Another SciFi Encounter at USA Today HEA

HEAI’m interviewing author Mary Robinette Kowal over at USA Today’s Happily Ever After Blog! Today marks my second “Sci-Fi Encounters” column for HEA and I had so much fun with Ms. Kowal – I love her Glamourist Histories Series, which are reminiscent of Jane Austen in setting and tone but with a fantastical twist only MRK could provide.

Without A Summer (April 2, 2013) was her most recent book in the series but Valour and Vanity  will be released in Without A summerApril. I can’t wait for the new book – here’s what the description on Amazon has to say: “…a Regency version of a heist movie with a healthy dose of magic sprinkled in….”

Who can resist that?

In preparation for doing the interview, I reread her  Hugo award winning science fiction short story “For Want Of A Nail”, which was just as terrific as I’d remembered…the story is also available on Amazon currently.

I’m also recommending a few relatively recent science fiction/fantasy romance novels that I thought were in a similar vein, mixing history and fantasy/magic. And there’s a movie recommendation, so I hope you’ll drop on by!


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