Six Sentence Sunday

Here’s one more excerpt from my new book Wreck of the Nebula Dream, science fiction with romantic elements, available from Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Continuing with introducing some of the other characters my hero Nick will have to risk his life to save.

The situation: Nick Jameson, Sectors Special Forces, has unexpectedly wound up traveling to his next assignment via a new luxury liner. The ship has problems early in the voyage but then suffers a catastrophe of Titanic proportions.

Prior to all of that, on the shuttle up to the Nebula Dream, Nick casually notices a small family group, not realizing how important the two children are going to become to him when disaster strikes:

The young boy, probably eight or ten, had bumped into Nick once, playing some game in the shuttle’s open aisle. He’d apologized politely. His younger sister stayed in her mother’s lap, sucking on her thumb and clutching a large, old fashioned stuffed animal of some kind. Her big, soft brown eyes, fringed with extravagant lashes, kept closing sleepi­ly. Then some sound would reawaken her with a jerk.

Bothered by his own painful memories, Nick averted his gaze from the cozy family group, sampling the drink again, crunching an ice cube.

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26 comments on “Six Sentence Sunday

  1. Oh, what a heart-wrencher! And the description of what’s going on and of the children is excellent. Even if I wasn’t already in love with the hero, I would be right now. Great six!

  2. Great foreshadowing, having a quiet shuttle ride juxtaposed against a subtle, inexplicable fear in a small child and the hero’s painful memories.

  3. Unsettling suspense. It gave me a chill like watching everyone happy in one of those horror flicks, and then, WHAM! Change in direction. Good six!

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