Act As Your Heart Dictates Weekend Writing Warriors

Warriors logo revisedHere’s the link to the Weekend Writing Warriors central page, so you can visit all the participants sharing excerpts today…a fun way to sample new books and find new authors! (Also welcome to the Sunday Snippet visitors!)

This week’s excerpt is from my newly released Ghost of the Nile. The goddess Ma’at has just told Periseneb she only wants him to complete his journey home…Periseneb is speaking:

“That’s all? Show up two-hundred years late and say, here I am? Who would know me now? Who would care? I have no place there, Great One.” His voice cracked a little on the last sentence and he clamped his lips closed, taking a deep breath. Thinking about the simple dreams he’d cherished as a man hurt like a knife to the heart. All gone, turned to dust.

            Leaving the chair, she walked to him and the scent of her blue lotus perfume was calming. “Complete the journey and act as your heart dictates.”

GhostOfTheNile_1600x2400The Story:

1550 BCE

Betrayed, murdered, and buried without proper ceremony, Egyptian warrior Periseneb is doomed to roam the gray deserts of the dead as a ghost for all eternity.

But then the goddess of truth offers him a bargain: return to the world of the living as her champion for 30 days. If he completes his mission, he’ll be guaranteed entry into Paradise. Periseneb agrees to the bargain but, when he returns to the living world, two hundred years have passed and nothing is quite as he expected.

Neithamun is a woman fighting to hang onto her family’s estate against an unscrupulous nobleman who desires the land as well as the lady. All seems lost until a mysterious yet appealing ex-soldier, Periseneb, appears out of nowhere to help her fight off the noble’s repeated attacks.

Meanwhile, Periseneb’s thirty days are rushing by, and he’s powerless against the growing attraction between himself and Neithamun. But their love can never be. For his Fate is to return to the Afterlife, and Death cannot wed with Life…

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30 comments on “Act As Your Heart Dictates Weekend Writing Warriors

  1. He makes a valid point. (But up until now I thought “complete your journey home” meant “into the afterlife.”) Great snippet — the perfume is a nice touch.

  2. Oh, that poor boy. I suspect (because I’m a Veronica Scott fan) that she has a happy ending in mind for him, but it can’t be easy to follow her instructions while trying to navigate a different time . . .

  3. Wonderful excerpt, Veronica! You sure know how to make readers sympathize with a character. Love the timeless qualities your characters have. I get the feeling, too, that the goddess is not going to be insensitive to his predicament.

    Also, I really like that blurb. It’s succinct and compact, lays out the main plot points yet leaves the resolution open-ended. I can’t write succinct like that 🙂

  4. I think Ma’at knows more than she’s letting on here (well, yeah, she’s a goddess after all, but still…). But second chances like these come with price tags attached usually.

  5. Ooh, nice writing here, Veronica. Now she’s given him the privilege to follow his heart – oh, goodness, wonder where he winds up going with this? I liked the sensory detail of the lotus perfume too.

  6. Thanks for the comments and kind words! I really enjoy writing my tales of ancient Egypt so I’m glad you all like the snippets. I’m moving soon, on short notice so things are kind of crazy at my house, trying to pack and etc., while also keeping the writing going. I’ll probably continue with excerpts from GHOST for another week or two.

  7. It almost seems like the goddes already know what awaits him or at least the possibility. Enjoyed the snippet. I have this on my Kindle. Can’t wait to read the full story. 🙂

  8. Huh, he’s got a good point there. I’m still curious as to what she’s up to though. I feel like she has an ace up her sleeve she’s not telling him about. Definitely intrigued. Great snippet.

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