell to the other hell they like to call Gym.
Bullies push her, test her, and simply try to kill her. A few broodingly protective roommates and a scary fake boyfriend could help. Or make her life impossibly harder.
Pretend to date the emotionally detached demon, they said. What’s the worst that could happen, they said.
It’s make or break within this prison of a school. If she succeeds, she’ll finally know what she’s capable of, who she truly is, and where she came from.
If she fails…she dies.


sacrificed to the beastSACRIFICED TO THE BEAST by Jessa Kane

Someone has been terrorizing my small town—a huge, horrifying beast, to be exact. He won’t stop rampaging until the villagers sacrifice an innocent. Lucky me! I’m the chosen one. I’ve been tied to a tree in a wedding dress and left as an offering to the cruel ruler of the hills. But once the beast approaches, I glimpse the lonely human beneath the wild hair and mountainous body. Yes, he’s very much a man…a man who will stop at nothing to claim me as his mate.


mountain wolfs nannyMOUNTAIN WOLF’S NANNY: DADDY WOLVES OF THE WILD by Serena Meadows

Betrayal comes in a lot of different forms. The rejection of a mother. The loss of a wife. And at its worst, the abduction of a child. Nick’s heart has been torn and twisted so many times his chest is little more than a cavity of scar tissue.

Then, for the first time in years…a single, tiny pulse.

Nick’s fought long and hard to win back his little girl and give them both the life his late wife would have wanted. He hopes the new nanny, Maggie, will help bridge the chasm between them, and encourage the girl to see him as more than the monster she’s been raised to believe he is.

But Maggie has her own secrets, like the fact Nick sends heat rushing through her body each time she meets his eyes. Their chemistry is undeniable, but she can’t succumb to the attraction. Because if he knew the truth about her, she’d smash the last fractured pieces of his heart beyond all hope of repair.


passions and protectorsPASSIONS AND PROTECTORS (BEAUTIFUL BEASTS ACADEMY BOOK 5) by Kim Faulks and Mila Young

There’s a murderer on the loose…and mortals are calling for a name to bring to justice.
A name that answers on behalf of the Ancient.
My name…Morwenna Livingstone.
My parents can’t reach me.
My best friend doesn’t even know where I’ve gone.
And as mortal deaths continue to plague Tricks City I’m called to stand before the tribunal of mortals and monsters and answer for the crime of conspiracy to murder.
Because I know who the real killer has been all this time.
I just couldn’t bring myself to face him.
The betrayal.
The heartache…
And the end.


spell for deathA SPELL FOR DEATH: ROSEWILDE ACADEMY OF MAGICAL ARTS by B C Palmer and Marie Robinson

My life turned upside down after the death of my godmother and I’ve traded science for sorcery. I never thought magic existed outside of books, but here I am at an elite academy for magical arts.

If it wasn’t for popular heartthrobs Isaac and Luke, I’d lose my mind. Their tutoring sessions teach me more than just magic. And my ridiculously hot roommate, Hunter? Well, I’m pretty sure he hates everyone—not just me. Oh, and he’s convinced my dead parents might have tried to trigger the apocalypse.

Turns out that he might be right. Magic is dangerous and I’m pretty sure it’s going to kill me—if the faculty doesn’t get me first.

Welcome to freshman year at Rosewilde Academy for Magical Arts—where secrets hide behind every door and rules are meant to be broken.



Layla Price’s magic has been unleashed. Set free during a confrontation with her enemy Hunter, her fury as the world’s most dangerous Dragon-shifter knows no bounds.
But her power is a grave risk to her friends, and as Layla trains with the uncompromising Royal Siren Reginald Durant to tame her magics, she struggles to master her ability.
When her mate Adrian is framed for murder, she must go undercover – risking her life in a dangerous game to draw out her nemesis.
And when she finds Hunter, will her magic be controlled enough to finally take him down?
Or will Reginald’s training fail her – leaving her powerless against her enemy?


heavens fallHEAVEN’S FALL (PANDORAX ACADEMY BOOK 1) by Ember Hollis

All my life, my mom has let me down. Now she’s gone, and the dad I never thought I’d meet turns out to be an angel.

He’s the only family I have left, and he’s sent me to Pandorax Academy. A super-secret, super-magical, super dangerous academy for supernaturals like me.

Except that I’m the only one with angelic blood.

I thought I had a new start in life, but it all just gets harder when I meet Christian, Malek, Knox and Bane. Four drop-dead gorgeous guys who are dangerous as sin. But that’s not all. The strange powers they wield holds everyone in thrall, from vampires to werewolves to demons, and perhaps even… me.
They say there’s no place for an angel, even a half one, in Pandorax Academy. They’ll do everything they can to make me suffer. To drive me out. And together, I’m afraid they’ll crush me.
But I didn’t get this far to lose. I’ll do whatever it takes to stay. Even if it means I have to fall… perhaps I’ll take them with me.


claimed by the dragon princeCLAIMED BY THE DRAGON PRINCE (THE FATE OF THE DRAGONS SERIES) by Amelia Wilson

Abby doesn’t quite get life. She is a shy wallflower, but her life is about to take a wild turn as she meets two incredibly hot brothers Ty and Luc; with a huge secret that will transform her quiet little world into a real-life fairytale.
But the more Abby learns about them, the more she realizes her fate is directly tied to theirs. Will she be able to keep her heart despite Luc trying to win her over again? Or will Ty finally get the chance he has been waiting for?


nanny to the bearNANNY TO THE BEAR (BURNING FALLS SHIFTERS BOOK 4) by Cynthia Wilde

Licensed childcare worker, Janet Noble, finds herself once again assigned to a family of shifters, this time a single father with two small children. As she is already on thin ice with her agency, she is hoping this quaint little town will offer the fresh start she needs. Little does she know as she struggles to navigate the rising steam between her and her new boss, that every step she takes is pulling her further into a web of dangerous secrets.

Between the demands of his work and being a single dad, Austin Bradford has had to admit he needs help. Hiring a nanny seemed like the only option which made sense. But even as the kids take to her he realizes the unforeseen attraction between them is becoming almost too much to bear. With danger swirling around the town that his pack are sworn to protect, the last thing he needs is another complication…

Thrust together by circumstance, and now united with the rest of the pack against rivals moving in on their town, can these two forge a bond that will last? And will it be strong enough to endure as long hidden secret that threatens to change everything?



Ruggedly handsome and wickedly dangerous, Rune has spent his entire life as a warrior. First a Viking, then an immortal vampire. Fighting is all he knows. Until he meets her. His soulmate fated to be with him forever. Brigit is his total opposite: tiny and fragile. He burns to possess and protect her. The only problem is, she doesn’t want anything to do with him.

A tough, kick-ass policewoman, Brigit hates it when men judge her on her size and her looks. She’s spent her life keeping her city safe and she isn’t about to give that up just because the sinfully attractive vampire warrior tells her to. Sparks fly, and it’s going to take all Brigit’s control to hold back the raging desire that overwhelms her every time they meet.

Forced to work together as mysterious attacks spread across Chicago and a new threat gathers outside the city, can they find a way to overcome their differences and work together before it’s too late?


bears secretTHE BEAR’S SECRET by Fay Walsh

Billy, a bear shifter in the Hoopole Bears Clan, has a dark secret. To everyone he appears like a carefree guy, but in reality he hides a dark secret. He wants to break free from his past, but his memories haunt him. Until he meets this newcomer and his façade comes tumbling down.

Nikki has returned to her hometown to help her parents. Everything is so familiar, and yet something strange is happening. When she meets Billy, she finds someone she can confide in. But what will she do when she discovers that everyone around her has secrets? Secrets that will challenge everything she thought she knew and even threaten her own life…

A bear desperate for a glimmer of hope will do anything to protect the person that makes him feel his way. But first, he will have to defeat his demons. Even if this means getting himself and his mate caught in a dangerous play of life and death.


wed by proxyWED BY PROXY (BRIDES OF KARADOK BOOK 1) by Alice Coldbreath

Thrice wedded, but never bedded, Mathilde Martindale has long lived in the shadow of her indomitable mother, and meekly done as she was told. Until one day she decides to become mistress of her own destiny and leave the royal court to find her own path.

Married by proxy, Lord Martindale has never even met his bride of three years. Wed as part of a peace treaty, he bitterly resents the mercenary wife who cares only for wealth and prestige. And then he meets her.


waking up the sunWAKING UP THE SUN by Laura Bailo

When Lander accepts a dare to go into the forest at night, he thinks it’ll be easy. He just needs to walk in and then come out, right? But that’s easier said than done. It’s like the trees have a mind of their own, and they are stopping him from finding his way back. There were always stories of people getting lost forever in the forest, but Lander had never considered they might be true.

Yban has been in the forest a long time and he knows it like no other—but he comes with his own secrets. He disappears every day, and he won’t tell Lander where he goes. But during the dark hours, Lander gets to know him and starts unwrapping the layers that surround him.

The fire that keeps them warm in the forest isn’t the only spark between them; will their growing relationship survive Lander’s determination to find the way out, or will Yban’s past mistakes keep them hidden in the forest forever?

Amazon     Apple Books

dawskDAWSK by Erhu Kome Yellow

Hardworking nurse Simisola Oladeji is unlucky in love.
When reclusive billionaire Aiden Essien walks into her life, she knows there will be no future with him and even more so when she stumbles upon his bloodthirsty secret.
She is safer reuniting with her long-lost boyfriend Femi, surely?

Caught between the two, trouble is never far away as she discovers some disturbing truths about her past life. A dark force is rising, and the messy trio is going to have to fight, together, to save lives.

Amazon     Apple Books

midnight at the blackbird cafeMIDNIGHT AT THE BLACKBIRD CAFE by Heather Webber

VS Note: Sounds good, put it on my TBR List.

Nestled in the mountain shadows of Alabama lies the little town of Wicklow. It is here that Anna Kate has returned to bury her beloved Granny Zee, owner of the Blackbird Café.

It was supposed to be a quick trip to close the café and settle her grandmother’s estate, but despite her best intentions to avoid forming ties or even getting to know her father’s side of the family, Anna Kate finds herself inexplicably drawn to the quirky Southern town her mother ran away from so many years ago, and the mysterious blackbird pie everybody can’t stop talking about.

As the truth about her past slowly becomes clear, Anna Kate will need to decide if this lone blackbird will finally be able to take her broken wings and fly.

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run books of stone 2RUN (BOOKS OF STONE BOOK 2) by B L Brunnemer 

With Evelyn unconscious, it’s up to the rest of the team to keep Chicago from breaking out into chaos.
Witches, wolves, and vampires are at each other’s throats. Demons are slipping through the barrier and the dead are piling up. It’s up to Astrid and Ranulf to keep Chicago from erupting into war.
With Evelyn getting weaker by the hour, Falk and Rina race against time and magic to find the only way to save her. But the storm that got away from Evelyn has gotten larger, spreading across the united states grounding every flight. Will they make it in time to save her?


skin deepSKIN DEEP by Karen Chance

VS Note: A re-release

Lia de Croissets’s mother is a werewolf–but Lia can’t shift. Caught between the Human and the Were worlds, she has found a place for herself as a war mage, working to help solve magical crimes. But when her Were lover goes missing, Lia learns Weres are being killed for their skins. Now Lia and her magical, unpredictable dragon tattoo may be the only hope of finding him alive.

Amazon     Apple Books

in the woodsIN THE WOODS by Carrie Jones and Stephen E Wedel

VS Note: Not listed as a romance.

It should have been just another quiet night on the farm when Logan witnessed the attack, but it wasn’t. Something is in the woods.
Something unexplainable.
Something deadly. Hundreds of miles away, Chrystal’s plans for summer in Manhattan are abruptly upended when her dad reads tabloid coverage of some kind of grisly incident in Oklahoma. When they arrive to investigate, they find a witness: a surprisingly good-looking farm boy. As townsfolk start disappearing and the attacks get ever closer, Logan and Chrystal will have to find out the truth about whatever’s hiding in the woods…before they become targets themselves.

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Kalina Erutan does not save anyone. She is usually sent to eliminate the problems. The way she does it is by her own choosing. As an Assassin Agent for the Phoenix Intelligence Agency she lives by a special code of honor. The latest case she takes brings her face to face with her destiny, past and her possible future. Being an Amazonian Warrior she knows what is needed in any battle. Yet this time a wrong decision can mean the end of humanity and all the dimensions beyond.

Ryne Garon is known as the ghost. The most fearsome Assassin Agent until he left and became the co-division head of the tracker unit. His powers as a firebird have saved him and others. Yet when he is faced with the woman who is his destiny, he loses all control. No one will stand in his way to claim Kalina Erutan as his own. Not even her aversion to his people. Them being paired together to find the most precious of artifacts that can bring on Armageddon tests all he believes and desires.

Amazon      Apple Books

the needTHE NEED by Helen Phillips 

VS Note: Saw this recommended in OprahMAG. Wildly mixed reviews – is it a psychological thriller or scifi – an ambiguous ending, some say. Not a romance. It’s on my TBR list because it all sounds intriguing, but way down there.

When Molly, home alone with her two young children, hears footsteps in the living room, she tries to convince herself it’s the sleep deprivation. She’s been hearing things these days. Startling at loud noises. Imagining the worst-case scenario. It’s what mothers do, she knows.

But then the footsteps come again, and she catches a glimpse of movement.

Suddenly Molly finds herself face-to-face with an intruder who knows far too much about her and her family. As she attempts to protect those she loves most, Molly must also acknowledge her own frailty. Molly slips down an existential rabbit hole where she must confront the dualities of motherhood: the ecstasy and the dread; the languor and the ferocity; the banality and the transcendence as the book hurtles toward a mind-bending conclusion.

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blood in the shaodwsBLOOD IN THE SHADOWS (LEGACY BOOK 1) by Allyson Lindt

She Loves. She Dies. She is Reborn.
Odin cursed this Valkyrie to that fate. She just hasn’t remembered yet.
With each life she should live long enough to recall her past and become a fierce warrior, accompanying the souls of her equals to the afterlife. But someone keeps killing her before she gets that far.

The immortal men she’s loved throughout history have joined forces to find and save her, before her life is once again abruptly ended. But recruiting and seducing an assassin of her caliber, trained to trust no one, and to be one with the shadows, is no easy task.

If they don’t help her remember before death finds her again, the least of her concerns will be if she gets another chance at life.All of humanity’s future hangs in the balance.

Amazon     Apple Books

trial by faeTRIAL BY FAE (DRAGON’S GIFT: THE DARK FAE BOOK 1) by Linsey Hall

To the world, I’m a demon slayer. I lead a simple life slaughtering monsters, and as long as no one learns that I’m descended from a forbidden line of Dragon Bloods, I can keep my job and my life.

But when a powerful Fae king realizes I’m his fated mate, I’ve got problems. Especially since A), he hates me and B), he learns my secret, and it puts my whole life at risk. I want to kill my mate.

The stars align when my employers send me to the Fae kingdom as an undercover agent. My real goal? Investigate the king for the murder of hundreds. 

But the king only has eyes only for me, even when I’m in disguise. He senses that I’m his mate, and our attraction is off the charts. No matter how much we mistrust each other, we can’t stay apart. And when he realizes what I’m up to? There will be hell to pay. That is, if I survive.



pisa4 reader magnetVS: This week’s highlighted item from me is the Pets In Space 4 FREE Reader Magnet, containing NEW & EXCLUSIVE short stories from
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* Donna McDonald, My Crazy Alien Romance series
* Cassandra Chandler, The Department of Homeworld Security series, and
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The term “new” is generally plus or minus a week or two. I try to catch up on ones I missed in recent months.  And I may mention ‘special items’.

I do NOT cover every single new release in SFR/FantasyR/PNR. I never have. That would be an impossible task for any human! I assemble my list every week based on various informal inputs, and I do curate the list to some extent…

I check and verify all the buy links at the time I create the post  but after that I’m not responsible.



I Command You Weekend Writing Warriors

Warriors logo revisedTaking excerpts from CAMRON, one of my recent scifi romance releases…(BADARI WARRIOR’S BABY is actually the most recent).

Here’s the link to the Weekend Writing Warriors central page, so you can visit all the participants sharing excerpts today…a fun way to sample new books and find new authors! (Also welcome to the Sunday Snippet visitors!)

Punctuation may be wonky to comply with our guidelines here. May be edited a bit from published version.

If you haven’t read any of my Badari Warriors books, here’s the background:

Genetically engineered soldiers of the far future, the Badari were created by alien enemies to fight humans. But then the scientists kidnapped an entire human colony from the Sectors to use as subjects in twisted experiments…the Badari and the humans made common cause, rebelled and escaped the labs. Now they live side by side in a sanctuary valley protected by a powerful Artificial Intelligence, and wage unceasing war on the aliens. 

The excerpt – Inside a crashed, burning alien flyer – Camron has told Gemma he can only move under a direct order to do so. She wants to see if she can help the alien pilot and the scientist in the cockpit, who were holding them as prisoners to be experimented on. Camron, as a Badari, has nothing but hatred for the Khagrish. Gemma is responding to what she believes is her duty as a doctor. The pilot is dead, the scientist is trapped and begs them to kill her. ‘820’ is Camron’s designation in the Khagrish system.

“We’ve got to go,” yelled the man from behind Gemma.

Exerting unbelievable strength under the circumstances, Yunnivannx lifted her head from the blood splattered cushion, “He’s alive? Of course he is, nothing kills those cursed animals.” She raised her voice and screamed, “820, I command you to get in here and give me a merciful death. I’ve seen you beasts kill before, I know you can do it.” Moaning, rolling her head from side to side on the ruptured cushion, she said, “I refuse to burn to death.” Tears dripped from her eyes.

Next thing Gemma knew, she was gently moved aside and the man took her place, reaching into the compartment with his large hands. Gemma blinked at the sight of knifelike black talons extending from the former prisoner’s fingers. She shuddered, supposing he planned to slash the scientist’s throat in order to carry out her macabre but understandable request given the circumstances.

Gemma couldn’t find it in her heart to feel anything but a faint sorrow for the Khagrish, remembering the depraved nature of her deeds at the lab.


camronThe blurb:

Dr. Gemma Madarian is far from her home in the human Sectors, kidnapped along with hundreds of other humans to be used for horrifying experiments conducted on a remote planet by alien scientists.

She and another prisoner, Camron of the Badari, are the only survivors of a deadly crash landing. She’s paired up with the genetically engineered soldier by their mutual enemies and sent fleeing through rough country, hunted for pleasure by an enemy officer and his ferocious trackers.

The enemy wants a triumphant kill. Gemma and Camron want to survive.

Camron never dreamt of having a mate but Gemma shatters his preconceptions and makes him desperate to do everything in his power to save her life and claim her for his.

There’s no help or refuge to be had in the desert where they’re fleeing for their lives.
Or is there?

Will Camron and Gemma live to fight another day and explore the growing attraction between them, or will ancient secrets and bitter rivalries end their bid for freedom?

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BadariWarriorsBoxSetFinalNew to my award winning Badari Warriors series? There’s a box set of the first 3 books!

There’s no new material included, other than a brief recap of why I wrote each book (which appeared in previous blog posts) But I thought it was time to put the books together!

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Why I Wrote DARIK in the #SciFi Badari Warrior Series

darik_Veronica_ScottThis is actually the fifth book in my series set in the far future about genetically engineered warriors and the human women who love them. (TIMTUR would be book 2.5 if Amazon allowed me to number that way. So the series goes AYDARR, MATEER, TIMTUR, JADRIAN and then DARIK).

As I always do, I challenged myself to make sure I made the events on the pages different from the previous stories.  For starters, this is the first book featuring a Badari from the pack which was created using more canine type DNA, rather than the feline/great cat line, and the story starts off with Darik being happy he’s a lone wolf at heart, sent on a mission alone to the far north mountains to check out a new lab.  I figured it was time to highlight someone from the other pack!

I gave him a new companion no one else had ever had at that point in writing the series, a miniature version of MARL, the alien Artificial Intelligence discovered by the heroine in the first book. Darik and MARL12 don’t have a good meeting of the minds and he in fact gets quite exasperated with the AI a time or two. Their assignment is to see how well a Badari and one of the MARL mini units can work together and Darik is pretty convinced for most of the book that it’s a bad idea.

Here’s a quick example from early in the book: “What are the Khagrish playing at up here? What research could their mad scientists be doing in such a small place?”

“The facility extends fifteen stories underground and several of the levels are quite extensive,” MARL12 said. “This level appears deserted for the most part. Several of the subterranean levels show no activity either. My scans are much more thorough than your visual assessment.”

Did he detect a hint of smugness in the AI’s flat tones? Darik suppressed his own annoyance. “The complementary skills are why we’re a team here.” He leaned over and tapped the ovoid with his fully extended talons, moving so fast he managed to take MARL12 by surprise. The AI emitted a high pitched squeal and shot sideways a good fifteen feet. “I’m better at combat,” Darik said with a smile exposing his fangs. Score one for the Badari team member.

The Khagrish lab itself is very different this time, as described a bit in the above snippet. Built underground and not outfitted like any other installation Darik has ever seen, the design and some of the horrors he discovers once he goes inside really shake him up. Why are some of the levels deserted and others locked down tight? We do find out as we go deeper into the installation…

The evil Khagrish scientists are up to even more diabolical ‘research’ than usual this time…

I threw a lot of barriers in the way between Darik and Nicolle, the woman he thinks might be his mate. They didn’t get to spend much time together in the early parts of the book (I’m nicer to them later, I promise). The other Badari in the earlier novels were side by side with the heroine pretty much right away but not this time. Darik and Nicolle think about each other though…to say she’s mad he doesn’t rescue her the first time they meet would be an understatement and who can blame her? Blame MARL12…

bookqw please canvaAnd I just might have thrown in a few plot elements as nods to some of my favorite scifi tales like Puppet Masters, Aliens and Outbreak along the way…but remember my motto – I write scifi romance that’s like the movie ‘Aliens’ but with a lot less gore and a lot more romance. So no worries about this turning into a horror story or anything. Lots of action, adventure and romance!

I had a lot of fun writing this book and tasking myself with describing some new situations and problems to be faced.

The cover was, as usual, done by the wonderful Fiona Jayde and Darik is the only guy wearing a shirt in this series of covers but he was just too perfect to ‘be’ the character to pass up, once I saw the stockphoto.

DarikBookPromoThe blurb:

Nicolle James is far from her home in the human Sectors, kidnapped by alien scientists to be the subject of horrifying experiments.  Her only hope might be a mysterious soldier she’d glimpsed outside the laboratory fence. She’d managed to sneak a few words of conversation with him when her captors weren’t watching but now the aliens were taking her inside the lab to begin the experiments.

Darik, a warrior of the genetically engineered Badari pack, is on a solo recon mission to check out a mysterious new lab high in the mountains. His orders are strict – do not engage. But when he has a chance meeting with the woman who might be his mate, he vows not to abandon her, orders or no orders.

Can he get inside an underground lab, find Nicolle and rescue her without getting captured himself? And when he learns the lab’s deadly secrets, can he get word to his pack about the new dangers?

Because the ruthless alien scientist running the experiments wants to get her hands on him too and will stop at nothing to achieve her goals.

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entire series canva

New Releases in #SciFi #Fantasy and Paranormal Romance for Wednesday July 10

docs ordersAs always, I recommend sampling before you buy! I have not read most of the new releases listed (although I always end up one-clicking a bunch as I prepare these posts LOL).



VS note: I love Cynthia’s “sizzling cyborgs” and have had this one pre-ordered for EVER.

She wants both sides of her cyborg—the medic AND the beast.

A fully functional cyborg is balanced. His machine half and his organic half work together to produce the perfect warrior.
Doc isn’t fully functional.
The G Model operates at the two extremes. When his machine is in complete control, he’s the logic-driven medic, saving lifespans. Once his organics take charge, he becomes the savage beast…and beings die.
Both sides of Doc want to be the first to claim his female.
Allinen is one of the few beings in her small settlement who wasn’t born with a fated mate. Determined to belong somewhere, she has crafted a plan to leave the planet.

That plan doesn’t involve a huge stormy-eyed male who alternates between cool seduction and out-of-control ravishment. Doc isn’t her fated mate. Allinen knows that. But his dual nature and forbidden embraces tempt her to forget forever and indulge in more immediate delights.

Neither side of Doc views their relationship as being temporary. Her conflicted cyborg is prepared to battle her family, her planet and death itself to keep her.

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more than stardustMORE THAN STARDUST (WEANTED AND WIRED BOOK 3) by Vivien Jackson

VS Note: Another hotly anticipated scifi romance. I loved the first two books!

Chloe, a self-aware, highly illegal nanorobotic artificial intelligence knows a thing or two about wanting.
The growing Machine Rebellion wants her to become its god.
The technocratic global Consortium wants to cage her, take her apart, and reverse-engineer her.
Her family wants to keep her a secret.
Her best friend Garrett wants her safe.
Chloe is a thing made of wants.
And it’s time the world knew hers.

Amazon     Apple Books

valor mel teshcoVALOR (DRAGONS OF RIDDICH BOOK 6) by Mel Teshco

As a breeder, Rebel Mayfield attracts Riddich dragons like bees to honey. But to guarantee her next dragon capture, she has no choice other than to lay a trap for sharp-witted, blond-headed Valor. She waits in a dark alley, and when her breeder instincts sense Valor near, she signals to her male colleague to approach and pretend he’s hurting her. Valor falls for the ruse and is so enraged he nearly kills the male operative. Until the Paranormal Detection Agency—Rebel’s team—step in and take Valor as their prisoner.
As Valor lays chained on a gurney, his body bloodied and bruised, and the air too frosty to call on his dragon, he dreams of escape along with hundreds of ways to kill everyone in the underground facility. Everyone except Rebel. He’s got a special kind of hell for her. He’ll use her body again and again before taking his ultimate revenge. That it’s Rebel who gives him the opportunity to escape might be her only salvation … but only if she can handle his dragon’s physical demands.

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lost in the deep endLOST IN THE DEEP END by Jessica Grayson

Destined to be Together…Destined to be Apart.
I want her. I desire Elizabeth Langdon unlike anything I’ve ever experienced before, and there is nothing I can do about it. I came to Terra (Earth) on a short-term mission, and then I must fulfill my duty to wed my betrothed to keep the peace on my home planet. Except, I feel nothing for my betrothed and I feel everything for Elizabeth. And I can never tell her. If I form the mind link with her to take her as my mate, she’ll know the dark secret I carry within me–the horror of my race. She’d never look at me the same, and that is something I cannot risk.


queens advantageTHE QUEEN’S ADVANTAGE (ROGUE QUEEN BOOK 2) by Jessie Mihalik

When Queen Samara Rani fulfills the promise she made to Emperor Valentin Kos to visit his court and meet with his advisors, she knows they won’t welcome her with open arms, especially when she’s been tasked with discovering the traitors within their ranks—traitors she tricked out of five million credits.

As soon as Samara begins her investigation it becomes clear that Valentin’s advisors want her gone and they aren’t picky about how. After their tactics turn violent, Samara and Valentin race to unravel the web of treachery and lies before the next attack ends in tragedy.

When the conflict escalates in ferocity and rumors start blaming Samara, she is forced to continue her hunt alone. Uncovering traitors is difficult when courtiers learn to lie before they learn to walk, and one misstep could cost her life. However, Rogue Queens aren’t easy to kill and Samara has more than a few tricks of her own.

Amazon     Apple Books

themisTHEMIS (DARK STAR PRINCES BOOK 2) by Suki Selborne

Five alien princes took five Earth girls from a space cruise ship. I’m one of them. And what happened next blew my mind.
Prince Themis is stern, fierce, and super demanding. I don’t know where he’s taking me. But I do know one thing. I won’t come quietly.
I’ve never been the kind of girl who lets a guy tell her what to do. Even if he does have the face of a movie star and the body of a Greek god.
But before I can fight back, trouble hits Prince Themis’s ship like a meteor. Even Dark Star royalty didn’t see that coming.
Will I ever get home to Earth?



Their obsession will destroy her…Ella Monroe is broken and betrayed. After the discovery of the Vepar’s secret, Ella would like nothing better than to get away from her three Vepar lovers and hide from them forever. Unfortunately, the Vepar have other ideas for Ella. Imprisoned and taken away to a place that defies imagination, Ella must fight for her life and discover the truth about the Vepar’s agenda. One thing is for sure though…the Vepar are never going to let her go.



Petra’s strong, take-no-prisoners attitude is severely challenged when she’s abducted by aliens, destined to be sold as a sex slave. To escape, she needs the help of the most irritating, hunky alien male this side of the Milky Way. Their chemistry is off the charts despite the fact that Shadow can be an annoying dick.

Sold into the gladiator arena by his own parents, the only emotion this alien knows is anger. Until he meets Petra, whose grit, as well as her delightful body, sets him on fire. She isn’t interested in anything more than a physical relationship, until she realizes there might be something worth fighting for beneath his cocky exterior.



Luck knew two things when he left Harem Station months ago.
One. The silver-haired Cygnian Princess Nyleena was still safely frozen away in her cryopod. And two. There was a good chance she was his soul mate.
He left anyway.

Nyleena is what you might call feisty. Or sassy. Or maybe just… ,i>feral. She is wild. Much too wild for Luck’s taste. But now that he’s home there’s no way to deny it.
Like it or not, she is his.
Lucky for him, all Cygnian Princesses have one true weakness. They cannot resist cooking up crazy plans to tackle unsolvable problems. And he’s going to use that irresistible urge to tame her savage spirit.
Nyleena has plans of her own and none of them involve Luck. She is out for blood. All the people who made her life hell will be dealt with, and she’s going to find every single one of them and take them out.
Right after she solves this one last unsolvable problem…How not to fall in love with your soul mate.


hands of fateHANDS OF FATE (VEREDIAN CHRONICLES BOOK 5) by Regine Abel

VS Note: I always enjoy her books! On my TBR List!

Thirty years ago, Xevius defied his orders by refusing to assassinate the woman who would birth the future mother of the Veredian Titans. Today, his government demands that he atones for that failure by ridding the world of those children before they grow even more powerful. While on that mission, he feels the pull of the Tuning—the psionic call of his true mate. To complicate matters, his woman turns out to be the military leader and protector of the Veredians.

With tension rising between her people and the Xelixians, the last thing Kamala needs is a Korlethean assassin hunting the Veredian children. Attempting to eliminate him first should be an easy decision, except for the fact that he’s her soulmate. Swaying him to their side could be the key to solving many of their problems, but at what cost to him and his people?

As dire visions and prophecies multiply, Xevius is torn between his conscience, loyalty to his people, and his love for the woman who has captured his heart.


touch of greedA TOUCH OF GREED (A THIEF IN LOVE BOOK 3) by Cailin Briste

The worry stone in Max’s pocket is getting a workout. If it’s not the latest shenanigans of his burglary crew, it’s the bombshell that just exploded in his personal life. Seventeen years after walking out on him, Marianna is back, and she has revelations that will upend his plans for peace and quiet.

The team is salivating to take advantage of her position on an archeological space dig. The backer, an illegal antiquities collector, has long eluded them. Their timeline moves up when they discover that Marianna is the mogul’s chosen fall guy.

Amazon     Apple Books     Author’s Books2Read link

matched and matedMATCHED AND MATED (INTERSTELLAR BRIDES BOOK 16) by Grace Goodwin

Miranda Doyle has spent months in the arms of a mysterious Trion doctor. His hands are skilled at more than just healing, but their casual “friends with benefits” arrangement isn’t enough for her. She wants it all, and the Interstellar Brides Program guarantees her not just a mate, but a perfect match.

Doctor Valck Brax is in love with Miranda, a human female who surrenders to his touch so beautifully. Finally ready to claim her forever, he resigns and returns to her with mating adornments in hand. But he’s too late. Miranda is gone, half a universe away and in the arms of a fierce Prillon warrior.

Captain Trist Treval of Battlegroup Zakar is a cold and cunning fighter. Infamous for his unforgiving nature and calculating ways, war has been his life. Now, with three little words, “you’ve been matched,” everything changes. He’ll destroy anything and everyone who tries to take his beautiful new mate from him, including the foolish doctor from Trion who arrives on the battleship claiming she belongs to him.
She’s been matched, but who will she choose as her mate?

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alien protectors rescued brideALIEN PROTECTOR’S RESCUED BRIDE by Juno Wells

Daisy – Being abducted from Earth was terrifying. When the fish-headed, aquatic aliens took me I knew I was in trouble. Thankfully I was raised to be a fighter.

I’ve struggled against my captors at every turn but how many times can a girl get beat down before coming to realize you can’t win? It’s wearing me down and I’m finally coming to realize there’s no Prince Charming coming to rescue me.
I can’t give up though, not yet. In a desperate attempt I join up with another girl from Earth and this time I’m either getting free or else. There is no other option, I can’t live like this.
Then the floor shakes and winged demons from hell invade. At least they’re fighting the aquatics but is this a rescue or am I trading one master for another?
In this battle it’s not just my life at stake, this time my heart is on the line too.

Darnok – Another mission, one more battle. Maybe this will be my last, maybe not. I can’t bring myself to care anymore.
Being bigger than all the other warriors my entire life has been one lone string of abuse. The other males pick fights with me to prove how tough they are and the Queens abuse me because I’m so big I always stand out. All they see is the giant, none of them see the person I am…(more blurb on ebook seller page…)


deceived evangelineDECEIVED: BRIDES OF THE KINDRED BOOK 24 by Evangeline Anderson

VS Note: This book has a trigger warning from the author – see ebook seller page.

Anna is living in a nightmare. Stolen by raiders from the arms of her loving family, she is bought by a hulking, two-headed Trollox. She wants to die until her thuggish captor buys a new robotic cook who also doubles as a guard for the house. At first Anna thinks he is just another Replicant, without emotions but soon she finds herself pouring out her heart to him. It’s safe because he’s just a machine so she knows he’ll never hurt her like a real male would. Is it wrong to think that she’s falling in love with him? Especially since a machine can’t really love her back…

Dark is a Kindred warrior on a mission. He must steal the Shannom-rah, an ancient crystal capable of storing trillions of personalities, before the enemy of his people gets it. In order to do this, he has to infiltrate the home of the Trollox collector who owns the priceless artifact. Posing as a Replicant, he is in the perfect position to complete his mission. But he didn’t count on finding a female in danger. Despite his determination not to get involved, his heart is torn by her plight. As his feelings of protectiveness for Anna grow, he longs to tell her the truth about himself. But he knows doing so will destroy her faith in him—she has been hurt so badly by living males, she can only trust him because she thinks he is a Replicant.

When the truth comes out will Anna still care for him, or will she feel betrayed knowing that she has been…Deceived?

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Natalie – My base was destroyed, my friends were dead, and now i’m stuck in a cold cave with a very sexy and very determined Kanosian that’s claiming that i’m his mate.
Now my only chance at survival requires me to trust him, the very enemy that I held a burgeoning hatred for.
And the worst part? I’m not so sure I want to turn his mating offer down.

Fherin – Her base was destroyed, I was betrayed, and the men responsible were light years away.
Now, stuck in the freezing cold, I have to keep the two of us safe and look for a way off of this planet.
She keeps rejecting me, calling me her enemy when my sole aim is her protection.
Because I will do whatever it takes to find those responsible and, more importantly, to claim her as mine.


armored heartARMORED HEART by J M Anjerwierden

May returned home from the Second Augment War having left parts of herself behind, emotionally and literally. An inventor at heart, she built herself cybernetic legs to regain her mobility, and then a suit of powered armor to regain a purpose in her life as the superhero Escuda.
But can she balance being a superhero with a love life?
The country’s most celebrated superhero, Steel Patriot, has moved to her town. Sure, Escuda will be able to work with him easily enough, but can May get his attention, while also dealing with a new breed of supervillain on the rise?


dragon men do it betterDRAGON MEN DO IT BETTER by J Thompson and Mina Carter

VS Note: Listed in Erotica

Sometimes a gal’s gotta go what a gal’s gotta do… even if that involves big girl panties and a very sexy dragon-man…A bounty hunter with her eyes on the prize, Jenna’s to do list includes making huge amounts of money, pizza and ice-cream at the weekends, and world domination. It does not include an asshole of a space rat, or a black hole. It especially did not include a planet in the back end of beyond where everything is out to get her. Or a sexy alien. But, she’s a big girl. She can deal. What she didn’t count on was him…

Stranded on a backwater planet, he’s given up on rescue and his gods. Just. He doesn’t expect the answer to his prayers to be a tiny, soft alien with curves that make his mouth water…Former favourite of a dead tyrant, Ranaar has been left out to die on a planet so far from the space lanes he might as well be on the edge of the universe. The planet is hostile, everything on it, including the plant-life, predatory. So he fits right in…

When a ship crashes on his planet, he’s not prepared to meet his first human. He’s definitely not prepared for the reaction she invokes in him. But he is prepared to kill to keep her safe.

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taste of fateA TASTE OF FATE (FATED FOR CURVES/MAGIC NEW MEXICO BOOK 4) by Aidy Award, Foreward by S E Smith

Titian fell for his fated mate the day they met back as bright-eyed cadets at Star Command academy. She chose her career over him and now she’s his commanding officer. She’s also in a ship-load of trouble and he’s been tasked with arresting her and bringing her to justice.

Passion had one shot to save the galaxy from the spectral soul-stealers and she blew it. Her own Star Rangers think she’s betrayed them, including the one man she loved and lost. She has to convince him to let her escape, or… ask him for help. Worst case scenario? She has to confess she has always loved him.

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lost horizonLOST HORIZON (OZ IN SPACE BOOK 1) by Michelle Hercules

VS Note: From June

Space Academy prodigy Dorothy Hanson doesn’t have time for love nonsense. She has one goal, complete the mission her parents started before their untimely death. When a cosmic disturbance hits the Kansas Space Station, Dorothy seizes that opportunity to go on her first space voyage. She didn’t expect to be sucked into a vortex nor land on a strange planet ravaged by war.

Stranded, she must embark on a perilous mission to the Land of Oz, the only nation that possesses the technology to send her home. Three strangers join Dorothy in her quest, all carrying reasons of their own for reaching Emerald City. A man without memories marked with a strange symbol on his face. A cyborg with a chip on his shoulder and a mysterious past. And a scarred hellioncat plagued by nightmares in the dark.

Dorothy doesn’t know if she can trust them, but as their journey progresses, their bond becomes stronger and Dorothy’s feelings evolve from suspicion to caring too much. Torn between contradicting emotions, she must find the strength to fight the evil forces that stack up against them along the way. Surviving the trip on the yellow road is priority number one, but can she survive losing her heart?


magic voidMAGIC VOID (OZ IN SPACE BOOK 2) by Michelle Hercules

After a perilous journey on the yellow road, Dorothy, Darius, Reo, and Kevvan have finally arrived in Emerald City. But instead of finding the solution to their problems, an unpredictable revelation throws a wrench in their plans.
Without hopes to return home, Dorothy decides to use the little time she has left to help free the land of Oz from the clutches of the Raven Witch.
Dorothy’s decision sends her on a dangerous mission that will challenge everything she believes in, and it will make her doubt her own heart.


hidden jessie donovanTHE HIDDEN (KELDERAN RUNIC WARRIORS BOOK 5) by Jessie Donovan

VS note: Author states this isn’t a standalone…see ebook seller page…

Just as Thorin and Vala begin their project to find the other part Brevkan individuals inside the colony on Jasvar, the red band on Vala’s leg begins to fade. As they find out what that means, it throws their entire world into turmoil. Will Thorin and Vala be able to survive the change? Or, will it rip them apart?

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mission criticalMISSION CRITICAL by Various

VS Note: Not romance but sounds like a good scifi anthology. I one clicked.

HOUSTON, WE HAVE A PROBLEM…Life is fragile. The difference between success and failure can come down to nothing – the thread of a screw, the flick of a switch – and when it goes wrong, you fix it. Or someone dies.
Mission Critical takes us from our world, across the Solar System, and out into deep space to tell the stories of people who had to do the impossible.
And do it fast.

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desperate heatDESPERATE HEAT by Susanna Eastman

Jessamyn Zoma has lived in a virtual bubble. Born sterile and sexually unresponsive like many females on her planet, she’s sheltered by her loving family. She longs for independence and a path she can call her own.

To Tomas Zute, the Zoma clan are family. The esteemed Vantan warrior would die for any one of them, but Jessamyn means the most of all.

When she’s captured and drugged by sex slave traders, she’s made to feel things she’s never felt before. Tomas comes to her rescue, and there’s only one way to soothe her symptoms. But the cost—their years of cherished friendship—is just too high. What happens when the heat cools, and she’s back to “normal”? Can hours of temporary pleasure change everything?


greed lana perchercyzkGREED: A SUPERHERO ROMANCE (THE DEADLY SEVEN BOOK 2) by Lana Perchercyzk

Griffin Lazarus’ restraint is notorious within his superhero family. His mastery over the sin of Greed is second to none. What they don’t know, is a shameful secret drives his discipline and one slip could mean fatal consequences for anyone close to him. When he’s forced to work with a beautiful, feisty reporter poking around his personal life, his control swiftly unravels. Everything about her throws his beliefs into chaos. She’s arousing, loud and infuriating, and craving her could be his undoing—or his redemption.

Lilo Likeke, an altruistic reporter for the Cardinal Copy, is hunting the story of a lifetime. Who are the Deadly Seven? If she can nail her unicorn story, she’ll finally prove her apple falls far from her corrupt family tree. When her mobster father is kidnapped, and she’s drawn into his web of chaos, she soon learns you can’t outrun your past, but you can choose your family. Trusting the man behind the mask might kill her story, but it also might save her heart.

With the Syndicate breathing down their necks, none of it could matter if they don’t live to see another day, and Griffin has no intention of losing the woman he covets, even if that means embracing bedlam.


hatched l starfyreHATCHED: JENNIFER’S DIARY (XAERD MATES BOOK 2) by L Starfyre

On Earth, Sci-Fi geek Jennifer Nym’s love life was far from satisfactory. Now she’s found her mates, and together they’re sizzling hot, but it comes at a price. Her life and that of everyone she cares about is in danger.
Who is this Enemy her mates are worried about? Will they ever reach the Senate to speak before them?


witching hourWITCHING HOUR: AN ANTI-FAE ADVENTURE  (WILD HUNT BOOK 7) by Yasmine Galenorn

When you dance with death, you have to be willing to roll the bones…

Raven BoneTalker, also known as the Daughter of Bones, is one of the Ante-Fae–the dangerous, unpredictable predecessors to the Fae Races. But Raven is young, and she likes interacting with mortals, so she’s opened a business–the Witching Hour–where she takes on clients with ghostly problems. Mostly she reads cards, boots out the odd poltergeist, or helps grieving families contact their loved ones for closure.

But when Lana, one of her friends, comes begging for help, things take a dark turn. Raven investigates what seems like a simple haunting on the surface. But the more she delves into the case, the more she realizes that this is no simple ghost. As Raven untangles a web of secrets and deceits kept for over fifty years, she finds herself in danger, facing not only a ghostly threat, but also a danger that is very much alive.

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dragon mistress book 3THE DRAGON MISTRESS BOOK 3 (THE EBUROSI CHRONICLES BOOK 10) by R A Steffan

A lone survivor escaped the mountain battle, carrying news of our dragons’ existence to the court of Prince Oblisii.

Utrea’s dragons were supposed to have been wiped out long ago. Only these five remain—a male and four females. They’re all that’s left to carry on the species, but first we have to keep them alive.

The prince will come soon with his army, and I’m stuck on a mountaintop with my four knights in tarnished armor. Sometimes, I think these men will be the death of me long before the royal soldiers arrive. Other times, I think they may be my only salvation.

Before the five of us can flee Utrea for safer shores, I’ll have to form a soul-bond with the male dragon. ..(more blurb on ebook seller page…)


heartwood boxHEARTWOOD BOX by Ann Aguirre

When Araceli Flores Harper is sent to stay with her great-aunt Ottilie in her ramshackle Victorian home, the plan is simple. She’ll buckle down and get ready for college. Life won’t be exciting, but she’ll cope, right?

Wrong. From the start, things are very, very wrong. Her great-aunt still leaves food for the husband who went missing twenty years ago, and local businesses are plastered with MISSING posters. There are unexplained lights in the woods and a mysterious lab just beyond the city limits that the locals don’t talk about. Ever. When she starts receiving mysterious letters that seem to be coming from the past, she suspects someone of pranking her or trying to drive her out of her mind.

To solve these riddles and bring the lost home again, Araceli must delve into a truly diabolical conspiracy, but some secrets fight to stay buried.

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What happens when the woman you’re pretending to be stares you down face to face?
Things get awkward.
And deadly.
In Wonderland, there can only be one Alice. A series of absurd trials and dangerous games are the only way to solve who is the real Alice and who is the fake.
If I win, I’ll have the power to save two kingdoms. If I lose, it’ll be more than just the Hatter who’s lethally mad.
Fake it till you make it, right?
Let the Alice Trials begin. Welcome to Wonderland, bitches.


windsweptWINDSWEPT (KISMET COVE BOOK 2) by Susan Hayes

When Vivian Waverly arrives in the small coastal town of Tofino for her best friend’s wedding, romance is the last thing on her mind – until she meets two men who might just be able to tame her restless heart.

Tucker Pine and Byron Triggs are selkies, shapeshifters living in secret. Bound by blood and magic, they’re destined to share a mate – and they want it to be Vivian.

Finding each other took an act of fate, but to stay together this trio will have to break the rules, defy tradition, and forge a new path for themselves and the colony of Kismet Cove.


guarding the mermaidGUARDING THE MERMAID (CHIMERA SECRETS BOOK 2) by Eve Langlais

Duty or love? Will a guard make the right choice?
Becky needs a scoop to make her mark in the journalism world and gets her chance when she’s hired as a nurse for a top-secret clinic hidden in the Rockies. What she doesn’t expect is to become one of the patients and kept prisoner.
The doctors are playing God and have found a way to change people. Change them into something else. In her case, she becomes a mermaid. The only one of her kind and about to be sold to the highest bidder unless she can convince the man guarding her to set her free.
Jett ain’t no hero, yet, he finds himself rescuing Becky, over and over. Even starts liking the talkative nurse, which is a bad idea. He knows better than to get involved with a woman. Didn’t his daddy teach him love always hurts?
It hurts, alright, especially because he ends up having to make a choice; doing his job or protecting Becky.
Is it even possible for a man to love a mermaid? Might be time to take some scuba diving lessons to find out.

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warriors curseWARRIOR’S CURSE by Cara Bristol

VS note: A re-release, sounds REALLY good! On my TBR List.

A paranormal romance inspired by the Greek myth of the Amazon women warriors.
A powerful tribe of women warriors lives in service to the Goddess, separate from men, their sworn enemies, until mating fever strikes and they must venture into the wilderness to seek mates.
Sheltered and protected behind palace walls, Princess Reena has never even seen a man. When the mating curse compels her older, wiser cousin to seek a mate, Reena accompanies her, eager for the chance to see a man in the flesh.
Reena learns how dangerous men can be.
Embittered by a terrible wrong a woman committed against him. Garat leaves his encampment to secure the water his people need to survive. When he encounters the queen’s daughter in the wilderness, his need for vengeance consumes him, and he takes Reena hostage. But as her sweetness melts his hatred, Garat begins to suspect there is an evil behind the palace walls that wants Reena dead.
After kidnapping her, can he get his heartmate to believe the people she trusts the most want to kill her? Can he open her eyes to the evil force that threatens their love and her life?

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cupids revenge july 2019CUPID’S REVENGE: ANNIVERSARY EDITION (NAUGHTY CUPID BOOK 2) by Michelle M Pillow

VS Note: A re-release

Lady Mina and her sister are impoverished, starving, and their castle home is crumbling around their feet. With their father is dead, the servants have all fled and left them to fend for themselves in the middle of winter. Mina doesn’t think things could get worse, until their kidnapped and left as an offering to a handsome man-beast.

After Cupid caused a great disruption amongst his lycans by bringing an enchanted human to their realm, King Larus had to meet with the Council of Elders to tell what the troll had done. It should have been enough to stop future mischief. Or so he thought. Now he’s trapped in the woods with two beautiful women—one whose madly in love with him and one who wants nothing more than to claw his eyes out. Larus is quickly learning not to underestimate a troll bent on revenge.

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VS note: From June

The road to hell is paved with bad dates. After a magical mishap with my ex-boyfriend, you can’t blame me for being a little skittish about relationships. But work is all kinds of stressful, so I’m venturing out into the supernatural dating scene.

Dating supernaturals isn’t for the faint of heart, however, nor is it for witches like me who are totally incompetent with magic. So, I need a dating Sherpa, STAT. Surprisingly enough, I find one in a vampire woman named Wren.

Each date presents its own weird challenges…(more blurb on ebook seller page…)

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VS Note: From June

I’m broken. Okay, not actually. But even though I’m new at this witch stuff, I’m pretty sure things aren’t supposed to randomly burst into flames around me. It’s really starting to cramp my style. To make matters worse, I accidentally put my date in a magical coma. And somehow—a rookie mistake—I yanked Daniel’s soul from his body. As a witch, I totally suck.

The bad news: time is running out to return Daniel’s soul or he’ll haunt me forever. The good news: Baba Yaga told me how to fix this mess. Hard to do, though, when my magic is going haywire and there’s a super sexy badass hunter who won’t let me out of his sight. Did I mention there’s a demon out there trying to kill me? I swear, this witch can’t catch a break!

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VS note: From June

Seven years bad luck? Not if Cricket has anything to say about it. She may have broken her Fae grandmother’s magic mirror, and she may be suffering the worst luck of her life, but no mirror (magic or not) controls her fate. She’ll prove luck has no part in her happily ever after. And if a hot leprechaun helps her do it? All the better.

Stephen knows all about luck. Leprechauns have their share of good fortune, and he’s no slouch in the leprechaun department. Or so he thought until he met Cricket. That girl is bad luck walking. It will take all of his tricks (and maybe his heart) to change Cricket’s destiny.

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awakened moni boyceAWAKENED (THE ORACLE CHRONICLES BOOK 1) by Moni Boyce

VS Note: Author does state the book ends in a cliffhanger.

Willow Stevens dreams of stardom are eclipsed by the real nightmares of a sinister man haunting her dreams. Unbeknownst to her, Eli Walker, her hot but snobbish co-worker, may know the reason nightmares plague her, but their history shows he is more prone to reject her, than help her.

Then Willow passes out at work only to wake in Eli’s apartment. There she has her chance to learn more about her heritage. But, knowing why the vampire king stalks her doesn’t make the nightmares disappear. If anything, they become more real as she now faces off against a slew of creatures she’d always believed were myth.

That Eli is one of those creatures is just her luck. Secret witch guild or not, his natural ways are casting spells her heart can’t escape. As a Protector his only focus should be her safety. Anything else is forbidden. He plans to stay on task, but some women break a man, or tempt him to break the rules.

Can Eli keep Willow alive and safe from the vampires long enough for her to grow her own powers or will both cast aside rules for a reckless passion that will only lead to danger?

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queen of ruinQUEEN OF RUIN (GRACE AND FURY BOOK 2) by Tracy Banghart

When the new, brutal Superior banishes Nomi from Bellaqua, she finds herself powerless and headed towards her all-but-certain death. Her only hope is to find her sister, Serina, on the prison island of Mount Ruin. But when Nomi arrives, it is not the island of conquered, broken women that they expected. It is an island in the grip of revolution, and Serina–polite, submissive Serina–is its leader.
Betrayal, grief, and violence have changed both sisters, and the women of Mount Ruin have their sights set on revenge beyond the confines of their island prison. They plan to sweep across the entire kingdom, issuing in a new age of freedom for all. But first they’ll have to get rid of the new Superior, and only Nomi knows how.
Separated once again, this time by choice, Nomi and Serina must forge their own paths as they aim to tear down the world they know, and build something better in its place.
lovelessLOVELESS (THE ALPHA SERIES BOOK 2) by Brooklyn Knight

What does a girl do when love hurts? She becomes ‘Loveless’.

My sister, Sasha, says she’s in love with Remi Moretti, but there is no way it can be true. I’ve protected her since we were kids in foster care, so nothing will stop me from rescuing her…Except, maybe, the man who answers the door when I arrive at the mansion.

Vince Moretti is long, and lean, and impossibly sexy; and he is… doing something to me. I’m supposed to be loveless, yet when this man touches me, my body and soul erupt. I used to think that Loveless was the answer, but suddenly, I’m not so sure.

What does a wolf do when he finds the girl of his dreams? He makes her fall in love.There is a woman standing at the front door of the mansion, and immediately, I know she belongs to me. In fact, Shenique Wilcox is the woman I have been waiting for my entire life. But there is something about her aura. It is angry and closed.It is just like mine.

When Shenique reveals a plot to separate my brother from his mate, it does not take much for me to get onboard. Love has hurt us and retribution is in order. But as our undeniable passion waxes stronger, suddenly our objectives become blurred. Now, it is not my brother I wish to defeat. It is Loveless itself.


storm lords brideSTORM LORD’S BRIDE (RITES OF THE RAKNARI) by Alana Serra

When Imara’s village is plunged into endless winter, her father invokes the old ways, pacting with the Storm Lord of the Frozen Peak–a fearsome brute of a man who’s as cold as he is savage. But the Storm Lord demands more than tribute for his powers. He wants flesh–the tender, untouched flesh of a human woman to fulfill his every desire.

To spare her sister such a fate, Imara goads him into taking her instead. At first, he’s everything she expected. Fierce, possessive, and impossible to resist. But the more she learns about Rheor and his people, the more the frigid mask he wears begins to crack, revealing the proud but wounded warrior beneath.

What Rheor needs isn’t a subservient woman to warm his bed, though. He needs a mate–one who can share in his powers.

Being able to control the winds of winter isn’t what Imara signed up for, but Rheor’s power is slowly killing him. And the more he uses it to protect her and his people, the weaker he gets. As enemies close in, drawn to the bond they share, can Imara and Rheor overcome their own obstacles and complete the Rite of the Raknari in time?



VS Note: From June

One merman. Two lives. A love so powerful it tore apart a city and broke the heart of a god.

Caspian, the Atlantean God of Justice, has devoted his eternal life to protecting the merfolk. He has no time for romance, not even when the merman he now watches over is his former lover reincarnated.

Phoebus, a merman living in the sunken city of Atlantis before the Atlanteans were banished, never intended to fall for Caspian, the most promiscuous of all the gods. Yet, when Caspian offers him immortality, Phoebus doesn’t know if he can pay the price, even if refusing means breaking the heart of a god.

Back in the present, Marin remembers the love he once had for Caspian, but he’s not the same merman now. Caspian might have loved him as Phoebus, but he knows the god cannot give him what he needs.

Marin doesn’t want Caspian’s protection. He wants revenge, and he is prepared to make the ultimate sacrifice to get it, even if it means breaking Caspian’s heart a second time.


potions and prisonsPOTIONS AND PRISONS (GAY EVER AFTER BOOK 2) by L M Brown

VS note: A June re-release

When John the woodcutter realises he is about to lose the love of his life, he seeks out the wicked witch of the Enchanted Forest, hoping to buy a love potion to win his lover back. The witch refusing to help is only the start of his problems, for—on the stroke of midnight—the witch’s cottage vanishes from the Enchanted Forest with him in it.

Mathias is the grandson of a wicked witch and, like his mother and grandmother, he is cursed to be trapped in the cottage in a desolate wasteland for the rest of his life. He and the cottage only return to the Enchanted Forest on Midsummer Day each year. The last thing he needs is an unexpected house guest.

Thrown together for a year, the spark between the two men soon ignites into passion, but can John live the rest of his life in a prison and would Mat even ask him to?



VS note: From June

I was three when I watched my mother die.
Now I’m back in Muckle Cove digging into her murder.
They say coming home is never easy, but what I’m finding goes so much deeper than anyone could have imagined.
Ancient magic, modern politics, and my mother’s ghost all point to some truth in the past that could change my present forever.
If it doesn’t kill me first.



Centenary Rhodes is caught in a deal she didn’t make. Thanks to her eternal lover, Stowne’s, quick thinking, she’ll live forever, but there’s a hitch. Cent’s now fey, and three months out of the year she’ll live on the other side of Embreeville Mountain among the Hunter Fey, serving their king, Dane Gow.

As Cent begins wading through the anachronisms that come with being a Hunter, she learns that nothing is what it initially seems. Cent shares several past lives with Dane, who wants her back, and Stowne’s lied to Cent so many times that she’s having doubts about their marriage. To make matters worse, the past Hunter Kings are influencing Dane’s behavior, and the youngest Hunter, Brinn, might well be the most dangerous of them all.

It’s going to be a cold, dark spring, and Cent needs to unite both sides of Embreeville mountain before her eternal life, her relationship with Dane, and her marriage to Stowne come permanently undone.

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omega gamesTHE OMEGA GAMES (HELL’S WOLVES MC) by J L Wilder

Wyatt – All my life I’d been a lone wolf.
Drinking, hiding my inner beast.
Then I became second to the Alpha of the Hell’s Wolves MC.
That’s when she came into my life—the omega.
Now my sole purpose is to protect this sexy little wolf.
Even if it violates my alpha’s orders.

Izzy – Those bastards think they can treat me like a breeding bag.
When the wolf moon comes and I’m in heat,
They’ll hold the omega games—with me as the prize.
What they don’t know is I’ll decide who gets my body, and my heart.
For me, there is only one.
And I need him so bad it hurts.


shadows of blackbriar academySHADOWS OF BLACKBRIAR ACADEMY by Olivia Ash

I made it through the trials, but now the real test begins.
Year One classes have begun in the enchanted halls of Blackbriar Academy, and they’re more challenging than anything I’ve ever faced in my life. Surviving the Academy means brutal training, advanced magic, and a bloodthirsty student who is developing a dangerous hunger for my power.

Worst of all, it’s clear someone knows my secret. And they have my father locked away.
Deep in the rubble of an ancient ruin, we find evidence of a ritual. One we don’t fully understand, but one which most definitely involves me in some way. And as time runs out, we have to find out who’s behind this before they kill everyone I love.

The traps are set. The clock is ticking. And I absolutely must save my father before he’s slaughtered. God help whoever dares hurt him. I’m not the weak, naive girl I was when I came to Blackbriar.

My magic has never been stronger, and I’ve never had more control. I don’t care if I risk going dark—I’ll do whatever it takes to save the only family I have left.
Or die trying.


rescue bearRESCUE BEAR (P.O.L.A.R BOOK 1) by Candace Ayers

One week.
That’s all it took for Megan’s world to fall apart.
She lost everything.
Her marriage—shattered.
Her business—demolished.
Her life—ruined.
Enter one hot Rescue Bear to pick up the pieces,
Build her back up,
And shower her with the love she’s never known, and always deserve.


blessed be the wickedBLESSED BE THE WICKED (DARK MAJI BOOK 2) by Kel Carpenter and Luci Smoke

Lazarus was warned that Quinn’s power might be too great, even for him, but nothing prepared him for the truth of it until she held a dagger over him, and he was powerless to stop it. Now at odds with himself, the future king of Norcasta must find a way to regain control of his house and secure an alliance with the Pirate Queen…before fate tips its hand once more, and his carefully laid plans are led astray.

Quinn’s loyalty is not easily won, but Lazarus has managed to do it. Now the vassal and right-hand of Lord Fierté, Quinn seeks to gain him an alliance with Ilvas all the while challenging him at every turn. With the Cisean tribes won over, and the blood heirs behind them, Quinn expects this to be an easy task, but soon finds herself entangled in a web of lies.

Forced to gamble with her life—and the lives of her comrades—Quinn must make a choice that will either save or doom them all.



Anwen’s uncanny resemblance to Princess Lavena has been a curse since the moment she entered her service, as the spoiled princess has frequently used it to her advantage by forcing Anwen to switch places with her. But Princess Lavena’s latest scheme is her worst—and most dangerous—yet: compelling Anwen to take the princess’s place in her marriage to her loathed fiancé, Prince Liam.

Bound by an enchanted contract not to reveal the charade, Anwen is forced to go through with the masquerade and endure a marriage to a man who despises the woman he believes her to be. As time goes on, Anwen struggles not only to maintain her identity, but to fight her deepening feelings as she begins to fall in love with her new husband, a man who not only isn’t hers to keep, but who has no idea who she really is.


bitter thornsBITTER THORNS (THE ENTWINED BOOK 1) by Chrissy Jaye

All Olivia Stone ever wanted is control over her own destiny.
But when witches murder her best friend, her brother reveals secrets about her that will change everything.
Thrust into an unfamiliar and frightening world full of magic, she must put her fears aside and place all her faith in a group of strangers.
But even her new friends can’t protect her from all the evils of the world.
Especially when the worst of it comes from within.


lions loyaltyTHE LION’S LOYALTY (BEASTS BOOK 3) by Emilia Hartley

As second in command, Van has always been the steady one in the pack, the voice of reason, the brains behind the brawn. But now Carol has returned to them shaken from her ordeal with the mad scientists, and Van can hardly control himself. He’s furious at the world for hurting her and at his pack for forgetting about her. Most of all, he’s furious at himself for failing her. He doesn’t deserve his fated mate if he can’t take care of her.

Before she was changed, Carol was an EMT, a lifesaver. Now she starts at small noises, worries about shadows, and can’t handle the smell of antiseptic. Only around Van does she find any peace at all. But she’s sure Van only sticks around because the alpha told him to keep an eye on the unreliable, broken member of the pack. Sometimes she thinks the world, the pack, and even Van would be better off without her.

She refuses to be a burden.
For both their sakes, Van must convince her she isn’t one.


huntressHUNTRESS (GODS OF WAE CHRONICLES BOOK 1) by Elizabeth Hartwell

Nobody said the Apocalypse was supposed to be pretty.
But even in a world poisoned by nuclear war, beauty can bloom. And in Cerena Lightmoon, there is a terrible, relentless beauty.
If you can get past the rage in her heart.

Born of conflict, trained since childhood, she is the perfect warrior.
Deadly as she is beautiful, her twin swords have carved justice and hope for humans in a world where the paranormal is now normal, and the creatures from our deepest nightmares now roam the daylight.

But now, she’s been handed a mission that she’s not ready for.
Because unbeknownst to her, the gods of myth are just as real as the creatures they’ve spawned. And she’s about to be sent to the front lines.
She doesn’t know what she’s walking into, all she knows is that her two new allies are the sexiest men she’s ever met, and sins she’s never considered before now sound very, very enticing.

The war is coming. And in this hunt, the Huntress might find herself the prey.


swans love songA SWAN’S LOVE SONG (VALE VALLEY SEASON 3) by M M Wilde

After being rescued from a vicious gang of thieving swans by fellow swan shifter Kellan, Sean is starting over in the magical town of Vale Valley. Despite being so young, he aches to find his Alpha so he can begin his forever after. And once he’s spent lots of time with Kellan and Vic’s adorable hatchling, he also dreams of having an egg of his very own.

Avi is Vale Valley’s recently hired fire chief and an eagle shifter. He can’t keep his eyes off the blond cutie who’s a server at the Vale Valley Inn restaurant, but he’s so busy with his job. In addition, he’s much older than the delectable Sean. Avi decides he should probably just behave and keep his wings to himself.

Sometimes all a fated mate needs is a swift kick in the ass. When Sean repeatedly fails to convince Avi they were meant to be, he enlists the help of his new friends. Too bad there’s an old enemy skulking around who can’t wait to ruin everything.


king of noneKING OF NONE (THE MASKS OF UNDER BOOK 5) by Kathryn Ann Kingsley

The Ancients are free, and all bets are off.

With the rise of the primordial creators of Under everything has changed. Our world is no longer the same, and neither is Aon.

I learned his dark secret the moment the sun peeked over the horizon for the first time in thousands of years. Every king and queen in Under used to be human—even Edu. But not Aon. He’s the only soul ever made by the Ancients, their firstborn and only son.

Now that they’ve been set free, he has no choice but to obey his makers and do what he has been created to do. Rule.

Aon, the King of Shadows, was a madman and a warlock. But he no longer exists. In his place is someone—something—far worse.
The King of All.



Piper – I came to the mountains here in northern Georgia to study the endangered Smoky Mountain Flying Fox.
Instead, I wound up with Wyatt Kelly, which certainly wasn’t a bad thing.
You couldn’t help but notice this guy. He stood out with those big piercing blue eyes, bright smile and huge muscles.
He was a fine specimen indeed.
The question is, what was he really doing at my campsite checking all my motion-activated cameras and trying to find my videos?
I’m almost sure he knows what the hell that creature was I saw flying across the sky that night.

Wyatt – I pricked up my ears when that beautiful biologist talked about the huge, winged beast that she photographed in the woods the other night.
She said it looked like….well, like an enormous dragon of sorts.
We told her that was impossible.
At least, it should have been.
So what was a dragon doing in the woods at night off Smokey Ridge?
No one from Clan Kelly would go down there, so the intruder must have been one of our blood enemies, the Lynches.
If I wasn’t mistaken, our Clan could end up in a war to end all wars and we would never even see it coming.
To make matters worse, Piper got herself stuck in the middle and now I must find a way to get the two of us out alive.


miracle of hopeMIRACLE OF HOPE (MIRACLE TRILOGY BOOK 3) by Linda Mooney

My name is Casi Clarity and I draw demons to me like flies to honey. They want me dead. Again. If only to see if I am resurrected a second time, and how. All I want to know is why me?

The road to Texas has been a hard one. I’ve seen some ghosts from my past that I thought were long gone, but learning secrets that were kept from me could explain why I was chosen.

I know it’s already been written. Coheed knows, Gilly knows, but apparently I have to figure it out on my own.

According to Coheed, though, what’s not written is exactly where, when, or who will triumph, but I know everything happens for a reason. I was resurrected for a reason. Coheed was sent to me for a reason. I just have to trust in God’s plan, and I do. I also know that if I die this time, I probably won’t be allowed another chance.

It’s time for the final showdown. I don’t know if I will survive, or if any of us will. But it’s God’s will, and we must fight regardless of the outcome.
My name is Casi.
The undead call me their angel mouse.
Coheed calls me Earth’s last miracle.

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blackwolf redemptionBLACKWOLF REDEMPTION (BLACKWOLF SERIES BOOK 2) by Sydney Addae

Silas and Jasmine return to the compound and all hell has broken loose. Razor and Storm have lost control of their beasts and are locked in cages. Silas needs answers and a solution to save them.

Angus, Asia, Thomas and most of the Chimera team leave to hunt the culprits who attacked Alpha Lucian in Central America with old Liege technology. They are surprised by what they find and drawn into seedy areas on the continent with unexpected results.

With time running out, Silas is desperate to save the BlackWolf Clan from an old vendetta. With discord in his den, the BlackWolf Council’s petty jealousies, and Grandfather’s silence, Silas takes matters into his own hands to solve the issue, even if it means breaking the rules.

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silenced susi hawkeSILENCED (ALPHABITS BOOK 6) by Susi Hawke and Crista Crown

Leaf Erikson didn’t mean to get caught up in STAHP’s craziness. If his brother River hadn’t joined them, Leaf never would have been caught in a flood and rescued by the Alphabits. He never would have scented his mate’s scent on the helicopter pilot. Never would have known his true mate was out there.

But he does know. And now he will do anything to find him, no matter what it takes.

Cyrus Novak has his hands full fostering a teenage former thief going through puberty. The only thing that makes him feel less alone is knowing that half his team are dealing with the same issues. He loves having someone to care for again. Ever since he and his family stopped talking, he’s had to get used to being alone. But his team has helped fill that void until now. Mostly.

Just when Cy thinks he’s got things figured out, a sweet, intense little cat turns his world upside down—and unintentionally brings answers to both the Alphabits’ current case and Cyrus’ estrangement with his family.


tristan the manning dragonsTRISTAN – THE MANNING DRAGONS by Kathi S Barton

Wynter Dawn had been in the wrong place at the wrong time. She had gone to the mall to get a well-deserved birthday present for her mother when all hell broke loose. She had taken four bullets herself, but too many others had died. Now, the police were trying say she was an accomplice and pin the blame for the others’ deaths on her. They were going for the death penalty.

Tristan Manning had never met Wynter before, but when Xavier rescued her from the courthouse, Tristan was called to Cooper’s home. When he arrived, the dragon tattoo, the one he’d had since birth, came alive and was clawing his way forward. The pain was excruciating. When he entered the room, Wynter was screaming in pain as her dragon tattoo was doing the same. When the dragons came forth in a burst of magic, both Tristan and Wynter passed out.

Eric had been tasked centuries ago with killing any and all newborn dragons before the eggs could hatch. But somehow he’d missed one and he needed to rectify that there would be hell to pay.


midnight academyMIDNIGHT ACADEMY by Various including May Sage

Some clueless, others, already powerful, these protagonists are about to face more than they bargained for…In the Midnight Academy collection, you’ll follow seven stories set in enticing paranormal worlds where being late for class is the least of their problems.
From immortal princes to normal human girls, shifters and witches, there’s an academy for every taste.
Midnight Academy is only available temporarily, so grab it while you can!


omega from the oceanOMEGA FROM THE OCEAN (HERON MANOR BOOK 1) by Amy Bellows

Merman Jack is a terrible virgin sacrifice. Mostly because he isn’t virginal. At all.

Hopefully the Sea King won’t notice.

For Jack, the human world has too many wonderful temptations, and too many alphas to resist. He only has two months left before he has to give himself to the Sea King, and he doesn’t want to spend them in the cold, dark catacombs where the Mermen of Rixton live. It may be forbidden for Jack to go to shore, but when did that ever stop him?

Peter is a terrible dragon shifter. He can’t figure out what he’s supposed to collect for his hoard. Without his hoard, he can’t do any of the important dragon-shifter things, like take his dragon form or find his fated mate. After years of losing his lovers to their fated mates, Peter’s feeling his age, and he’s tired of being alone.

When Peter sees a beautiful merman on the beach, he thinks he’s finally found his fated mate. Jack falls hard for Peter too, but he knows they can’t be together forever. If Jack doesn’t show up on the day of his sacrifice, the Sea King will kill his father and take his brother instead.

Will the love between a terrible virgin sacrifice and a terrible dragon shifter be enough to change their fate?


unicorn luckUNICORN LUCK (VALENTINE PRIDE BOOK 2) by Laura Greenwood and LA Boruff

Leola and her lions are all settled in their new life…until a visitor from the past changes all that.

With her lion shifters by her side, Leola begins to uncover the truth about her parents’ fate. Her trust in everything will be put to the test when she comes face to face with the person who orphaned her.

Can she forgive the one person who changed her life forever?


escape weresnakeESCAPE (CROSSING NUWA BOOK 1) by Sean Ian O’Meidher and Connal Braginsky

For sheltered Robbie, one week of freedom leads to sexual awakening and adventure… but when his world intersects with Theo’s, they’ll need all their wits and Theo’s magic to fight for their future.

Rare male weresnake Robbie has had his whole life decided for him down to his meals. But when the time comes for him to perform an unspeakable duty to his clan, he runs.

San Francisco Pride is in full swing when technomage Theo spots a scared-looking young man with brilliant emerald eyes. He’s only looking for a hookup, but before he knows why, he’s taking Robbie home and introducing him to champagne and enchiladas. He doesn’t have any intention of falling in love.

Robbie doesn’t want to return to his clan, at least not without trying to fit a lifetime of experiences into a week, but every day he stays puts Theo in more danger.

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When wealthy construction owner Jace Sanders meets his business partner’s deliciously sexy nanny from Earth, his life is turned upside down. Jace can’t believe he’s met his mate–and his perfect match. The problem is that Ivy Woodson is from Earth and he’s from a Tarradon, a completely different realm. To say she is out of her element would be an understatement.

Convince her to stay, his friends suggest. Easy, right? Hardly. Jace has always had his pick of women. After all, he’s rich, successful, and rather charming, or so people say. But from the moment Ivy arrives, things go awry.

Jace knows she’s the one for him, while Ivy can’t believe the handsome dragon shifter would ever want her. What will he have to do to convince her life on Tarradon–with him–is for her?

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Reporter, Bre Hayne, is on the hunt for a story. Finally, her big career break has fallen into her lap, and she has chance to get the scoop on one of the notoriously private shifters. Not many of them exist, but one Holt Lachlan has put an ad out for a mate, and Bre is up for the challenge. She’ll pretend to be interested, gather intel on him, and then scoot out of Uncertain, Texas just as fast as her old junker truck can speed her back to the news station. But the deeper into the story she goes, the more she realizes maybe Holt isn’t the one who is the monster. Maybe it’s her.

Alligator shifter, Holt Lachlan, is the center of an unfortunate legend. His family name has been tarnished by these swamps for generations, and he has to go outside of the town to try and find a mate. Desperate for something to occupy his inner animal, he meets up with a spunky beauty named Bre, and tells her the rules. The most important rule? Pretend he’s normal. Ignore the growling, don’t pay attention to his eye color, and definitely don’t go anywhere near the waters of Uncertain’s swamp at night. He’s protective of his territory, but the more he gets to know the bold and beguiling woman who has answered his ad, the more he thinks she just might survive his dark secrets…but will he survive hers?


eye spyEYE SPY (VALDEMAR FAMILY SPIES BOOK 2) by Mercedes Lackey

VS note: Not a romance but a release of note.

Mags, Herald Spy of Valdemar, and his wife, Amily, the King’s Own Herald, are happily married with three kids. Their daughter, Abidela, dreams of building on her parents’ legacy by joining her father’s network of spies, hoping to offset her seeming lack of a Gift.

But when Abi senses the imminent collapse of a bridge only moments before it happens, she saves countless lives, including that of her best friend, Princess Katiana. The experience, though harrowing, uncovers her unique Gift—an ability to sense the physical strains in objects.

Intrigued by the potential of her Gift, the Artificers seek to claim her as their own—but only the Healers can train her. Through training with both of them, Abi discovers unique facets of her Gift, including a synesthetic connection to objects that allows her to “see” as well as feel the strains.

Her Gift may also grant her a distinct advantage as a spy—there won’t be a building in the entire kingdom of Valdemar with a secret room that she doesn’t know about. With the help of her mentors, she must hone her gift to uncover the hidden secrets in the depths of Valdemar.

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three silverback bearsMAX (THREE SILVERBACK BEARS AND A BABY BOOK 1) by Harmony Raines

Max, Tad, and Jake think fate—and mates—have passed them by. Resigned to life alone, they have each put all their energy into their careers. However, change arrives in the small but perfectly formed guise of baby Milly. Orphaned when her mother overdoses on drugs, Milly brings out the protective side in all three bear shifter brothers.

Well, Jake might need a little persuading!

But that’s not all.

When Milly’s foster mom, Josephine, comes to visit, Max instantly knows she is his mate. Max is more than ready to open his heart and his home to Milly and Josephine. But Josephine has a hidden past, and as danger threatens, he will do whatever it takes to keep his new family safe.

Josephine has a past she’d rather forget. But visions of the abuse she suffered at the hands of an ex-boyfriend are impossible to wipe from her memory. Not that she’s let his actions prevent her building a good life for herself. One where she provides love and care for children in need.

However, she’s never let anyone else in. She’s never allowed herself to trust another man.

But now Max tells her she is his mate. Josephine knows what that means. And she wants to be part of a family, a real loving family, for the first time. Can she open her heart to love?

Just when she finds the answer to that question, her past finally catches up with her.


dickDICK (THE PRIVATE DICK SERIES BOOK 1) by Gracen Miller and Julie Morgan

KING – Phuck is the king of New Orleans. A demon who offers immortality for loyalty and respect. As president of the Voodoo Dawgs MC, he’s become as iconic to Nawlins’ citizens as the French Quarter. With Voodoo Mama and his brothers at his side, he’s untouchable, his power limitless. But when one of his demon brothers is discovered murdered, his life is about to be shaken up in ways he could’ve never anticipated.

SHERIFF – Enzo is a sheriff, a shifter with a badge, who’s lost his power and the respect of the citizens of New Orleans. Betrayed by those he trusted, he’s fallen into disgrace, unable to remain sober long enough to pull himself together. When one of Phuck’s men is found dead, Enzo calls in the big guns to help solve the murder.

DICK – Panther shifter Detective Natalia Cortes arrives to investigate a demonic killing in NOLA. It’s not just any homicide, but the murder of a demon who happens to be part of the Voodoo Dawgs MC. The self-appointed King of New Orleans doesn’t want her there, but she feels his heated gaze. The sheriff needs her help to solve the case, but the more time he spends with her, the more he wants to claim her as his mate.

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traitors lingdomTHE TRAITOR’S KINGDOM (TRAITOR’S TRILOGY BOOK 3) by Erin Beaty

A new queen under threat.
An ambassador with a desperate scheme.
Two kingdoms with everything to lose.

Once a spy and counselor to the throne, Sage Fowler has secured victory for her kingdom at a terrible cost. Now an ambassador representing Demora, Sage is about to face her greatest challenge to avoid a war with a rival kingdom.

After an assassination attempt destroys the chance for peace, Sage and her fiancé Major Alex Quinn risk a dangerous plot to reveal the culprit. But the stakes are higher than ever, and in the game of traitors, betrayal is the only certainty.

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storm crowTHE STORM CROW by Kalyn Josephson

In the tropical kingdom of Rhodaire, magical, elemental Crows are part of every aspect of life…until the Illucian empire invades, destroying everything.

That terrible night has thrown Princess Anthia into a deep depression. Her sister Caliza is busy running the kingdom after their mother’s death, but all Thia can do is think of all she has lost.

But when Caliza is forced to agree to a marriage between Thia and the crown prince of Illucia, Thia is finally spurred into action. And after stumbling upon a hidden Crow egg in the rubble of a rookery, she and her sister devise a dangerous plan to hatch the egg in secret and get back what was taken from them.


spin the dawnSPIN THE DAWN (THE BLOOD OF STARS BOOK 1) by Elizabeth Lim

VS Note: This one sounded intriguing, put it on my TBR List.

Maia Tamarin dreams of becoming the greatest tailor in the land, but as a girl, the best she can hope for is to marry well. When a royal messenger summons her ailing father, once a tailor of renown, to court, Maia poses as a boy and takes his place. She knows her life is forfeit if her secret is discovered, but she’ll take that risk to achieve her dream and save her family from ruin. There’s just one catch: Maia is one of twelve tailors vying for the job.
Backstabbing and lies run rampant as the tailors compete in challenges to prove their artistry and skill. Maia’s task is further complicated when she draws the attention of the court magician, Edan, whose piercing eyes seem to see straight through her disguise.
And nothing could have prepared her for the final challenge: to sew three magic gowns for the emperor’s reluctant bride-to-be, from the laughter of the sun, the tears of the moon, and the blood of stars. With this impossible task before her, she embarks on a journey to the far reaches of the kingdom, seeking the sun, the moon, and the stars, and finding more than she ever could have imagined.

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darik_Veronica_ScottVS: The SFR Station mentioned DARIK, from my award winning Badari Warriors scifi romance series, this week so I’ll highlight that title for you!

Nicolle James is far from her home in the human Sectors, kidnapped by alien scientists to be the subject of horrifying experiments.  Her only hope might be a mysterious soldier she’d glimpsed outside the laboratory fence. She’d managed to sneak a few words of conversation with him when her captors weren’t watching but now the aliens were taking her inside the lab to begin the experiments.

Darik, a warrior of the genetically engineered Badari pack, is on a solo recon mission to check out a mysterious new lab high in the mountains. His orders are strict – do not engage. But when he has a chance meeting with the woman who might be his mate, he vows not to abandon her, orders or no orders.

Can he get inside an underground lab, find Nicolle and rescue her without getting captured himself? And when he learns the lab’s deadly secrets, can he get word to his pack about the new dangers?

Because the ruthless alien scientist running the experiments wants to get her hands on him too and will stop at nothing to achieve her goals.

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