Weekend Writing Warriors Shifters from the North

better wewriwaGoing on a bit more with this scene involving the perturbation in magic Caitlyn felt.  Sergeant of the Guard Quarl tells her the shifters have gone to the stables to leave the castle so she runs in that direction:

“Wait, I have to speak to you!”

They turned, five tall, well muscled soldiers, grim faced. Dressed in dappled green uniforms, long cloaks clasped at the shoulders, all were handsome in the same way as Kyle. Their brilliant green eyes further proclaimed kinship.

“Have you looked your fill, girl?” said the man who had kept her from falling, “What can a servant of the Witch Queen have to say to us, other than more insults?” His hand clenched on his sword hilt as he glared at her.

“I’m no servant of the Witch Queen, I’m from the south, from Ordlathus.” Caitlyn glanced up and down the hall, debating where it would be safest to talk. “Have you come about Kyle?”


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