10 Things I Love About The 100 TV Show

1/24/16 Veronica sez: The giveaway is now closed and Cathy has decided to send a signed copy of her new book to each person who did comment! Thank you for visiting the blog post 🙂

Having recently binge watched the CW science fiction TV series “The 100,” I was very excited about the premiere of Season 3. I wrote a recap for USA Today Happily Ever After but here’s my Top 10 Things I Love about the series in general.

There will be spoilers if you haven’t already seen the first two seasons…

  1. Bellamy. Ok, he’s good to look at, I love his voice and wow, has the character gone through a growth arc over the seasons. He always stays true to his primary focus, watching out for his sister (although S3 previews seem to indicate they may disagree violently on  what’s best for her this year.) I like that he’s tough, a good fighter and a person you can count on. I thought it was so moving that he wouldn’t let Clarke destroy the Weather Mountain people all by herself when the moment came. He put his hand over hers on that fatal lever and shared the responsibility.
  2. Raven and Wick. I REALLY liked Wick’s character when he was introduced. He has a great sense of humor but SO serious underneath and I thought Raven deserved some happiness all her own. That girl’s been through a LOT! I hope nothing bad happens to their relationship – or to Wick. This series doesn’t hesitate to kill characters off, even major ones. The previews don’t look too promising on this point. And apparently in interviews recently the show runners have said no more Wick.
  3. Olivia and Lincoln. These two are the Romeo and Juliet of the series, although a lot tougher, better armed and not nearly as poetic. I want them to be happy but they don’t really fit into either world right now – not the Sky People nor the Grounders. I fear there’s more trouble coming their way.
  4. Abby and Marcus. It’s been nice to watch their relationship grow. I thought he was a goner several times  and that made me sad. I’ll be chewing my nails in S3 over this, I can tell!
  5. Indra, the Grounder. I have a feeling she really disagrees with things her Commander has done and I think she might be a wild card.
  6. Maya. I’m going to miss her. She tried so hard to do the right thing. I have a feeling Jasper is going to take some dire actions over his mourning for her. Along with her, Jasper and Monty are two of my favorite characters. I like that they’ve gotten to do more and more…
  7. The costume designer. I don’t know the ins and outs of who should have the credit here because the Internet Database of Movies lists a lot of people with titles relating to costumes, but they are GENIUS. I love the way the Sky People and the Weather Mountain people wore clothing that was ‘vintage’, with holes and patches and you had to think about the fact that these garments must have been handed down for the last 97 years, because new ones really weren’t being made. And I think the way the Grounders dress in leather and metal and chains and studs emphasizes the nature of their society.
  8. The Grounder language. I love reading the subtitles while I’m listening to them talk and you think you catch a word here and there that is almost English but not quite. Well done. Kudos to the actors for speaking it as if they’d been doing it since birth.
  9. The secondary characters who come and go, both in the Grounders’ ranks and in the Sky People. There have been a lot of really good short character arcs – Marcus’s Mom, Charlotte the VERY disturbed 13 year old in S1, Anya the Grounder, Maya’s Dad….Dr. Tsing (“you’re all very special to us” – yeah RIGHT!)
  10. OK, last but definitely not least – Clarke. She’s a strong, kickass heroine trying to do her best. I like that she has doubts sometimes, things don’t always go her way, I wish she’d lean on Bellamy a bit more…she provides an indomitable anchor for the series to revolve around!


One comment on “10 Things I Love About The 100 TV Show

  1. I LOVE this series. It’s one that both my husband and I can agree on. Just noticed that there is a new episode of it on Netflix, so I’m very excited to start season 3. Great list! I’d have to say Olivia and Lincoln are my favs, though all the characters are so well developed.

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