Featured SFR Author: Veronica Scott

Do you have a favorite scifi or scifi romance novel? What makes it a favorite on your list?

Smart Girls love SciFi

I doubt Veronica Scott needs much of an introduction, so I’ll just say she is a tireless supporter of the SFR genre. Oh, and she writes superb books.  She has two books in our raffle, so be sure to enter.


Star Cruise: Marooned (A Sectors SF Romance)

MaroonedFinal-FJM_High_Res_1800x2700Meg Antille works long hours on the charter cruise ship Far Horizon so she can send credits home to her family. Working hard to earn a promotion to a better post (and better pay), Meg has no time for romance.

Former Special Forces soldier Red Thomsill only took the berth on the Far Horizon in hopes of getting to know Meg better, but so far she’s kept him at a polite distance. A scheduled stopover on the idyllic beach of a nature preserve planet may be his last chance to impress the girl.

But when one of the passengers is attacked…

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