Six Sentence Sunday!

Continuing with excerpts from Priestess of the Nile, out from Carina Jan 23rd

I wonder if I’ll ever see him again.

Merys tipped herhead to the sky, as if asking the moon goddess to provide an answer. Oh, girl, you are too foolish. Your Crocodile God sends you a handsome man with whom to while away a few hours, which has never happened before, ever, yet you are greedy for more.

Gritting her teeth, she yanked the load off the ground and walked faster, suddenly eager to get home and fall into her bed. Maybe I can dream of Bek.

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21 comments on “Six Sentence Sunday!

  1. I really hope her dreams do justice! There is nothing like the real thing. LOL Great six Veronica!! See you next week!

  2. Thanks to everyone for the fun comments! I’m sure Merys will have good dreams and equally sure those of you who want her to have more actual fun than *dreams* will be satisfied too when the book is out on the 23rd…LOL.

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