There Was No Hope Weekend Writing Warriors

Warriors logo revisedHere’s the link to the Weekend Writing Warriors central page, so you can visit all the participants sharing excerpts today…a fun way to sample new books and find new authors! (Also welcome to the Sunday Snippet visitors!)

I’ve switched to an excerpt from a brand new novella set in my version of ancient Egypt, working title Healer of the Nile, which is for a boxed set later this year.

Tadenhut, elder son of a noble house, has been gravely injured in a battle against Pharaoh’s enemies and brought home to die. Mehyta, a woman from the estate’s village who has skills as a healer, has been ordered to assist the physicians in his care. Lady Nebetta is the stepmother. Simut is the local doctor. We’re in Mehyta’s POV.

 She stared at Tadenhut, gaunt, pale, lying on the bed equally oblivious to his father’s grief and the learned doctors’ chat. Lady Nebetta lowered her head, dabbing at her face carefully, so as to not mar the kohl and malachite perfectly outlining her large brown eyes. No actual tears fell – her son was next in line to inherit the estate when the current heir died.

            Too bad there was no hope for Tadenhut. Now home, if he was aware of his surroundings at all, he’d probably release his grip on life and let his ka move on to the judging and the afterlife he deserved. Mehyta’d seen many a patient cling to life past all understanding, until some milestone had been passed, or some loved one arrived to say farewell.

           A snapping of fingers under her nose made her startle. From Simut’s expression, frowning at her, she gathered he’d been trying to get her attention for several moments.

            “I’m sorry, sir, I felt called to utter prayers for the ka.” She stretched the truth judiciously to blunt his annoyance.

I don’t have a cover or a blurb for this one yet. but there will be copious quantities of magic and a bit of romance, of course. Locked in his coma, Tadenhut isn’t as ready to give up his hold on life as everyone assumes, especially after meeting his  lovely healer in the dreamspace. The novella took on a sort of Cinderella-by-the-Nile air in some ways as I wrote it…I’ll probably share a couple of excerpts from this and then move back to science fiction romance.



31 comments on “There Was No Hope Weekend Writing Warriors

    • It’s been made very clear to her that she’s only there to do the lowly duties so the local doctor doesn’t have to, and that they’ll be following the regime prescribed by Pharaoh’s physician. But no worries, Mehyta starts applying her own knowledge to the case soon enough!

  1. She seems very ambitious and much more powerful than she lets on.
    I’m fascinated by the history of ancient Egypt. The deities are some of the most colorful. I also always enjoy a story with well developed female characters. This one shows lots of promise!
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