SciFi Encounters with High Fantasy and Steamy SFR

HEAFor my column on USA Today’s Happily Ever After blog this week I’m covering a new High Fantasy release, first in a trilogy, and a very sexy Science Fiction Romance, the second in that series.

But before we get there, had some very exciting news today  – my novel ESCAPE FROM ZULAIRE is a Finalist in the National Excellence in Romantic Fiction Awards!!!

OK, now that I’ve had my moment to squee, back to the column….

First up is Jeffe Kennedy’s Mark of the Tala: The Twelve Kingdoms. The trilogy is going to deal with the adventures of three sisters and there’s  a great deal of intrigue, worldbuilding, magic and romance in this first book. I used to love Andre Norton’s “Witch World” series but I always felt there must have been a lot of fascinating history that happened on Witch World before we-the-Readers got there, you know? She oh-so-cleverly would plant hints and sometimes even tiny scenes where theAndre-Norton-Year-of-the-Unicorn2 long ago past was touched upon but the books always left me wanting more details. (Year of the Unicorn is my absolute favorite in that series and I’ve worn out multiple copies over the years, by the way.) Well, with Jeffe’s book, I had the feeling  I was reading the cool stuff on that world as it was happening, the way I’d always wanted more of Witch World’s hidden past. Does that make sense?

Yes, Jeffe does terrific world building and obviously her Twelve Kingdoms have a TON of backstory to be revealed, but the current events she covers in the novel are so fascinating and attention-grabbing, that I was riveted and can’t wait for the next sister’s story to be told.

Switching gears, the other author I’m interviewing this week at HEA is Cara Bristol, who writes very sexy erotic romances and has now turned her talents to very sexy science fiction romance. The first book in her SFR series, Breeder, established the male-dominated world of Parseon and now the second novel, Terran, builds on that foundation, with the story of another strong couple who must find a way past their differences to reach the HEA.

krullAnd for a movie I’m recommending 1983’s Krull, which blends fantasy and science fiction, plus one of Liam Neeson’s very first movie roles (a small part) and the Awesome Fire Mares, as seen in this clip. (I’ve talked about Krull on my blog before because I love it!)


4 comments on “SciFi Encounters with High Fantasy and Steamy SFR

  1. Oh I had to watch that clip from Krull again! I so love the film, especially the fire mares. I used a tiny image from it in my epic fantasy novel – just a second or two with a lad swinging round in mid air hanging off the mane of one of the horses. That always stuck in my mind as a laugh out loud moment and I couldn’t resist using it.
    About time to go watch the whole film again – thanks for the memory 🙂

  2. Reblogged this on deborahjay and commented:
    Sharing Veronica Scott’s post with you today, not least because she brings news of a great-sounding new High Fantasy, but largely because she shares a clip of one of my favourite films – KRULL.
    If you’ve never seen it – you should! It may be a tad dated in terms of the special effects we are used to these days, but it is a fascinating mix of fantasy, SF and romance, with horses.
    What more could you want?

    • Thanks for both comments and for re-blogging (I’m complimented! Whee!). I LOVE “Krull” so I was happy to have a reason to include the clip on the blog – so glad you enjoyed it 🙂

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