Veronica Tackles the MORE Quiz

???????????????????????????????I’ve been fond of MORE magazine for years, really enjoy their articles. This past month they asked their special guest actress Emma Thompson, a series of questions, with the title of the magazine in the question…you know me, I love doing magazine quizzes! So here goes with my answers to their questions:

My number one rule when striving to achieve more is: Be organized! Whenever I start perusing online container stores, or buying drawer organizers, or sorting through my desk, I know I’m stressed and trying to get back in control of whatever it is I feel is going out of control. So maybe if I was more organized up front….

If you could start over what would you do more of: Network with my fellow authors, at RT and RWA and other conferences, plus online…there were years I could have been doing that instead of attending NASA conferences LOL! I did very much put my writing on hold for a lot of years, for various reasons, including being widowed with two extremely young children to support, but looking back, I could have and should have kept my hand in at least a bit more. It would have been something I could have done for myself, you know? But it’s all good now, having a great time as a published author and writing more books!

What do you appreciate more as you age? Well, first of all, who sez I’m aging??? But moving past that discussion, I appreciate having more time for myself, since my daughters are grown and busy with their own lives!

I wish I had more time for: working on my novels and associated with that, doing more research into ancient Egypt. I still have the day job so I’m constantly feeling pressed for time. NEVER enough time!

More women should: Umm, I’m not a believer in telling anyone else what they should or shouldn’t do….I sure don’t want anyone telling me. Moisturize maybe? That seems relatively safe advice.

What do you cherish more than anything else? My children and my grandson, and my brother. If “what” means the answer has to be a thing not a person,  going by the criteria of what’s the one thing I’d save if the big bad brushfire was coming – there’s one silver teaspoon that’s been in the family for over 200 years and I’d feel really responsible if it was lost on my watch.

The world could use a little more: patience, peace and understanding for each other’s point of view. I’m a big believer in the ideas that my friend, Rob DuBois has expressed on his website and in his book “Powerful Peace: A Navy SEAL’s Lessons on Peace From A Lifetime At War.”  OK, but not trying to get into a political debate here…Peace!

What is more important to you today than it was 20 years ago? My health. I’ve always had migraines since I was a kid but it’s just amazing how as a person gets older, new and less fun health issues pop up.

What’s more terrifying than failure? Never making the attempt at all. I’ve learned good stuff even from my failures.

More women seek to age gracefully, what’s your advice? Stay out of the sun. Accept and learn from all the things you’ve lived through, triumphed over and survived – you’re unique! Make the best of each hour of each day. Celebrate yourself.

And that was it for the More quiz! No More LOL! The magazine didn’t come right out and ask what I always want MORE of but it would be good books, anything purple, chocolate….oh and sparkly stuff, especially earrings.



2 comments on “Veronica Tackles the MORE Quiz

  1. “Well, first of all, who sez I’m aging???” Love that! I’m in denial.

    I love these posts of yours. You know, since you’ve started posting these quizzes I’ve looked for similar here in Aus so I could work out my own answers too. Cannot find them anywhere. I used to see them all the time in magazines.

    Look forward to the next quiz.

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