Titanic in Space? Wreck of the Nebula Dream!

So is my newly published novel Wreck of the Nebula Dream meant to be the Titanic in space? The answer is both yes…and no…

I think there will be certain similarities to any catastrophe at sea, or in the vast ocean of outer space. Just recently the Italian liner Costa Concordia went astray and sank with tragic loss of life, which –  while thankfully not on the scale of the Titanic – was still deplorable and sad.

Growing up, I was fascinated by the events surrounding the sinking of the Titanic (and this was wayyyy before the James Cameron movie), partly because my grandfather always said he had a relative on board –  a Second Class passenger who survived, which made me feel closer to the events. She even rescued a steerage baby! Now, as an adult having done some internet research, I’m not convinced she actually is related to us but her story had a profound influence on me as a child.

What do you do? Stay on board? Take a lifeboat? If you’ve waited too long and there are no more lifeboats, how do you try to survive?

Inevitably, given the family legend, some time ago I had the idea to write a novel loosely inspired by the events of Titanic . Since I have a science fiction kind of mind, I set the story in the far future, out among the stars, using a luxury space liner rather than an ocean going cruise ship. In the beginning I naively thought I’d stick rather closely to the historical events of the Titanic’s last few hours, reinterpreted for the spaceship and her passengers.  Well, as any writer will probably tell you, the characters have minds of their own and they grab the plot and guide it in unexpected directions – LOL!

I made my ship Nebula Dream the newest, biggest, most state of the art space liner, complete with new engines, a crew that hadn’t sailed together before, pressure from the front office to set speed records…and set her loose in the spacelanes to meet her Fate.

So there I was with my Sectors Special Forces hero Nick and my no nonsense businesswoman heroine Mara, and the assorted other characters who make up their small group of hopeful survivors…and the story took turns that have nothing to do with how the Titanic sank. I HOPE you’ll find the account of their struggle exciting. I put in respectful nods to the Titanic events wherever I could….

As my hero observes at one point:  “Disasters in space tended to be abrupt, over with in a violent moment. Whatever had happened to the Nebula Dream, it was nothing short of amazing they weren’t all dead already. Can’t push luck too far.”  So my little band of people soon realize they are stuck on this vessel drifting in space, without enough lifeboats and no rescue ship coming any time soon, racing against the clock and other forces, hoping to escape with their lives…

Available from Amazon for the kindle


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