Veronica answers “What’s On your….”

I LOVE quizzes in magazines and haven’t done one in ages, so today, here’s the “What’s on your…” loosely adapted from Marie Claire magazine, which I also love…

What’s on your…

Mind: The Dentist. Battling demons in the Egyptian Afterlife. What is the cat chewing on now…kinda stream of consciousness today.

Last credit card statement: lots and LOTS of Amazon kindle downloads, an ergonomic seat cushion for my writing desk chair and Science diet cat food, plus cat toys. Yup, a lady with her books and her cats….My Netflix subscription, my SOFREP membership…

QUARTETNetflix Queue: Just sent “The Quartet” back, which was an excellent movie…Maggie Smith, Kevin Kline, Billy Connelly…

Walls of my Favorite Room in my House: framed copies of my book covers, along with some beautiful nature prints, an autographed photo of Karl Urban as Eomer and an autographed photo of four WWII Flying Tiger aces…

Fantasy Itinerary: Pern…then Rohan….oh, you mean real world??? Ireland and Australia…

Feet:  Sugar Plum by Orly Nail Lacquer. Leopard print slippers sometimes…

Nightstand: Lamp, Bible my best friend gave me in 7th grade, cell phone, distance glasses, Nalini Singh Archangel Series paperbacks (4), my kindle, alarm clock, the cat when I haven’t made him move. Again.

Go-To Menu: New Moon shrimp and candied walnuts….or maybe shrimp and lobster sauce…..but there must be egg rolls.

TV in the AM: KNBC News. I have to know the weather report for the day and even though I no longer have a long commute from home to work, I like to see what traffic messes I’m missing up in the Newhall pass since I moved closer to the Day Job…..

???????????????????????????????Refrigerator Door: How much time do you have??? Magnets galore and I got rid of a bunch when I moved! My newest one is a Roman Centurion that a friend brought me from his trip to Rome. (He was a bit confused – I wanted a *real* Roman centurion LOL. But he did what he could…) Pictures drawn by my grandson at various ages and stages. A Susan Branch calendar.  Six LOTR magnets. Three blue and white Delft magnets…a Flying Tiger ??????????????????????????????? P-40 Warhawk airplane magnet…four Hallmark magnets older than my kids….a wooden dragon….on top of the refrigerator I have a HUGE Fitz & Floyd swan soup tureen on display, that is earthquake puttied down, mostly so the cat won’t push it on the floor for fun. (Jake is the cat in question, in case you’re wondering. Keanu is less intrepid. Or sneakier.)

Kitchen Counter: Ummm, picking only one (because I have three small ones and a shelf): stack of magazines to read, ongoing grocery list, ???????????????????????????????telephone, Cleocatra Salt & Pepper set, glass miniature animals, the Cat when I haven’t made him move….

TV while I eat early dinner: Either Say Yes To The Dress or CNN……

iPOD: just a wild mix of golden oldies, country, show tunes, bagpipes, Christmas music, Lady GaGa, Beyonce….there is  NO rhyme or reason, ok? The last song I heard on my drive to the dentist today was “Five O’Clock World,” by the Vogues, which is kinda timeless.

Perennial To Do List: Write more words on the current work in progress!

So What’s On Your Perennial To Do List?

And here are the Vogues (I feel sorry for the backup dancers):


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