N Is for Nile

???????????????????????????????Given that I write a series of paranormal novels set in ancient Egypt and the Nile appears in all of my titles, how could I pick anything else for my letter N in the A to Z challenge?

I’m not sure why this Victorian trade card for the Newby Evans Piano company has a Nile crocodile??????????????????????????????? and a fox chatting, but I thought it was charmingly comedic.

Here’s wonderful quote from John Keats’ Sonnet to the Nile:

Son of the old moon-mountains African!
Stream of the Pyramid and Crocodile!
We call thee fruitful, and that very while
A desert fills our seeing’s inward span.

And another from an American Poet, Bayard Taylor, in his To The Nile:

Mysterious Flood,–that through the silent sands???????????????????????????????
Hast wandered, century on century,
Watering the length of great Egyptian lands,
Which were not, but for thee.056










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