Veronica Found a New Quiz to Tackle

Quiz Red Button Word Test Evaluation ExamI love to do quizzes! This past weekend I found one in US Weekly, where they asked the current Bachelorette some romance-y type questions and I thought it would be a perfect one for me too. Hey, she does romance on TV and I write it in books!

I’ve watched one season of ‘The Bachelor,’ back when it was a new concept and I couldn’t imagine how it would work out. I have to say I didn’t care much for it. I’ve watched one season of ‘The Bachelorette,’ as well. I think it was a year the network had managed to stir up extra drama – maybe she was a rejected rose getter from ‘The Bachelor’ or someone really lied about why he was there. I honestly can’t remember, which is no diss on either program. I know millions of people do enjoy the seasonal drama, but it all seems the same to me, and kinda obvious from how few actual marriages have resulted (what, one?) or even really long term relationships, that the concept works great to garner people the special instant ‘fame’ that comes from being on TV and gives some their fifteen minutes or so to be in the national consciousness, and maybe get on ‘Dancing with the Stars’ (which is a reality show I DO love)…and that’s it.

No Happy Ever After and the Happy For Now is short on those shows. And you endorse a lot of products.

I watched one season of Lifetime’s ‘Unreal’, a fictionalized bachelor/bachelorette type reality show and it was hilarious and cynical and probably pretty darn close to the truth.

Beautiful baby with red apple. Baby eating healthy food isolated.


Many years ago – no, I wasn’t on a reality show, hold your horses! – my toddler daughter and I were invited to be on a PBS documentary on working women with access to child care onsite, which we had at my day job. I got my taste of how ‘real’ TV worked when they filmed me going to be with my daughter at lunchtime, which I did regularly. I cut up an apple, which she loved, and gave her the pieces and she was happily munching when the director said “Cut. Now take the fruit away from the kid and let’s shoot it again and make these blah blah blah changes.” And I just stared at him. You do NOT take food away from a happy, hungry baby. And if you do take food away from a happy hungry baby, you wind up with an unhappy hungry baby throwing an actually well-deserved LOUD tantrum. I told him no and hell no, and that was the end of us filming. I think we got maybe 3 seconds in the resulting documentary. (And here I’d daydreamed getting invited to be on ‘Oprah’ and other cheery fun things as a result of how scintillating my daughter and I were going to be in the PBS special.) So in my opinion no version of TV, other than maybe hard news filmed as it happens, is ‘real.’

OK, on to the quiz!

My first kiss was…oh yeah, all that, Disney magic happened, WONDERFUL.  Married him actually.

My biggest deal breaker is…rudeness. Also being handsy with me on a first date.

De LoreanMy worst date was…ok, he had a DeLorean. But when he came to the door to pick me up and I saw the heavy gold chain lying on his chest fur and the tight pants and cheap polyester shirt with too many buttons open, yeah, I knew I was in trouble and should have shut the door again. But mutual friends had arranged the double date and were supposed to meet us at the restaurant. I figured, how bad can it be? They cancelled, which I didn’t learn till we were at the restaurant…downhill from there. And DeLoreans aren’t comfortable to ride in or get in and out of. We did not time travel. And there was no second date because I Am Not Stupid.

Splitting the check on the first date is…perfectly fine with me. (And here the Bachelorette and I agreed!) I do like the guy to open the doors for me and be chivalrous. Maybe I’ve been too steeped in romance novels all my life? Yes, I can open them myself but I like that little gesture. I don’t hold it against a guy if he doesn’t open the doors though.

Disneyland2014altMy ideal date is…I suppose a day at Disneyland is too expensive LOL? Actually I like the dinner and a good movie kind of date. I’m shy, I’m introverted, I don’t always guess what’s the best outfit to wear, I’m not athletically gifted… so don’t give me extra things to stress over on a first date (like playing miniature golf or taking me to a comedy club where they mercilessly pick on the audience members, which, yes, did happen to me once. See Mr. DeLorean Car above.)

My first celebrity crush was…ok, this takes explanation. It was either Leslie Nielson in ‘Forbidden Planet,” Johnny Weismuller in ‘Tarzan’ or Buster Crabbe in ‘Flash Gordon.’ No, I am NOT several centuries old. The rural area where I grew up was served by very limited TV (ok, so my childhood does predate cable and satellite in remote areas) and what channels there were served up a LOT of cheap fare from olden days, like B movies and serials. But as a little kid, I had no idea how old they were. I think I mostly fell for the adventure anyway, and the idea of a strong heroine and a strong hero. I know Jane, Dale and Altaira weren’t exactly strong on the Ripley scale of things but they had their moments and they kept up with the heroes in all the adventures.

My current crush is…it depends what movie or TV show I watched recently. I think Dwayne  ‘The Rock’ Johnson is pretty reliably on my list though. Although ‘Baywatch’ nearly got him permanently X’ed off. (I stuck through about 5 minutes of that, OMG BAD.)

calm and serious womanA celebrity couple who inspires me is…oh the pressure! Because you know if I name one, they’ll probably break up tomorrow, given our tabloid world. Who can ever know the reality inside someone else’s relationship? The Bachelorette picked Chuck and Joanna Gaines BTW, who I don’t think are going to break up. Well, let’s see. The first names that came to mind for me were Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton, for their passion. Also for playing Cleopatra and Marc Antony. Then Prince Harry and Megan Markle for their sheer romancelandia-ness of ‘playboy soldier prince marries biracial divorced actress’. Yes, I did get up at some horrendous pre-dawn hour and watch the entire wedding coverage, much to Jake the Cat’s confusion. Sorry, no easy answers here from me. I’ll have to get back to you on this one!

My biggest turn on is…oh, you mean PG-rated? Whew! Didn’t want to share those sekrits here.  I’ll go with a healthy sense of humor. I’m also very attracted to a guy’s hands, his eyes and his voice.

Clothing-wise, I’d rather be…casual, although it’s fun to dress up on occasion.

My dream honeymoon would be…lots of just us time in a very comfortably appointed hotel room, with side trips to museums and interesting local points of interest. Good memories! In point of actual fact, since he was a lance corporal in the USMC and we were broke, we had a 3 day honeymoon in the apartment which was actually EXCELLENT and then on our first anniversary we went to see the Sequoias and stayed in a cabin in the forest with wasps and bears. The trees were very nice. (I’m not too outdoorsy, can you tell?)

In 10 years I’ll be…pretty much the same as I am now, believing in love and romance and happy ever afters. And writing them, albeit in scifi romance and ancient Egypt.

Beautiful vector background with couple of humming bird with hea

Note: All photos from DepositPhoto except for the one which is Author’s Own.


2 comments on “Veronica Found a New Quiz to Tackle

  1. Fun quiz! Loved your story about your big TV debut. Obviously the director had never worked with kids before. I’m envious. I’d like to see a TV show being filmed. I should put that on my bucket list. Lol.

  2. First Kiss: I invited the most popular boy in high school-we’d never met before-to my sorority dance and when-after a glorious evening-he drove me home and said “Pucker up, my lovely one” and suddenly we were locked together in my first kiss. I said goodnight and ran up the steps to safety, locked the door and my stomach began to cramp. “Oh my God, so this is what a kiss is like and I don’t think I’ll ever want one again.” After that, we were The Couple in school and ultimately we married. Marriage is one long conversation. So much fun despite too many kids. Yikes! I loved him then, still do now although he passed 28 years ago.

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