B is for Beatrix Potter

Continuing on with my own slow version of the A to Z challenge, this week is the letter “B” and the first thing that came to mind was Beatrix Potter, author of “The Tale of Peter Rabbit” and countless other charming stories of life in the English countryside as enacted by darling animals in Regency dress. Our family’s copies of the books are very well loved!

She’s firmly fixed in my mind now as Renee Zellweger, since I saw the 2006 movie version of her life, “Miss Potter”. The tagline for the movie said “Her life was the most enchanting tale of all.” Well, no spoilers from me, but I’m not convinced, folks. Parts of the movie were very happy, however, and I was fascinated at how she managed to become a published author. She left a rare legacy for all of us to enjoy. The actress Emma Thompson has been commissioned by the copyright holders  to write a new tale for wily Peter. You can read a fun interview with her here on how she was asked to take on the task and how she went about writing the book.

I have a large, LARGE collection of Beatrix Potter figurines, which I’m happy to share a few photos of today. My favorite is Timmy Willie Sleeping.


But I’m also very fond of the various mice ladies, the cats, Mrs. Tiggywinkle the Hedgehog…not so fond of the pigs but I’ve acquired a few…


I also have some Bunnykins and some Brambly Hedge figurines which you may have noticed,  mixed in with the Beatrix Potter but I think they all go together pretty well.

???????????????????????????????And one or two more:






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