My 15 Favorite #SciFi and #Fantasy Book Covers of 2016

I decided for my year end post I’d select my favorite book covers from this year. (Of course I’m very partial to my own LOL, thanks to the artistry of Fiona Jayde, but you can see them on the sidebar.)

Since I primarily read in the scifi romance and fantasy genres, those are where my choices are drawn from. I see huge numbers of covers all year long in connection with my New Releases posts, and other posts I write, so my loose criteria were: does the cover linger in my memory over time to some extent and is it pleasing to the eye? (Because a few covers – NOT included here – linger because they were so not pleasing, to my eyes at least!)  I’m no art critic 🙂

This is my all time favorite cover of 2016 (and the heroine depicted is a librarian BTW!):


The other selections, in no certain order (and if I’ve picked one from a series, I pretty much love ALL the covers in that series by the way but this one stood out to me):




tempered hearts

pirate nemesis

sorceress rising









And special mention to this one, which gets points for sheer adorableness:


Feel free to share your favorite covers of the year in the comments if you’d like!

Happy New Year!!!






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