Five Fictional Places I Want to Visit

593459_74262418…and the fine print I want on the ticket!

Rivendell: My top choice – I’ve been fascinated ever since my first glimpse of it in “Fellowship of the Ring” and I’ll probably never have enough time there, not even if Peter Jackson films a travelogue just about Rivendell. I want to roam the halls myself. I’m entranced by the way the rooms are indoors and outdoors all mixed up. I want to browse the library, raid Arwen’s closet,  ride the horses and flirt with Elrond. I have a crush on him! I think part of what draws me to Rivendell is that it seems to be locked in perpetual Fall and Elvesof-Rivendell-rivendell-9548330-960-404that’s my favorite time of the year. There’s a bit of haunting sadness there too, with the Elves leaving Middle Earth. I wasn’t drawn to Lothlorien nearly as much (although I did think the very military Haldir was pretty interesting). But the heights there bothered me and I have a feeling I’d be one of those people who never got to ascend into the treetop dwelling place of Galadriel anyway.  And although I have a passion for Eomer, the wind swept plains of Rohan don’t appeal to me AS much as Rivendell. I also think one of THE most romantic scenes ever  was between Arwen-and-Aragorn-arwen-29100754-1007-535Aragorn and Arwen on that bridge in the moonlight. Perhaps I could have a few moments there with Elrond….

Pern: I’ve talked about my love for Anne McCaffrey’s planet Pern before, so I won’t dwell on it today. But I’d want to visit Ruatha and Benden Weyr and spend time being conveyed  by a bronze dragon and his rider…maybe have a serenade from Masterharper Robinton before I moved on to…

Disney’s California Adventure Soarin over California: We do that ride three times at least whenever we go to Disneyland because I love it so much. I truly believe that’s the closest I’ll ever come to know what it’s like to fly on my own and I want MOAR. I want it to last for hours, to spend a lot more time in the Sequoias segment, to have it ALL to myself…if I ever win the Powerball, I’m building my own version of this ride and if you’re very nice to me, I’ll invite you to share. But for now, I’ll get a transfer to…

San Francisco as written by Nalini Singh in Psy Wars: Having just finished “Heart of Obsidian” this week (finished? devoured LOL!), it’s all fresh in my mind. I’d love to visit the  DarkRiver changelings and discover I was the Mate of a Sentinel. I could definitely handle that…enough said…

ripley hicksLV-426: Yup, location of the Aliens. But Hicks has to have an identical twin to watch my six, I get my own pulse rifle and a guarantee that I’ll be one of the ones off the planet safely with no face hugger. I don’t know, today I’m kinda resonating with Ripley, that it’s good to go face one’s fears and then blow the everloving acidy stuffing out of them! Something about the day job today perhaps LOL…I’d leave the Alien Queen to Ripley though…

So that’s five. It is hard to choose – on another day I might have gone to Endor, to be at the Ewok party after the Jedi have Returned and before Lucas writes prequels. Or maybe Georgette Heyer’s Regency, to dance the waltz with Justin, Duke of Avon, or Alverstoke, or even the Honorable Freddy Standen…or  camping with Shannon Stacey’s Kowalskis (not sure I’m athletic enough for them) …I get to visit my own worlds of Ancient Egypt and the far future Sectors whenever I write, so no need to use up one of my five tickets to go there.

Where would you go?


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