She Made Proper Sacrifice Weekend Writing Warriors

WeWrWaHere’s the link to the Weekend Writing Warriors central page, so you can visit all the participants sharing excerpts today…a fun way to sample new books and find new authors! (Also welcome to the Sunday Snippet visitors!)

The WIP is an epic portal fantasy, which is undergoing a final edit and will be released after Star Cruise: Outbreak in the late April/early May 2016 time frame.

Sandy and Mark have been transported to an unknown world. This snippet is from  quite a bit further in the novel, after they’ve left the mysterious mountain oasis, in the company of some new friends… Sandy, who picked up an odd stone key in the Oasis, was bitten by a snake named Sherabti, went into the green light with a woman unknown to her and now is sitting in a room she’s never seen before, with four women who seem to think Sandy is someone else…the Lady of the Star Wind…A new player, Haatrin, entered the chamber and scolded the Moon Sisters, after which an even more senior goddess, Nuet, arrived to scold them ALL and sent the Moon Sisters fleeing.

Haatrin stepped to Sandy’s side, taking her left wrist and gently rotating her arm to display the angry puncture wounds. “Here is Sherabti’s mark, Mother of Us All.”

The elder leaned closer, peering at the bite. “My servant is never mistaken, regardless of the foolishness of those girls. Sherabti saw potential.”

“And the woman and her mortal companions were in your temple,” Haatrin said as if citing a point in Sandy’s favor, “She made proper sacrifice.”

“We took shelter there from a sandstorm,” Sandy felt compelled to clarify. The stakes in this room were high, with her life and maybe Mark’s in danger. She didn’t want any further misunderstandings between these beings and herself. Had her simple gesture helping Tia place water and fruit on the broken altar gotten her into this jeopardy?

More from the scene next week. I apologize if anyone is growing bored with the same scene but it seems logical to give you all of this one…

HealerOfTheNile_highresExciting news – I’ve released Healer of the Nile as a standalone (it was in a boxed set) for $.99. I had run excerpts from that novella here (remember the dreamspace and the omens?) Here’s the lovely cover, if you missed my reveal last week!

The story: When Pharaoh sends injured warrior Tadenhut home to die, his noble family asks Mehyta, the local healer, to ease his path to the Afterlife. Mehyta discovers he’s trapped between Life and Death, caught in the dreamspace. Touched by his fighting spirit and will to live, Mehyta vows to use all the powers Shai, god of fate, gave her. Together Tadenhut and the brave healer battle to overcome his injuries, as well as threats from devious family members. While struggling to rescue her patient, Mehyta comes to realize he matters more to her than any man ever has before. But even if his life can be saved, what do the omens say about a match between a highborn soldier and a simple healer?

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37 comments on “She Made Proper Sacrifice Weekend Writing Warriors

  1. I don’t think it all can be a coincidence. She might have done things without knowing but that doesn’t mean she isn’t the one they are looking for pulled by a destiny of some sort.

  2. She was only trying to help someone, and she ended up in this situation. Yikes! I hope it works out well for her or she may never help someone again.

  3. I am loving this, Veronica. I guess the old truism rings true here — no good deed goes unpunished! I love that the snake was given a prestigious role as Mother to Us All ❤ Wonderful, wonderful snippet!

  4. I’m glad you’re continuing with this scene. I’m in the doesn’t-know-she’s-the-one camp. Great writing Victoria. It’s obvious by the comments as well. All the readers have theories and we don’t know which one is right yet. Exactly what a writer is suppose to do.

  5. Thanks for the comments, always MUCH appreciated. I’m enjoying sharing this entire scene with you all and we’ll probably finish up in time for me to switch to Star Cruise: Outbreak when it releases in April. I hadn’t shared any of that one here as yet. This novel I’m sharing now with Sandy will be out in May. but of course I’ll keep you well posted LOL!

  6. Ooo this is sounding like a discovery story. I loved the snippet and can’t wait to see where her journey leads her.

  7. Well, if the snake thought she had potential…I guess karma will out. No good deed goes unpunished it seems, on this world or others. At least we (and Sandy) know what started all this rolling. Nice way to gather the threads back in, Veronica. 🙂

  8. Not bored at all. I’m enjoying how the scene is playing out. I’m intrigued to know why she’s the one.

  9. Intriguing snippet. I definitely hope that her actions were the right ones and did not put her or Mark in additional jeopardy. Definitely want to read more.
    Congratulations on the release. The cover is beautiful. It looks like I need to get my ereader fixed;)

  10. ““My servant is never mistaken, regardless of the foolishness of those girls.”

    “Those girls” are danged lucky they didn’t suffer a far worse punishment.

    Congrats on the release! 🙂

  11. With the whole venomous snake thing, it’s probably best that the mark is never wrongly given. Except does ‘potential’ keep you from dying? Or just mean you might die, or might not?

  12. Bored? Bored by this? Hell no! None of your snippets bore me. This just keeps getting better and better every week. Funny how one little harmless action can start a snowball of effects, huh? Sandy is so way in over her head.

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