From the Scrapbook: 4 Childhood Keepsakes

We’re probably going to move later this year, so I’ve been thinking about all the stuff that sits in the garage, in bins and boxes, never unpacked from the last move. Obviously some of what’s out there has meaning to someone in the family (I HOPE!) or we wouldn’t have carted it around various times…but on the other hand, we don’t often go out there and look at anything in the boxes. And I have a feeling a few of those boxes just glide through move after move because no one takes the time to open them and figure out what’s inside.

While I was contemplating this subject, realizing I’m going to have to go through that stuff before we move this time, I thought about four of my favorite, oldest possessions. They’re not in the garage – they reside on or in my bureau and I’ve had them since I was a kid. Not much intrinsic value here, but the sentimental quotient is sky high!

The little black velvet heart pillow was a souvenir from the New York State Fair, no idea what year, somewhere around the time I was eight or nine. We loaded into our big old car and drove the forty miles in the summer heat from dairy farm country where we lived, to the fairgrounds, and spent the day there. I don’t remember much about the Fair itself, other than my insistence on buying this pillow as a gift for my mother. Hand beaded by an Iroquois lady, filled with potpourri, I was sure my mother would love it as much I did.  (Whether she enjoyed the pillow as much as I’d hoped, she never let on but she did keep it till she died.)

My Dad brought the wooden box back from Europe for me, after one of his rare business trips abroad for General  Electric. I think I must have been about ten.  I loved the way the wood inlays are patterned. Lined with red felt, the box has a tiny mirror and inside I’m still preserving one tail feather from a baby bird that we raised by hand that Spring – Cedar Waxwing was his name.

The red turtle pin was my first EVER piece of jewelry, a gift from my Aunt Barbara when I was eight. She also gave me a red leather purse – who knows where that went – but the pin started me on a long life of costume jewelry collection. I like the modern name – fashion jewelry – much better, sounds higher class somehow. If you read my blog, you know I adore jewelry, especially long earrings. But the red turtle started the whole thing – thanks, Aunt B!

The black horse, Devil, symbolizes my extensive collection of plastic animals, people and doll houses when I was a kid. He’s the last survivor, at one time ruler over all the vast herds and wow – did we have adventures! I had a very active imagination…well, I still do, obviously, since I write science fiction and paranormal romance!  I think I still have his spouse, Ivy, in a scrapbook box somewhere. She’s a souvenir from one summer at my relatives’ island home in Maine.

Yup, those four items will go with me through the next move…! Do you have any mementoes from your childhood that you’ve kept safe in a jewelry box or bureau drawer?


4 comments on “From the Scrapbook: 4 Childhood Keepsakes

  1. One standing plastic colt from a huge collection of horses enjoys a permanent place in my closet. A tiny pumpkin seed necklace from my grandmother has leant inspiration many times! Ballet slippers, toe shoes, and tap shoes are safely tucked away. Thanks for the trip down memory lane. 🙂

  2. This blog is so timely. I was just doing some spring cleaning with my husband. From the high shelves in the living room, I found my old porcelain box with large pink roses that my second grandma gave me when I was about 8. I think I still have the matching candle holders. There was also a small plastic chest with a plate and cup inside–The last bit of the Holly Hobby house I adored as a child. Then there was my horse collection. It started out as the Black Beauty set but Christmases and birthdays added to the crew. I also played with these a lot. Only Duchess wasn’t Black Beauty’s mother, she was his wife. But the other black horse (given to me by the same woman who gave me the box and I can’t believe I forgot his name) continually tried to steal her away. Yup. I was born to be a writer too. I also have a pin, it’s a mouse with a little fake-hair body, that I’ve had since I was in elementary school. Thank you for sharing your keepsakes!

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