Any Last Messages? Weekend Writing Warriors

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Here’s the link to the Weekend Writing Warriors central page, so you can visit all the participants sharing excerpts today…a fun way to sample new books and find new authors! (Also welcome to the Sunday Snippet visitors!)

I’m excerpting Hostage To The Stars, which released in June. Edited from published version. I’ll do a few more snippets from it and then move on to my NEW book, Trapped on Talonque.

As the excerpt begins, Sara sits with the other passengers, waiting for the pirates.

 “Did you bring your kidnap and ransom insurance certificate?” asked the Hostage ToTheStarsFinal-FJM_High_Res_1800x2700Tregon Inc. trader sitting across from her. “Do you have good coverage? These Farduccir pirates are greedy bastards.”

                “I-I don’t have any insurance – I’ve never even heard of it before today.”

                The man shoved his chair away from the table, saying, “The government shouldn’t allow people like you to travel in these parts.” He shook his head. “My sympathies – any last messages you want us to send to your family?”

                Chest tightening, ears ringing as she grew light-headed, Sara couldn’t believe what the passenger was inferring, “Are you joking?”

                “Honey, these pirates are all about the credits and they’ll get ‘em out of you one way or the other,” said the man seated next to her.

The story:

He rescued her from space pirates … but can he keep them both safe from the far greater evil stalking a deserted planet?

Space travel without Kidnap & Ransom insurance? Not a good idea. University instructor and researcher Sara Bridges can’t afford it, so when pirates board her cruise liner, she’s taken captive along with the mistress of a wealthy man, and brought to a deserted planet. When a military extraction team sent to rescue the mistress refuses to take Sara too, she’s left to the mercies of a retired Special Forces soldier, along as consultant.

Reluctantly reactivated and coerced into signing up for the rescue operation to the planet Farduccir where he once was deployed,  Sgt. Johnny Danver just wants to get the job done. But when the team leader leaves one captured woman behind, he breaks away to rescue her himself.

As Johnny and Sara traverse the barren landscape, heading for an abandoned base where they hope to call Sectors Command for help, they find villages destroyed by battle and stripped of all inhabitants. A lone survivor tells a horrific tale of the Sectors’ alien enemy, the Mawreg, returning after being pushed out …

Searching for evidence to give the military, Johnny is captured. He regains consciousness in a Mawreg cage–with Sara next to him. Death is preferable to what the aliens will do to them… And even if they do escape their captors, can they alert the military in time to prevent another invasion of the Sectors?

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36 comments on “Any Last Messages? Weekend Writing Warriors

  1. Yikes! Sounds like she’s in for a lot of trouble. I’m wondering why no one ever told her she needed it. Great snippet!

  2. uh-oh, it doesn’t look good for her. I do wonder why she hasn’t heard of it when the others seem to know about it? Intriguing snippet. 🙂

  3. Yes, she was naive when the story begins…and later in the book, she tells Johnny her travel agent never mentioned the need for insurance, with the implication being the agent figured she couldn’t afford it so why mention it. I think sadly many people blithely travel to areas that can be quite dangerous without doing the right research first. Even in the far future! Usually it works out ok for them, but not always…and thereby hangs the tale. Sara was at the wrong place at the wrong time… The other passengers here are business travelers familiar with the region and the very real threat of pirates.

  4. I love the idea of pirate insurance. “Sorry. We don’t want you, just your paperwork.”

    (But I haven’t had enough sleep and I now have a scene stuck in my head where the pirates don’t know what to do with her because she does’t have the proper forms.)

  5. Loving all the comments – thank you! I think I’ll have to give you a couple of snippets from Johnny’s point of view before we leave this book. Because if it wasn’t for him, Sara would come to a disastrous end and there’d be no story, much less an HEA! But a lot happens first…

  6. Uh oh. This is not going to end well. Never heard of kidnapping insurance before. He just seems to brush her off after she admits she doesn’t have it, doesn’t he? Poor girl. Great show of her fear and building tension. Can’t wait to see how this plays out.

  7. I really enjoyed this book. Yes, she’s naive at the beginning, but she’s no shrinking violet. Love how she stepped up when needed.

  8. I so agree with Ed! I’d ever heard of it before, either.

    Outstanding scene. I am sick to my stomach thinking of her predicament. Part of me is telling her to run and hide. There has to be somewhere she can go…

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