Weekend Writing Warriors Talk to the Shifters

better wewriwaContinuing on with my unedited Shifter and Girl-With-A-Secret WIP, Caitlyn draws the visiting band of shifters from the North into an empty room, as they mustn’t be seen talking together. She demands once again to know if they’ve come about Kyle. The leader of the shifters is answering her:

“Yes, we’ve come to this place for the third time in as many years, with the same bitter result.”

“What did the Witch Queen tell you?” Caitlyn said.

The man threw his heavy riding gloves onto the table. “She knew the time of  indenture was only to be five years, she agreed to that, yet  now the date is long past she won’t release him, claiming no term was ever set. We can’t prove it and she only laughs. She won’t even let us see him.”

“Kyle told me the agreement would end only upon his death,” Caitlyn whispered.


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36 comments on “Weekend Writing Warriors Talk to the Shifters

  1. or maybe good queen – “upon his death” I wonder why she wants to keep him. As usual m’dear excellent snippet (threw his gloves – brilliant)

  2. Hi, Veronica – excellent snippet and I agree with the statement(s) above – you need to finish this cause I want to read the whole thing – great snippet. Can’t wait to see what Caitlyn does – I suspect it will get her into just a tad bit of trouble.

    • I’m definitely committed to finishing it now, after all the support the wonderful Weekend Writing Warriors have given, that the story has merit. I wish I could write faster LOL.

  3. Hey, another Caitly(i)n!
    Sounds like the Witch Queen is a tough negotiator, I bet even if they’d gotten in in writing, it wouldn’t have done any good… Makes me wonder if *her* death would do.

  4. Awww, poor guy. Never trust a witch unless their name is Glenda. Wait no, she manipulated Dorothy to kill her enemy knowing the girl could get home at any time. Never trust ANY witch. Period.

  5. Oooh! I wonder why she would agree to them taking him in five years… a life-saving choice to be repaid by Kyle joining this band? I guess I’ll have to wait until next week/time to find out!

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