Honorary Chick Veronica Scott

Having fun talking about the newest Star Cruise scifi romance novel!

KickAss Chicks


Welcome Veronica Scott with her fabulous new book, Star Cruise Outbreak. If you love SciFi Romance you will love Veronica. She is most definitely Kicking Ass!

A.S. ~ I loved Nebula Dream and can’t wait to read Star Cruise Outbreak. Tell us why you write about cruise liners in space? What makes the genre and these stories special?

Veronica ~ I was always fascinated by the events of the Titanic sinking, which led me to write Wreck of the Nebula Dream. For that book I had to design an interstellar cruise ship in great detail, and then of course destroy it! But as time went on, I found I still wanted to write more novels set on a cruise ship that didn’t suffer a disaster. So I’ve made the new starship Nebula Zephyr my “village” and plan to tell many stories set on board this upgraded vessel. You can have…

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