Wednesday Whimsy I Barged Down the Nile In My (Finish This Sentence)


Yup, Maidenform Bra LOL. Is this a terrific vintage 1960s ad or WHAT? I’m framing it and putting it in the area of the condo where I write my Ancient Egyptian paranormal romances.

Egyptian themes have been used in advertising  for a very long time of course. I’m getting to have quite a collection of Egyptiana, as I call my bits and pieces of interesting stuff and I’ve been picking up genuine old print ads recently. I thought I’d share a few items from my growing ephemera hoard today…

Although this lady in the pointy bra and the blue eye shadow isn’t specifically labelled as being Cleopatra, many of the  vintage ads  for other products do feature her by name…

Here’s one for a 1929 Packard automobile, the topic being luxurious transportation…it cracks ???????????????????????????????me up how very bored Antony and Cleopatra look in this picture!

And then there are the ones that don’t make much sense at all, like this Sinclair Petrochemicals Ad, stating “We’ve brought Cleopatra’s barge up to date.” Okayyyyy….apparently they’d loaded her barge up with items made from Sinclair Petrochemicals. Interesting concept for an ad. At least she doesn’t look bored.


And then there are always the wonderful fruit crate labels, bold and colorful:



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