I Need One of These MAGIC OF THE NILE Weekend Writing Warriors

WeWriWa buttonA fun way to sample new books and find new writers! Here’s the link to the Weekend Writing Warriors central page, so you can visit all the participants sharing excerpts today…

Not making a habit of this but I HAVE to squee (again, just  little, oh kindly moderators?) GQ Finalist logo DANCER OF THE NILE, which so many of you were so very supportive of, here in the excerpts, just Finaled for the Golden Quill Award for Best Paranormal Romance of 2014!!! Kamin and Nima and the baby camel and I will find out in July who won….

Continuing with the excerpts from MAGIC OF THE NILE, however =>This excerpt follows closely after last week’s. Tyema enjoyed her brief stint at the reins but now they’re at the town’s gate and Sahure is in solo control. (I may have played with the punctuation to make it eight run-on sentences so please forgive me….)

MagicOfTheNile_1600x2400            Trying to smooth her hair into some semblance of order as the chariot rolled past the guards, Tyema laughed from sheer pleasure, “Thank you, handling the reins was wonderful! I might have to get one of these myself.”

            He looked at her askance, “A chariot – for a temple?”

            “Why not?” She’d tasted the glory of traveling with the speed of the wind and she craved more, enthralled by the idea of escaping the confines of her normal life any time she pleased, going so fast no one in the nome could ever catch her.

            “Keep in mind you’ll need a groom, a proper stable—horses are expensive to feed.” Sahure waved his hand at Nahkti and Senbi, now walking docilely down the crowded road as he said, “They’re beautiful but they eat their heads off – your head priestess might not like the idea much.”

            Tyema laughed. “Oh there’s no problem there, I assure you.”

(At this point Sahure doesn’t know she is the high priestess.)

(Nome is roughly equivalent to the word for a province of Egypt…)

Actually the chariot is a recurring theme in the novel…

As always, I love your comments and feedback. Although this is a published work, the input helps for the future novels…

Here’s the story blurb:

The standalone sequel to Priestess of the Nile…picks up about fifteen years later and tells the tale of Tyema, who was the younger sister in Priestess of the Nile…

After a childhood spent scorned and ignored by her family because of her crippled foot, Tyema was magically healed then installed as the High Priestess of his temple by Sobek the Crocodile God. But Tyema is still haunted by her memories, scarred by the abuse she endured. Despite Sobek’s protection, as an adult she’s become a near recluse inside the temple grounds…

Until Captain Sahure arrives in her remote town, sent from Thebes on an urgent mission for Pharaoh, requiring High Priestess Tyema’s help. From that moment on, her quiet, safe life is upended in ways she never could have expected.

But after a whirlwind romance with Sahure, the two part as Pharaoh orders him to undertake another assignment on Egypt’s dangerous frontier, far from Tyema’s remote town.

Heart-broken, Tyema is ready to return to her life of loneliness, official duties and, now, regret. But the Crocodile God has other plans for his priestess: she must uncover the sorcerer who threatens Pharaoh’s life with black magic. Soon enough, Tyema finds herself thrown into the chaos of Pharoah’s court, neck deep in intrigue and danger. Just when she thinks she can’t take the pressures of a very public court life and her secret investigation for the Crocodile God any longer, Sahure re-enters the scene.

But is her former love there to help or to hinder? Can they resolve their differences and work together to find the dark sorcerer who threatens Pharaoh and Egypt? Will the love between a proud warrior and a shy priestess lead them to a future together?

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28 comments on “I Need One of These MAGIC OF THE NILE Weekend Writing Warriors

  1. I can feel the wind for myself with this line: “She’d tasted the glory of traveling with the speed of the wind and she craved more”, well done.
    And definite KUDOS on the wonderful recognition of your work!

  2. “She’d tasted the glory of traveling with the speed of the wind and she craved more, enthralled by the idea of escaping the confines of her normal life any time she pleased, going so fast no one in the none could ever catch her.” I love that line too! Congrats on the recognition. That’s wonderful.

  3. I was thinking about you and today’s snippet, Veronica, because I watched a documentary on Ramses. 🙂
    I too like the line Chelle and Cara mention. I can imagine he might be a little bewildered about her last line- how can she know whether the high priestess will mind or not. Lovely eight as always! And congratulations on being a finalist at the Quill awards!

    • I love documentaries on ancient Egypt! The first Ramses was about 300 years closer in time to us than when I set my stories, just for context…so still a very distant past!.

  4. Congratulations on being a finalist and love today’s visual snippet that had me feeling the breeze as she raced in her chariot behind beautiful horses.

  5. As always, your descriptive way of writing truly brings the visual to the reader so that we are right there with the characters. Love it. And congrats!!!

  6. Interesting that she doesn’t tell him yet that she’s the head priestess. Strong writing, as always. I love the photos you usually include, and *congrats* on using “askance” — I never see it anymore and it’s a useful word!

  7. Congratulations on being a finalist! I really enjoyed this excerpt and I love that he doesn’t know who she is- lots of potential fun with that! I hope she does get her own chariot.

  8. Thanks for all the kind words about the Golden Quill! I was so excited! I probably should have made more clear in the intro that Sahure never realizes she IS the High Priestess because when he met her, she’d already changed into regular clothing. Letting him assume she’s “just” an everyday priestess is part of her decision to be wild and daring this evening. He does find out of course. Maybe I’ll make that next week’s excerpt…

  9. Congratulations on becoming a finalist, Veronica! 🙂 I love her confidence and his warnings. Great snippet.

  10. Congratulations on being a finalist!

    Horses really are a lot of money and work, which many people don’t seem to realise. I’m glad Tyema has the means to get some of her own.

  11. Major congratulations to you on being a finalist! I’ll keep my fingers crossed! I really love the line about the wind as well. You always paint such a vivid picture. Well done! 🙂

  12. The high priestess might not be a problem, but somebody else might be! Still, I hope she gets to live a little.

    Love how he describes the horses–beautiful, but food guzzlers.

  13. Congrats on the Golden Quill! Fantastic news! Loved the snippet as usual. Your descriptions always paint a lovely picture!

  14. Woot! An honor to be considered for the Golden Quill! It is a wonderful book and an entertaining story. I hope you get the award!

    Your snippet is good–I can’t imagine what it must have been like to ride in a chariot in a culture that top speed is pretty much running on foot. 🙂

    • Thank you, Eleri! I was totally thrilled, and happy. This loop was always so wonderful and supportive to my DANCER Nima and her warrior Kamin on their adventures in that book, which I totally appreciated! Yay for Weekend Writing Warriors!

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