It’s All About the Characters

Wreck-of-the-Nebula-DreamFinalMedI’m writing over at Michael J. Martinez’s blog today about WRECK OF THE NEBULA DREAM. He poses a tough question to his visitors – “What makes your  book so gosh darn special anyway?”

Since there are only variations on 5 to 8 basic stories in the world, or so they say, I decided my answer to Mike was going to be about the characters – the people  who are trapped on board the wrecked, drifting ship behind enemy lines…

Nick Jameson, Sectors Special Forces, just off a bad mission and fighting his own inner demons as he works to help others survive the catastrophe…

Mara Lyrae, high powered businesswoman with a top notch intergalactic company…there not to be rescued by Nick, but to struggle side by side with him to save others…

Khevan of the D’nvannae Brotherhood, who for one night will put aside the rules of his Order to back Nick up…

Paolo and Gianna, the two children who are my tribute to all the Third Class children aboard Titanic who didn’t survive – Nick, Mara and the others will do whatever it takes to make sure the kids survive and make it off the ship…

If I’ve intrigued you a bit, please hop on over to Mike’s and read the entire post!


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