Ten Things I Enjoyed in November

Ten Things I Enjoyed in November:

Leaving out the trip to Disneyland because that was a blog all by itself…and counting Thanksgiving as a big, happy holiday, which it was for us…

005Going in no certain order (I do love stream of consciousness, SUCH a pantster):

1. Baking my annual pumpkin pies from scratch, using the recipe I’ve had since I was seven…

2. Getting some very good news about my writing – Carina Press will be publishing my next Ancient Egyptian paranormal romance, WARRIOR OF THE NILE, in September 2013!

3. Listening to the terrific auditions for the audio version of WRECK OF THE NEBULA DREAM, picking a very talented actor and signing the contract…

4. My grandson imperial walkerssinging the Star Wars theme while he played with action figures…

5. My George the Steampunk Dog magnet from fellow author Cindy Spencer Pape, which is even now gracing 004the refrigerator…

6. My kitten Jake trying to give me a bath, starting with my chin…

7. PIXAR’s “Toy Story Hawaiian Vacation” shortT002

8. My new black and white sweater dress – I feel like I can conquer the day job world in it!

9. Xrays that came back clear…

10. Reading new books on my kindle from Jodie Griffin, Mary Balogh, Kylie Scott, Mary Jo Putney, Gem Sivad, Laurann Dohner….

I’m sure there was a lot more but this is kind of a cross section! And I’m always happy about having Readers – thank you!!!

What did you enjoy in November?


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