Guilty Pleasures – Earrings!

Haven’t talked earrings lately but I’ve been a naughty girl – been adding to my collection!  I have a bad tendency to go onto eBay and start clicking through the “Vintage Clip Earrings” category, which usually runs more than 2000 entries over 668 pages, so I never run out of things to look at and potentially spend my pennies on.

I wear earrings ALL the time. (Well not to bed LOL) Some women can’t go out without makeup – I co-ordinate earrings to my jeans and T shirts before heading to the grocery store! And I’ve mentioned before I’m known for my earrings at work, to the point where one entire department had a bet going one year how long it would be before they saw the same pair of earrings twice. Having decided a long time ago that earrings would be my fashion idiosyncrasy and signature, I get away with wearing some over the top stuff to the office.

But back to eBay, I don’t really care if the earrings are vintage or not, I just find a lot of interesting and quirky stuff in that category. And while I can convert almost anything to clip style, it’s easier to start with clips. (Never had my ears pierced – my mother was old fashioned enough to feel that was fast and by the time I grew up, I didn’t care. My daughters had theirs pierced though.)

If you want me to look at your eBay listing for earrings, be sure to use the word huge, large or bold in the headline. And the word runway will attract me like a moth to the flame. But then the item better BE large. I don’t deal in small, you won’t tempt me with 1” by 1” earrings. Unless they involve swans or dragons – then maybe!  No green – nothing against green but I almost never wear that color.

And NO fur. Ewww. The quirkiest pair I ever saw listed was “Unique fly fishing mouse fur earrings.” Frankly, I didn’t care HOW long or anything else those were. Not going on MY ears.

I don’t spend much on this hobby – I’m looking for the interesting, cheap pair of earrings. Occasionally I’ll think a pair is cute and then check the price and discover it’s $1000.00 – real gold or some designer name – not for me! I do make exceptions for Lunch at the Ritz earrings every once in a great while and go higher on them than my normal $10.00 limit BUT nowhere near $1000.00. I have bills to pay!

But even I have a limit on size (remember we’re only talking earrings here LOL). Check out the fabulous goldtone and purple earrings in the photo. The listing said bold and probably runway and when they came, they were gorgeous…and HUGE. No, I mean really huge. Too big even for me.  My daughter said I’d look like Princess Jasmine from Aladdin. Flattering but not even I can carry that off at the day job and it’s a bit much for the grocery store!

What’s your guilty pleasure on eBay or etsy or similar alluring website?


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