Paranormal Week – Worldbuilding in Ancient Egypt

I’m kicking off Paranormal Week over at the Here Be Magic blog today. I took world building as my topic, writing about the wonderful Ancient Egyptian civilization and how the various gods and goddesses get involved in the events surrounding my characters.

I regard Sobek the Crocodile God as my unofficial good luck charm, since he was the hero of my first published novella, PRIESTESS OF THE NILE. I’m beginning to have quite the collection of crocodiles, thanks to my family! Plastic ones, china ones, pictures of them, you name it! I’ll draw the line at either live or a mummified one though, thank you very much!



2 comments on “Paranormal Week – Worldbuilding in Ancient Egypt

  1. Just passing through and thought I’d say hello!! Hope you are doing good this week! I’m nursing a hurt back. No fun. But it could be worse. Still getting some writing done. Slow but sure.

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