I Can’t Get Her “Sound Perfume” Out of My Mind! What?

“Sound perfume” has the vibe of something out of a science fiction romance, doesn’t it? Something to remind the hero of his sexy, much beloved heroine?

Out of our five senses, smell is often considered the one most associated with memory, with one whiff capable of bringing vivid remembrances of things past, good and bad. Our nose and olfactory  sensors are part of the brain’s limbic system, an area closely related to long term memory, emotion and pleasure. Additionally studies have shown that the olfactory tubercle, a structure within the base of the forebrain (not a potato), is influenced by sound.

A team from Japan and Singapore  has invented a system of smells and sounds to “create a unique and lasting first impression.” So far, so good.

Briefly, the concept is as follows: You choose a smell and sound to represent yourself. This information is stored in your smartphone. When you start talking to someone, your data is sent to their glasses, which will dispense your scent and play your tune. Or as you walk around in daily life, infrared sensors in the glasses will detect your proximity to someone else with the Sound Perfume app and your dueling soundtracks and scents will fill the air. “A personal jukebox with a spritz of perfume to enhance the mood,” says one reviewer.  Sounds kind of like my grandson’s toy dinosaurs that “talk” to each other when close by.

A very small field test on 52 people yielded data that Sound Perfume did help with forming positive first impressions.

OK, but before you go rushing out to add this app to your personal set of allurements (is that a word? I like it!)….one tiny caveat. The current system is ugly, requiring everyone to wearextremely dorky white glasses!

But leaving out the current delivery system – assuming some futuristic coolness is applied  -on purely pheromonal and aural levels, it’s a nifty concept.

What would your Sound Perfume preferences be?  Mine would be Michael Kors “Very Hollywood” perfume (at least this week) and “Hungry Eyes” from the movie Dirty Dancing.




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