Writer Interview: Veronica Scott (Romance & Adventure from the Ancient Nile to the Deeps of Space!)

Such fun to be interviewed by E. P.! Part of it was a google chat in real time so some of my answers may seem a bit terse – sorry~

E. P. Beaumont

Veronica Scott’s work ranges from paranormal romances set in ancient Egypt to action-adventure space operas (Mission to Mahjundar, Wreck of the Nebula Dream, Escape from Zulaire). I first met her on Six Sentence Sunday; we have continued our acquaintance on Weekend Writing Warriors.

Her romantic leads are capable and daring with complementary skill sets and attraction that slow-burns to sizzling conclusion, generally with things exploding in the background. Because nothing builds romantic tension like explosions!

She tweets about her nonfictional inspirations (including history, archaeology, astronomy) upcoming work, and feline Muses at @vscottheauthor.

This interview was conducted by e-mail with follow-up by Google chat. We had a far-ranging conversation and look forward to more!

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