New Releases in #SciFi #Fantasy and Paranormal Romance for Wednesday September 18

warlord unarmedAs always, I recommend sampling before you buy! I have not read most of the new releases listed (although I always end up one-clicking a bunch as I prepare these posts LOL).



VS note: I one clicked this! Author states the book is based on a much shorter story sharing the same title. I’m always to have MORE from this author!

Murad, a technology-loving Chamele Warlord, has to track down and eliminate a rogue warrior before that male ends Murad’s reign. Permanently.

When a pieced-together wreck of a ship enters the sector without authorization, Murad assumes it is piloted by an ally of his enemy and decides to blow the battered vessel out of open space.

Then he hears the voice of its sole occupant and his orders and his priorities immediately shift. The captain of the ship is his gerel, the one female he’s genetically compatible with—the light to his darkness, his future, his everything.

He will protect her…even if it costs him his life.

Bounty hunter Gale doesn’t want or need protection. She has entered Chamele space on a rescue mission. A tall, muscular, half-naked barbarian with humor-lit eyes and gentle hands won’t distract her from that purpose, no matter what he tries.

A broken ship and an enemy focused on revenge do interfere with her plans. Gale’s goal changes from saving a friend to saving herself. The only being who can increase her chances of survival is the one Warlord she can’t resist.

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VS Note: Always a good week when Taska has a new book out!

Margot Lane thought she had an exciting life – plenty of fans, lots of money, and even her dream role on a hit TV show. But when she busts out of the most expensive and exclusive celebrity fat camp on the east coast, things really get interesting.

Pursued by personal trainers, Margot takes an opportunity to duck out of sight. But she realizes she may have gone from the frying pan into the fire when she finds out that she’s “hiding” on the set of the hot new reality show that’s captured the imagination of the entire planet.

And it doesn’t help that the star of the show is the most achingly gorgeous man she’s ever seen.

Kent and his brothers have traveled from planet Aerie to Earth to take human females as mates and pleasure them into unbreakable interplanetary relations. As part of the project, Kent agrees to star on a reality show, meant to let humans see how relatable aliens are. When he meets a mysterious young woman, he begins to understand the pent-up cravings and desperate demands of his new human body.

Can Margot keep her identity under wraps when the cameras are on? Or will Kent help her do everything she thinks she can’t?

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Looking for love on all the wrong planets? Try the Star-Crossed Dating Agency.
Karos might have survived the war on Romak, but it left scars on his body, and his heart.
Now he’s on Earth, assigned to guard the first alien embassy. His purpose is simple – protect his new home and everyone in it. This time, he won’t fail in his mission.
This book contains a bodyguard who can kick ass in high heels, and a war-weary dragon who is about to learn that love is the only battle you have to surrender to win.

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when shes readyWHEN SHE’S READY: A SCIFI ROMANCE NOVELLA by Ruby Dixon

To get amnesty on a remote farm planet, ex-con Tassar has to marry an alien – specifically, a strange looking creature called a ‘human’. When he sees gorgeous, delicate Leilani, though, all of his plans change. He wants more than just a marriage of convenience. He wants her forever, but only when she’s ready.



VS note: I have LOVED this series, so different! One clicked the book…

The cyborg cowboys of Carbon County thought they’d won the day…The Theta shroud designation was always meant to be an outsider—a spy and saboteur lurking on the fringes of the elite cyborg soldiers. So even as he built a personality out of the dust of Diamond Valley, Montana, Troy Lehigh stayed apart from his brothers while they lived and loved. A Theta could never hope for such a bond.

His only desire, from the first moment he stole his consciousness from the soulless programming that controlled him, was to destroy the consortium that doomed him to solitude. He would’ve done it too, except his brothers chose love over war and trapped him in their midst.
But then, a hundred and fifty years ago, he met a sassy soiled dove in a Montana saloon…
Nell Dearly had wandered too far from home and was struggling to survive. But the long-lost farm girl has no idea just how far out she’ll go.

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red planet dragons of tajss book zewroRED PLANET DRAGONS OF TAJSS (BOOK ZERO) by Miranda Martin

Riley – I was never meant to find out. No one was supposed to know. Yet I do.
I know what’s coming and it’s up to me to stop it, for the survival of my entire race.

Angota – We destroyed Tajss to save it from ourselves. I’ve never doubted our cause.
Until her. Until I find a secret plan that betrays everything my warrior race has ever stood for. Honor, respect, and treasuring our females. This alien female, this human woman, changes everything.

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hunted grace goodwinHUNTED (INTERSTELLAR BRIDES BOOK 17) by Grace Goodwin

VS Note: I love this series and this one sounds so good. One-clicked!

Trapped. Tortured. Only she can save him from the Hive.
Vice Admiral Niobe has resisted the temptation of the Interstellar Brides Program for years, certain there is no male in the universe willing to sacrifice his vision of a perfect life to be with her. Shocked to be matched to her father’s home world of Everis, she transports, expecting to find an eager mate waiting for her. Instead, she arrives within a secret Hive integration center to find him resisting a merciless enemy.

Elite Hunter Quinn might have been captured by the Hive, but he’ll sacrifice anything to save the mate he never expected… never imagined would appear like an angel in the middle of hell. A warrior in her own right, Niobe’s too stubborn to leave him behind. And even if they escape the Hive, their personal scars run deep. Battle and bloodshed are easy. But healing a wounded warrior’s heart? That may prove impossible.

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chilling effectCHILLING EFFECT: A NOVEL by Valerie Valdes

VS Note: Not a romance but a release of note this week…got this from the Interstellar Flight Magazine blog.

Captain Eva Innocente and the crew of La Sirena Negra cruise the galaxy delivering small cargo for even smaller profits. When her sister Mari is kidnapped by The Fridge, a shadowy syndicate that holds people hostage in cryostasis, Eva must undergo a series of unpleasant, dangerous missions to pay the ransom.

But Eva may lose her mind before she can raise the money. The ship’s hold is full of psychic cats, an amorous fish-faced emperor wants her dead after she rejects his advances, and her sweet engineer is giving her a pesky case of feelings. The worse things get, the more she lies, raising suspicions and testing her loyalty to her found family.

To free her sister, Eva will risk everything: her crew, her ship, and the life she’s built on the ashes of her past misdeeds. But when the dominoes start to fall and she finds the real threat is greater than she imagined, she must decide whether to play it cool or burn it all down.

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brute luna hunterBRUTE (WARRIORS OF KAIZON BOOK 5) by Luna Hunter

IBALEN – Finally, I have reached Earth! I will slay the weak males and claim their fertile women. I shall usher in a new golden age and lead my Kaizon brothers to total domination! But first, I will father a thousand sons…That’s my plan. Until I see her. A human female, so small and weak compared to my raw, brute strength… and yet, merely looking at her makes my two hearts race. And her scent! It drives me absolutely wild!
I must know her name. I must know everything about her. I must have her. She must be mine.

EILEEN – My mission was an easy one: Go to the caves and find a crystal. Being abducted by a rogue, dominant, drop-dead gorgeous Kaizon warrior hellbent on taking over Earth was definitely not part of the plan.
Yet I find myself abducted by the hottest, tallest alien I’ve ever seen all the same. His brooding look tells me he’s up to no good, and despite his savage nature… my stomach flutters. I must escape — or I will lose my heart to this brute.


faros layla nashFAROS (THE SRAIBUR CREW BOOK 1) by Layla Nash and Juno Wells

Sometimes a pirate has to choose between love and booty…Fleet lawyer Violet Newfield reluctantly agreed to defend a rogue pirate captain against murder charges, but never expected to be kidnapped in his dramatic prison escape. When Faros ignores all legal precedent and drags her into ungoverned space on his pirate ship, she’ll do whatever it takes to get free and back to her friends on the Galaxos before she’s implicated in any crimes.

Xaravian captain Faros has a deadline: if he doesn’t pay a debt in less than a week, his ship and crew are forfeit. And the Tyboli are not known for giving extensions. The last thing he needs is the sexy Earther distracting him from the mission, but he can’t help noticing her fiery temper and strict adherence to the law. He’s just waiting for the opportunity to corrupt her…When time runs out and they face the choice of saving themselves or an innocent crew, will Faros choose his love of the Earther over money and his ship, and do the right thing?


truth about cinderTHE TRUTH ABOUT CINDER by Alta Hensley

There are hushed whispers about a wicked and decadent place known as the Palace of Lazar. A prince with insatiable tastes and the women who cater to it all. Feasts of pleasure, lust, and forbidden acts… all submitting to the sensual allure of the Harem.
But behind its bejeweled façade of luxury and pleasure lies a haunting and evil truth. A dark and perverse world that only the strong can survive.
A truth Cinder is about to learn when her fairytale dreams become twisted into a macabre masquerade of dancing vices. Will she succumb to the demands of her current story, or cling to her fairytale ending?

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The shadow governments of Earth are complicit in the alien kidnappings of innocent citizens from all over the world. Traded among the darker denizens of the galaxy, humans command high prices as slaves, experimental subjects, and worse.

The League of Aligned Worlds (LAW), is the only thing that stands between these helpless human victims and the dark fate that awaits them on lawless worlds. A collective of sentient planets with highly advanced technology, LAW, actively monitors Earth and similar worlds for abductions.

In the majority of cases, LAW, rescues the victims, apprehends the kidnappers, and resettles those who cannot go back home on compatible worlds. These are the stories of the humans, who cannot return to Earth, and the new worlds that they now call home.

Bria Carmon’s life had never been the greatest, but the icing on the already stale cake was being kidnapped by aliens and told she was going to be a slave on another planet. Life expectancy: Five years. Things didn’t get much better when Bria was rescued and found out she couldn’t go back home. Instead, she would be forced to resettle on a strange, unfamiliar world. A planet that was chosen for her based on nothing more than a questionnaire.

As the king of the ruling Cadrake Clan of the planet Empari, Thrain Cadrake anxiously awaited the arrival of the first human to ever test compatible for resettlement on his planet. Unable to greet the human at the LAW transport ship, Thrain had sent his soul brother, hoping the human would appreciate the honor he was bestowing on them. He never expected his most trusted friend would be coerced into trying to kill the human and jeopardize Empari’s membership in the League of Worlds.

As treachery, misunderstandings, and culture shock threaten Bria’s life and sanity, she and Thrain will have to learn to trust one another to save Empari’s seat in the League of Aligned Worlds, and secure Bria’s place on the only planet she ever felt was truly home.


julian serena simpsonJULIAN (THE A’ROUK BROTHERS BOOK 4) by Serena Simpson

Aliya wasn’t the type to stumble through life blindly. She tiptoed gently with blinders on allowing her to only see what was in front of her. It was supposed to keep her safe.
She forgot when evil came after you it didn’t care about your desire to be safe. It was easy to be in the wrong place at the right time. Now she was paying the price.
They said they wanted her blood, but they really wanted her life.
Julian was getting away from it all. Sometimes there was such a thing as too much family. He dare not say that to his. When you were an alien on an alien planet you were expected to stick close together.
The Earth has been his home for hundreds of years, it no longer felt alien. He struck out on his own and did the last thing his family expected of him—short-order cook for a hole in the wall restaurant—a hole in the wall he loved.
He might have spent the next ten years there if Aliya hadn’t stumbled in starving and looking for a hero. He was no one’s hero, but Aliya could make him believe when she looked at him.
He was fine with letting the Earth battle their own monsters until those monsters came for Aliya. Now he would move not only the Earth but the heavens to keep her safe.



Probably not a good sign when you start reading the refund policy on your mail order bride…Vera Kronus has only choice after a long criminal career. Stay shackled and wait for her transport to a brutal prison planet or switch her ID and be sent to who knows where in the galaxy. She chooses the second option.

And wakes up on a planet where she’s the promised Companion to the most brilliant scientist in the Alliance. He’s been working on a new engine to bring parity against the Coalition. But his work life balance is suffering and his superiors determine that he needs a…Companion.

They thought they ordered the perfect mate. What they got instead was Vera – a human woman whose been sentenced for over twenty counts of grand larceny and fraud.
She has no idea how to cook food for an Alzhon. She has no idea about their customs. She’s sassy, independent, and fiery. With a figure that can send you into a supernova.
The sweet, caring, cosmically handsome and trusting Zerberu should be an easy mark then, right? Wrong. Because there’s one thing Vera never realized in her life of theft and crime.
That a quiet alien would steal her own heart.



When Petra is auctioned off as a breeder in the Hub, the space station that serves as a literal breeding ground for clients of the interstellar company Galactic Continuity, she doesn’t quite know what to think of the godlike man before her. No, not man. Alien. For though the creature who purchased her looks human, no human has glowing sigils pulsating across his skin.

Tonx is a humorous, fun-loving space explorer who returned to his home planet Olympia to discover that the Titans, his species, had severely dwindled in number. That is how Tonx found himself here in the Hub, bidding on the bronze-skinned Earthling woman. She is fearless and brave in a way that makes Tonx excited to repopulate Olympia.

But the Earth woman Petra has no desire to mate with Tonx, and she couldn’t care less about his species. Will Tonx be able to woo Petra and show her their kind aren’t so different after all, or will Petra succeed in convincing Tonx to relinquish ownership of her and return her to Earth?


ravished by the escapeeRAVISHED BY THE ESCAPEE (PROJECT: SHORTCUT BOOK 1) by Jade Waltz

Ashley was thirty-five with no hope of finding love. The Area 51 raid may not have gone as planned, but she was still going to celebrate the best way she knew how: by hiring an alien cosplayer for one delicious night. Xizi didn’t think he’d see the light of day again. That is until the Fates smiled upon him and he was able to escape.
Will Xizi find his enax before it’s too late? And will Ashley agree to leave Earth to never return again?



Zarik would do anything to regain his honor. Even step out of the shadows to try to help one of the frail human females regain her memory. But with every clue, he’s less interested in righting the wrongs of his own past, and more about keeping her safe.
Keeping her at his side. Just keeping her.

Miri has no past.Waking alone in the forest, she stumbles into a strange new world, with giant alien warriors living along side humans. And a devastating war that somehow she missed. Or did she?

Zarik is determined to find out what happened to her. But is she just a path to scrub away the stain of his past? Or is there something more growing between them?


captive iona stromCAPTIVE: NOMADICAN MATES SERIES 1 by Iona Strom and L S Anders

VS Note: Listed in Erotica.

Ivey’s Abduction – I awoke on a strange planet, naked and shackled by my throat to a wall. A bidding war begins, and I’m sold as a sex slave where the only way to ensure my survival is to pleasure the males aboard the spaceship where I must serve.
Unprepared for what these males have to offer, I’m shocked at how easily I succumb. What I find more surprising is how much I crave being under the hands of one male in particular, one male that might be my ticket home.


bound and betrayedBOUND AND BETRAYED (SAVAGE WARRIORS BOOK 3) by Jude Gray

I know what it’s like to be enslaved by an alien…When I leave the colony for a day at the lively and exciting Frizian Outpost, I never expect my life to change forever. Again.
I’m a former human slave, freed by the Zyrnx Warriors and given sanctuary on the colony as I await transport back to Earth.
But when I see a wild and injured Madixx male, caged and tormented by his captors, all it takes is a single glance for me to know I won’t rest until I free him.
Everyone knows the Madixx are dangerous–and maybe he is. But I am haunted by his eyes.
Should I believe this huge, wild man is capable of love, or should I ignore my heart and take what may be my last chance to return to my world?


my aliens babyMY ALIEN’S BABY (DRACI ALIEN ROMANCE) by Stasia Black

Ezo is an alien who’s crazy about all things Earth. He can’t wait to get there in person and experience it all for himself—pizza, chocolate, flirting… After a lifetime of being alone on his old planet, he’ll finally have a place he can call home. But when he arrives, a mate has already been chosen for him. Ana is waiting as soon as he exits his shuttle. She’s beautiful, colorful, and seems as excited to meet him as he is her. He’s never known such happiness. Everything is perfect.…Until it’s not.

Because Ezo isn’t a free man. He has a mission to accomplish. One that his entire race is depending on. But accomplishing his mission could mean having to leave his beautiful Ana behind.


kais captiveKAI’S CAPTIVE (ALIENS OF ATLANTIS BOOK 2) by Skylar Rain and JL Madore

Josie’s life turns upside-down when she arrives on Atlantis. No longer a top engineer, she spends her days on a maintenance crew scrubbing tubes and doing her best to win the support of her crewmates. She wasn’t expecting the practical joke that sent her into the path of Kai, an Atlantean warrior, or his unnatural pheromones which are enough to undo any woman’s self-control.

The last thing Kai needs is another human female throwing herself at him but something about Josie catches him off guard when she unexpectedly stumbles into his arms. Now he has to keep her at arm’s length while they search the bowels of the city for the scientist who’s secrets put them all at risk.


fatal extractionFATAL EXTRACTION (THE CHIKARA REVOLUTION BOOK 1) by Evangeline Rain

Nirvana Faust had led her crew of space pirates through years of successful raids without a hitch but now her lucky streak had ended. She’d flown straight into an ambush laid by the General of Panderon, from whom she had stolen weapons eight years ago. He would prosecute her for her crime unless she was willing to take on a mission for him – infiltrate the stronghold of Chikara and extract the war plans.

In order for the mission to succeed, she would need help from the man who had defected from Chikara. She was expecting to work with a seasoned soldier, not a much younger man who looked like he’d spent more time with books than guns.
But Nirvana should have known better than to judge a book by its cover.


gate questGATE QUEST (STAR KINGDOM BOOK 5) by Lindsay Buroker

VS Note: Not romance (as far as I can tell – the series is on my To Be Read List) but I do love her writing!

Roboticist extraordinaire Casmir Dabrowski has a new nemesis: astroshaman leader Kyla Moonrazor. She’s stolen the ancient wormhole gate the king ordered Casmir to retrieve, and she’s entrenched in an underwater base on a forsaken moon. Moonrazor is more educated and more experienced than Casmir, and she has legions of killer robots and cyborg defenders on her side. Casmir has his friends and… a submarine named the Waddler.

As if his task wasn’t daunting enough, his old competitor, mercenary Captain Tenebris Rache, is on the same quest, and he’ll do anything to keep the Kingdom from getting that gate. If Casmir can’t find a way to defeat them, the king will never let him return to his home, his family, and the career he loves.


taken by the alien dragonTAKEN BY THE ALIEN DRAGON (GALACTIC ALPHA’S CONQUEST BOOK 5) by Stella Cassy

VS Note: Sort of odd, she put out 3 books in one day, that had been scheduled through October and November as far as my notes showed. I did notice the reviews became scarce and somewhat problematic after the first book …so, my compromise was to list this one for those who are following the series and be aware there are two more now available as well. I have NOT read any of them. I guess we’ll see how it goes, as far as any more books from her or on the reviews front. I sure liked her covers!

He betrayed his people for nothing…Moddoc’s people can never know the reason for why he hesitated to sound the alarm during a devastating battle. When he falls into the clutches of human pirate Essie Black, he knows no one is coming to his rescue. Even though she’s his enemy, she lights a fire inside his cold dragon’s heart that he’ll have to ignore. And he’ll have to bide his time if he’s going to make it off her ship in one piece.

Her laughter brings destruction…There’s no honor in picking over a fleeing army for the best bits of loot. Who needs it when there are drakons to capture? With Moddoc at her mercy, Essie will gleefully bring the Hielsrane to their knees. But when the tables are turned and the slave collar is around her neck, she finds herself on the steamy end of a scorching draconic seduction.


khorMINERS OF DJAROMIR: KHOR by Leora Gonzales

K’hor, Warlord of Hamuir, was stuck between a rock and hard place…Literally.
On Djaromir, a remote and desolate mining planet, K’hor and two fellow warlords rule a rugged, but desperate people. With few females remaining, the miners of Djaromir must find new mates or face extinction. When the opportunity arises to rescue Earth-women kidnapped, K’hor sees a new future for his people.

With the new brides under his protection, he hopes that a little time alone with his men will be enough to convince at least some of the women to stay —specifically the one he realizes is his mate.

Juniper wanted a family, not a kidnapping and hostage situation…Applying for the Bridal Pact had taken every ounce of courage Juniper had left in her compact 5’2’’ body. High hopes for a new future had burst into flames the moment she realized her bridal liaison was nothing more than a wolf in sheep’s clothing—or in this case a human trafficker in a cheap dress suit.
Waking on a harsh alien world, Junie knew her plans had gone poof. Blaming it on her bad luck, she’s ready to throw in the towel and admit defeat when he walks in.
Unable to deny a strange and powerful attraction for her Warlord rescuer, Juniper has some tough decisions to make. Even though it makes no sense, Junie can’t shake the feeling that she belongs here—with him. Djaromir was offering her everything she’d ever wanted, topped with one deliciously alpha, panty-wetting Warlord. Was she crazy or could this be fate’s plan all along?

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time turnsTIME TURNS (OUT OF TIME BOOK 4) by C B Lewis

As a consultant analyst for the most technologically advanced firms in the country, Danny Ferguson knows he’s seen a lot of crazy stuff, but nothing comes close to his newest position at the Temporal Research Institute, the world’s foremost time travel organisation.

The corrupted piece of code Ferguson found on the TRI’s closed network is a serious concern for Lysander O’Donohue, the director of the TRI. Unable to trust his own people—any one of whom might be the source—he’s forced to put all his trust in Danny to solve the mystery of the corrupt code and find the identity of the enemy within.
But when an unexpected temporal gate opens, a straightforward code analysis becomes something a lot more complicated.

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mixed signalsMIXED SIGNALS (OFF THE GRID) by Alyssa Cole

VS note: A re-release

Four years after the Flare, the world is finally starting to rebuild – For Maggie Seong, that means leaving the safety of her family’s cabin for college. She won’t be alone, though—hunky former military cadet Edwin Hernandez, family friend and self-appointed Protector of Maggie’s Virtue, will be there. Maggie would much prefer that Edwin himself dispose of her “innocence,” but he’s already rejected her advances once, and a girl has her pride.

Things look pretty bleak romance-wise until Maggie discovers that Devon, the pre-Flare internet boyfriend she’d assumed was dead, is not only alive but on campus. Despite the passage of time, their bond is strong, and they quickly pick up where they left off. Even as Devon aims for a chance at love IRL—everything Maggie thought she’d wanted—Edwin’s desire to protect her makes her question her heart.

Maggie’s torn between the future she didn’t dare to hope for and the past she can’t let go of. And when a group of neo-Luddite terrorists threaten the campus, everyone’s loyalties will be tested. To ensure that the world doesn’t go back to the dark days following the Flare, Maggie might have to sacrifice it all.

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frost and flameFROST AND FLAME (GODS OF WAR) by Gena Showalter

Bane of Adwaeweth is the most feared immortal warrior in All War history. Possessed by a bloodthirsty beast, he will stop at nothing to win. Then he meets irresistible Nola Lee. He hates the power she wields over him, but she alone can rain vengeance upon his wife’s killer.

Unaware of her destiny to rule as queen of beasts, Nola battles illness, addiction and vulnerability. With Bane, however, she experiences pleasure for the first time, and only wants more. But being with him comes with a terrible price.

With enemies lurking around every corner, Bane and Nola must fight to survive. But time is running out, and neither can resist the sizzling attraction blazing between them. Will their romance save the beast and his beauty, or destroy everything they’ve come to love?

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transforming snowridge book 2TRANSFORMING SNOWRIDGE (STONEFIRE DRAGONS UNIVERSE BOOK 2) by Jessie Donovan

Rhydian Griffiths is the leader of Clan Snowridge in the North of Wales. Not only does he lead his clan, but he also takes care of an orphaned boy on his own. The deadline for any remaining family to collect him expires and Rhydian decides to adopt the boy himself. However, hours later, a human female shows up at his clan’s gate, claiming she’s the boy’s aunt. While he’d usually admire her fire and determination, his dragon says he wants the human, but Rhydian must resist. The last thing he needs is a human living on his clan.

Delaney Murphy spent the last three months jumping through hoops to prove she was Rian’s aunt. When she finally finds the blasted Welsh clan hidden in the mountains, she’s told the deadline expired. Even though they try to scare her by tossing her in a prison cell, the action only makes her more determined. After all, Rian is her only family. Provided she can ignore how the serious dragon clan leader looks at her long enough to come up with a plan, she’ll be able to raise her nephew as her own.

As Rhydian tries to ignore the female, a threat reminds him of why any human inside Snowridge could be in danger. He has to work together with Delaney to ensure not only her safety but Rian’s as well. Of course, it might mean giving up the family he’s secretly always wanted but long denied.

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The world has learned to fear vampires and forgotten another threat. Before the bloodsuckers rose, the gods had perfected one race of predators.
And they’ve decided to hunt again.
Avani was raised in another world, away from the secluded werewolves of Oldcrest, but the Elder Pack was the only place where she could be safe. Until now.
In his hundreds of years, Alexius has lived without allegiance, without purpose.
But when a wounded, hunted wolf crashes into his life, everything changes.


last vampire book 5THE LAST VAMPIRE: BOOK 5 by R A Steffan and Jaelynne Woolf

Broke ex-waitresses aren’t supposed to have archenemies. Seriously, that kind of crap is way above our pay grade. We certainly aren’t supposed to have multiple supernatural beings competing for the title of “scariest nemesis.” Yet that’s where I find myself, now that the last vampire on Earth is no longer the last vampire on Earth.

Ransley Thorpe turned his closest friend in a last-ditch effort to save his life. Now all three of us have targets painted on our backs, and the powerful demon who might be able to protect us is the last person in the three realms we should trust.

To survive, we’ll have to rekindle old alliances and rely on friends who have only the barest conception of the danger they’re about to face. One thing is crystal clear—even if we succeed in holding our enemies at bay, my life is about to change in ways I could never have foreseen.

As the only demon/fae/human hybrid in existence, I thought I had problems before.
Silly me. It turns out, I didn’t know when I was well off.


death in the nightDEATH IN THE NIGHT (LEGACY BOOK 3) by Allyson Lindt

Every lover. Every betrayal. Every death. Kirby remembers it all. The gods will pay for the suffering they’ve caused in this life and those she’s lived before. The only questions are where and how?

She has new allies and lovers, but with a lifetime of betrayal guiding her, she doesn’t know who to turn to. The trickster god who makes it easy to throw caution to the wind? The god of passion who sparks delight, terror, and desire with a single look?

Kirby desperately wants one of those people she trusts to be the berserker who set her on this path both then and now, but lifetimes of playing both sides changes a person.
Time is running out for her to find answers. Both about her lovers, and the gods she seeks to destroy before they can act on the prophecies that will allow them to topple modern empires.
Failure means not just her destruction, but the death of thousands.

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reap and reckonREAP AND RECKON (THE REAPER SERIES BOOK 4) by Lisa Medley

The end is here. As Lucifer’s minions attempt to breach the city of Meridian’s weakening portals, The Reaper Authority Force faces its final battle to save humanity. Desperate to find his partner, lost in the last skirmish, RAF member Samkiel recruits an unlikely ally, Officer Victoria Moreno.

Victoria comes across a decapitated body in the chaos of what she’s thinking of as her own personal zombie apocalypse, and against her better judgment, she alerts the mysteriously compelling man who asked for help in locating his missing friend.

Their discovery of a hellish new monster released upon the city, which attacks Samkiel, opens her eyes to the previously unseen supernatural horrors lurking all around her beloved city. Her faith is tested at every new and terrifying turn.
Reapers are real. Angels are real. Lucifer is real… and they’ve all converged on Meridian.
Prepare yourself for the final and most epic battle yet.


night and dayNIGHT AND DAY by Mandy Rosko

Cedric is out for one last night of fun and freedom before he ties the knot out of familial duty. Knowing that vampires make outstanding lovers, he drags his best friend to a vampire party in hopes of finding a night of passion that will make memories to last him a lifetime.

Silus is a centennial vampire lord, set to take over leadership of his father’s clan someday. At his birthday celebration, he spots Cedric and feels an instant attraction. It was only supposed to be a bit of harmless fun. But one taste and Silus discovers that Cedric isn’t human, as he’d assumed. In fact, Cedric’s from a race of creatures who are sworn enemies to his vampire kind. A creature whose blood is supposed to be poisonous to them.

But after experiencing the most intense orgasm of his life, Silus found himself addicted to the light in Cedric’s blood. The two men quickly realize that one night could never be enough. Forced to face their families and overcome generations of strife, Cedric and Silus must find a way to be together – even if it means war.

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Natalie Brewer has come to Paris to live out a dream, not a nightmare. Then a vampire attack exposes her to a whole new side to the City of Lights — and to her own heritage. Before she knows it, she’s swept into a world she never imagined, with gargoyles, werewolves, and dragons who claim she’s descended from a legendary shifter queen. Now her life is in danger, and it’s impossible to know who to trust, other than the mysterious stranger who risks his life for her again and again.

After a decade in the Foreign Legion, all dragon shifter Tristan Chevalier wants is to settle into a civilian life and a new job. His mission: to prove himself to the Guardians of Paris and to protect the city. But all that is threatened when an innocent woman stumbles into his life — and into his heart. Being appointed her bodyguard is a blessing and a curse, because Natalie is absolutely, positively off-limits despite the smoldering desire they both feel. Worse, every shifter in Paris has set their sights on her, from bloodthirsty vampires to power-hungry dragons and jealous rivals. For Tristan, it’s the test of a lifetime, and the outcome will affect the fortunes of an entire city.



Zuriya is a bastard, her past unknown and her future bleak. After committing a murder, she has to flee the mountainous kingdom of Skyloria and run for her life . . . literally.

By a trick of fate, she tumbles into the life of Prince Jonnix, the heir apparent of a neighboring kingdom. When the prince and his household mistake her for a highborn lady – one of the many women who sought to woo the prince and become the future queen – Zuriya has to make a choice: maintain the ruse and pretend to be Zuriya of House Omber, or risk death at the hands of a headsman.

And Zuriya wants to live – Especially now that Prince Jonnix has made his intentions known to her . . . But Jonnix has his own secrets, as does his mother, Queen Glycia. And their secrets put Zuriya in more danger than she could ever imagine.


changing spotsCHANGING SPOTS (CAT SHIFTERS BOOK 5) by Severine Wolfe

That moment when you know exactly what you’re doing and then…
Sarita Gomez had accepted the invitation to the Montana Wolf compound ostensibly to listen to lectures about animal enclosures and breeding problems in the Shifter community. Her own breeding problems. It was time and she wanted a child. Jaguars weren’t sentimental and when her eyes hit on a Leopard, she thought she’d hit the jackpot. Young, stupid, horny. Oh, yes.
From one frozen hellscape to another, Siberia to Montana in winter. Could Raj Tellas life suck any harder? The moment he scents his mate he’s know he’s reached Nirvana. He’s found a woman who will have him. When he finds out he’s nothing more than a genetic material dispenser to her, he quickly turns the tables on her.
Preconceived notions are dashed to pieces and Raj and Sarita are forced to accept reality. Fate has put them together. Both of them must learn to accept some disappointment and learn to appreciate exactly what they have… together.

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VS Note: I’m guessing some of these at least will be romance, given the authors.

The skies have gone rogue. Space can’t be tamed. And magic is a law unto itself.
Transport yourself to new worlds where dark magic clashes with witty witches, diabolic demons, feisty fae, and sexy shifters. Or travel through time and space with cosmic spies, space thieves, and telepathic pirates. Add in a dash of Victorian heroes and inhuman soldiers, and you have a one-of-a-kind science fiction and fantasy collection of intoxicating proportions.

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compel meCOMPEL ME (THE LAST VOCARI BOOK 1) by Elena Lawson

I go by Rose. But don’t let the delicate name fool you—I’m all thorns…The polished metal stakes strapped to my thighs have pierced the hearts of so many vampires I’ve lost count. And after five years I still haven’t found him—the vamp with one blue eye and one brown. The one who slaughtered my mother and left me, a child, to sit screaming in a pool of her still-warm blood.

With any luck, he’ll come to me. You see, I’ve made something of a name for myself with my trade. It seems more and more of the bloodsucking bastards seek to find me every day. Each of them wanting to be the one to say they plucked The Black Rose.

It’s not until a group of three finds me that I think I’ve finally met my match. But these aren’t just any nameless, faceless vamps. I know them. Or, at least, I knew them—when they were still human. Worst of all, I owe them a debt.
But paying it means I’ll need to face my worst fear… that I may not be entirely human, either.


promise of darknessPROMISE OF DARKNESS (DARK COURT RISING BOOK 1) by Bec McMaster

In a realm ruled by magic, the ruthless Queen of Thorns is determined to destroy her nemesis, the cursed Prince of Evernight. With war brewing between the bitter enemies, the prince forces Queen Adaia to uphold an ancient treaty: she will send one of her daughters to his court as a political hostage for three months. The queen insists it’s the perfect opportunity for Princess Iskvien to end the war before it begins. But one look into Thiago’s smoldering eyes and Vi knows she’s no assassin.
The more secrets she uncovers about the prince and his court, the more she begins to question her mother’s motives.

Who is the true enemy? The dark prince who threatens her heart? Or the ruthless queen who will stop at nothing to destroy him? And when the curse threatens to shatter both courts, is her heart strong enough to break it?


fall of dragons book 5FALL OF DRAGONS (DRAGON DOJO BROTHERHOOD BOOK 5) by Olivia Ash

When I became a dragon, my magic evolved. The shift unlocked something other. Something far more dangerous—and deadly—than anyone expected. There’s an entirely new depth to my magic, and for the first time, I truly have no limits. There are no boundaries to what I can do—and that terrifies everyone who has been trying so desperately to control me.
The fact is, I’m a diamond dragon—the only one of my kind. The only other diamond dragons in history were the gods themselves.
So… what does that make me?
A war is brewing, and try as I might, I can’t help but be in the center of it. The Knights want to use me as propaganda to fuel their anti-dragon message. The Bosses want to break me until I bow before them. Harper needs my help to stop this war before it destroys her entire family.
It’s me and my men against the world, and thank the gods I have them—because in the blink of an eye, everything I ever believed in is destroyed.
Because, even from beyond the grave, my former mentor might have found a way to kill me.


ride the whirlwindRIDE THE WHIRLWIND: A LOVE ACROSS TIME STORY by Jackie North

Soulmates across time. Two hearts, stronger together. In present day, Maxton is good at finding trouble and bad at everything else. In 1892, Trent Harrington, sheriff of Trinidad, Colorado, lives a respectable but lonely life, devoid of any closeness.
Trying to escape a past that keeps chasing him, Maxton drives south to avoid getting arrested. When his car spins off the road, he is swept up in a desert whirlwind and finds himself in the year 1892. Lost and alone, unused to the laws of the wild west, Maxton gets arrested anyway.

Trent is tasked with escorting Maxton to Trinidad. The request isn’t unusual, but the miscreant is. Maxton draws Trent’s heart out of its shell with his flashing green eyes and lush head of hair. It isn’t right. It isn’t natural. It’s illegal. Yet Trent cannot resist the impetuous young man. As the two men travel through the vast, empty desert to their destination, will they find in each other the love and companionship they never thought they’d have?


kindred connectionA KINDRED CONNECTION (TWICKENHAM TIME TRAVEL BOOK 1) by Johanna Evelyn

Jane Barton was ready to start her life. She graduated University, inherited an old house, and is on the cusp of starting her own business. When she’s offered the job of dancing instructor to the mostly American’s who trek to Twickenham Manor each month to immerse themselves in a Jane Austen experience, Jane only accepts the position to fund her fledgling business. She has no intention of dwelling on the past like the many people who come to the manor.

When she’s pulled back to Regency England through mysterious magic, she decides to figure out the mystery of a painting she’s inherited with her old house. But what she discovers makes her realize maybe her future has a lot more to do with the past than she ever wanted.

Lord William Reid travels to his cottage near Twickenham manor in a poor attempt to hang onto his freedom, but when his solitude is interrupted by a mysterious woman, he’s forced into helping her find out the mystery of her past. But they both have secrets that have the power to deepen their burdens while breaking their kindred hearts.


bitten by my teacherBITTEN BY MY TEACHER by Mirajane

I dreamed about losing my innocence to a vampire. I’d never met him before. And then I saw him the next morning.  He’s my new college professor. Could this be a coincidence? I’m not sure. Is it scary? Definitely.  He’s way too sexy and I’m drawn to him. But the darkness within him raises questions. He’s hiding a secret. What if he’s been having the same dreams as me? Is he the only one who can save me from the danger that’s coming?


werewolf cinderellaWEREWOLF CINDERELLA by Amanda Milo

Every eligible female *must* attend the ball by decree of the king.
On account of my tendency to suddenly turn from a woman into a wolf, I’d really prefer if I wasn’t being forced into attending.
Anger burns in my throat, making me growl.
Stepmother covers my hand with hers, gently squeezing my fingers.
That’s my stepmother. Grace above all; even under fire… or the threat of a noose. She’s a better woman than I.
What? You thought the rumors were true? That she’s my *wicked* stepmother, who’s kept me as her indentured servant under the stairs?
Oh my friend, you don’t know the half of this story.
To tell it, I’d best begin at the beginning.


warriors assaultTHE WARRIOR’S ASSAULT (THE AGE OF THE ANDINNA BOOK 3) by Kristen Banet

Mave finally has a home. The Ivory Shadow Mercenary Company has taken the long winter off, letting everyone recover from the troubles of the Empire and the shadows that loom over them. Despite the tumultuous beginning to her newfound freedom, Mave has stumbled upon everything that’s ever been denied to her. A family. A home. A place where she can feel she’s starting to belong, as she dives deeper and deeper into her missing culture. She’s finding her wings and touching the skies. For the first time in her life, Mave knows what real happiness is.

There’s only one thing that can ground the warrior that dared to survive a thousand years of slavery. When she’s brought to her knees, Mave must do what she does best. This time, though, she doesn’t have to stand back up alone. The Ivory Shadow Mercenary Company, their King, and their people, will all be standing up with her. Together, they will draw their swords.


fated heartsFATED HEARTS by Garrett Leigh

Devastated by the death of his best friend, Zio is a soldier with one thing on his mind: revenge. Consumed by a conflict that’s raged as long as he’s been alive, he’s had little time or inclination to learn the legends of the shifter world he was raised in.And he certainly doesn’t have time to deal with a shifter of a different kind, even if it’s for the good of the war effort. For the good of his pack. The fact that he’s already crossed paths with the new face in his unit is almost irrelevant.

Do no harm. Give life not death: it’s the oath Devan was reborn to live by, so when he’s sent abroad to embed with a wolf pack as their resident healer, he doesn’t hesitate. In the supernatural world, some bonds are instant—soldiers become brothers, pack become family. But others run deeper and before long, Devan’s at the mercy of instincts he can’t control.

Zio’s inner wolf is desperate to be with Devan, while Devan struggles to keep the pack safe. But as the war escalates, and new love is tainted by anguish and pain, the battles within might prove the toughest of them all.


roses and revenantsROSES AND REVENANTS (THE HOUSE OF MIRRORS BOOK 1) by Cate Corvin

As the last of the esteemed Bell coven, it is my solemn duty to uphold sacred witch tradition, and to protect humanity from the restless spirits of the dead.
Instead, I’m a runaway exorcist living out of a junker van, without a care for the expectations that come with my family name. All I want is peace to work through the endless grief of my parents’ horrific demise, but the universe seems determined to prevent that. The Great Covens are desperate to matchmake their way into my family fortune, and a new, sinister revenant lurks behind every mirror, a dark figure stalking me from the threshold of Death.
Thankfully, I have Eric, my ever-loyal human guardian, protecting my body and soul as I traverse the deadside. He’s watched over me my entire life, but his vow to my father to keep me safe didn’t extend to my heart, still in tatters over his rejection of my feelings for him.
My childhood friend has finally tracked me down, intent on keeping me from running away again. In the five years I’ve been gone, Joss has become a gorgeous warlock who won’t take no for an answer.
Adrian -stoic, secretive, and far too enticing for his own good- has his own reasons for dragging me away from the world of humans, but his coven is plagued by rumors of dark magic I shouldn’t get involved with.
I could handle all of that, if only Warden Stone hadn’t made it his mission to annoy me to death. A deadline I’m not ready to face is looming, and this beautiful but irritating man is intent on forcing my hand.
And I thought being on my own was hard. With four alluring men pushing and pulling me where they want me, can I uncover the dark skeletons in my family’s closet before it’s too late? Or will the last of the Bell exorcists join them in Death forever?


backfired magicBACKFIRED MAGIC (MATESAND MAGIC) by Jane Alters

He was the perfect man. I was sure we’d be happy together, and also, if I could actually get him to notice me, my mom would finally get off my back about finding someone.
I’m not above using my half-witch abilities to turn his head. But my spell doesn’t have the desired effect. He hates me, and now I’m way over my head. I need help, I need protection, and the police can’t do a thing. Luckily, I managed to stumble into the Pierce’s shop. Four hot guys who know a ton about magical elements, magical weapons, and well…their own magical abilities. I’m just not sure if they even believe they’re enough to save me.


immortal redeemed and owls cryIMMORTAL REDEEMED AND THE OWL’S CRY: AUSTIN IMMORTALS #1.5 AND GODSONGS #2.5 by Jax Garren

Immortal Redeemed – Alexandre Moreau did the impossible for an evil-born vampire—he redeemed his lost soul. Why? For a woman, of course. And now, after months of pining, the former spy and expert codebreaker finally gets one night to tell her how he feels. But something’s wrong, and she won’t tell him what.

Sofia Velasquez is dead effing broke—bad enough on its own, but this month she can’t afford her jaguar pack dues. She’ll be cast out, fair game for poachers and hunters, unless she agrees to work with the jaguar cartel running drugs. Backed into a corner, she allows herself one night with the man she’s been lusting after before being forced into a life she’s worked her whole life to avoid. But her clever vampire won’t be satisfied with one night…and neither will she.

Owl’s Cry – Rafael could be anywhere in the world right now—naked on a beach, grinding on a dancefloor in LA, or drinking micheladas with Freyja at their superhero lair… hoping his beautiful partner would slip up and tell him who she really is beneath her mask. When did that last one get to be the most interesting?

But no. He’s being responsible for once and studying. Or that was the plan, anyway, until a witch with talons and an inexplicable vendetta threatens to scratch off his face. When Freyja arrives just in time to scare her off, she has no idea she’s just rescued her partner.

Now he’s helping her stop a series of fly-by attacks—as himself. As the danger heats up, it’s a rousing challenge to work side-by-side with his crush when she has no idea who he is and he can’t access his powers. Next time, though, he’s saying yes to the micheladas.


promised alpha princes book 3PROMISED (THE ALPHA PRINCES BOOK 3) by Claire Cullen

Alex, second in line to the throne, is about to be forced into marriage. He’s in love with Sam, who’s perfect in every way, except one. He’s an alpha. And if there was one forbidden passion left in their society, it was the love between two alphas…

With Alex’s father determined to make him an advantageous match, it looks like his and Sam’s happiness will be left by the wayside. Until they stumble upon an omega living alone on an island, and Alex dreams up a crazy scheme that just might let them be together.

When Jonah’s offered the chance to rescue his family from poverty, he jumps at it. What omega wouldn’t? It takes seeing what Alex and Sam have to truly understand what he’s giving up to help them be together. Can he live a life without love, without a family of his own?

Just as Sam and Alex start to see Jonah as more than merely the key to their reckless plan, he’s torn from their grasp. With the palace’s dark past rearing its head once more, will the truth finally be revealed? And will it all be for nothing without Jonah by their side?



There’s only one thing Kadence has ever wanted—to leave the painful life she’s been forced to endure, and join her father in Olympus. When Kronos comes to her with a mission, Kadence seizes the opportunity to use her demigod powers to earn the right to go to him.

All she has to do is figure out who’s messing with people’s timelines. Good people are dying before they should, others are living beyond their allocated minutes. But as fates are irrevocably changed and darkness appears at every turn, Kadence finds herself wondering—is the world even worth saving?

Her only ray of hope is Micah, a guy with no past or family. Mysterious, philosophical, and confidently optimistic, Micah shows Kadence that for any light to be seen, darkness must be present. For the first time, love has Kadence doing something she’d never imagined…believing.It’s when her world of demigod responsibilities collides with the darkness she’s fighting that Kadence must make a choice. Does she still want to go to Olympus if it means leaving Micah behind?
And when the unthinkable happens—how will she use her powers? Because Kadence has the ability to stop time. It’s whether she wants to restart it that will become the question.


fae king milly taidenFAE KING (THE CRYSTAL KINGDOM BOOK 1) by Milly Taiden

Jerrek Valsys was quite literally cursed. In life and in love. With no wife to see him through those long lonely nights and no way to help tame the beast that currently resides inside him, he’d spent years waiting on his mate with a glowing rock to show up. Seriously. He had. Because the prophecy told him so. But when his beast comes out and finds its mate, he may have to forget about that whole prophecy thing. Even if it means he has to give up his crown as the Fae King.

Kaia Cutestone’s life sucks. She has a job with no future and lives with her dead-beat, soul-sucking brother. The only good things in her life are her friends Jen and Avery. It’s too bad the three of them have just been kidnapped with fairy dust. Yes. Tinkerbell type fairy dust. All Kaia has going for her at this point is that she just ran into the most gorgeous man she’s ever seen. He’s smoking hot, a little dark and dangerous, and she can’t stop thinking about him naked.

Thanks to her love of shifter romance novels, Kaia might be the only person on the planet who can help Jerrek tame his beast and keep him from killing more people. Kaia may not have a glowing rock but she sure is rocking an old ugly necklace. But is that enough to get her a happily ever after and help find her friends?


predators of the pyramidPREDATORS OF THE PYRAMID by M Garnet

As one woman travels through an unending edifice that is so old that civilization has grown and died within it, she is beginning to discover it’s secrets and a dangerous tattooed Killer.
In ancient times there were pyramids that held history and secrets. In the future there is a pyramid that has taken over most of Middle and North America were life has survived for too many centuries to count.
Deep within its stepped back walls reaching above the clouds are those who live in luxury in the upper levels under the restrictions of a harsh government. Deep below in darker levels are just as many who struggle to survive in freedom.
There are times when the two civilizations meet and that can bring forward the lower groups’ hunters and the upper levels tattooed Killers.


broken alice wildeBROKEN (HELLFIRE ACADEMY BOOK 2) by Alice Wilde

After the year I’ve just had, I don’t know how I’m going to make it through this next one. The Demigod Trifecta has made it abundantly clear that they don’t want me here, but what choice do I have?

But not everything or everyone is quite what it seems, there’s a far darker power at play here than I ever imagined possible… The longer I stay here, the more I realize I never should have made the choice to fall. What started out as an exciting new life, has turned into what can only be described as a living nightmare…and the more I learn about the world around me, the less I seem to know.

When I’m given the chance to escape this Hell on Earth, I have to decide whether or should take it or stay and fight my way through.


nemesis genevieveNEMESIS (CIRCUIT FAE BOOK 4) by Genevieve Iseult Eldridge

What would you do if your beloved girlfriend suddenly became your worst enemy?
That dilemma’s all too real for Syl Skye, the last princess of the fair Fae.Even though Syl is all things sun and Summer, she’s drawn to her polar opposite, Rouen Rivoche, the dark Fae princess-assassin of the Winter Court. They should be mortal enemies, but they’re best friends. Girlfriends. In love.

That is, until Roue falls under a dark spell that makes her forget all about Syl, their lives and their love. Now Roue rules Dark Faerie as a cruel and cold Queen. A Circuit Fae who can harness the killing magic in technology, she wants nothing more than to destroy Syl and her fair Fae people.

But when an old enemy brings both Faerie realms to the brink of destruction, only their queens, Syl and Rouen, can save the day—and only if they can put their differences aside for two seconds and team up.
With the clock’s ticking on Syl and Roue’s relationship—not to mention all of Faerie—will Rouen remember the love she and Syl once shared, or is she destined to be Syl’s nemesis forever?


armageddonARMAGEDDON (URBAN FAIRY TALES BOOK 11) by Erik Schubach

Last Upon a time…The Avatars have all gathered in Seattle to face the Elders in a bid to stop the reset of the mortal realm and the loss of trillions of souls spread across the many worlds of our realm.
The women of fairy tales, myth, & legend must split up to face the enemies, who are bordering on godhood, on many fronts. Fighting a losing battle, the Avatars give all that they have to save the world from Armageddon.
This final chapter in the Urban Fairytales saga all comes down to the woman who started it all, Maireni Damaschin, the Red Hood, as she attempts to outmaneuver these timeless titans who can destroy worlds with but a thought.

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winters awakeningWINTER’S AWAKENING (WARLORDS OF EMPYREA BOOK 2) by Georgia Lyn Hunter

Dark warlord Sebris will sacrifice anything to save his angelic dominion of Dregarus, even shed his own blood. Snatching the foretold mortal from her world is nothing—as long as she can find the missing artifact their realm desperately needs to survive. He expects a mere pawn, not a fragile human woman who confuses and tempts him, stirring in him a desire that is as dangerous as it’s deadly.

After a freak accident lands florist Brenna Graham in a coma, she awakens to find herself in another world and in the care of a cold, ruthless immortal. The Darkrean leader both draws and terrifies her. Still, she’s furious over the abduction she unwittingly agreed to. But the longer she’s with him, the more she discovers an unexpected, tender side to the icy warlord. As barriers shatter and rigid laws are broken, an unabiding passion consumes them.

Except, time is not on their side in the dying, war-ridden world. But for a chance at a future and an ever-lasting love, they must fight for survival. When unseen enemies target Brenna, their bond is brutally tested. Sebris vows to bring down dominions to save the woman who became his heart.

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Assassin. Raven. Corbin is one of those elusive raven shifters and the best assassin in his flock. The Council of Paranormals assigned him to watch a nineteen year old witch with orders to kill if need be, but the last thing he expected was to fall for his mark. Now that he knows who she is, what she is…will he follow orders or stray from the path?



Sometimes it takes travelling into the past to find your future. Laura is about to graduate from the Time Travel Academy, but she really doesn’t want to leave. So when her handsome professor surprisingly invites her on one last trip into the past, she can’t resist.

She expected a quick tour of the Great Library of Alexandria, but when they stumble onto a mysterious papyrus scroll, Laura needs to draw on her knowledge of ancient history and mythology to solve the puzzle… without getting distracted by her teacher.An m/f academy romance novella set in the Time Travel Academy universe.


bishop takes knightBISHOP TAKES KNIGHT (REDCLAW ORIGINS BOOK 1) by McKenna Dean

New York, 1955. Former socialite Henrietta (“Rhett”) Bishop, destitute after her father gambles away the family fortune, takes a job at Redclaw Security. But Redclaw is no ordinary operation. Part detective firm and part enforcement agency, Redclaw regulates matters involving the growing population of shifters who have emerged since the onset of the nuclear age.

Peter Knight is a nuclear scientist shattered by the death of his wife. Blacklisted by the government and scientific organizations, he drowns his sorrows while searching for the people behind his wife’s murder.

When Rhett is assigned to recruit Knight, their meeting is more than either bargained for—a rival organization will do anything to secure Knight for themselves. Following a lead to locate a missing cache of alien technology stolen from Redclaw, Rhett is thrown back into her previous glittering life with Knight as her pretend boyfriend. But when someone from the past turns up to start a bidding war on the artifacts, Bishop and Knight wind up in a fight for their very lives.

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callens captiveCALLEN’S CAPTIVE (BROKEN SHIFTERS BOOK 3) by Julie K Cohen

Callen is the pack’s enforcer, The shifter who does whatever it takes to protect his pack.
Whatever. It. Takes. He’s falling hard and fast for Kate, a human the WSSO is hell-bent on destroying.

Kate can’t get rid of Callen. The damn shifter insists on protecting her. He. Won’t. Leave.
Never mind the way his touch blazes a trail across her skin. He longs to be with his pack—in the woods, a place she can’t, won’t, go. Kate belongs in the city, fighting against the WSSO, Not with a shifter who needs his pack more than he needs her. She’ll be fine without Callen. She doesn’t need him. Maybe if she tells herself that enough times, she’ll start to believe it.



Four against one, and they still can’t tame me. I’m a brat. It’s in my blood. But when I cross the four most powerful alphas in town, they take issue with my childish ways.
They say I need to know my place. As an omega, I should fear and respect them.,,(more blurb on ebook seller page…)


remembering a witchREMEMBERING A WITCH by Lauren Connolly

VS note: A 16k ‘novelette’

She’s dreamed of him for years …Fenella found Graham, the man she’s destined to love. Literally. They’re both reincarnations of a centuries-old match. Problem is, Fenella’s gift of Sight only lets her see glimpses of the long-dead couple and never past a certain point. What happened to the original lovers? Did they meet an untimely end? And if so, are Fenella and Graham headed for the same fate?
To get answers, Fenella must give herself over to powers she tries to ignore and reveal her witchy-heritage to the man she’s falling for. But can it be considered true love if the feelings first belonged to someone else?

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There are many dark secrets in the village of Ames Crossing, Illinois…To the locals, Amanda Beaumont is the classy and soft spoken librarian who dates Deputy Zakary Parker. She lives quietly, content with her cat and cherished books in the old house at the base of the cliffs. But, the truth is nothing like it seems as Amanda is actually a daughter of Midnight, and the keeper of a chilling heritage.
Amanda is a Guardian, and duty bound to protect the village. If you thought she was scary when your library books were overdue, you should see her at her other job. In her secret profession she takes on only the most severe paranormal cases, and battles the evilest of foes…
The closer she gets to Zakary, the more complications her duty causes her. Preserving the illusion of the reserved librarian is playing hell on her romance with the deputy. As a Guardian, her calling requires that she maintain her cover, and keep the paranormal world hidden from the public.
But secrets, even old ones, have a way of revealing themselves. Can Zakary accept the truth of who she really is? Or will the kind and handsome Deputy be her undoing?


stalking heather grahamTHE STALKING (KREWE OF HUNTERS BOOK 29) by Heather Graham

With the execution of a serial killer known as the Artiste, Cheyenne Donegal thinks a grim part of her past is finally put to rest. Her cousin had been the twisted killer’s final victim, and then-teenage Cheyenne was integral in bringing him to justice. That tragedy drove her to become an FBI agent. And now she’s back in Louisiana because someone is murdering young women in the same manner as the Artiste.

Krewe of Hunters agent Andre Broussard has deep ties in New Orleans and Cajun country beyond. He knows that more than one monster has stalked the bayou. Has a deadly threat been resurrected, or does someone have a dark inspiration?

With the life of a missing woman on the line, Cheyenne and Andre have to set aside their doubts about each other and work to discover the truth. The case is too close and too personal—but they can’t let it go, especially now that a ruthless killer has turned the tables and is hunting them.

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hunted jessica aspenHUNTED (FAE MAGIC BOOK 1) by Jessica Aspen

When the Black Queen sends her Huntsman on a mission, the last thing Logan expects is to fail. But one sight of the witch he’s been sent to kill changes everything. Now, instead of riding to kill her, he’s riding to save her…and it’s the best damn ride of his life.

Trina MacElvy has hated elves all her life. But now she’s falling in love with the enemy—and the one thing that might save her is the one thing she never thought she’d need…true love’s kiss.


yesterdays hopesYESTERDAY’S HOPES (A SLIP IN TIME BOOK 2) by Jane O’Brien

Yesterday’s Hopes, book two in O’Brien’s newest series, A Slip in Time, continues with Dora trying to find her sister. As she becomes aware of the possibility of time travel, she begins to explore how she, too, can do the same in order to find Fran. Dora suspects her sister is in the 1880s due to some clues she left behind, so she tries to imitate the way she believes Francine has traveled using their grandmother’s precious quilts, which have been passed down through generations. When Dora suddenly finds herself standing on the boardwalk at the train depot in Twin Lake, she is thrilled to discover that she has done it. Now she must find her sister, and bring her back home. The problem arises when Dora meets a handsome man with a crooked grin who has his eye set on her. He won’t give up until he makes her his own. Once Dora begins to fall for him, she loses all focus of going back to the 21st century. Now the two sisters must decided if they want to live in this pioneer setting with the men they love or return to a more comfortable lifestyle. The decision is agony but it must be made.


ivy autumn stoneIVY: EVOLUTION ACADEMY by Autumn Stone

I was born after the oceans rose and the farmlands burned away becoming a cracked wasteland of dead earth. Countries folded and reformed as people were pushed away from the coasts and further into what was called the Heartland.

An unintended consequence of this environmental change, was the evolution of some humans into something…more. I’m unremarkable in every way, except for one, I can grow things. My friends joke that I should have been called “Poison Ivy” but I was too nice. In order to learn more about the Evolved and in a desperate race to save the planet, Evolution Academies were created to study and nurture those who had Evolved.

One day my life is turned upside down when I’m given admission to the Academy-even though I haven’t evolved. I’m not sure who’s behind my acceptance into the school, but I’m trying to find out. My admission is a change to the status quo and there are those who don’t like it. The four most powerful guys in school want me gone and will do anything to make it happen.Evolution Academy will have me questioning everything, including my own humanity.



VS note: A paranormal mystery with maybe a hint of romance?

Rose Gallagher always dreamed of finding adventure, so her new life as a freshly-minted Pinkerton agent ought to be everything she ever wanted. Only a few months ago, she was just another poor Irish housemaid from Five Points; now, she’s learning to shoot a gun and dance the waltz and throw a grown man over her shoulder. Better still, she’s been recruited to the special branch, an elite unit dedicated to cases of a paranormal nature, and that means spending her days alongside the dashing Thomas Wiltshire.

But being a Pinkerton isn’t quite what Rose imagined, and not everyone welcomes her into the fold. Meanwhile, her old friends aren’t sure what to make of the new Rose, and even Thomas seems to be having second thoughts about his junior partner. So when a chilling new case arrives on Rose’s doorstep, she jumps at the chance to prove herself – only to realize that the stakes are higher than she could have imagined. Six delegates have been murdered at a local political convention, and the police have no idea who–or what–is responsible. One thing seems clear: The killer’s next target is a candidate for New York City mayor, one Theodore Roosevelt.

Convinced that something supernatural is afoot, Rose and Thomas must track down the murderer before Roosevelt is taken out of the race–permanently. But this killer is unlike any they’ve faced before, and hunting him down will take them from brownstones to ballrooms to Bowery saloons. Not quite comfortable anywhere, Rose must come to terms with her own changed place in society–and the fact that some would do anything to see her gone from it entirely.

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babysitters covenTHE BABYSITTERS COVEN by Kate M Williams

VS Note: Okay not a romance but who can resist a title like that? Sounds like it might be fun. A release of note…

Seventeen-year-old Esme Pearl has a babysitters club. She knows it’s kinda lame, but what else is she supposed to do? Get a job? Gross. Besides, Esme likes babysitting, and she’s good at it.

And lately Esme needs all the cash she can get, because it seems like destruction follows her wherever she goes. Let’s just say she owes some people a new tree.

Enter Cassandra Heaven. She’s Instagram-model hot, dresses like she found her clothes in a dumpster, and has a rebellious streak as gnarly as the cafeteria cooking. So why is Cassandra willing to do anything, even take on a potty-training two-year-old, to join Esme’s babysitters club?

The answer lies in a mysterious note Cassandra’s mother left her: “Find the babysitters. Love, Mom.”

Turns out, Esme and Cassandra have more in common than they think, and they’re about to discover what being a babysitter really means: a heroic lineage of superpowers, magic rituals, and saving the innocent from seriously terrifying evil. And all before the parents get home.

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bigfoot and the librarianBIGFOOT AND THE LIBRARIAN (MYSTIC SPRINGS BOOK 1) by Linda Winstead Jones

Something in the Water? Marnie Somerset’s new job at the Mystic Springs Library seems almost too good to be true. Yes, the small Alabama town is populated with more than its share of odd people, and she did have a flat tire on her way into town and hallucinate Bigfoot crossing the road, which made for less than a stellar start. But the library is fantastic, her new house is charming, and the hot local writer keeps crossing her path.

In more ways than one.  Clint Maxwell is drawn to the new librarian, even though he knows getting involved with someone from outside Mystic Springs would be a very bad idea. Marnie’s not a Springer, and she won’t last long in a town awash with magic. Still, when she’s threatened he feels compelled to protect her. Is she meant to be his? Is this the woman he’s been waiting for?

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In the third installment of the Fantasy is Alive series by best-selling erotic romance author Trinity Blacio, Shannon Kreep must face her own death and rebirth as well being mated to seven alien alphas. She is the key that will hold many worlds together.

Death was supposed to be freeing, but not to Shannon. It was painful, and only brought the creatures in her dreams into her reality. Her world was now made up of what normal people would call monsters, but Shannon wasn’t normal. The world around her was changing. Witches, warlocks, gods, alien kings and queens from other planets and galaxies were now part of her life. Many factions wanted her truly dead. On top of that, the strangest and scariest thing was that seven men claimed to be her mate—seven alien men.
Oh, but wait, now she was supposedly some kind of queen too.


ravens hartRAVEN’S HART (HAVEN’S HART BOOK 7) by Davidson King

Haven Hart stands on the edge of good and evil. Having balance between the two is the only thing keeping the town from crumbling to the ground. For years, one man has been charged with maintaining that balance. Poe.
The air of mystery surrounding Poe is one of necessity. He’s the keeper of secrets and for good reason. He’s stood alone against the most ruthless men and women, always hiding behind the curtain to help his friends defeat what seeks to destroy them…(more blurb on ebook seller page…)

power of instinctPOWER OF INSTINCT (BLACKSTONE HAVEN BOOK 2) by Taige Crenshaw

A familiar man of two souls will walk beside you. He will protect you with his animal soul. His human spirit will shelter you when you most need. Before the final step to merge your body and soul is taken, a choice must be made.

Sinai Blackstone never expected the prophecy she had to fulfill would create such complications. Her reasons for going against the prophecy are sound. But when Ian finds out, it isn’t just the prophecy that is affected. Sinai isn’t prepared to deal with all that being with Ian entails. There is so much more than fulfilling some family legend at stake. Her heart, soul, and very life are on the line.

Ian McIntyre knows that Sinai believes she did what’s for the best. Yet, she has no clue their joining is beyond even what she could know. ..(more blurb on ebook seller page…)

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sirens songSIREN’S SONG by Karen Chance

War mages are the magical equivalent of tanks: tough, powerful, and deadly. They have to be, in order to defend the supernatural community from the dangerous threats it sometimes faces. But what happens when the threat is them?

John Pritkin has been trying to recover from a demon curse that separated his body and soul and almost killed him. The reunification has left him with a flood of memories to process, some that he recalls from his past and some that he doesn’t, as well as wonky magic, fluctuating power levels, and a splitting headache. Something that only intensifies when he finds himself stuck in a city under siege—by his fellow war mages.

As the only one not overwhelmed by a massive enthrallment spell, John must find a way to free his fellow mages before they destroy themselves, and take a city of a million people along with them.



DancerofTheNile copy_final

New cover SEPT 2019

VS Note: I have a sequel to DANCER OF THE NILE  coming out next week, so I’m also putting a new cover on DANCER. No other new material – just the cover! The old cover is still up though – sigh. But if you haven’t read the first book, here’s the blurb:

2014 Golden Quill Award Finalist

Nima’s beauty and skill as a dancer leads an infatuated enemy to kidnap her after destroying an Egyptian border town. However, she’s not the only hostage in the enemy camp: Kamin, an Egyptian soldier on a secret mission for Pharaoh, has been taken as well. Working together to escape, the two of them embark on a desperate quest across the desert to carry word of the enemy’s invasion plans to Pharaoh’s people.


The original cover, which is still up on most ebook seller sites.

As they flee for their lives, these two strangers thrown together by misfortune have to trust in each other to survive.  Nima suspects Kamin is more than the simple soldier he seems, but she finds it hard to resist the effect he has on her heart.  Kamin has a duty to his Pharaoh to see his mission completed, but this clever and courageous dancer is claiming more of his loyalty and love by the moment. Kamin starts to worry, if it comes to a choice between saving Egypt or saving Nima’s life…what will he do?

Aided by the Egyptian god Horus and the Snake Goddess Renenutet, beset by the enemy’s black magic, can Nima and Kamin evade the enemy and reach the safety of the Nile in time to foil the planned attack?

Can there ever be a happy future together for the humble dancer and the brave Egyptian soldier who is so much more than he seems?

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Gods of Egypt Series updated covers not Dancer2

I’ll have to revamp this banner again soon to add the 9th cover, for RETURN OF DANCER OF THE NILE!



September 11

September 4

August 28

August 21

The term “new” is generally plus or minus a week or two. I try to catch up on ones I missed in recent months.  And I may mention ‘special items’.

I do NOT cover every single new release in SFR/FantasyR/PNR. I never have. That would be an impossible task for any human! I assemble my list by hand every week based on various informal inputs, and I do curate the list to some extent…

I check and verify all the buy links at the time I create the post  but after that I’m not responsible.




I rarely do cover reveals because I don’t do pre-orders and I don’t like to show off something that isn’t available yet BUT I just sent Return of Dancer of the Nile to the formatter, so the book should be out within a week.

The other thing is, I commissioned two covers from the wonderful Fiona Jayde – a new cover for the first book Dancer of the Nile (released in 2013) in this informal duology and then this cover with the same model for the second book, coming soon.

There’s nothing new about the 2013 book except I will put the new cover on the ebook seller sites later this week. So if you already own Dancer of the Nile, no need to buy it again.

I’ve had a sequel in mind for Nima and Kamin for quite awhile because I really enjoy these two characters and it was fun to revisit them and pose significant new challenges for them to overcome. (No, I don’t undo everything that was done in book one – they’re still deeply in love. It’s more adventure though!).

The blurb for the first book (from 2013), while we wait, in case you haven’t read it yet:

DancerofTheNile copy_final2014 Golden Quill Award Finalist

Nima’s beauty and skill as a dancer leads an infatuated enemy to kidnap her after destroying an Egyptian border town. However, she’s not the only hostage in the enemy camp: Kamin, an Egyptian soldier on a secret mission for Pharaoh, has been taken as well. Working together to escape, the two of them embark on a desperate quest across the desert to carry word of the enemy’s invasion plans to Pharaoh’s people.

As they flee for their lives, these two strangers thrown together by misfortune have to trust in each other to survive.  Nima suspects Kamin is more than the simple soldier he seems, but she finds it hard to resist the effect he has on her heart.  Kamin has a duty to his Pharaoh to see his mission completed, but this clever and courageous dancer is claiming more of his loyalty and love by the moment. Kamin starts to worry, if it comes to a choice between saving Egypt or saving Nima’s life…what will he do?

Aided by the Egyptian god Horus and the Snake Goddess Renenutet, beset by the enemy’s black magic, can Nima and Kamin evade the enemy and reach the safety of the Nile in time to foil the planned attack?

Can there ever be a happy future together for the humble dancer and the brave Egyptian soldier who is so much more than he seems?

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Gods of Egypt Series updated covers not Dancer2

I’ll have to revamp this banner again soon to add the 9th cover, for RETURN OF DANCER OF THE NILE!



How Serious Is This? Weekend Writing Warriors

Warriors logo revisedTaking excerpts from REEDE, my recent scifi romance release…

Here’s the link to the Weekend Writing Warriors central page, so you can visit all the participants sharing excerpts today…a fun way to sample new books and find new authors! (Also welcome to the Sunday Snippet visitors!)

Punctuation may be wonky to comply with our guidelines here. May be edited a bit from published version.

If you haven’t read any of my Badari Warriors books, here’s the background:

Genetically engineered soldiers of the far future, the Badari were created by alien enemies to fight humans. But then the scientists kidnapped an entire human colony from the Sectors to use as subjects in twisted experiments…the Badari and the humans made common cause, rebelled and escaped the labs. Now they live side by side in a sanctuary valley protected by a powerful Artificial Intelligence, and wage unceasing war on the aliens. 

The excerpt (follows right after last week’s excerpt):

Reede opened his mouth to say something but paused, releasing her arm and turning his head sharply toward the corridor, “Someone’s coming. Remember, follow my lead.” Throwing down the cards, he rose and waited for her to join him, placing her slightly behind him.

She protested, trying to stand beside him.

“I appreciate your military instinct to cover the flank,” he said in a low voice, “But as my prospective mate, I’d be protecting you with my life and the Khagrish will expect to see us demonstrate the appropriate behavior.”

Swallowing hard, she nodded and stepped back, allowing him to assume a defensive posture in front. How real is this mate business to him? Fallyn pushed the concern away. Now wasn’t the time to distract herself but he seemed to be sending mixed messages.

A tall Khagrish scientist with a towering, flaming head of red hair tortured into the spiky style they preferred, sauntered down the corridor, followed by lab techs, including the one Reede had knocked out earlier in the day, and black clad security guards. Smoking a long, slender feelgood stick, she stood in the hall for a moment, assessing the two of them.

reede finalThe blurb: Lt. Fallyn Damara was sent by the Sectors to investigate a strange transmission from an isolated planet and determine whether the residents of a vanished colony had been transported there by alien enemies. Fallyn’s ship crashes and she’s taken prisoner by the Khagrish scientists, to await her fate in the slate of horrifying experiments being conducted.

Reede, the second ranking enforcer in the Badari Warrior pack, volunteers to be recaptured by the Khagrish in an effort to locate and rescue Fallyn inside the deadly lab complex.

While a prisoner Reede discovers Fallyn is the woman destined to become his fated mate but the moment is bittersweet because Fallyn will be leaving their world at the first opportunity, to report back to the Sectors. He refuses to complete the mate bond, believing to do so will lead to nothing but lifelong misery for them both, separated by lightyears and interstellar politics.

For her part, Fallyn wants to shake up the rule-bound enforcer and persuade him to take a chance on love.

But first they have to escape the Khagrish.

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Award winning Badari Warriors SciFi Romance Series!

New Releases in #SciFi #Fantasy and Paranormal Romance for Wednesday September 11

love thy galactic enemyAs always, I recommend sampling before you buy! I have not read most of the new releases listed (although I always end up one-clicking a bunch as I prepare these posts LOL).



Minta, the reserved secretary for a spy team that spread a man-made plague, leaves the planet too late — the team abandons her on the enemy’s space station. She’s forced to fend for herself until she can make contact with an elusive spy, Watcher, who has a starship. To avoid arrest, she nurses a plague victim — a gentle, whimsical man who spouts Lewis Carroll. But to know this enemy is to love him . . .

When Finn Shanwing falls ill, he doesn’t intend to hide that he’s actually an high-ranking cyborg warrior. Neither does he intend to fall in love with the secretive nurse who saves his life . . . but by the time he reveals to Minta she saved an enemy commando, it’s too late for his heart. Or hers. Also too late to escape the wrath of Watcher — half-human, half-machine, and both halves obsessed with her.

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Abducted from Earth and forced to become a gladiator, Nova resigns herself to a short, loveless life. But after being injured in the arena, she meets Drayke, the hunky blue alien doctor, who informs her they’ve already bonded.

And he has a secret. One that could change everything. Now they’re in a fight, not just to open the Three Gates, but for her heart. And the stakes are high. Life, death, and love.


terror milana jacksTERROR (THE HORDESMEN BOOK 2) by Milana Jacks

Terror Hordesman cameWith flowers. Red roses. He came, he marked me, and he moved into my house. This is bad. Very bad. Because, I’m funding the Betaren project he’s trying to destroy. If he finds out, I fear, he’ll kill me.


uncertain scientistTHE UNCERTAIN SCIENTIST (THE LOST PLANETS SERIES BOOK 4) by K Webster and Nicole Blanchard

I had everything I ever wanted.
I was brilliant, successful, esteemed.
But I didn’t mind. I liked being alone.
Until they stole me.
And I wake up, captive, pregnant with an alien baby—and still a virgin.
For a race of freaks nearing extinction, there seems to be far, far too many of them.
Everywhere I turn, one of the morts or their human mates wants to comfort me, make me feel welcome and safe. But I don’t want to feel welcome or safe. I want the life they stole from me.
None of them pay any heed to my angry tirades, least of all the father of the child I carry. There’s no doubt he wants the baby, but that isn’t all he wants.
In fact, I’m beginning to think if some of the morts had their way I’d never be alone again.


enslaved by the alien dragonENSLAVED BY THE ALIEN DRAGON (GALACTIC ALPHA’S CONQUEST BOOK 4) by Stella Cassy

Survivor. Slave. Worthless human jinx…After Yvette causes a fatal disaster at a slave auction, her Pax owners give her away to the nearest buyer just to get rid of her. Her dragon captor is huge and domineering, with just a hint of vulnerability that calls to her. Yvette shouldn’t want to bring any warmth to his life, but the longer she spends with him, the more she wonders what’s hiding under her warrior’s grumpy exterior.

He’ll lead his people to glory…Ranel is no stranger to heartbreak. He’s closed himself off rather than once more risk suffering the shattering intimacy that love and loss bring. Who needs love when there’s a war against the Pax to be won? This gruff old dragon doesn’t have time for a weak lover or a soft heart, even if something inside of him yearns for the sweetness that his newest slave offers.

Yvette’s strength is well hidden, tamped down by the Pax who once held her captive, but as it begins to peek through, Ranel knows that Yvette is the person who belongs by his side. Her body may belong to him, but he’s determined to claim her heart.


mythic dreamTHE MYTHIC DREAM by Various

VS Note: A fantasy/scifi/myth retelling story collection – not romance but a release of note.

An all-new anthology of eighteen classic myth retellings featuring an all-star lineup of award-winning and critically acclaimed writers.

Madeleine L’Engle once said, “When we lose our myths we lose our place in the universe.” The Mythic Dream gathers together eighteen stories that reclaim the myths that shaped our collective past, and use them to explore our present and future. From Hades and Persephone to Kali, from Loki to Inanna, this anthology explores retellings of myths across cultures and civilizations.

Featuring award-winning and critically acclaimed writers such as Seanan McGuire, Naomi Novik, Rebecca Roanhorse, JY Yang, Alyssa Wong, Indrapramit Das, Carlos Hernandez, Sarah Gailey, Ann Leckie, John Chu, Urusla Vernon, Carmen Maria Machado, Stephen Graham Jones, Arkady Martine, Amal El-Mohtar, Jeffrey Ford, and more

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my aliens obssessionMY ALIEN’S OBSSESSION (DRACI ALIEN ROMANCE) by Stasia Black

The human female spins and runs straight into my chest.
“Oh!” she says but then she stops, frozen as she stares up at me. “Hi.”
I, too, am stopped in place.
This female is nothing like the others I have seen. She is petite, with long flowing black hair. Her features are as foreign to me as any humans, but for some reason I find her face pleasing.
Before I can think better of it, my tongue sneaks out over my lips to scent my surroundings.
But all I can smell is her.
And I’ve never scented anything so delicious in my life.
It’s all but a convulsion that tears through my body.
What? No! No, this cannot be happening!
My denials are weak, though.
Far louder is the cry: Mine, mine, mine, mine, MINE, MINE.


house of strifeHOUSE OF STRIFE (POISONED HOUSES BOOK 4) by Lyn Forester

Raised to stand as a leader of Leton, I never felt like I belonged. Too small, too emotional, and too separated from peers. I planned to escape, to forge a future of my choosing outside of my family’s expectations and restrictions. But the time for childish dreams is over.

I’m tired of being silent, of letting events unfold around me. It’s time to step up, to take my future into my own hands. Because someone is threatening those closest to me, and death has already struck too close to home.  As the High Houses come under attack, we must stay one step ahead of our enemy to stay alive. But what can we do when the government we help uphold turns on us?



Stranded on a strange planet and rescued by a hot alien warrior…Vacation in Egypt was supposed to be the perfect getaway, but when a strange object transports her to an alien planet, Liz gets far more adventure than she bargained for. Separated from her friends and disorientated she’s in danger from strange creatures all around her. That is until she’s rescued by a hunk of an alien who whisks her away to his palace and introduces her to a world she never imagined. Would it really so bad to give in to the heat she sees in his eyes?

A human mate for the alien prince…Prince Jerof Url’San isn’t ready to be king, but with his father’s teetering on the edge of death he must face his destiny. His people see him as nothing more than a hotheaded warrior, and now he must prove that he’s ready to lead. Nothing is more important. But when he comes upon a struggling Earthling, Jerof is hopeless to resist her, even if succumbing to her lure puts his position at risk and her life in danger.

He’ll have to fight to prove himself worthy of the Kingdoms of Hargan and with war on the horizon, failure to secure his position could doom his people. He doesn’t have time for love, but Liz is part of his destiny and if he doesn’t figure out what role she’s meant to play, their time together might be over before it begins.


veilsVEILS (VEILS TRILOGY BOOK 1) by Linda Mooney

VS note: Ooh, sounds post apocalyptic crossed with a dash of the Twilight Zone maybe! One clicked…

After three tours of duty, and serving the last four years overseas, Griffin Strong is looking forward to finally returning home and living out his life without bombings and bloodshed. After a 300-mile drive home, a quick trip through the car wash ends in another reality. An eerie, fog-covered reality where he is all alone…or so he thought.

With no electricity, cars that don’t function, and guns that won’t fire, Griff has to find protection for himself, but protection against what exactly? What the hell even happened? Survival instincts kicking in, he stocks up on whatever he can carry, and sets out on his own.

Griff soon learns that he’s not completely alone, although life of any form is rare to come across, but whom can he trust?

When the subway in Manhattan dumps Natalia Westfall in a snow-covered, deserted town far from New York, she’s left alone, frozen, and desperate. Hope lies in a uniformed military man, but will he want to be weighed down by a sick, weak female like her? Griff takes a chance, and it doesn’t take him long to learn she’s anything but weak.

Facing thirst, starvation, acid rain, enemies, and extreme temps–what will get them first? The odds are stacked against them, and all they can count on is each other.

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chosen by the alien hybridsCHOSEN BY THE ALIEN HYBRIDS (THE LOST ARENA BOOK 2) by Lia Nox

Rule one. Survival above all. The only time I broke that rule, I was betrayed.
Now I’ve crashed on an alien planet, putting my scavenging skills to the ultimate test.

Rule two. Trust no one. Except a breathtaking trio of tall, broad horned aliens has saved me. Yup. Horns. And thats not even the breathtaking part. They’ve protected me from the dangers of this world, and the fears trapped in my own mind.
Given me their trust.

Rule three. Let no one in. But with every heated touch, with every moment of danger survived, they’ve worked their way deep into me. Not just across my body.
Much further in. Now the only rules are the ones we make for ourselves.
But will that be enough to keep us together against the mysteries of this planet?


first contact captives vidarFIRST CONTACT CAPTIVES: VIDAR (AN ALPHA QUADRANT SERIES BOOK 1) by Enid Titan

He fell from the sky with one mission…Learn everything about the Earth and its people.
When the purple-skinned Polluxian named Vidar falls to earth, his fate lies in the hand of the naïve human scientist, Minnie. She can’t help but think that this creature is more than what he seems…That he understands her better than she realizes…That he’s more than a terrifying extra-terrestrial…Lust takes hold of her the moment they’re alone.
A desire she felt was impossible…A desire she knows is wrong.

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wrath lana pWRATH (THE DEADLY SEVEN BOOK 3) by Lana Pecherczyk

VS note: apparently a superhero story…romance…

Wyatt Lazarus’s ex-fiancée betrayed him in the vilest of ways, and he failed to see it coming. Now alone and ashamed, the unquenchable influence of his sin fuels his anger. Instead of redeeming sinners—he ends them. Wrath becomes his identity until a brutal mistake throws him into the path of a cheeky yoga instructor in need of a savior.

Misha Minski believes in karma, but after years of suffering blackmail from an old mafia acquaintance, it’s hard to stay strong. Soon her number is up. Rather than spend her last days wallowing in self pity, she’s determined to enjoy one last night of pleasure with her new mysterious protector, but instead, finds something much more—a future.

But when the evil Syndicate join forces with Misha’s psychopathic blackmailer, Wyatt must push through his bitterness and reunite with his heroic family, or the woman who gave him back his voice will be lost to him forever.


by the sea of sandBY THE SEA OF SAND by Megan Hart

VS Note: Seemed intriguing. I one clicked after reading the ‘look inside’.

Their love is a memory too dangerous to recall.
Life is not easy by the Sea of Sand. The remote outpost and its lighthouse were never meant to serve as a place for wounded soldiers to recover, but that’s what it has become. Teila has lived in the lighthouse for her entire life, and now she also takes care of the men and women who gave their sanity fighting the Wirthera’s hive mind.

Captain Kason Reed was willing to give his life for the Sheirran Defense Forces, but now he can’t remember anything except bits and pieces of the war. When his attraction to his caregiver, Teila, causes him to make advances toward her, she becomes the aggressor, urging him with her body to explore the memories of his past—memories that all seem to draw him back to Teila…

Those returned by the Wirthera never come back whole. Their bodies are flooded with nanobots designed to trigger homicidal rage when the soldiers remember what happened to them. No matter how much Teila wants her new patient to remember her and the life they shared, before, she can’t remind him.
If she does, he might kill them all.


hunt for red fluffyTHE HUNT FOR RED FLUFFY (BRIMSTONE BOOK 6) by Angel Martinez

Someone abandons a pedigree hellcat right where Shax can conveniently claim her and sets off a cataclysmic domino line of events. It’s time for the other shoe to drop since the Brimstone has a shadow cabal after them—partly due to Shax’s own, er, interesting decisions and partly due to the presence of Agent Julian Parallax onboard.

As ship security officer, Ness has a lot on his mind—a dangerous new pet, even more dangerous criminals tracking the Brimstone, and yet another unexpected rescued guest. The last thing he needs is a distraction and Julian, who confuses and confounds him more every moment, is exactly the distraction he doesn’t need. Between Shax’s reckless gambits and Julian’s disregard for his own safety, how is Ness supposed to keep anyone safe?
The Brimstone and her intrepid crew do all they can to stay one step ahead, but this time the hunters are closing in.


gideon the ninthGIDEON THE NINTH by Tamsyn Muir

The Emperor needs necromancers. The Ninth Necromancer needs a swordswoman. Gideon has a sword, some dirty magazines, and no more time for undead nonsense.Tamsyn Muir’s Gideon the Ninth unveils a solar system of swordplay, cut-throat politics, and lesbian necromancers. Her characters leap off the page, as skillfully animated as arcane revenants. The result is a heart-pounding epic science fantasy.

Brought up by unfriendly, ossifying nuns, ancient retainers, and countless skeletons, Gideon is ready to abandon a life of servitude and an afterlife as a reanimated corpse. She packs up her sword, her shoes, and her dirty magazines, and prepares to launch her daring escape. But her childhood nemesis won’t set her free without a service.

Harrowhark Nonagesimus, Reverend Daughter of the Ninth House and bone witch extraordinaire, has been summoned into action. The Emperor has invited the heirs to each of his loyal Houses to a deadly trial of wits and skill. If Harrowhark succeeds she will be become an immortal, all-powerful servant of the Resurrection, but no necromancer can ascend without their cavalier. Without Gideon’s sword, Harrow will fail, and the Ninth House will die. Of course, some things are better left dead.

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lord regrets priceLORD REGRET’S PRICE: A JANE AUSTEN SPACE OPERA by Joely Sue Burkhart

VS note: I’ve been told this may be a re-release…

After weeks of travel, Lord Sigmund Regret’s nerves are frayed. He’s gone too long without a mark, but that’s not the only thing making him edgy. Once the reality of his profession sinks in, he wonders how his Lady Charlotte Wyre will feel when he comes to her bed with fresh blood on his hands.

Of course, the other man in her life adds more stress to an already complicated relationship. Gilead Masters’s needs are so…normal…compared to Sig’s, which leaves Charlotte turning to him to explore her darkening fantasies. Bondage is one thing. But pain? That’s too close to his bloodline’s violent weakness for Sig’s comfort.

Charlotte can feel Sig pulling away, but there is no time to heal the rift before they land in Zijin, where she is immediately attacked. Britannia’s reach is long, and Queen Majel’s reach is even deeper—and more deadly. As Imperial politics come to a dangerous boil, Charlotte must risk everything to keep her freedom. Who can she trust? Is her love enough to keep Lord Regret at her side? Alas, Dear Reader, even her beloved assassin has his price.



I was on a routine patrol when my ship encountered an anomaly orbiting Earth. I broke protocol to investigate, only to suddenly find myself in a very small cell with a very large alien male. He is Talon, captain of the Virility, and I am now his captive. His crew’s mission is to seed the universe, breeding with every form of life. Including me.


three days travis hillTHREE DAYS by Travis Hill

His future will be her past, three days at a time…Once every nine years, Chase Matthews and Patricia Wellesley find themselves compelled to step out of their normal lives and into each other’s for three days of passion, desire, and curiosity at the strange phenomenon that binds them together. Outside of those three days, each has a normal life: a career, a family, love, loss, trials and triumphs, yet the universe seems determined to conceal them from one another.

Neither understands what is happening, only that as one of them moves forward through time, growing nine years older, the other moves backward, somehow becoming nine years younger, forcing them to question the potential pitfalls of revealing each other’s futures—futures that might not be set in stone, but could potentially cause the collapse of reality itself if the unknown rules they are bound by are broken.


different modelA DIFFERENT MODEL (I, ANDROID BOOK 1) by Heather Killough-Walden

Malcolm Antares, “Zero” to his enemies, is charismatic and magnetic. The handsome and dangerous man is the perfect machine, tall and strong, fast and brilliant, a strategist and tactician capable of out-thinking anyone on the planet. With his wealth and power, he can have anything, and with his intelligence he can outsmart anyone. Except the one person he actually desires: Samantha Hart.

Androids are not only human-like, they have become so real they’ve waged a war to win their freedom from slavery and servitude, much like their human predecessors had centuries ago. Their sole aspiration is equality. To this goal, the rebel group Prometheus is formed, with the beautiful and genius human inventor and android sympathist Samantha Hart at its core.

The androids are slowly winning, and they have hope. However, one day a different model of android emerges from the shadows, one whose designed purpose is not uniformity or egalitarianism – but to reign supreme. This captivating model is a mystery; no one knows who designed or created him. Within Zero’s enigmatic programming lies the ability to bend the world’s most influential people to his will. He is endlessly cunning, ruthless and cold. And unfortunately for Prometheus, he’s on the wrong side – that of the human oppressors.

To make matters worse for the rebel group, who must now attempt to outwit a machine perpetually one step ahead, the new model’s main goal has become patently clear: He wants the heart of their operation, the source of every winning idea they’ve ever had. He wants Sam. He will stop at nothing to obtain her. For in her own mysteriously unique make-up lies the miraculous ability to make a machine feel. What’s more, within the confines of her priceless mind hides a well-kept secret that means the difference between kneeling as a slave… and ruling the world.

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VS Note: Not a romance obviously but a release of note…

More than fifteen years after the events of The Handmaid’s Tale, the theocratic regime of the Republic of Gilead maintains its grip on power, but there are signs it is beginning to rot from within. At this crucial moment, the lives of three radically different women converge, with potentially explosive results.

Two have grown up as part of the first generation to come of age in the new order. The testimonies of these two young women are joined by a third voice: a woman who wields power through the ruthless accumulation and deployment of secrets.

As Atwood unfolds The Testaments, she opens up the innermost workings of Gilead as each woman is forced to come to terms with who she is, and how far she will go for what she believes.

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ruth and the king of the giantsRUTH AND THE KING OF THE GIANTS: A SEVEN KINGDOMS TALE 5 by S E Smith

The King of the Giants has met his match…When her brother goes missing, Ruth Hallbrook follows the only lead that she has – a story told to her by a strange woman she meets in town. Armed with a ‘magical’ shell that will supposedly guide her, all she has to do is repeat the words she hears when she puts it to her ear. That would have been fine if she could have understood what it was saying! One wrong word lands her in a kingdom filled with giants, including one very large, irritating one who thinks she belongs in his gilded cage – fat chance of that!

An opportunity to escape for a little peace and quiet turns into a disaster when Koorgan, the King of the Giants, finds himself stuck in an old well. Unable to climb out, he is sure his only hope of rescue is the search party eventually finding him. The last thing he expects is his rescuer to be barely larger than his hand.

Afraid that something might happen to the tiny creature, he feels duty bound to help her find her missing brother and return her to her world. The trouble is, the more time he spends with her, the less he wants to let her go.

Life is dangerous on the Isle of Giants for the diminutive Ruth. It will take every skill this King of the Giants possesses to protect her. Guided by the legend of a mythical plant said to have created the giants, Koorgan will not rest until he finds a way to keep Ruth by his side. Find out if love can overcome the barrier created by a misspoken spell!

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at deaths doorAT DEATH’S DOOR: A DEADMAN’S CROSS NOVEL by Sherrilyn Kenyon

Valynda Moore was born cursed. So when she dies as the result of a spell gone wrong and is trapped in the body of a voodoo doll, she expects nothing else from her messed up life. Until Thorn, leader of the Hellchasers, offers her a chance at redemption and a new life.

But nothing has ever gone her way, for the Malachai, the very beast she and her crew of Deadmen have sworn to keep locked away, has risen. And this time he’s taken prisoners. Valynda must keep her wits about her or be denied her salvation and forced to watch as the entire world falls into the hands of absolute evil.

It’s a demon-eat-demon world where the stakes have never been higher and either redemption or the ultimate betrayal waits for her at Death’s Door.

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witch in time wynter danielsA WITCH IN TIME (CAT’S PAW COVE BOOK 1) by Wynter Daniels and Catherine Kean

In a violent storm in 1645, Colin Wilshire’s Barbados-bound ship is swept off course. He’s sure he and his pregnant bride are fated to drown when he’s tossed into the sea. He wakes in a strange land and is saved by a blue-haired angel.

Twenty-first-century witch and cat rescuer Luna Halpern has fallen for more than her share of unsuitable guys—including one with a long-distance fiancé, and another who was more interested in other dudes than in Luna. Finally, a safe, drama-free guy is interested in her, and she’s confident that she’ll muster up an attraction to him. When she stumbles upon a handsome, mysterious man who speaks oddly, seems not to know where he is, or even what century it is, her first instinct is to help him.

Certain he’s either stuck in a crazy dream or in limbo between life and death, Colin stays close to Luna. As his feelings for her grow, he’s forced to choose between his obligations in the past and his hopes for the future.

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To say werebear Detective Kalan Murdoch is stressed out would be an understatement. Between trying to solve murders, muggings, and miscellaneous crimes in Silver Lake, he wants to spend time with his two adorable kids and beautiful mate. Too bad he fails most of the time. If only he could learn to juggle the job and his family, he’d be totally content.

Elana is also frustrated. While her floral shop is going well–okay better than well–things at home are not. Her super sexy mate, Kalan, works late almost every night, and their three-year old son keeps asking why his father isn’t home–and she can’t blame him for being upset. Elana wants more of Kalan too.

It isn’t until their home is broken into that Elana and Kalan have to work together to bring down the group responsible and to help save a friend who’s been taken by the Changelings. But will their journey be enough to save what connection they’ve lost?

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magic and fateMAGIC AND FATE (FATED MAGIC SERIES BOOK 6) by Ally Summers

All hell has broken loose in Charleston. There are new shifters. Old shifters. Magic so ancient and dark, no one can identify it.
The line that separates good and evil is about to be dissolved, and Finn and I are the only ones who can stop it. Only, it’s going to require the most dangerous use of our magic.
I’m confident I can save them. All.


oracles and obituariesORACLES AND OBITUARIES (AN AVERY SHAW MYSTERY BOOK 15) by Amanda M Lee

Halloween is Avery Shaw’s favorite time of year. What’s not to love? Slasher movies, hot chocolate and corn mazes. She’s addicted to them all.
During a visit to one of those mazes, she runs across several men trying to kidnap a teenage girl. In true Avery fashion, she intervenes … resulting in a severe injury. While she’s on the mend, she starts tracking information on a group of people working in the area.
Avery can’t decide if she’s on to something or imagining things. The attack leaves her weaker than she would like, something she refuses to acknowledge, and questioning her investigative mind.
Eliot Kane, her live-in love, decides to help. As much as he wants her safe, he understands she needs to take control. Together, they’re going to dig until they find the information they need. Unfortunately for both of them, the deeper they get, the more they start to wonder just how big of an operation they’re dealing with.
Information pours in, leading to questions about missing girls from years before … and an odd woman serving as an oracle for the Halloween fans in the present. She’s keeping a secret, too, and Avery is determined to figure out what it is.
As she’s proven her entire life, Avery won’t quit until she wins. This time, however, the battle is going to be long, dark and deadly.
She won’t ever give up … even if the search for the truth ultimately kills her.


risen auryn hadleyRISEN (RISE OF THE ILIRI BOOK 10) by Auryn Hadley

In the final stretch of the war, the rules are changing faster than Anglia can keep up. The Kaisae of all Iliri is gone. Her mates are holding the army together. Her dreams are changing everything—and Sal? She’s not done yet. The Emperor has taken too much from her. Life, loves, and much of her happiness. All she has left is desperation—and blind trust.  But she’s not alone. She never has been.  If the iliri want to finally know peace, she’s going to need some help. For once, the success of their species is out of her hands.

Ryali has promised to handle the situation in Dorton. This leaves the King free to focus on the assault of Terric. Elite units are lining up to help. The end of the war is near, but can Anglia truly make this happen? The fight is the least of their concerns. Killing a man is easy. Changing minds? That’s going to be impossible.  And yet it’s the whole reason the iliri have risen up: to finally be seen as equals. If this is going to work, it’s going to take more than ayati—more than the fate the iliri believe controls the world.  It’s time for the pattern to change.


dark water l a boruffDARK WATER (ACADEMY’S RISE BOOK 2) by L A Boruff

As firstborn, my sister, Meda, will be High Alpha to all the lycans and vampires in the world—The Collective. She’s just found her mates and one of the three is heir to a huge witch Circle, which will one day unite the three major paranormal races.

I dodged a major bullet there. Thank Lucifer. I’m not a leader. I’m not someone to look up to. I like to do my own thing and go my own way.  Unfortunately, I’m pretty sure I’m fighting a mating bond myself. As if I needed three guys hanging on to my every freaking word.  And now, I’m having visions of what’s to come. It isn’t pretty.
My sisters and I must race against time to figure out what the vision means and how to stop the pending evil from destroying everyone we love.  Failure isn’t an option.


wolfs baneWOLF’S BANE (ONCE UPON A VILLAIN BOOK 3) by Donna Mercer

What secrets lie beneath the hood?  Villains aren’t bad people; they are just victims of circumstances. Granted, they are usually the ones to create that circumstance, but that is not the point. Lucius was living the good life. Spending time with his mate as she pranced around in her sexy red hood. Mmmm, he couldn’t wait to get a bite of that luscious little cupcake. Nothing was better than tasting her cream filling.  Then his mate betrayed him.

Next, a dead body turned up, and all fingers were pointing at Lucius for making it that way. A shiny example of life sticking it to him once again. Waking up in jail, accused of killing his biggest rival, Lucius thought his day couldn’t get much worse until help was offered from his most hated enemy. Before he knew it, he was accepting help from a witch, the last creature on the planet that he trusted. His whole situation just screams shady.

Second chances are a thing of Fairy Tales. Two things Lucius doesn’t believe in, Second Chances and Happily Ever Afters. Now he is being offered both. And all he has to do was avoid screwing up his second chance, and find a murderer all while convincing his mate to fall in love with him again and not keeping his date with the Woodman’s ax.


king of blood ava masonKING OF BLOOD (BLOOD COURT BOOK 3) by Ava Mason

Whatever the sacrifice, I would protect my Fated Mate.
Even if it meant killing the men I once loved.
I would always come home. That is something I vowed to myself as soon as I was old enough to take up the yoke of ruling the Blood Court.
Whether it was as a hero, or carried home on a shield, I would always come home. It was where I was born.
It was the place I’d devoted myself to and sworn to defend. It was my birthright, my legacy.
Now home meant even more. It meant her, my Fated Mate. And nothing was going to stop me from bringing her there. Not the men I had once trusted above anyone else.
The men now standing in my way.
Whatever the sacrifice, I would protect my Fated Mate.


minotaur prayerMINOTAUR: PRAYER (THE BESTIAL TRIBE BOOK 2) by Naomi Lucas

Calavia was known as the hag, a swamp witch, and a dangerous being to those who threatened her sanctuary, Prayer. No one knew the lost girl that she truly was, surviving each day in the cursed Labyrinth, hiding her humanity from the hordes of monsters who would tear each other limb-from-limb to possess it. When a minotaur arrived on her doorstep with a human woman, she helped them… for a price.

And when they fled, she was left alone with the wrath of the centaurs that had been chasing the pair. With her magic dying, her protection failing, and a war on the horizon, she summons a champion.

Astegur Bathyr—the third bull begat of the legendary warlord Steelslash, and heir to the Bathyr tribe—was drawn to Prayer and the haunting female within. But for what reason? The wiles of mist witches had never held his interest, but her mouthwatering scent on the curse-laden night mist held him as surely as any mortal chain.



Charity hasn’t had it easy. Growing up in a bad part of Chicago, left by her mother at sixteen, she’s a survivor. So when she gets a scholarship to a good college out in California, she thinks all her dreams have come true.
Instead she falls head first into a nightmare.
At a posh party she doesn’t belong, she gets the shock of her life: vampires and shifters are real! Magic is real. And she is anything but a mundane poor kid just trying to make it.
Warrior runs in her blood. If only she knew how to use it.
Suddenly she is trapped between two magical super powers – a cunning elder vampire who wishes to use her for her blood ties and maybe tie her to the bed, and a sexy alpha shifter who will protect her at all costs.
Her life of surviving could’ve never prepared her for this. And if she doesn’t learn to harness the fae magic running through her blood, she’ll be imprisoned forever.


crown of iron and silverA CROWN OF IRON AND SILVER (SOULBOUND BOOK 3) by Hailey Turner

New York City is decked out for the holidays, and Special Agent Patrick Collins is looking forward to a reunion with his old team when he gets assigned a new case. A human child is missing, and the changeling left in her place causes a prominent witch family to demand justice from the fae.

Meanwhile, continued harassment from the New York City god pack forces Jonothon de Vere to formally establish his own with Patrick. Doing so will mean a civil war within the werecreature community—a war they risk losing from the start without alliances. Making bargains with the fae is never wise, but Patrick and Jono have nothing to lose when a fae lord comes asking for their help.

The Summer Lady has been kidnapped from the Seelie Court, and if they can find her, Patrick and Jono will cement an alliance with the fae. But the clues to her disappearance are found in Tír na nÓg, and the Otherworld has never been kind to mortals.

Venturing past the veil, Patrick and Jono risk losing territory, time, and their very lives while searching for answers. Because the Queen of Air and Darkness knows they are coming—and the ruler of the Unseelie Court has an offer for them they can’t possibly refuse.



My magic runs ice cold. I am Judgement. I’ve gone from human to witch…to now Coven member. It’s amazing, awesome, and entirely overwhelming. I’m scared out of my mind right now. I shouldn’t be, I know that. I finally have real magic. I have elemental magic. I have ice at my fingertips and its the deadliest weapon I’ve ever seen.

But now I can’t run from Joseph. I have power and with that comes responsibility. Our war is getting more dangerous by the day and now I have to face him head on. I need to learn how to use my new magic before someone I care about gets hurt. Because Eden is no longer safe.


alpha bullyALPHA BULLY (WOLF RIDGE HIGH BOOK 1) by Renee Rose

Her mom robbed my dad of his job. Destroyed his life.
Now I have to look at her every day.
The girl next door. A human. A hot little nerd.
She doesn’t belong here–not in Wolf Ridge,
not at our high school, definitely not in my life.
She doesn’t know what I am.
Which makes it all the easier to take revenge.
I will bring her to her knees. Pierce her heart.
Make her bleed. For me.
All for me.



VS Note: From August

How can you find purpose when you’re already dead? Cam Lucius has always felt useless and helpless, but never so much as the day his father pulled the plug, ending Cam’s life. As a ghost, there are only a handful of people who can see Cam, leaving him lonelier than ever.

Until he meets Taylor. Taylor Ainsley can’t touch anything without suffering, leaving him isolated from family and abandoned by friends. As for ever having a boyfriend? Not a chance. Until he meets Cam. Taylor can touch Cam without pain, and Cam may not be as straight as he thought he was. Now Cam is determined to help Taylor find a reason to live. Until that plan puts Taylor right in harm’s way.

Note: This story is a spin-off of Illumined Shadows (Treble and the Lost Boys, 3) and thus should not be read as a standalone.


piedPIED (ONCE UPON A VILLAIN BOOK 7) by Brooklyn Knight

She cannot see me, but she can hear me; and that is all I’ll need to make her fall in love… with me. Everything I’ve ever needed, is right here in my Paradise, including the whining brats I led away from their parents eons ago with my magical flute; but when that sorceress, Celeste Dubois, shows up and suggests that things need to change – that I need to change, I know she has lost her mind. That is, until she presents me with a brown beauty named Melodie, who awakens something deep inside me with her own music. I thought I had everything, but suddenly, I’m considering that maybe I don’t. I’m full of magic and music, but will those be enough to win Melodie’s heart? Especially when she learns that I’m the villain she despises from the folktales of old?

I can’t see him, but his music is like magic, and it restores my belief in true love. Patrick appeared out of nowhere – not that I can actually see him, but the aura and the vibe he carries is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. Sometimes, I think I can actually see his radiance, and when he plays that flute of his, the sound is like healing magic. But my son, Rafael, has reservations. He says he recognizes Patrick from somewhere, though he’s not totally sure. Rafael is my eyes. I want to follow his lead, the way I always do, but Patrick is like magic, and his music is beckoning me closer.


day of no shadowsDAY OF NO SHADOWS by Sonia De Leon

Fulfilling her father’s last request, Ines sets off to tour Mayan ruins. Her guide, Nash, instantly notices she bears a striking resemblance to the Mayan moon goddess, prompting the wheel of destiny to steer them on an unimaginable journey. A passionate kiss turns into a fall through time, where the heavens dictate the future, and the gods demand the impossible. When their attempt to change history turns into a fight for survival, will Ines find the courage to make her own sacrifice?



A voice from the past. A deejay at the pinnacle of her career.

Call-in radio shows are fun until a ghost calls. Popular soul music deejay Joyce Barkley thinks someone is pulling a prank when the voice of her dead girlfriend comes through clear as day during a call-in segment on her Saturday afternoon show. But it is no prank. The woman, who has been dead since a tragic accident in the mid-1960s, is back. Her voice is forcing Joyce to confront her decision to hide her true self and the truth of what really happened on that dark night.

With help from Maya and Julie, lead investigators with the Paranormal Grievance Committee, Joyce has to figure out how to soothe Natasha’s restless spirit. If she doesn’t, Joyce’s career will be over, and her heart will stay closed to love that could be hers.

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nights tailA NIGHT’S TAIL (MAGICAL CATS BOOK 11) by Sofie Kelly

Spring is coming to Mayville Heights, and Kathleen’s brother, Ethan, has arrived in town with his band, The Flaming Gerbils. But not everything goes as scheduled when one of Ethan’s bandmates gets into a fight with a man interested in investing in the town. When the businessman’s body is later found, Ethan’s friend is implicated in the crime.

Kathleen wants to help her brother by solving the case, but she has no shortage of suspects from which to choose. Prior to his death, the investor was fighting like cats and dogs with lots of people. If this librarian wants more than a whisker’s chance of solving the case, she will need to rely on her trusty feline sidekicks, Owen and Hercules.

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ten thousand doors of januaryTHE TEN THOUSAND DOORS OF JANUARY by Alix Harrow

In the early 1900s, a young woman embarks on a fantastical journey of self-discovery after finding a mysterious book in this captivating and lyrical debut.
In a sprawling mansion filled with peculiar treasures, January Scaller is a curiosity herself. As the ward of the wealthy Mr. Locke, she feels little different from the artifacts that decorate the halls: carefully maintained, largely ignored, and utterly out of place.
Then she finds a strange book. A book that carries the scent of other worlds, and tells a tale of secret doors, of love, adventure and danger. Each page turn reveals impossible truths about the world and January discovers a story increasingly entwined with her own.
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master of the worldMASTER OF THE WORLD (WORLDSHAPERS BOOK 2) by Edward Willett

VS note: Not a romance but a release of note…

Shawna Keys has fled the world she only recently discovered she Shaped, narrowly escaping death at the hands of the Adversary who seized control of it…and losing her only guide, Karl Yatsar, in the process.

Now she finds herself alone in some other Shaper’s world, where, in her first two hours, she’s rescued from a disintegrating island by an improbable flying machine she recognizes from Jules Verne’s Robur the Conqueror, then seized from it by raiders flying tiny personal helicopters, and finally taken to a submarine that bears a strong resemblance to Captain Nemo’s Nautilus. Oh, and accused of being both a spy and a witch.

Shawna expects–hopes!–Karl Yatsar will eventually follow her into this new steampunky realm, but exactly where and when he’ll show up, she hasn’t a clue.

In the meantime, she has to navigate a world where two factions fanatically devoted to their respective leaders are locked in perpetual combat, figure out who the Shaper of the world is, find him or her, and obtain the secret knowledge of this world’s Shaping. Then she has to somehow reconnect with Karl Yatsar, and escape to the next Shaped world in the Labyrinth…through a Portal she has no idea how to open.

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VS Note: Listed in Paranormal Ghost Romance

Freshly released from a bad marriage, Liz takes off on a self-discovery trip through the States. After finding the picturesque town of Hidden Creek, she sees something strange, leaving her reeling and pretty sure someone or something is out to get her.

Joe hated being stuck in his hometown of Hidden Creek. Hell, he’d tried to leave more times than he could count, but each time, he got pulled back somehow. He was sure he was destined to die in this hellhole, but when a pretty blonde runs into the store begging for help, he might have finally found a reason to stay.

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Conspirator. Failure. Murderer. Seraphina Dovetail is used to being called all these things. As the seventh-born daughter to a witch, and the cause of her mother losing both her powers and her life, Sera has always felt isolated. Until Nikolai Barrington.

The young professor not only took an interest in Sera—he took her into his home, hired her for his moonlighting detective agency, and gave her the one thing she’d always dreamed of: a chance. Under Barrington’s tutelage, Sera can finally take the School of Continuing Magic entrance exam to become an inspector and find her family. Now if only she could stop her growing attraction to her maddening boss—which is about as easy as this fiery elementalist quitting setting things on fire.

But when ghosts start dragging Sera into possessions so deep she can barely escape, and then the souls of lost witches and wizards appear trapped in mirrors, these two opposites will have to work together to uncover a much deeper secret that could destroy the Witchling world.

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Ever since the day a fae raid stole away my parents, poverty and scavenging have been two constants in my life. Home is the human slums of Chimra, though it was once known as the great city of Chicago. The fae rule over New Earth and humanity with a neglectful and ruthless fist. But everything changes when Gabreon, the fae lord who led that raid six years ago, finds me in the forbidden dumping grounds and claims me as his own. Which leads to anger, confusion, and heartache—on my side and his.

Lina. The human Gabreon couldn’t forget. When he sees her in the dumping grounds, he no longer can ignore the pull between them. Though claiming her goes against everything he was brought up to believe, he takes her as his companion. During the day, she holds herself away from him, but at night, she sparks to life in his arms. As a human revolution ferments and his growing relationship with Lina becomes even more perilous, he discovers that he and his society have much to make amends for. Earning her forgiveness will be hard, but keeping both of them alive in the meantime might prove impossible.


tropical dragons destinyTROPICAL DRAGON’S DESTINY (SHIFTING SANDS RESORT BOOK 10) by Zoe Chant

Scarlet Stanson, the owner of Shifting Sands Resort, has spent decades guarding her secrets… and her heart. Now both are at stake when she discovers that her resort isn’t the safe place she intended it to be…and that the arrogant lawyer she’s been battling over the resort lease isn’t the enemy she thought he was.

Dragon shifter Mal Moore has trained all his life for the fight he knows is coming. But no training could prepare him for meeting the enigmatic woman who has been obstructing his plans… and no magic can save his heart when he recognizes her as his destiny.



I’m in desperate need of a savior.
Kidnapped. Tied to a bed. Out of options. Out of luck.
Until the Sheriff comes roaring in and busts the place up.
He’s just the man I was waiting for.
I’ve always loved older men.
I’ve always loved a man in uniform.
With the Sheriff, I don’t stand a chance.
He has me on board before he even says one word.
He’s a protective polar bear shifter named Austin Peters, and once he gets his hands on me, he refuses to let me go. And I can tell by the possessive look in his icy blue eyes that he’s going to keep me. He keeps saying I’m his territory. That my body is his to claim.
He says I’m his mate and that he waited fifty-two years to have me……and now, he’s done waiting. Well, so am I.


step in timeA STEP IN TIME by Laura Liller

VS Note: From August

Never start with the weather. Television star Lucas McNeill knows it’s the basic rule of any good script. His wife, Kathryn “Hot Date Kate,” however, can’t seem to help herself from churning the skies till it explodes into a maelstrom of wind, thunder, and rain. Their story is doomed from page one.
Kate is the beautiful but spoiled daughter of Davis Harte, a politically ambitious billionaire, and her one agenda is to get the attention she’s been denied her whole life. Lucas’s one agenda is to buy back and restore his family’s ancestral home, a weed-choked farm in upstate New York currently owned by Davis. When Lucas brings Kate to the property to reveal her father used the farm as leverage to broker their marriage, a real storm begins.
The calm hills and dips that stretch out for acres are suddenly disturbed. Dewy ferns, wild grasses, and feathery conifers, are lashed by a wind, manic and furious. To escape the riotous weather Lucas and Kate take refuge in an old hunting shed. When a cannon blast of hail becomes no more than a delicate ping they emerge into bright sunshine, into a place of tilled fields and groomed trails, into a place with air faintly scented of chimney smoke. They have somehow stepped through the doorway and into 1954.
A Step in Time steals Kate from her Manhattan penthouse, her exclusive clubs, and high-end stores, and drops her into a whistle-stop town during the Eisenhower Administration. Kate, sadly and oftentimes, comically has to learn to navigate a world without Ovation hair products, Starbucks, and Jimmy Choo’s. She also has to watch as Lucas settles into a life he seems perfectly suited to.
Will Kate conquer her obstacles and find her way back to the present, or will she and Lucas finally channel their passion for one another and find love in the past? Only time will tell.


selenas menSELENA’S MEN: RAVENS OF WAR BOOK 1 by Elle Boon

A Goddess unknown by all even herself…Stolen from her birth parents as an infant, Selena lived her life as a normal human, loved by her adoptive parents until tragedy took them from her. Life had given her more knocks than most could take, but she was determined to survive, even when faced with death. Until she came face-to-face with two men who offered her so much more. But could she face what loving them could cost her?.

A set of Demi-Gods…Max and Malcolm King were once warriors called the Ravens of War for Zeus. They’ve searched the Earth for the one woman to complete them. They’ve fought alongside battlefields for thousands of years, protecting humanity from demons and beings bent on destroying all that’s good in this world. Now that they’ve found their Fated, the one female who they’d give their life for. Will it be for nothing when they find out who her father is? (…more blurb on ebook seller page…)

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forever latelyFOREVER LATELY: A REGENCY TIME TRAVEL ROMANCE by Linore Rose Burkard

1816, England – Julian St. John needs a wife. An oath to a deceased guardian must be kept. Miss Clarissa Andrews, a vexatious beauty, has dangled after him all season but he has no intention of choosing such a she-devil.

Maine, Present Day – Author Claire Channing is desperate to write a bestseller to save her failing career. She moves into her grandmotherʼs abandoned cottage to write the book, but a local resort baron wants to raze the place. Without the deed, the clock is ticking on how long she can stay. She thinks she’s writing St. Johnʼs story. But when she discovers an old prayer shawl and finds herself in his Regency world, she falls in love with him, a man she thought she invented! Miss Andrews, however, is also real—and she’d rather see Julian dead than in another womanʼs arms!
Claire must beat the clock to prevent a deadly tragedy, but can love beat the limits of time itself?


auctioned to the werewolf princesAUCTIONED TO THE WEREWOLF PRINCES by Daniella Wright

VS note: an excerpt from the blurb…more blurb on ebook seller page…

“If we didn’t buy you, you would have been sold to some big angry brute who only wants you around for one thing.”
“We got you a great room in an amazing castle. You can eat whatever you want. We can buy you anything you could ever desire…”
I felt a simultaneous urge to both keel over with laughter and to slap him right across his smug face.
“That’s rich. What you’re saying is that you saved me from being a pleasure-slave and that I should be grateful, because I have a cushy bed and silk pajamas.”


midnight brideTHE MIDNIGHT BRIDE by Kati Wilde

To save her family from a tyrant king, Mara of Aremond must win a tournament—and she won’t let anyone stop her from claiming the prize. Especially not Strax, the barbarian warrior who has tormented her every step of the way. But when a sorcerer’s trap binds them together, Mara must decide whether Strax is her greatest enemy, or if everything she seeks can only be found in the barbarian’s arms…

The audiobook version of this novella was originally featured on the Read Me Romance podcast. This release marks the first time this story is available in ebook or print, and includes a bonus epilogue and map not included in the podcast version.



I, Brianne Marie Harlow, never thought much about death. Sure, I had a few close calls here and there, but the thought of actually dying at age eighteen wasn’t something I considered — does any healthy person think about death before they turn twenty?

Nevertheless, I’m trapped in a dark place and unsure how to get out of it. A powerful and familiar voice tells me to keep hanging on because my existence has a far greater purpose than I could begin to fathom. However, the clock is ticking, and I don’t think I have much time left to figure things out.

When the power in the dark finally reveals itself, I discover that I’m not some average student with a few extra gifts. Not at all. What is revealed cannot be undone, which makes me question if fighting the pull to sleep forever is worth it.

The only things stopping me from letting go completely are my family, my adorable familiar, and my Notorious Four. In the depths of the darkness, I hear their voices, and in moments of despair, I can see exactly what they’re going through while I wait. For me, Semester Five is up in the air, but one thing is certain: if I get the chance to live again, there won’t be any innocence left in me. I’ll be reborn into something stronger, braver, and wiser.


hunted by the winter kingHUNTED BY THE WINTER KING (FAETED MATES BOOK 1) by Ariel Hunter

Mara Wylde is a small-time bounty hunter who just can’t seem to catch a break no matter how hard she tries. Her rent’s two months overdue. Her antiques shop is failing. She’s eaten ramen five nights in a row now and is desperate for a way out of debt.

When Mara’s offered a hundred grand to nab a high fae right out of Faerie, she knows she can’t turn down the job no matter the risks. Even if it means catching the eye of the elusive Winter King.

Tortured by his past and not-wanting to rule anymore, Vareck Blackthorne is ready to cede his crown and journey to the nether to escape his torment. Minutes from delivering this news to all of Faerie, he sees her—a fae woman with hair like the dawn and eyes that remind him of summer. A summer that has been gone for centuries. After six hundred years of suffering he’s finally found her—his Faeted Mate. The only problem?
She’s kissing his nephew—the heir to his throne.


sold to her enemiesSOLD TO HER ENEMIES (SHIFTER DATING SERVICE BOOK 5) by Jasmine Wylder

Being with two men at the same time has always been my fantasy. And now that fantasy might actually come true. Wayne and Samuel. Neither of them are ordinary.
They’re filthy rich… vampires. Annoying, arrogant, and hot as hell…(more blurb on ebook seller page…)


inkspelledINKSPELLED (INKHAVEN ACADEMY BOOK 1) by Kenna Bardot and Tove Madigan

By the end of the day, I’ll be dead.
Every person in the City of Crimson has the date of their death Inked onto their skin. On that day, an Assassin of the Order of Zeevar comes to sacrifice our lives to the God of Resurrection. Children who survive are given the highest honor in the city – the opportunity to serve Zeevar and the Order themselves as one of the four Mages.
But people like me have no chance of passing the gruesome Trials. Four sexy-as-sin guardians aren’t likely to volunteer themselves for protection duty, and one does not survive InkHaven Academy by sheer, dumb luck. Right?



Lore is an Ancient and is just what his name describes – Lore. The lore of a thousand peoples and places, their magics and their beliefs all evolved over the passage of time and now walking the Earth as this male — Lore. He’s wandered this realm and the next for eons in search of his beloved mate. She was taken from him as punishment for his deviant behavior, and as retribution for betraying his own brother. He’s searched for so long he is near insanity — some even think he has crossed that line.

Evangeline is a true innocent, lured from the safety of her brethren by a beautiful, sensual male filled with promises and magics as old as time. She’s locked away from everything she loves. She has no idea why — she has no memories. They’ve all been stolen from her. All she does know is that she has to remain hidden. Those who tend her tell her that her love wants to kill her, and they keep her imprisoned for her own good. Now if she could only remember her love, maybe she’d know who she should be hiding from.

Lore refuses to cease his search for the female that holds not only his heart, but his soul. He’s long ago stopped believing that she’ll ever love him again — she doesn’t even remember him. But she’s locked away, treated as a prisoner in a place no innocent should ever be held, simply because she once loved him, she trusted him. And for that she suffers. He won’t stop until she can dance in the sunshine to her heart’s content, and he can hear her musical laughter on the winds. If it costs him his very existence, he’s willing to give it. Will he be able to find her this time, before his brother spirits her away from him again? He’s tired. He’s ready to give in to the insanity and nothingness that berate his mind on a daily basis. This is his last chance at saving her.


claiming biteCLAIMING BITE  by Silvia Violet

What if the one thing you wanted most was forbidden? Alpha werewolf King Howler seems to have everything he could want: power, wealth, and his own club where he can act out his dominant fantasies. But the one thing he lacks is his fated mate.

Shy loner Emerson has always craved submission, not to another human—to a shifter. Handing over control to anyone could be dangerous, but with a shifter, it might be deadly. Yet all his fantasies star a werewolf who can make him beg.

When King and Emerson meet, the bond between them is instinctive and undeniable. King can’t resist the pull he feels toward the younger man, even though giving Emerson what he longs for is risky. Emerson doesn’t care how vulnerable he is. He knows he belongs with King, and he’s willing to do anything to prove it. As longing turns to love, King knows he must find a way to keep Emerson safe, both from his enemies and from himself, because in the end, nothing can stop an alpha from claiming his mate.


ricktorRICKTOR (DRAGON ELEMENTS BOOK 4) by Sarah J Stone

I thought she was dead… but fate has given us a second chanceFinding Marina alive felt like a surreal dream. It also brought me back to life… and gave birth to fears. She’s a feisty dragon. Independent, smart, and gorgeous. But I still consider it my job to protect her. I can’t let anyone snatch her away from me again. I’ll keep her out of harm’s way… even if that means risking her love for me.


descendant of chaosDESCENDANT OF CHAOS by M Sinclair

Stay away from mages. It was a singular phrase my father had ingrained in me from the time of my birth. Sorry, dad. I have a feeling that is going to be a f*cking problem.
You have to understand… my life has been bland at best. Everything in my life, every single day, has been scripted, organized, and neat. Calm, cool, and collected. The problem? It wasn’t real. I wasn’t like the other witches in my father’s coven. I had a chaotic storm growing inside of me and the moment these mages stepped into the picture, it began to escape. My perfect image of my life shattered. Everything seemed to pale in comparison to them. Their magic was exotic and powerful. Their pull on me nearly… well, magical.
But what are these men hiding? Why are they in Seattle at my high school? More importantly, what in the heck do they want with me? I have a feeling nothing will ever be the same after meeting them.
They say it only takes a singular moment to change everything.
No one tells you what to do after!


hope grace r duncanHOPE (FORBES MATES BOOK 5) by Grace R Duncan

Miguel Garcia and Luis Rodriguez have been best friends all their lives. For the last year, they’ve been hiding the fact that they’re also destined mates. When Luis’s family finds out, they kick him out. Miguel’s family would keep them… except their alpha has been known to be downright violent against gay wolves.

With the help of Miguel’s mother, they set out to find a pack that will accept them. They run into more that a few obstacles before they end up in Denver, at the national wolf headquarters, meeting the alpha prime. They’re stunned to find, not only offers to join more than one pack, but that their struggle can shine light on a bigger problem–and make things better for LGBT wolves across the country.


royal court anthologyTHE ROYAL COURT: A MULTI GENRE ANTHOLOGY by Various

VS note: May contain some paranormal…

The authors of the Royal Court Anthology formally request your presence inside the steamiest highborn literary event for the season. Featuring 11 multi-genre stories filled with secrets, intrigue and adventure surrounding the monarchy and bluebloods of lands from the contemporary to the other worldly.



Abused but not beaten, I will break the curse.

With the reason behind her mother’s death revealed, it’s a race for Eloise to exact her revenge and prevent her stepsisters from marrying the prince. However, amidst the glittering jewels and colorful ball gowns, the royal court holds secrets of its own that will devastate Eloise and strike a final blow to her plans. Betrayed by the one person she thought she could trust, Eloise questions how far she’s willing to go for revenge.
After all, in the game of kingdoms, everyone is a pawn.

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While returning from a scouting mission to attempt to locate Luce’s camp, Bryn stumbles on a wolf-girl strapped to a rack and left for dead. Once rescued, the girl, Dayna, tells Bryn and company all about the newest flavor of Luce’s evil and, most specifically, what Luce plans to do to Bryn, if he ever takes her as prisoner again…And Bryn’s time in Luce’s breeding program will pale in comparison to the newest torture he’s devised…
Upon returning to the queen and Kinloch Kirk, a new arrival starts heating up the scene and making waves. Audrey Chevalier, Dureau’s beautiful French sister, seems to be overly interested in Master Vampire, Sinjin Sinclair.
And unless Bryn’s mistaken, Sinjin appears to return Audrey’s affections.

Will this budding new romance push Bryn into the arms of Dureau? Or will it make her second guess her decision to avoid a romantic attachment with Sinjin? Meanwhile, Jolie continues to gain allies as it appears the Underworld is soon to go to battle with Luce’s forces yet again. That is, until Dureau informs Bryn about the true nature of her ancestry, information which could absolutely change the tide of the war for all involved.

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instituteTHE INSTITUTE: A NOVEL by Stephen King

VS note: I can’t read him any more, too much horror for my vivid imagination (I like to sleep without nightmares) BUT this one sounded interesting. Not a romance obviously! A release of note…

In the middle of the night, in a house on a quiet street in suburban Minneapolis, intruders silently murder Luke Ellis’s parents and load him into a black SUV. The operation takes less than two minutes. Luke will wake up at The Institute, in a room that looks just like his own, except there’s no window. And outside his door are other doors, behind which are other kids with special talents—telekinesis and telepathy—who got to this place the same way Luke did: Kalisha, Nick, George, Iris, and ten-year-old Avery Dixon. They are all in Front Half. Others, Luke learns, graduated to Back Half, “like the roach motel,” Kalisha says. “You check in, but you don’t check out.”

In this most sinister of institutions, the director, Mrs. Sigsby, and her staff are ruthlessly dedicated to extracting from these children the force of their extranormal gifts. There are no scruples here. If you go along, you get tokens for the vending machines. If you don’t, punishment is brutal. As each new victim disappears to Back Half, Luke becomes more and more desperate to get out and get help. But no one has ever escaped from the Institute.

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magnolia swordTHE MAGNOLIA SWORD: A BALLAD OF MULAN by Sherry Thomas

VS Note: I love Mulan so I put this on my TBR list.

CHINA, 484 A.D. – A Warrior in Disguise – All her life, Mulan has trained for one purpose: to win the duel that every generation in her family must fight. If she prevails, she can reunite a pair of priceless heirloom swords separated decades earlier, and avenge her father, who was paralyzed in his own duel.

Then a messenger from the Emperor arrives, demanding that all families send one soldier to fight the Rouran invaders in the north. Mulan’s father cannot go. Her brother is just a child. So she ties up her hair, takes up her sword, and joins the army as a man.

A War for a Dynasty – Thanks to her martial arts skills, Mulan is chosen for an elite team under the command of the princeling—the royal duke’s son, who is also the handsomest man she’s ever seen. But the princeling has secrets of his own, which explode into Mulan’s life and shake up everything she knows. As they cross the Great Wall to face the enemy beyond, Mulan and the princeling must find a way to unwind their past, unmask a traitor, and uncover the plans for the Rouran invasion . . . before it’s too late.

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miles and the magic fluteMILES AND THE MAGIC FLUTE by Heidi Cullinan

VS note: A re-release

When unemployed Miles Larson retreats to rural Minnesota to lick his wounds, his dissatisfaction turns him into prey for a powerful, ancient being. With an enchanted silver flute in his hand, Miles enters an erotic fairyland where the sorrows weighing on his heart don’t exist at all. The catch to his newfound paradise: three different magical beings have their eye on his soul.

To escape the dreamworld, Miles must battle against the Lord of Dreams who wants a new slave, escape the mysterious beast who craves a bridegroom, and resist the sensual lures of the fairy Terris’s charms. First, though, Miles has to overcome the bitterness in his heart that led him here in the first place. He must acknowledge that sometimes to find happiness, we must face our pain and sorrows—and for Miles, that’s the most difficult challenge of all.

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match mageMATCH MAGE (ENCHANTED CROSSROADS BOOK 1) by Zenina Masters

Tomas has lived a carefree life, his family is gone, and he has no one to cater to but himself, so he spends his nights drinking and paying for it with magic.
It was supposed to be a small spell to let young lovers have a night together without the interference of the lady’s fey godmother. It was little enough to do; he simply waited until the appointed time and opened a rift in the wall of magic around the woman in question.
He really should have asked her first.
His client tried to kill her, and Tomas ended up sentenced to having his magic bound to him for fifty years. Only one spell would come when he called, and it was the balancing spell. He was now a servant of the Crossroads, glyphed and bound.
Trill is assigned to keep an eye on his adjustment to the Crossroads, and a more reluctant parole officer has never been seen.



BadariWarriorsBoxSetFinalVS Note: If you’ve been tempted to try my Badari Warriors series (ten books now and counting), there’s a boxed set of the first three books!

This Badari Warriors box set gathers the first three science fiction romance novels from this award winning series into one collection. Featuring genetically engineered soldiers of the far future, the Badari were created by alien enemies to fight humans. But then the scientists kidnapped an entire human colony from the Sectors to use as subjects in twisted experiments…the Badari and the humans made common cause, rebelled and escaped the labs. Now they live side by side in a sanctuary valley protected by a powerful Artificial Intelligence, and wage unceasing war on the aliens.

Please note each novel has been previously published on its own and all are standalone tales. No new material has been added, aside from a brief Author’s Note about why I wrote each novel.

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AYDARR: Jill Garrison, a maintenance tech at the Sectors Amarcae 7 colony, goes to sleep one night as usual only to wake up in her nightgown stranded in the middle of a forest on an unknown world. There’s no time to think as she’s stalked by carnivorous predators and rescued by genetically engineered warriors calling themselves the Badari. Turns out they and she, along with her whole colony, are now prisoners of the Khagrish, a ruthless race of alien scientists. Working for enemies of the Sectors, the Khagrish have created the Badari to be super soldiers.

Aydarr, the Badari alpha, isn’t sure he can trust Jill but his attraction to her is undeniable. He impulsively claims her as his mate to prevent her death at the hands of the Khagrish.

MATEER: Megan Garrison, a doctor at the Sectors Amarcae 7 colony, goes to sleep one night as usual only to wake up in her nightgown, strapped to a table in an alien lab, destined to be the subject of terrifying experiments. Granted a brief reprieve, Megan and the other kidnapped humans are released in the middle of a forestlike enclosure on this unknown world and told to survive as best they can for now.

Her only hope is Mateer, the genetically engineered alien warrior imprisoned with the humans. He knows more than he’s sharing about this planet, their captors and the fate of other humans, including perhaps her own sisters. Turns out everyone from her colony has been kidnapped by the Khagrish, a ruthless race of alien scientists. Working for enemies of the human-led Sectors, the Khagrish have created the Badari to be super soldiers.

Mateer, a tough Badari enforcer, now a rebel, is captured while infiltrating the lab to help his pack bring it down. He’s also been ordered by his leaders to search for Megan and save her life at all costs. Tortured by the enemy, he’s offered one chance at survival – convince Megan to become his mate and assist the Khagrish with further experiments.

TIMTUR: Far from her home in the human Sectors after the mass kidnapping, teacher Lily Garrison is making a niche for herself in the valley by running a school for the Badari young. Although she yearns for Timtur, the pack’s healer, another Badari male has his eye on her and won’t take no for an answer.

Timtur feels the weight and responsibility of being the pack’s only healer, constantly on call as the soldiers fight ferocious battles against the alien scientists and their troops. With scarcely a moment to himself, he’s drawn to the gentle Lily but worries he won’t be able to juggle his duties, his loyalty to the pack and a relationship with a human woman.

When Lily’s stalker takes direct action to kidnap her and steal her from the safety of the valley, she’s forced to reach deep inside to find the strength to battle for her life. Timtur realizes too late how foolish he’s been to resist the bond with his fated mate and leads the rescue effort.

Award winning Badari Warriors SciFi Romance Series!



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The term “new” is generally plus or minus a week or two. I try to catch up on ones I missed in recent months.  And I may mention ‘special items’.

I do NOT cover every single new release in SFR/FantasyR/PNR. I never have. That would be an impossible task for any human! I assemble my list by hand every week based on various informal inputs, and I do curate the list to some extent…

I check and verify all the buy links at the time I create the post  but after that I’m not responsible.

After the Crash Weekend Writing Warriors

Warriors logo revisedTaking excerpts from REEDE, my recent scifi romance release…

Here’s the link to the Weekend Writing Warriors central page, so you can visit all the participants sharing excerpts today…a fun way to sample new books and find new authors! (Also welcome to the Sunday Snippet visitors!)

Punctuation may be wonky to comply with our guidelines here. May be edited a bit from published version.

If you haven’t read any of my Badari Warriors books, here’s the background:

Genetically engineered soldiers of the far future, the Badari were created by alien enemies to fight humans. But then the scientists kidnapped an entire human colony from the Sectors to use as subjects in twisted experiments…the Badari and the humans made common cause, rebelled and escaped the labs. Now they live side by side in a sanctuary valley protected by a powerful Artificial Intelligence, and wage unceasing war on the aliens. 

The excerpt (Fallyn is speaking – follows right after last week’s excerpt):

“We came out of hyperspace right in the middle of several enemy ships exiting this solar system. Scout ships have minimal weaponry and next to no shields. Captain Brandon did his best to evade and get us into a safer position close to the star but obviously he failed,” Fallyn blinked hard and straightened her spine, unwilling to give in to her grief over her fellow officer, “We were sent to check out a mysterious fastlink transmission apparently emanating from this star system, using identifiers from Amarcae Seven and others.”

“Three of our people sent it, using cobbled together tech,” Reede confirmed, “We had no idea if we’d succeeded or failed and then we picked up intel on a Khagrish transmission loop about a crashed Sectors ship and a captured scout. What happened to the other guy? Is he out there still?”

“He’s dead. Died after the crash from his injuries the Khagrish told me. I was thrown clear or else he carried me—I was injured in the initial attack, out in space. I—I don’t remember much. When I came to, I was already here in the lab, getting medical treatment. Then I was put in the other cell and that’s been my story until today, when I met you.”

reede finalThe blurb: Lt. Fallyn Damara was sent by the Sectors to investigate a strange transmission from an isolated planet and determine whether the residents of a vanished colony had been transported there by alien enemies. Fallyn’s ship crashes and she’s taken prisoner by the Khagrish scientists, to await her fate in the slate of horrifying experiments being conducted.

Reede, the second ranking enforcer in the Badari Warrior pack, volunteers to be recaptured by the Khagrish in an effort to locate and rescue Fallyn inside the deadly lab complex.

While a prisoner Reede discovers Fallyn is the woman destined to become his fated mate but the moment is bittersweet because Fallyn will be leaving their world at the first opportunity, to report back to the Sectors. He refuses to complete the mate bond, believing to do so will lead to nothing but lifelong misery for them both, separated by lightyears and interstellar politics.

For her part, Fallyn wants to shake up the rule-bound enforcer and persuade him to take a chance on love.

But first they have to escape the Khagrish.

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Award winning Badari Warriors SciFi Romance Series!

Thoughts on the Art of the Book Blurb

Depositphotos_67094435_l-2015 alien landscape1


If you follow my blog, you know I do a weekly report on New Releases in my three favorite genres – scifi romance, fantasy romance and paranormal romance. I also scoop up a lot of new books that aren’t strictly in those three categories (urban fantasy, cozy paranormal mysteries etc.) and then I also add what I call ‘releases of note’, which may be hard scifi or other related genres that I find interesting and think maybe the readers perusing my list might be intrigued by.

I typically have 50-60 books each week. This is a curated list, by which I mean I don’t do any automated process and I certainly don’t cover every book released. I have my methods and my sources and I look at factors including but not limited to the covers, the reviews, the author’s past reviews, sometimes I read the “look Inside” feature to see how the author’s ‘voice’ is – I cover books in some areas I don’t personally read often, like dark romance and MPREG but which I do know the readers enjoy and would like to see…now, I don’t necessarily do all that up front checking for every book. I only have so much time and my primary priority is writing my own books! Gotta pay the rent and buy cat food for Jake the Cat…and I trust the quality of books by authors well known to me in those genres. But especially if an author is new-to-me, or has no reviews yet, or has a couple of iffy reviews…

But my main tool is the blurb the author or publisher has provided. This is the book listing’s description of who the main characters are, the challenges facing them, etc.

So today I have a little bit of a rant about book blurbs.

Woman Reading


To me, the main purpose is that after your professionally done cover intrigues a reader enough to click on the sales page, they’ll read the blurb and decide YES, they want to one-click this book and read it. Now I’m no authority on blurb writing. I used to have the wonderful Cathryn Cade do mine, when she was the Blurb Queen and since she stopped providing that service, I try to model my blurbs on what she did. I write M/F, so I briefly introduce the heroine, the hero and one paragraph usually about the challenge – escaping the evil alien scientists or solving the mysterious outbreak or defeating the interstellar crime syndicate. I may pose one of those “Can their love survive while escaping this disaster…?” type questions at the end. This approach seems to work for me.

When doing my new releases post I see everything from literally no blurb at all (what???! Yes, really, there are some out there) to a sentence or two, to the 3-4 quick paragraphs approach I use, to lengthy lengthy blurbs that try to give every plot point, to excerpts from the book standing in as blurb.

I kinda ruthlessly truncate the overly lengthy blurbs, frankly. I only want my already voluminous posts to be so long and OMG, just whet the reader’s interest, don’t tell try to tell them everything! (Reminder: This is all my opinion so your mileage may vary, as we authors say BUT I do see a ton of blurbs every week.) I do indicate there’s more blurb on the ebook seller page.

The ones that really puzzle me are typically on the later books in a series where the author blithely assumes anyone checking out their book must have read the entire series to this point and will know what is meant by something along the lines of “Frank and Sallie go to Weird Town to tell the wamluks the silver talzq is broken. Harry rides along.” Huh?

Depositphotos_25826491_l-2015 fiery outer space ships


(Shaking my head in sorrow for lost opportunities.) Okay, maybe your loyal readers will snap this up. Anyone seeing a mention of your series for the first time at around book #three to book #ad infinitum most likely won’t.  I don’t know about you but I always want new-to-me readers so I try to give an enticing blurb, and maybe (but not always) add a general paragraph about the series itself – here’s what I say about my Badari Warriors, for example:  Genetically engineered soldiers of the far future, the Badari were created by alien enemies to fight humans. But then the scientists kidnapped an entire human colony from the Sectors to use as subjects in twisted experiments…the Badari and the humans made common cause, rebelled and escaped the labs. Now they live side by side in a sanctuary valley protected by a powerful Artificial Intelligence, and wage unceasing war on the aliens. 

Sometimes, if I’m feeling extra helpful or I loved the cover or I really want a book in that genre to include, I’ll go searching for book 1 in the series and pull part of that blurb, where hopefully the author did explain the overarching concept of the series, and I’ll include that information properly labelled in my Wednesday listing along with the cryptic blurb for the latest book. But not always…it’s not really my job to sell your book.

I may also do this if the blurb really doesn’t explain the scifi or paranormal element of the plot but there’s more information in the blurb for an earlier book.  (And no, this post wasn’t inspired by the last authors I did this for – it’s been on my mind for a while!)

But what a missed opportunity to have the hundreds of people who kindly come and view my new releases report every week at least consider your series, all for the want of a little more information to intrigue them.

OK and if you’re on book #37 of a really well selling series, maybe you don’t need to bother with a blurb in any detail but how many of us enjoy that lovely state of being?

I’m not generally in favor of the excerpt approach either. For one thing, that’s what the ‘look inside’ features does to some extent, as far as allowing the reader to sample your style and the flavor of the story. For another thing, it’s often hard to know what to make of a random excerpt from a novel out of context. Personally I have a hard time relating to characters who just start ‘talking to me’ when I’m not invested even a little bit in the story yet.

And I certainly don’t think an excerpt should be your only blurb! If your characters have to carry the load of explaining who they are and the plot and everything else in an excerpt, maybe you have too much backstory and/or ‘telling’ in your novel?

Another thing to watch out for is having typos, misspellings or editing issues in your blurb. Sure we’re all human and mistakes do happen but wow, what a turnoff to a reader (speaking for myself) to see a blurb that commits multiple slips. I’m likely to pass on that one.

mermaid fairy-tale character


I do applaud authors who include a little extra information at the end, whether it’s a serious trigger warning (I’m not getting into the whole trigger warning debate here) or a clarification that the book is reverse harem, or a bully academy, or contains material suitable only for mature readers or has a cliffhanger ending…and some people have funny taglines about general information in the series (mermaids solving cozy murder mysteries and baking cupcakes in a town where it’s always summer solstice [which I just totally made up]).

After the cover, your blurb is your most important tool to get your book into the hands of the readers (or onto their ebook readers) so even if you loathe writing blurbs (and there are still people who write them for a fee out there by the way), be sure you have a nicely polished not-too-long, not-too-short piece of prose to make us highly intrigued and need to know more!

Readers – what do you think? What kind of blurbs work or don’t work for you? Any tips for authors, including me?

reede finalAnd here’s my latest, by the way:


Lt. Fallyn Damara was sent by the Sectors to investigate a strange transmission from an isolated planet and determine whether the residents of a vanished colony had been transported there by alien enemies. Fallyn’s ship crashes and she’s taken prisoner by the Khagrish scientists, to await her fate in the slate of horrifying experiments being conducted.

Reede, the second ranking enforcer in the Badari Warrior pack, volunteers to be recaptured by the Khagrish in an effort to locate and rescue Fallyn inside the deadly lab complex.

While a prisoner Reede discovers Fallyn is the woman destined to become his fated mate but the moment is bittersweet because Fallyn will be leaving their world at the first opportunity, to report back to the Sectors. He refuses to complete the mate bond, believing to do so will lead to nothing but lifelong misery for them both, separated by lightyears and interstellar politics.

For her part, Fallyn wants to shake up the rule-bound enforcer and persuade him to take a chance on love.

But first they have to escape the Khagrish.

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Award winning Badari Warriors SciFi Romance Series!

New Releases in #SciFi #Fantasy and Paranormal Romance for Wednesday September 4

first flyghtAs always, I recommend sampling before you buy! I have not read most of the new releases listed (although I always end up one-clicking a bunch as I prepare these posts LOL).



Vivian Kawabata can’t wait to claim her privileged destiny. But when the heir to the family agricultural empire finds her bank account empty while shopping for expensive shoes, she’s horrified to discover that her own brother has financially stabbed her in the back. To stand a chance of restoring her rightful place in the universe, the honest and rule-following Vivian may have to break a few intergalactic laws.

After securing an old ship from her aunt, Vivian takes on two new roles: a sexy heiress collecting eligible husbands and a hard-nosed captain rebuilding a lost fortune by any means necessary. Completely out of her depth, she’d be sunk without the help of a relationship broker, a handsome ex-boyfriend, a hacker with a heart of gold, and the other potential partners she meets along the way. With a business that runs the razor’s edge between trade and smuggling, can the former high-society socialite get the money she needs or will her brazen ambition lead to a deadly crash landing?

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ice planet honeymoon raahash and lizICE PLANET HONEYMOON: RAAHOSH AND LIZ by Ruby Dixon

Newly-mated (and grudge-holding) Liz wants nothing more than to be away from the tribe that’s exiled her man. Raahosh wants to prove to Liz that he can be a good mate, even if he’s ugly.
On a honeymoon, they can get to know each other better. Perfect, right?
This story is an extended epilogue for book 2 of Ice Planet Barbarians — Barbarian Alien — and is for readers who want a little more of their favorite couple. Don’t start here! Start with book one, Ice Planet Barbarians.



When mercenary and space trader Flynn Marks is approached by a woman in a seedy bar, he assumes she’s not just looking for a good time. He’s made enemies over the course of his life. With his family finally safe and settled, he’ll handle this latest threat on his own.

Cerena Phelps has been tasked with killing a man if she ever wants to see her teenage son again. While she’s no stranger to fights—being a woman bouncer is a tough job—she’s never killed a man. Her plan? Lure Flynn away from the bar, seduce him, and kill him when his guard is down. Not a hardship given her unexpected and intense sexual attraction for her target. When her attempt on Flynn’s life fails, they must learn to trust each other if they both hope to survive and rescue her son.


as the cog turnsAS THE COG TURNS (MECHA ORIGIN BOOK 2) by Eve Langlais

Wulff’s cogs are in a jam because of Ursy, his best friend’s little sister. Only she’s not so young and bratty anymore. And she’s got a nice set of gears.
However, Wulff has no intentions of stealing her upgrades. Nor is he interested in bedding her, even if she makes his parts steam. He really should stay away, and yet he enlists her aid in tracking down a treasure.
A mission that’s going fine until the kiss.
Now, he can’t help seeing her in a new light, but Ursy isn’t interested in a relationship, even as she invites him to her bed.
Problem is he wants more than just a temporary meshing of their parts. He won’t settle for anything less than her heart.

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Suspected of kidnapping. Broke. Dumped. Katie thought things couldn’t get any worse.
Then, she was abducted by aliens.

Sure, they were hot warrior aliens, and the space station she was taken to was the coolest place she’d ever seen. Holographic fantasy suites? Over-the-top weddings complete with over-the-top alien wedding planners? Katie knew the tabloids back home would pay a boatload for a scoop like the one she was sitting on. If only she could find a way off the station and tell everyone on Earth.
But first, there was a problem of the Drexian warrior she was supposed to marry. The one whose scars and nightmares scared her. The one she couldn’t fall for.
Zayn knew he didn’t deserve a tribute bride. Those were for heroic warriors, not for soldiers who’d been captured and tortured.
The human with fiery-red hair may stir something within him, but he knows she can’t be his. Not when he’s sure she’s been sent to spy on him. He needs to prove that he hasn’t been turned by the enemy and keep his distance from the human. No matter how much he wants to claim her.


cage jessie rose caseCAGE (GALACTIC CYBORG HEAT SERIES) by Jessie Rose Case

This is a Happily Ever After, Galactic Cyborg Heat Series, Hot Romantic Fiction Novel. Book 23. A tantalizing story of passions and desires, that brings two very different people together in a way they never thought possible.


prison moon lily graisonPRISON MOON – WARLORD’S MATE by Lily Graison

Aliens are real. So are Prison Planets. Marcy Duncan finds out the hard way when she’s abducted and dumped on one and told to run or die trying because the inhabitants of Prison Moon One only want one thing–her.
Captured and sent to the Arena, she soon becomes the property of a barbarian warlord everyone fears. He’s a golden-skinned devil wrapped in such a tempting package, her traitorous heart won’t look the other way, a move that might just get her killed when she realizes she’s just a pawn in a game with no winners. A game where she’s the bait.


worlds beyondWORLDS BEYOND (THE INDIGO REPORTS BOOK 3) by Tracey Cooper-Posey

VS note: Not romance but I love her ‘hard’ scifi too.

With the incomparable advantage of personal bridge forges and the elusive flying city, Demos, Bellona and her Ledanians have contained their rabid enemies, the Alliance, for more than a decade, preventing them from swallowing whole the hundreds of worlds who look to Bellona to preserve their freedom and peace.  If the Alliance’s relentless ambition to find a decisive advantage is realized, the delicate balance Bellona maintains would be destroyed, and the free worlds vulnerable.

Rumours emerge from the Alliance-annexed states of a new type of bridge forge which might just be the tool the Alliance needs to defeat her.

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She calls herself Lady Justice. And once she has chosen a man as her target, she turns herself into a tall blonde or a curvaceous redhead, makes herself as alluring and seductive as possible to them. Once they are in her grasp, they are powerless.

The first victim is wealthy businessman Nigel McEnroy. His company’s human resources department has already paid out settlements to a couple of his young victims—but they don’t know that his crimes go far beyond workplace harassment. Lady Justice knows. And in one shocking night of brutality, she makes him pay a much steeper price.

Now Eve Dallas and her husband, Roarke, are combing through the evidence of McEnroy’s secret life. His compulsive need to record his misdeeds provides them with a wide range of suspects, but the true identity of Lady Justice remains elusive. It’s a challenging case, made even more difficult by McEnroy’s widow, who reacts to the investigation with fury, denial, and threats. Meanwhile, Lady Justice’s criminal crusade is escalating rapidly, and if Eve can’t stop this vigilante, there’s no telling how much blood may be spilled.

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arcav kings obssessionARCAV KING’S OBSSESSION (ARCAV ALIEN INVASION BOOK 2) by Hope Hart

Just a few weeks ago, Harlow was living her life on Earth- locking up bad guys and drinking beers with her fellow cops after shift. She never wanted to be the Arcav King’s mate. Unfortunately, she was outplayed. Now, Harlow must learn how to rule over an alien species, while making room for her mate’s giant… ego. It turns out that alien contact has serious repercussions for humanity. When Harlow learns that the Grivath have a ship full of humans as slaves, she’ll do anything to save them… even if it means temporarily taking her role as the Arcav King’s mate.

Varian hunted his mate like any true Arcav warrior, but triumph is nowhere to be found. Harlow may be in his arms, but she may never choose to stay with him willingly. When trust turns to deception, will Varian knock down the defences around his heart? With war brewing and betrayal around every corner, can Harlow and Varian protect both their people? And will Harlow accept her destiny… as the Arcav King’s Obsession?


caveman aliens swordCAVEMAN ALIEN’S SWORD (CAVEMAN ALIENS BOOK 9) by Calista Skye

Ashlynn – A caveman is chasing me. He’s right behind me, crashing through the jungle. He’s huge, all muscles and fangs and turquoise stripes. His sword is the size of a helicopter blade, and the bulge in his pants is almost as big. He was supposed to be my bodyguard on this dinosaur-infested planet. I guess he changed his mind.
I know what cavemen on this woman-less planet like to do to Earth girls: abduct and impregnate.That’s not going to happen to me. So I run. Juri’ex – I don’t like that she runs from me. ..(more blurb on ebook seller page…)



All your life, you’ve studied hard and advanced your career. And then you get shipped off to some aliens. Yeah, you’d be pretty b#!chy too…It’s not like Daphne Moebius had any choice. As a member of the Interstellar Human Confederation, she has to go where she’s told. Even if that means helping a bunch of 7 foot tall, gorgeous, alpha aliens in their quest to rid the galaxy of evil.
Until something goes wrong and the entire ship Daphne’s traveling in gets destroyed.
Enter Duric.
The brash, alpha Vakutan warrior.
He’s got a chip on his shoulder and a hammer swinging between his legs.
Born to fight, bred to kill, he finds himself rescuing his greatest adversary yet.
A human woman.
Stranded together on a remote moon, the pair has to survive the worst of the Ataxian Coalition until help arrives. He’s saved her life. And now she’s going to save his soul.
They’ll have to work together to stay alive long enough to be rescued. And if love doesn’t make them see eye to eye…He’ll just lift her up to his eye level.


captured by the alien dragonCAPTURED BY THE ALIEN DRAGON (GALACTIC ALPHA’S CONQUEST BOOK 1) by Stella Cassy

Carissa – I’ve never known Earth. Or freedom. Both were taken from me when I was too young to remember. But I know exactly what the latest alien scumbags to buy me have in mind, the moment I hear the word “fertile.” Desperation’s the mother of invention, and one easily seduced guard later, I’m escaping to finally live on my own terms. To find my mom, my one connection to a planet I’ll probably never see. The only person who’s ever given a damn about me.  It’s all that keeps me going. The source of every last drop of energy I eke out of this miserable existence, when I have so many reasons to just give up and fade away. Like my crap luck. Reason infinity why I should just pop out the airlock of my stolen ship and say “Sayonara universe, PS you suck.” My first escape attempt that’s ever resulted in an actual escape, and I run smack into one of the most infamous dragon shapeshifters in the galaxy. ..(more blurb on ebook seller’s page…)


saved by the alien dragonSAVED BY THE ALIEN DRAGON (GALACTIC ALPHA’S CONQUEST BOOK 2) by Stella Cassy

She’s as disposable as the next slave…Inescapable violence and misery are part of life on the lousy rock that Pax slavers dumped her on. Natalie’s only hope for survival is to prove she’s irreplaceable to her owners. But when the planet comes under attack and her captors are killed, Natalie begins to dream of things she thought were impossible. Freedom. And the drakon commander who makes her burn.

He’s ready to show his commanders what he’s made ofDashel is the youngest co-commander in the Hielsrane fleet. He’s smart and ambitious, but struggling to shoulder the heavy expectations of his new position. When he finds Natalie, she burns with an inner strength as fiery as any drakon. Their bond is swift and hot, and with her at his side he can find his footing and his voice. But his youth is working against him, with some in the fleet just waiting for him to make a mistake. And when everything comes to a head, his inexperience might lead his crew and his woman to ruin.


last run j scottTHE LAST RUN by J Scott Coatsworth

VS Note: The romance may be hinted at, according to reviews, more of a scifi title. I like his writing style…

Sera is the last runner from Earth, bringing badly needed supplies to the Tharassas Colony across a twenty-five year gulf between the planets. Jas works on a hencha farm to make ends meet, harvesting berries from the semi-sentient plants. Neither one that knows their lives—and worlds—are about to change forever.


overlordOVERLORD (OUTCASTS BOOK 6) by Cyndi Friberg

Determined to bring meaningful change to her people, Lady Eza of the Sarronti seeks out the leader of the Outcasts and proposes a daring alliance. She expects to negotiate with a barbarian. Instead, Overlord Kage Razel awakens longings that have nothing to do with the rebellion. He intrigues and attracts her, making her ache for the consuming passion she has only experienced in his arms. Yet Kage also frightens Eza. She senses secrets in him, portions of his being he will not share with anyone. There is no doubt Eza wants him, but can she trust this mysterious stranger, or will he use his unique abilities to gain control over her world?


the found j e lorinTHE FOUND: SEQUEL TO THE FINDER by J E Lorin

More than two years after nearly dying at the hands of a serial killer, sort-of psychic August Goodson is living his best life. He has a great relationship with his dreamy cop boyfriend, Luke. He works for his twin brother, Finn, with whom he’s built a company. And he has the loving support of his long-time best friend, Cherry. When a high-profile murder occurs, however, and Luke is assigned to the case, August can’t seem to shake the feeling that history could be repeating itself. His ability got him in trouble once before. Will it happen again? And if it does, will he and the ones he love come out of it alive?


stolen and savedSTOLEN AND SAVED (SAVAGE WARRIORS BOOK 2) by Jude Gray

Stranded alone with an injured alien…When the alien ship holding me malfunctions, I’m thrown into a shuttle and expelled from the ship. I awaken to find myself on what looks like a toxic waste dump–miles of inhospitable, eerie land where the ground smokes, the hills are black and barren, and it’s unpleasantly cold. Soon I discover I’m not alone. There’s an alien on the awful island. A familiar alien.
He’s the one who bought me from my captors. He’s the one who paid extra because I’m a virgin. And he’s the one who put me aboard the shuttle and saved my life when the ship went down. I have a decision to make. Should I kill him as he lies injured and delirious, or should I nurse him back to health and hope he can save us both? When I begin to soften toward him, and worse, my body begins to respond to his, I can’t help but wonder–can a human woman fall in love with her alien abductor?


indarians ghostTHE INDARIAN’S GHOST by KC Morgan

My name is Keta. I’m an elite soldier for the interplanetary military, a G.H.O.S.T. operative. I’ve lived my whole life preferring solitude. I’m content to live my life without males trying to control me. Who needs love, I have my blasters, right?
But fate changes my lonely existence. Somehow I’ve ended up mated to an Indarian triad – a shapeshifting race of Alpha Males. Lucky me.
The Indarians are a patriarchal society, which goes against everything that I stand for. I refuse the triad and disappear, determined to continue to live my life on my terms, as a Ghost.
I immerse myself in my work and my newest assignment, may be my toughest one yet. Not only do I have to shut down a black market slave ring on Heruta, I also have to work with a team of Indarian triads. And guess what, they are mine.
Can I really let go of my solitary life and embrace my Indarian mates, or will I continue to Ghost them when all is said and done?


after the floodAFTER THE FLOOD: A NOVEL by Kassandra Montag

VS note: NOT a romance but a release of note this week.

A little more than a century from now, our world has been utterly transformed. After years of slowly overtaking the continent, rising floodwaters have obliterated America’s great coastal cities and then its heartland, leaving nothing but an archipelago of mountaintop colonies surrounded by a deep expanse of open water.

Stubbornly independent Myra and her precocious seven-year-old daughter, Pearl, fish from their small boat, the Bird, visiting dry land only to trade for supplies and information in the few remaining outposts of civilization. For seven years, Myra has grieved the loss of her oldest daughter, Row, who was stolen by her father after a monstrous deluge overtook their home in Nebraska. Then, in a violent confrontation with a stranger, Myra suddenly discovers that Row was last seen in a far-off encampment near the Artic Circle. Throwing aside her usual caution, Myra and Pearl embark on a perilous voyage into the icy northern seas, hoping against hope that Row will still be there.

On their journey, Myra and Pearl join forces with a larger ship and Myra finds herself bonding with her fellow seekers who hope to build a safe haven together in this dangerous new world. But secrets, lust, and betrayals threaten their dream, and after their fortunes take a shocking—and bloody—turn, Myra can no longer ignore the question of whether saving Row is worth endangering Pearl and her fellow travelers.

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captains mate c w grayTHE CAPTAIN’S MATE (THE BLUE SOLACE BOOK 6) by C W Gray

Draif Ando started life as a slave on Vextonar. When he was fifteen, he met his best friend, Leti Ando, and life got a lot better. Now he’s a Charybdis Station captain and works closely with the Lord Admiral of the Station. He is a free man, finally has a purpose of his own, and has the the best lieutenant in the galaxy by his side. If he’s so content, why does he yearn for more, and why is he suddenly picturing children with his eyes and Lucas’ ears and tail?

Lucas Meluth knew that Draif was his life mate from the moment they met. He also knew that Draif was demisexual and wasn’t attracted to Lucas. Not at first. Now, Lucas notices the way Draif’s eyes follow him and the way Draif’s innocent touches are suddenly not so innocent. Has the time come for their friendship to turn into more?
Draif and Lucas may finally be figuring their relationship out, but their enemies are approaching and it’s time to protect Charybdis Station and rid the galaxy of Humans First, once and for all.


savage jenika snowSAVAGE (THE END 1) by Jenika Snow and Sam Crescent

The Virus.
 That’s what they called it, the lone thing that had the ability to wipe out mankind—the lone thing that did just that. Those who survived were immune, but death might have been a better outcome than the world they now lived in.
Sasha and her younger sister Lucy were trying to survive this new, desolate existence. They’re on their own, savaging this now ruined world. Those who survived might be friends but more than likely they’re enemies.
Then they learned about a safe community up north, and although they should try for it, fear keeps them rooted. But movement is life and staying in one place too long would mean death.

Then fate made that decision for them, one that forces their hand and makes them flee the new place they called home.
They have nothing else to lose, even if it turns out to be a dead end.
The road is a lonely place when it’s only two, and hunger is a nasty villain.  There’s violence and degradation. There’s anger and immoral needs.

And then there’s Malachi.
 He came into their lives at the perfect time, saving them, protecting them. And Sasha felt desire for the first time in her life…(more blurb on ebook seller page…)

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living cassie jamesTHE LIVING (THE THORNS OF ROSEWOOD BOOK 3) by Cassie James and Christine Kelsey

VS Note: A ‘bully academy RH book.’ Here’s part of the blurb from book 1, which explains the scifi element a bit (some light AI apparently):

Piper Hawthorne just walked through the front doors of Rosewood Academy. The problem? Piper Hawthorne was supposed to be dead. She was one of Rosewood Academy’s most beloved students until a post-prom accident took her life. Now, with the help of an eccentric tech entrepreneur, her parents have managed to bring her back. A version of her, anyway.

Blurb for Book 3:  She’s more than a replacement. The Thorns promised they would always save her, but some things are easier said than done. Sometimes we save ourselves. And sometimes, allies are closer than we think. Piper Hawthorne forever.


shared lia noxSHARED by Lia Nox

Arrested. Thrown through a wormhole in a janky pod. Crashed on an alien planet. Not my best day. Rescued by three smouldering hot men with broad chests and a strange, almost feline grace? Looking better. And they all look like they want to eat me up, in the very best way? Yes, please.  No shared language?  That’s a bit of a problem.  But as they defend me from the horrors of this strange new world, I wonder about the ruins I see around me.  What happened here? Where are they taking me? And when they pull me into their arms at night, why can’t I resist their heated touches?



Less than a month has passed since I was unexpectedly torn away from my ordinary life. From that moment on, our group has been plagued by one horrible event after another. Quite frankly, I’m sick and tired of always being the passive victim. When they involve the people closest to me… that’s where I draw the line.
This time they took someone from us, and hoping to pull off a gutsy rescue, I intend on giving The Program exactly what they want…Me.  Not only will I be leaving my four companions behind, but I’ll be fraternizing with the enemy. Rumor has it, we may have an unexpected ally, and I’m determined to figure out his modus operandi at any cost — especially if it means getting the intel and support we need.
The risk is huge. One thing is for sure though: if they think we’re expendable to their coveted “Program,” they’re in for a rude awakening.


to be taught if fortunateTO BE TAUGHT, IF FORTUNATE by Becky Chambers

VS note: Scifi not a romance but a release of note.

At the turn of the twenty-second century, scientists make a breakthrough in human spaceflight. Through a revolutionary method known as somaforming, astronauts can survive in hostile environments off Earth using synthetic biological supplementations. They can produce antifreeze in subzero temperatures, absorb radiation and convert it for food, and conveniently adjust to the pull of different gravitational forces. With the fragility of the body no longer a limiting factor, human beings are at last able to journey to neighboring exoplanets long known to harbor life.

A team of these explorers, Ariadne O’Neill and her three crewmates, are hard at work in a planetary system fifteen light-years from Sol, on a mission to ecologically survey four habitable worlds. But as Ariadne shifts through both form and time, the culture back on Earth has also been transformed. Faced with the possibility of returning to a planet that has forgotten those who have left, Ariadne begins to chronicle the story of the wonders and dangers of her mission, in the hope that someone back home might still be listening.

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durstinDURSTIN (CYBORG WARRIORS BOOK 6) by Immortal Angel

A king who’s just run out of time. A queen whose secrets could destroy him. King Durstin led the River people from Vierten into the underground caves to flee the Ardaks, not expecting a cave in to trap them there. Weeks later, they’re out of supplies, the water’s turning red, and his soldiers are slowly going mad. In one last effort to find a way out, he leads his team in a new direction and stumbles upon a golden keyhole.
When her husband disappears, Queen Kiersten knows exactly where that little keyhole leads. To get him back from the Cave of Knowledge, she’ll have to reveal the very truths that might drive him away from her forever.


dances with raptorsDANCES WITH RAPTORS (DINOVERSE BOOK 1) by Poppy Woods

65 Million years ago, Dinosaurs walked the Earth . . .People think that a meteor or some super volcano wiped them all out, or that aliens saved them like a holy arc coming from the sky. Some think that they had their time and were selected for extinction.
The thing is, fossils only show those that died. . .
Dinosaurs still walk among us, hidden in human form, bidding their time until they’re able to reveal who they are. Humans are always placed at the top of the food chain.
Nothing could be further from the truth. . .

The next matriarch has been chosen. . .Sage has never wanted anything other than the freedom to live her own life, but when she is chosen as the next Matriarch of her people, everything changes. Sent on a journey to pass the tests of her ancestors, Sage must find her place in this world even though she doesn’t know if she believes in the very spirits who chose her for the position.  As if her life isn’t complicated enough, she finds herself on the run with a pack of raptor shifters. Sage’s newfound allies are dangerous predators but the attraction she feels to them is undeniable.

With a new threat to the peninsula, Sage has her work cut out for her. No one said being the Matriarch would be easy. Can she make it back to her people with her body–and her heart–intact? Can she stop the traders who threaten her very way of life?  With Kishil, Talon, and Elu at her side, maybe she can.


witching bonesWITCHING BONES: AN ANTI-FAE ADVENTURE (WILD HUNT BOOK 8) by Yasmine Galenorn

When you dance with Death, you have to be willing to roll the bones…Raven Bonetalker, the Daughter of Bones, has her plate full. Not only is her neighbor still driving her nuts, but she’s in a new relationship with Kipa, the Lord of the Wolves, and neither one is ready for everything that entails. But life takes a sinister turn when a spirit begins siphoning off the life force of one of Kipa’s wolf shifters.

Gunnar, a member of the SuVahta—the pack of divine wolf shifters bound to the Lord of Wolves—is dying, and nobody can figure out why. Gunnar blames himself for the death of his beloved wife, and he believes she is haunting him.

When Kipa asks Raven to examine the shifter, she finds a far deadlier spirit latched on. And the only way Raven can help is to first agree to a deadly alliance with one of the ancient Ante-Fae—Arachna, the Web Weaver. But Arachna’s price is far steeper than Raven can afford to pay, and the fallout threatens to shake the very core of Raven’s life.

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dark illusionDARK ILLUSION (A CARPATHIAN NOVEL BOOK 33) by Christine Feehan

At any other time, Julija Brennan would find solace in the quiet of the Sierra Mountains, but now the mage is in the race of her life. Having broken free from her controlling family, Julija’s attempt to warn the Carpathians of the coming threat has failed and put a target on her back—and those who are hunting her are close behind.…

After centuries locked away in a monastery in the Carpathian Mountains, Isai Florea can’t believe he’s finally found his lifemate—the missing half of his soul. The second he sees Julija, his world blazes with color. But despite their explosive connection, Julija rebels against what she sees as Isai’s intent to control her and rejects the bond that would prevent him from becoming a monster.

As their unfulfilled bond continues to call to them both, Julija and Isai aim to complete the task that brought them together. They are used to facing danger alone, but now the mage and the ancient warrior must learn how to rely on each other in order to stop a plot that threatens all Carpathians.

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power of the witchPOWER OF THE WITCH (WITCHES OF KEATING HOLLOW BOOK 7) by Deanna Chase

Shannon Ansell didn’t mean to make a bet with Brian Knox. It sort of just happened. Now she’s agreed to date him for six weeks, the one man she knows she shouldn’t. Six dates in six weeks. She can do that and still keep her heart intact, right? Wrong. Because the only thing she can’t resist more than a good bet is Brian Knox.

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Ibby’s parents gave up everything for a chance at a better life. So, after a terrible accident leaves her alone in London, Ibby works her internship at the British Museum and goes to her classes to make them proud.

She hopes to one day bring her uncle, her only living relative, to the UK. Family is what matters. But, when Ibby finds a hidden artifact and encounters a mysterious stranger in the bowels of the museum, she learns that its her lineage, the very origins of her family, that will put everything at risk. That, and metal is starting to do some pretty bizarre things around Ibby.

A powerful artifact, a secret society, an ancient evil. Can Ibby embrace her destiny as Inconquo guardian before an ages-old demon is unleashed on London?



They pushed too far. The demented Hatter and all of his minions can test me all they like, but they just crossed a line. Alixx Stone. That’s my line. Screw with my life all you like but don’t threaten my men.

The problem is, even if I save my friends, it won’t be enough. There’s an entire Kingdom who have been hurt by one man’s selfishness. Elder Liddell’s dark secrets are endless and now he’s dragged me into his twisted past. My own flesh and blood did this.
And I’m starting to realize, I’m just as destructive as he is.


sword and penSWORD AND PEN (THE GREAT LIBRARY BOOK 5) by Rachel Caine

VS note: Not romance but a release of note.

The corrupt leadership of the Great Library has fallen. But with the Archivist plotting his return to power, and the Library under siege from outside empires and kingdoms, its future is uncertain. Jess Brightwell and his friends must come together as never before, to forge a new future for the Great Library…or see everything it stood for crumble.

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Scout Randall is settling in with the northern Lower Michigan branch of Spell’s Angels. She’s feeling bold, brash … and just a little bit flirty thanks to her burgeoning relationship with Gunner Stratton, a shifter whose father happens to serve as the chief of police in Hawthorne Hollow.
Things are going well … until they’re not.
A group of shifters who used to live in the area have returned and they’re up to something. Right from the start, Scout is suspicious but she can’t quite explain why. Then, when a local homeless man is found dead – with Scout’s name literally carved into him – she starts to believe that she’s being set up to take a fall.
Gunner is determined to help. His history with the shifters in question makes things difficult, though. On top of everything else, it becomes apparent that the dead guy’s ties to Scout run deep … like genetically deep. He’s related to her, and for a woman who was abandoned as a child, it’s a hard blow to absorb.
Gunner is determined to stick close as the warring wolves close ranks and start issuing threats. It’s going to take everybody working together to find the answers Scout desperately needs, including uncovering the secret of her past. When one of their own is taken, Scout has no choice but to put her full cache of magic on display.
It’s going to be a fight to the finish, rival gangs going at one another, and only one side will be victorious. Which one will it be?



A talent for tracking magic gets Anna Zhdanov sent to catch a thief. A scholar’s daughter sold as a bond servant, she has no desire to recover the Emperor’s jewel for herself. But a chance to earn her freedom has driven her to the untamed Eddalyon province, awash with warm breezes, lapping waves, and more danger than she could possibly guess.

Within days her cover as an indolent noblewoman is in question, and it’s clear there’s more to Anna’s task than she knows. Soon she’s the captive of the unpredictable pirate captain Andreas Koszenmarc, hunted by the Emperor’s guard, besieged by a brigand queen, and at odds with her only friend. She must trust someone if she is to survive. But when all that’s certain is that everyone is hiding something, it’s no simple thing to choose.

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lord of the last heartbeatLORD OF THE LAST HEARTBEAT (THE SACRED DARK BOOK 1) by May Peterson

Stop me. Please. Three words scrawled in bloodred wine. A note furtively passed into the hand of a handsome stranger. Only death can free Mio from his mother’s political schemes. He’s put his trust in the enigmatic Rhodry—an immortal moon soul with the power of the bear spirit—to put an end to it all.
But Rhodry cannot bring himself to kill Mio, whose spellbinding voice has the power to expose secrets from the darkest recesses of the heart and mind. Nor can he deny his attraction to the fair young sorcerer. So he spirits Mio away to his home, the only place he can keep him safe—if the curse that besieges the estate doesn’t destroy them both first.
In a world teeming with mages, ghosts and dark secrets, love blooms between the unlikely pair. But if they are to be strong enough to overcome the evil that draws ever nearer, Mio and Rhodry must first accept a happiness neither ever expected to find.

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royal bearROYAL BEAR (P.O.L.A.R BOOK 5) by Candace Ayers

In the search for her missing brother, Free-spirited Grace finds some firsts
friends, family, a home, and a hot shifter who captures her heart.  To claim Grace as his mate,  Konstantin must not only renounce his title and shun his duties, he must betray his friends. Being a Royal Bear is a royal b*tch.


hidden ivy asherTHE HIDDEN (SHADOWED WINGS BOOK 1) by Ivy Asher

I am a latent wolf shifter. Or so I thought. Then life as I knew it changed in a flash—or more accurately, an electrocution. I’ve woken up in a strange place, surrounded by strange people who hate me. They’re in the middle of a war, and I look like I belong on the wrong side of it.

If that’s not enough to qualify as a really bad day, I now have wings and a strange animal to figure out, because it turns out that there’s not a damn latent thing about me. If I want to live, I have to prove that I’m not the spy I’m accused of being. ..(more blurb on ebook seller page…)



Since the day Jiana Falco was forced to join the paranormal agency Night Stars, she’s been planning her escape. She uses her bodyguard’s split-second of distraction to vanish into the shadows, and burns the last bridge by saving Quillan Hardis.

But now, locked in Quillan’s muscular arms, pinned by his calculating amber gaze, his invisibility talent shielding them both, she’s in even deeper trouble. If that’s possible.

Quillan didn’t get to Universe Corps’ highest echelons by being a fool. The rare shadow manipulator in his grip is too easy a prize to be anything but a setup. A pretty lure he should send back to Night Stars. Instead, he holds on—and in changing her fate, he seals his own.

Under a secret order to unlock her untapped power—by any means necessary—Quillan takes Jiana on the run with only a precog’s vague direction, and a spark of desire that blooms into something warm and genuine. But her fear of being clawed back into Night Stars’ control could drive Jiana so deep into the shadows nothing will get her out. Not even the light of Quillan’s love.

But her fear of Night Stars could drives Jiana so deep into the shadows nothing can lead her out. Not even the light of Quillan’s love.


social aid and pleasureSOCIAL AID AND PLEASURE by Shai August

VS note: Listed in Erotica

She’d missed her chance with him and regretted her decision every day since. Now three years later, she was going back to redo her hasty decision. One Mardi Gras, one shifter and two lives changed forever.


lady of weedsLADY OF WEEDS by W R Gingell

Beware the gift left too close to the sea…Cold, isolated, and almost a thing of the sea herself, Carys keeps the seashore. It’s a simple calling: Collect the seaweed along the rocky shore every day before the selkies come out to play, or pay the consequences. She knows the workings of the laws between the sea and the shore, and she collects payment from the sea itself. Issues of King and country barely touch that moving, foamy border: Only saltwater, selkies, and seaweed exist by the rocky shore. Every day is the same for Carys; a cold continuity of service.

Then a boy washes up in one of Cary’s tide-pools: Injured, amnesiac, and bearing with him a token of her past without the memories to accompany it. Now she will need to keep him safe from enemies both at land and at sea; but the land is a mystery to her, and as for the sea—no one knows better than Carys that a single slip of the foot means death by the rocky shore. Or that for every gift given by the selkies, there must be payment in one form or another.

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dragon defiantDRAGON DEFIANT (THE COVERT DRAGONS BOOK 5) by Viola Grace

Born nameless in a tank, they try and make her into a weapon, but she chooses defiance.
Eltrinia sounds like a good name, and Lem comes naturally. After falling through the sky during a lightning storm, Eltrinia is free of the tube that they grew her in, and while she doesn’t yet know her name, she knows that she needs to get in touch with society.
A fisherman and his wife take her in, and a shore patrolman offers to take her to safety, but minimal contact with him tells her all she needs to know. The valley wants her back, she is expensive, and they have scouts looking everywhere for her. Her captor thinks he is in charge, but that is when he meets the lightning.
After that, things get a little blurry.

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haunted by prideHAUNTED BY PRIDE (GESA’S MENAGERIE BOOK 8) by Kaye Draper

Just when Gesa thought her pride was complete…Halstad has vanished in the night, and the mage guild is denying any knowledge of his whereabouts. It would seem the mage doesn’t want to be part of the pride…but Gesa’s gryphon senses are tingling. Something smells like lies. To top it all off, the guild is refusing to sell mage contracts to anyone near Derek White. Even once Gesa finds her mage, she might not be able to keep him.

Pirates, sirens, and demon besties are the least of Gesa’s worries as she sets off to find Halstad. The gryphon hates lies, but this time it’s Gesa keeping a secret from her pride. One that will change their lives.

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killians hopeKILLIAN’S HOPE (ALPHA PROTECTORS BOOK 4) by Elyzabeth M Valey

Hope is a precious thing. Hope is all Alpha Protector Killian has. Hope for more time with his mate. Hope for a better future in which they can be together freely. When they’re both assigned to the same undercover mission in Spain, Killian seizes the opportunity as a chance to spend more time with Prudence. Unfortunately, she doesn’t share his point of view, but hope is the last thing he’ll lose. It’s not greed if it’s for the greater good.

Prudence loves Killian above all else, but her mission in life is to serve the Virtues and keep the balance between good and evil. Being appointed leader of the Spell Casters in the dangerous mission to defeat the Sin Lords is her chance to prove to her superiors that she can be the next High Priestess. The only problem is resisting Killian.

With years of pent up love and frustration tugging at them, will they be able to avoid succumbing to their forbidden mating? And what will happen when the evil which they were sent to destroy threatens to tear them apart forever?

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unkindest tideTHE UNKINDEST TIDE (OCTOBER DAYE BOOK 13) by Seanan McGuire

VS note: Not a romance but many people love this series.

Hundreds of years ago, the Selkies made a deal with the sea witch: they would have the sea for as long as she allowed it, and when the time came, she would call in all their debts at once. Many people assumed that day would never come. Those people were wrong.

When the Luidaeg–October “Toby” Daye’s oldest and most dangerous ally–tells her the time has come for the Selkies to fulfill their side of the bargain, and that Toby must be a part of the process, Toby can’t refuse. Literally. The Selkies aren’t the only ones in debt to the Luidaeg, and Toby has to pay what she owes like anyone else. They will travel to the fabled Duchy of Ships and call a convocation of the Selkies, telling them to come and meet the Luidaeg’s price…or face the consequences.

Of course, nothing is that simple. When Dianda Lorden’s brother appears to arrest Dianda for treason against the Undersea, when a Selkie woman is stripped of her skin and then murdered, when everything is falling apart, that’s when Toby will have to answer the real question of the hour. Is she going to sink? Or is she going to swim?

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lady rogueTHE LADY ROGUE by Jenn Bennett

Traveling with her treasure-hunting father has always been a dream for Theodora. She’s read every book in his library, has an impressive knowledge of the world’s most sought-after relics, and has all the ambition in the world. What she doesn’t have is her father’s permission. That honor goes to her father’s nineteen-year-old protégé—and once-upon-a-time love of Theodora’s life—Huck Gallagher, while Theodora is left to sit alone in her hotel in Istanbul.

Until Huck arrives from an expedition without her father and enlists Theodora’s help in rescuing him. Armed with her father’s travel journal, the reluctant duo learns that her father had been digging up information on a legendary and magical ring that once belonged to Vlad the Impaler—more widely known as Dracula—and that it just might be the key to finding him.

Journeying into Romania, Theodora and Huck embark on a captivating adventure through Gothic villages and dark castles in the misty Carpathian Mountains to recover the notorious ring. But they aren’t the only ones who are searching for it. A secretive and dangerous occult society with a powerful link to Vlad the Impaler himself is hunting for it, too. And they will go to any lengths—including murder—to possess it.

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rapunzel untamedRAPUNZEL UNTAMED (CURSE OF THE FAIRY TALES BOOK 1) by Erin Bedford

In the city of Neo New York, mages rule the world. People like Eva, the non-magical kind, mean nothing. The only destiny waiting for her will be to serve the mages for the rest of her days.

Except Eva isn’t like other humans. Locked in a tower for a crime she doesn’t even remember, Eva is saved by none other than some of Neo New York’s most prestigious mages, and they won’t let anyone take their new toy away from them.

When Eva’s memories make a reappearance, she realizes she might be a little bit more than just a nuisance. Now, Eva must dodge jealous ex-lovers and ambitious council members, all while keeping her past a secret. Whoever said fairy tales had happy endings hasn’t walked a minute in Eva’s shoes.


fire dragons brideFIRE DRAGON’S BRIDE (HIGH HOUSE DRACONIS BOOK 1) by Riley Storm

All Olivia Lawton needs to do is buy a property for a new client, and she’s on her way to the biggest payday of her life. It should be easy—after all, she’s the top real-estate agent in Plymouth Falls. But when the same gorgeous stranger that’s been flirting with her all night turns out to have bought it first, she decides it’s game on. Now, all she needs to do is find a way to convince him to sell…

Aaric Drakon is the first dragon to be awakened after a century of deep sleep. Unsure why he’s chosen, he’s desperate to help awaken more of his kin. If he wants to do that, though, Aaric needs a mate. In an effort to find her, he sets himself a mission to open an Outreach Center for his family, in hopes of getting to know the new generation of humans he will protect, but also to find her. And he’s not going to be distracted by anyone, not even by a feisty real-estate agent who’ll try anything to buy his land.

At first it’s nothing but a challenge for Olivia. She will have this property and the big payout coming her way. The only problem is, Olivia’s new partner is proving less than understanding in a terrifying way. When things escalate to a new level, her only hope is to go to Aaric and tell him everything. But it turns out she’s been swept up in a conflict centuries in the making, and that’s just what his enemies intended.


repeat offenceREPEAT OFFENCE by Jackie Keswick

VS Note: From August.

It should have ended with their deaths.
But dying in a wash of blood was just the beginning.
Sentenced to eternal life for sacrificing themselves in battle, warriors Taz and Hiro must take turns living as human and Guardian on opposing sides of the veil with only a chance to catch a glance of each other in the moment of death.
Until an attack forces Taz and Hiro to make a choice. Should they cling to what little solace they’ve carved out for themselves? Or should they sacrifice their lives to save countless others and risk the wrath of the Judges for a second time?

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heir of the fae linseyHEIR OF THE FAE (THE DRAGON’S GIFT: DARK FAE BOOK 2) by Linsey Hall

VS note: From August.

My fated mate is the Seelie Fae king. He’s powerful, dangerous, and sexy as hell. Except, I don’t want a fated mate. Especially since he thinks I’m a lying snake. Turns out I’m Unseelie, and our courts are at war.

When my new Unseelie magic goes haywire and I nearly destroy my city, I can’t fix it alone. The only person with strong enough magic is the king. Which means I have to beg my mate for help. I’d rather chew off my own leg, but that won’t save Magic’s Bend.

As we work to save my city from falling into the center of the earth, the danger is greater than we’d realized. To find answers, we must risk a visit to the homeland that rejected me—the Unseelie Court. There, I must master my magic, or all is lost. In a place fraught with death and danger, we have only each other. And I don’t know if that will be enough.


infinity chronicles book 4INFINITY CHRONICLES BOOK 4 by Albany Walker

Turns out, I’m still in for a few surprises. I may have found my mom, or rather she found me, but I still have questions only she can answer. Now, getting her to cooperate has presented new challenges. She’s still ruled by fear. Hellbent on keeping my Infinity safe, we take a few chances. Chances, that might just backfire, but there’s noway I’m letting anyone control my future any longer. Determining what Leon is truly capable of is the only way to get rid of him. Forever. Strength isn’t an issue, the bond with my Infinity is stronger than ever. Now it’s our turn to hunt the hunter.


witch pleaseWITCH PLEASE (NOT YOUR BASIC WITCH BOOK 1) by A J Macey and Jarica James

Aris Calisto, newest student at Aether Academy of Crystal Magic and Witchcraft not only stands out with her quirky outfits and bubblegum pink hair but also draws attention by being what’s considered the lowest of the low in the Akasha society- a Mixta.

When mysterious things start happening, including unexpected bindings, things going missing, and being claimed by a not-so-traditional familiar, Aris realizes she’s in over her cotton candy-colored head. Enter in the five guys who have been magically roped into Aris’s rodeo…(more blurb on ebook seller page…)


alpha geek zekeALPHA GEEK: ZEKE by Milly Taiden

Lioness and personal security to the stars, Alexa Milan doesn’t do romance. But when she meets her latest job, she’s unsure how to proceed. The sexy geeky scientist is making her girl parts tingle and her heart do flip flops. How’s she supposed to focus on shooting the bad guys when it takes all her concentration to stop herself from tearing tall, pale and geeky’s clothes off and riding him on his lab table?

Zeke Tristone has always hated being the weak guy. Family genetics cursed him, but a near-death experience allowed him to change his future. Now he’s big, strong and alpha. He also has the biggest hard-on for Alexa. Getting her naked is at the top of his to-do list, along with finding clothes that fit.

Running from the bad guys almost gets Zeke killed, but Alexa and four needles to his neck keep him alive. Now he’s got more than big muscles to worry about. The dangerous animals inside him want her more than their next meal, but he’s holding back. He needs to ensure her safety from others…and himself.


dark windDARK WIND (THE NEW ANCIENTS BOOK 1) by Crista Crown

Sage Wilkins had no idea he had secret super powers until he lost his temper and almost blew down his family home. After a week on the run with this curse spiraling out of control, he’s started to wonder if it wouldn’t be safer if he didn’t exist.

Gideon Ward thought having a secret super power was great when he was a kid. Now, it’s just kind of one of those things. But even an amazing gift seems pointless when there’s no villain to fight, no evil to undo. The most he uses it for is to reduce inflammation in his furry clients at the vet clinic. He can’t help but wonder if he’ll ever be accepted as more than the strange kid that Caspar and Theo adopted ten years ago.

It’s random chance when Gideon is the one to help rescue Sage… or is it? When one of your dads can see the future, you never really know. Someone has to teach Sage to control his power, and that someone turns out to be Gideon. But Sage isn’t the only one who has something to learn. Before Gideon can find acceptance in his community, he has to learn to accept himself first, and to find joy in the magic that already exists inside him.


president bearPRESIDENT BEAR (BEARS WITH POWER BOOK 2) by Phoenix Storm

The most powerful man in the world….. And also a BEAR! When Brenna Hudson applied for a job working for future president Dylan Turner she had a totally different job in mind. She thought she might be a secretary. But President Turner wanted a WIFE.
With the public not keen on voting for their first ever Werebear president, Dylan knew he had to look and act as normal as possible. And so having a human wife would help hugely with that.
But could real love with a delicious Werebear ever develop from such an arrangement? And could being with such a rich and powerful man attract some sort of danger into her life?Brenna was soon going to find out and what would happen next would be very interesting indeed.


art of deathART OF DEATH (LYCHGATE BOOK 1) by Bob Appavu 

Starving artist Riley Burke refuses to be dependent on his rich older boyfriend—hence his second job as a nude model at the local art school.  When the famous artist Coliaro requests him for a private modeling session, he jumps at the chance to earn some real cash.

But then Westwood, a mysterious stranger, warns him to steer clear—it’s said Coliaro is undead. That his worshippers perform rituals to fill him with life energy. That every time he paints a male nude, the painting transforms to depict a gruesome murder. And that shortly after, a young man turns up dead.

Riley dismisses the rumors—until they start to play out before his eyes. When he becomes a target, Westwood comes to his aid. But Westwood is secretive and dangerous himself… which just makes him more attractive to Riley. Riley is in over his head, and even his tenuous alliance with Westwood might not save him.

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zodiac academyZODIAC ACADEMY 2: RUTHLESS FAE (SUPERNATURAL BULLIES AND BEASTS) by Caroline Peckham and Suzanne Valenti

The Celestial Heirs think the stars are on their side. But they don’t know what’s coming. We have to be smart. Fighting them one on one isn’t an option so we have to be stealthy. Remaining under the radar won’t be easy, but if we pull it off, they’ll never suspect our involvement when their lives start falling apart. Besides, they’ve already taken us to the brink of hell, what more can they really do?


harp of kingsTHE HARP OF KINGS (WARRIOR BARDS BOOK 1) by Juliet Marrillier

VS note: Not a romance, although some reviewers seem to think a romance might evolve over the series to come. A release of note.

Eighteen-year-old Liobhan is a powerful singer and an expert whistle player. Her brother has a voice to melt the hardest heart, and is a rare talent on the harp. But Liobhan’s burning ambition is to join the elite warrior band on Swan Island. She and her brother train there to compete for places, and find themselves joining a mission while still candidates. Their unusual blend of skills makes them ideal for this particular job, which requires going undercover as traveling minstrels. For Swan Island trains both warriors and spies.

Their mission: to find and retrieve a precious harp, an ancient symbol of kingship, which has gone missing. If the instrument is not played at the upcoming coronation, the candidate will not be accepted and the kingdom will be thrown into disarray. Faced with plotting courtiers and tight-lipped druids, an insightful storyteller, and a boorish Crown Prince, Liobhan soon realizes an Otherworld power may be meddling in the affairs of the kingdom. When ambition clashes with conscience, Liobhan must make a bold decision—and the consequences may break her heart.

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serpent and doveSERPENT AND DOVE by Shelby Mahurin

Two years ago, Louise le Blanc fled her coven and took shelter in the city of Cesarine, forsaking all magic and living off whatever she could steal. There, witches like Lou are hunted. They are feared. And they are burned.

As a huntsman of the Church, Reid Diggory has lived his life by one principle: Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live. But when Lou pulls a wicked stunt, the two are forced into an impossible situation—marriage.

Lou, unable to ignore her growing feelings, yet powerless to change what she is, must make a choice. And love makes fools of us all.

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magic fury meg xuemeixHALF BLOOD ACADEMY 3: MAGIC FURY by Meg Xuemei X

I’m not what everyone thinks I am.                                            

If they discover my hidden origin, both the gods and demons will hunt me to the ends of the universe. But I don’t carry my dark secret alone. The sea demigod, my sworn enemy, now carries it with me and leaves a trail of dead bodies behind to keep me–and my secret–safe.  Then the God of War returns to the Academy. Obsessed with my uniqueness, he steals me from his son’s bed to make me warm his.  So war breaks out between the war god and my demigods. If we survive the brutal battle, my mates will soon learn the truth about me is dirtier than reality.


Ellen’s first London Season was a disappointment. She fears she’ll never meet a man who will see her for more than her fortune or ability to provide an heir.

Landscape architect Michael Addington thinks his grandfather is mental but never dreams the old man will try to set Twickenham Manor on fire. In Michael’s struggle to stop the act of arson, a young woman appears out of nowhere. Flames and fae magic engulf them both, the first burning them badly and the second transporting them back to 1851.

Ellen and Michael find they must rely on each other through the painful recovery. Day by day, their attraction grows. But Michael is riddled with guilt. If she discovers his dark secret, he could lose her forever . . . he’s the one who set her on fire.



reede finalIn case you missed my new scifi romance release last week: 


Lt. Fallyn Damara was sent by the Sectors to investigate a strange transmission from an isolated planet and determine whether the residents of a vanished colony had been transported there by alien enemies. Fallyn’s ship crashes and she’s taken prisoner by the Khagrish scientists, to await her fate in the slate of horrifying experiments being conducted.

Reede, the second ranking enforcer in the Badari Warrior pack, volunteers to be recaptured by the Khagrish in an effort to locate and rescue Fallyn inside the deadly lab complex.

While a prisoner Reede discovers Fallyn is the woman destined to become his fated mate but the moment is bittersweet because Fallyn will be leaving their world at the first opportunity, to report back to the Sectors. He refuses to complete the mate bond, believing to do so will lead to nothing but lifelong misery for them both, separated by lightyears and interstellar politics.

For her part, Fallyn wants to shake up the rule-bound enforcer and persuade him to take a chance on love.

But first they have to escape the Khagrish.

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August 28

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August  7

The term “new” is generally plus or minus a week or two. I try to catch up on ones I missed in recent months.  And I may mention ‘special items’.

I do NOT cover every single new release in SFR/FantasyR/PNR. I never have. That would be an impossible task for any human! I assemble my list by hand every week based on various informal inputs, and I do curate the list to some extent…

I check and verify all the buy links at the time I create the post  but after that I’m not responsible.

What About the Other Humans? Weekend Writing Warriors

Warriors logo revisedTaking excerpts from REEDE, my recent scifi romance release…

Here’s the link to the Weekend Writing Warriors central page, so you can visit all the participants sharing excerpts today…a fun way to sample new books and find new authors! (Also welcome to the Sunday Snippet visitors!)

Punctuation may be wonky to comply with our guidelines here. May be edited a bit from published version.

If you haven’t read any of my Badari Warriors books, here’s the background:

Genetically engineered soldiers of the far future, the Badari were created by alien enemies to fight humans. But then the scientists kidnapped an entire human colony from the Sectors to use as subjects in twisted experiments…the Badari and the humans made common cause, rebelled and escaped the labs. Now they live side by side in a sanctuary valley protected by a powerful Artificial Intelligence, and wage unceasing war on the aliens. 

The excerpt: Reede and Fallyn meet in the course of a Khagrish experiment, make an escape run but are recaptured and are now in a cell awaiting whatever the Khagrish will do to them next. Reede has been giving Fallyn the background of what’s happening on this planet. In the earlier book JADRIAN several human Special Forces soldiers used a top secret mind tool known as fastlink to send a desperate message to the Sectors. Reede isn’t telling her the whole truth…yet.

“What about the other humans here?” Fallyn asked.

“We try to rescue as many as we can, every time, but we only have so much fire power and so many soldiers. Right now we’re stretched dangerously thin so we’ve prioritized the labs where the experiments are more immediately lethal. Unfortunately, there are a great many labs and many more human prisoners than we believed,” Rubbing one hand over his face, Reede clenched his jaw,“In the beginning we estimated there were only two hundred or so from the Amarcae Seven colony but now we’ve learned there are large numbers of people snatched from cruise ships and other vessels in the Sectors.”

She leaned forward, sitting on the edge of her chair,  “Have you thought of trying to get help from the Sectors?”

“Well of course but we have no spaceships and no way of communicating with the Sectors. We don’t even know where we are in relation to the Sectors.”

Fallyn licked her lips and decided to take a gamble, “Fastlink?”

Reede’s eyes opened wide and he shot his hand out to grab her wrist so fast she didn’t have time to be afraid, “You? You’re the Sectors scout whose ship crashed?”

reede finalThe blurb: Lt. Fallyn Damara was sent by the Sectors to investigate a strange transmission from an isolated planet and determine whether the residents of a vanished colony had been transported there by alien enemies. Fallyn’s ship crashes and she’s taken prisoner by the Khagrish scientists, to await her fate in the slate of horrifying experiments being conducted.

Reede, the second ranking enforcer in the Badari Warrior pack, volunteers to be recaptured by the Khagrish in an effort to locate and rescue Fallyn inside the deadly lab complex.

While a prisoner Reede discovers Fallyn is the woman destined to become his fated mate but the moment is bittersweet because Fallyn will be leaving their world at the first opportunity, to report back to the Sectors. He refuses to complete the mate bond, believing to do so will lead to nothing but lifelong misery for them both, separated by lightyears and interstellar politics.

For her part, Fallyn wants to shake up the rule-bound enforcer and persuade him to take a chance on love.

But first they have to escape the Khagrish.

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Award winning Badari Warriors SciFi Romance Series!

New Releases in #SciFi #Fantasy and Paranormal Romance for Wednesday August 28

reede finalAs always, I recommend sampling before you buy! I have not read most of the new releases listed (although I always end up one-clicking a bunch as I prepare these posts LOL).



Lt. Fallyn Damara was sent by the Sectors to investigate a strange transmission from an isolated planet and determine whether the residents of a vanished colony had been transported there by alien enemies. Fallyn’s ship crashes and she’s taken prisoner by the Khagrish scientists, to await her fate in the slate of horrifying experiments being conducted.

Reede, the second ranking enforcer in the Badari Warrior pack, volunteers to be recaptured by the Khagrish in an effort to locate and rescue Fallyn inside the deadly lab complex.

While a prisoner Reede discovers Fallyn is the woman destined to become his fated mate but the moment is bittersweet because Fallyn will be leaving their world at the first opportunity, to report back to the Sectors. He refuses to complete the mate bond, believing to do so will lead to nothing but lifelong misery for them both, separated by lightyears and interstellar politics.

For her part, Fallyn wants to shake up the rule-bound enforcer and persuade him to take a chance on love.

But first they have to escape the Khagrish.

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addicted to the alienADDICTED TO THE ALIEN (REBELS OF SIDYTH BOOK 8) by Sabrina Kade

She can’t afford to lose control…but can she control herself around him?

Arizona refuses to give up her long-held title of top working Intergalactic Call-Girl despite having the hottest nubile alien she’s ever seen claim her as his mate. It’s clear that despite his relative youth, he knows what he’s doing in the bedroom, and is walking, talking proof that age is nothing but a number.

Drozass knows claiming Arizona is a risk. No display of wealth or status has yet revealed Arizona’s softer side, and he has neither. He may be young, but Drozass is convinced he’s exactly what she needs. Can the legendary Arizona really fall for a client and will it cost her the respect of her closest friends, much less herself?


alien warriors secretALIEN WARRIOR’S SECRET (WARRIORS OF THE LATHAR BOOK 9) by Mina Carter

Being captured by aliens is better than being sent home…Pilot Randy Rivers always has had a sassy mouth. This time though, it’s not her mouth but her temper that lands her in trouble and given her marching orders home. That and apparently slamming a superior officer’s face into a table is a no no. Even if the guy is a misogynistic asshole. And groped her. Faced with the prospect of going back back to over-crowded earth with it’s slum-cities, she takes a high-stakes, off the book mission into the heart of enemy territory.

When things go sideways, she expects to end up as a prisoner of war, not holed up and kept secret from every one else on the ship by the sexiest alien guy. One who’s determined to prove that enemies can make the best lovers…

Sometimes love can be found in the most unexpected of places… like under a seating rack. Riis K’Vass knew humans could be unpredictable and, frankly, insane, but even he didn’t expect them to try and sneak onto a heavily armed and armored warship, filled with a small army. They did though, and were easily captured. But, the numbers don’t add up, and Riis realizes that they’re missing one human. A female hiding in the tiniest of spaces, easily missed with how tiny human women are. A female who takes his breath away with her beauty and makes him smile with her stubbornness and intelligence.

Just a few days. At least, that’s what he tells himself. If he can keep her secret for long enough to get himself some mating marks and bond her to him, then they’ll never be able to take her away from him.

But jealous eyes are always watching and a warship is no place for keeping secrets. Especially where rare and coveted females are concerned. When Randy is discovered, Riis must fight for his life and a chance at a life with his little mate. Because mating marks don’t do a warrior any good if he’s dead.

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zhoryans gameZHORYAN’S GAME (ALIEN BOUNTY HUNTERS BOOK 5) by Michele Mills

He’s an arrogant, celebrity warlord who thinks marriage and snot-nosed children sound like the lowest level of hell.
She’s the filthy-mouthed daughter of a High Priest who wants LOTS OF KIDS.
When their deck explodes they rush into the same executive escape pod and eventually crash-land together on a mysterious planet. Without food and water. Without any way to communicate with their ship. And most importantly, without Zhoryan’s gloves of the unmated. The one item that will prevent testing of mating compatibility.
And then they find out why it’s called ‘Ship-Trap Planet.’
Will Zhoryan be able to resist touching this female’s bare skin while being hunted by the psychopath who owns the planet?
And will Janet learn to love such an unbearable @$$hole?
Because, one touch is all it takes.


spacesideSPACESIDE (PLANETSIDE BOOK 2) by Michael Mammay

VS Note: Not a romance, military scifi…I really enjoyed his first book last year and have had this on preorder. It’s a release of note to me this week!

Following his mission on Cappa, Colonel Carl Butler returns to a mixed reception. To some he is a do-or-die war hero. To the other half of the galaxy he’s a pariah. Forced into retirement, he has resettled on Talca Four where he’s now Deputy VP of Corporate Security, protecting a high-tech military company on the corporate battlefield—at least, that’s what the job description says. Really, he’s just there to impress clients and investors. It’s all relatively low risk—until he’s entrusted with new orders. A breach of a competitor’s computer network has Butler’s superiors feeling every bit as vulnerable. They need Butler to find who did it, how, and why no one’s taken credit for the ingenious attack.

As accustomed as Butler is to the reality of wargames—virtual and otherwise—this one screams something louder than a simple hack. Because no sooner does he start digging when his first contact is murdered, the death somehow kept secret from the media. As a prime suspect, he can’t shake the sensation he’s being watched…or finally succumbing to the stress of his past. Paranoid delusion or dangerous reality, Butler might be onto something much deeper than anyone imagined. But that’s where Butler thrives.

If he hasn’t signed his own death warrant.

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The wait is almost over. But is Vrehx ready for his biggest challenge yet?



Secrets, like lightning, can strike.
Dedicated to defending Thunder City, superhero Serena Jakes must work with the family of her ex-fiancé, Nik Blackwood, if she’s going to climb the ranks of Thunder City’s superhero community. Even worse, when her estranged sister sends a coded message begging for help, Nik’s younger brother, Alek, is the only one who steps up and offers his assistance.

Alek Blackwood fell in love with Serena the moment Nik introduced them. As Highlight, she has the ability to make sunlight dance at her fingertips, just like he has the ability to make lightning dance in the sky. Working with Serena over the years made him admire her for her dedication and loyalty to the superhero community. When Serena asks for aid, he knows this is the perfect time to show her he’s more than just Nik’s younger brother.

Alek risking his life for Serena’s family makes her see him in a new light. When the rescue takes a dangerous turn and the truth of long-buried emotions emerge, can Serena trust Alek with her heart? Or will the past come back to haunt them both?

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krinar eclipseTHE KRINAR ECLIPSE: A KRINAR WORLD NOVEL by Lauren Smith

Bianca Wells, the President’s daughter, experiences a close encounter with the aliens who invaded Earth five years ago. The Krinar are powerful, attractive, but also mysterious. There is one in particular she can’t get out of her head—the seductive Krinar Ambassador named Soren. With his hauntingly beautiful eyes and god-like body, he invades her dreams, spinning sensual encounters that leave her aching and breathless. But he, like the others of his kind, is dangerous. With impossible speed and strength, wielding incredible intelligence and advanced technology, the Krinar control this planet and every human on it. Bianca should want nothing to do with Soren. A single touch from him might cause an interstellar war. But after one scorching, forbidden kiss, she’ll risk everything to be with him.

Soren came to Earth to ensure the survival of his people, but now he has one desire: to possess the brave and irresistible Bianca. Knowing he could destroy peaceful relations with the humans if anyone sees him with her, he takes matters into his own hands, rescuing her from an assassin. After one “big-bang” of a kiss, he knows he can’t let her go home. She belongs to him, and he will break every rule in his carefully controlled world to keep her.

After their forbidden night of passion, Bianca enters Soren’s dark, seductive world. But her new life as Soren’s woman puts a target on her back, and her status as First Daughter only makes things worse. As enemies surface all around them, Bianca realizes she will have to trust Soren with her heart, even if it means giving up her freedom.

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Harper King is like most humans—she works hard at her job and does her best not to think too much about the Krinar. The mysterious aliens took over her planet five years ago, and since then, rumors have surrounded them… whispers of super strength and speed, incredible beauty, and advanced technology. Harper should hate them, since her parents died the day they invaded, but something about the infamous Krinar fascinates her. Little does she know that the sinfully gorgeous drifter who rescues her from a bar fight will give her the close encounter she’s always dreamed of.

Sef is supposed to be infiltrating a human resistance group, not seducing sweet little human females. But from the moment he sets eyes on Harper, he knows he must have her and will do anything to possess her. Using his human disguise, he lures Harper into his arms and his bed. When it’s far too late for her to escape him, he reveals that he’s a Krinar, one of the powerful and terrifying aliens she’s always wanted to meet. He gives her a choice: to save her brothers, she must give herself to him—heart, body, and soul.

Will she choose her dark, seductive alien lover to save her family? Or will she resist the secret desires of her own heart in order to be free?

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alien appetiteALIEN APPETITE: A KRINAR WORLD NOVEL by Josie Walker

Tessa is beginning to regret her impulsive decision to sneak onto an alien spaceship. She’d wanted to keep her best friend safe and enjoy a nice interstellar getaway free of charge. But everything goes to hell when an unknown race of aliens crashes her space vacation and kidnaps her along with a group of terrified Krinar females. They seem more like robots than aliens, with bodies covered in an impenetrable layer of thick cold metal, yet their shape is still manly.

One of the aliens in particular seems to be very interested in her. She’d tell him she was “flattered, but no thanks,” if she thought he could understand her words. The only sounds he makes are like clicks and glass breaking, which means they have a lot more than a language barrier standing between them. So much for her useless high school Spanish class! He seems to want her, but what if he wants to use his weapon hands to skewer her? Or is he motivated by hunger of an entirely different nature? If the latter proves true she really, really hopes he doesn’t want to hold hands, because that looks about as dangerous as making out with Edward Scissorhands.

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more real than himMORE REAL THAN HIM by Silvia Park

VS Note: Not a romance but scifi. Caught my eye. Might be interesting. 3.33 rating overall on Goodreads.

The beginnings of a tentative friendship between two roboticists complicate over career envy, female beauty, and a stolen robot designed to resemble a famous Korean actor.

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saved by her alien tempest lunaSAVED BY HER ALIEN (BALROV MATES BOOK 4) by Tempest Luna

The wormhole that destroyed her ship left Maren clinging to life. When Zaden pillages her ravaged craft for parts to trade at the auction, he never expects to find a human woman. One who stirs his heart and awakens his withered soul. Only the bond can save her. But it could also kill them both.



Beth is a corporate lawyer who wants to be anywhere but in her current position. With a job that supplies financial stability at the expense of love, she wishes for a new and exciting life — until she is abducted from Earth and forced into a breeding program she never signed up for.

Horgeer is a handsome alien tasked with helping his dying race to survive. When he wins his human breeder in the Galactic Lottery, he never expects to find love in such a harsh environment.


alien healer sadie carterALIEN HEALER (ZERCONIAN WARRIORS BOOK 15) by Sadie Carter

Racar is determined to find a way to ensure that human females live as long as their Zerconian mates. Solving this problem has become the focus of his life. To the point that he hasn’t even noticed his own mate is right under his nose…
Trying her best to be noticed.
Ellie has tried everything she can to get the clueless, hunky healer to actually see her. Short of running around naked screaming his name she wasn’t sure what else she could do.
And frankly, she wasn’t even sure that would work.
When Racar discovers she is his mate, she doesn’t know whether to trust in him. To believe him.
To let herself hope.

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traded to the alien regentTRADED TO THE ALIEN REGENT by Juno Wells

Grace – Grace became a fighter pilot after the loss of both her parents on a deep space voyage forced her into stepping up, becoming both mother and father to her younger sisters. It was dangerous work, with constant attacks and long stretches between planets while the command crew searched for a suitable new home. Something similar to Earth they could settle on and create a better society. Maybe then Grace would have time to think about something more than surviving.

Grace is ready to sacrifice herself in a losing battle with alien pirates but the Davarians, green-skinned warriors with elven features and sharp fangs, intervene just in time. They only ask for one thing in return. Trade rights for willing females to aid their failing bloodlines.

Their regent takes a liking to Grace but he’s abrasive, annoying, demanding, and a total pain. Can she find common ground with the five thousand year old ruler or will their falling out cost her crew the only safe haven they’ve found?

Bradon – Once regents were plentiful among his people but now only three remain. Bradon took his turn ruling for twenty years then slept through the reign of the other two. Prolonged use of his people’s hibernation units has caused physical changes to his body.

Awakening to find humans taking refuge among his people was shock enough, but nothing compared to the long dormant feelings of love and lust one feisty female fighter pilot inspires in him.

The more she argues and defies him the more he wants her for his own. Yet he can’t stop being a beast to her, everything about her provokes his ire. Except when it doesn’t. How does he get a beautiful young human to fall in love with him when his body has become monstrous and she does nothing but enrage him?


sword of damageSWORD OF DAMAGE (SKY CITIES BOOK 3) by Lucy Smoke

Just because something is legal, doesn’t make it right. I never expected that leaving the refuge of Corvallis would result in such dire circumstances. When rogue rovers commandeer our airship, I’m left with an impossible choice. Stay and risk my life to save the others or let them be captured along with me.

Just because a choice is hard, doesn’t mean it’s wrong. There’s no question. I choose them. Even if it means I arrive on Bath as a prisoner and slave. Bath is more dangerous, perhaps, than even my home city of Tartarus. Rogue Rovers. Black market slavery. A strange girl with a dark secret. I find myself dropped right back where I started. Alone and helpless. There are no friends on Bath, only alliances and I need to be very careful who I choose to align myself with. And what I promise them in the name of freedom.


sister planetSISTER PLANET by Rena Marks

We had no idea that over time, we would be referred to as the Sister Planet. A term which came to mean the bastard sibling no one wants to claim. Because we threw out all of Earth’s rules and live by our own: Anything goes. A place where you can be single…or you can date six people. Earth frowns at our heathen ways. But the joke’s on Earth. Centuries later, we’ve bypassed them in education and technology. But like a bully big brother, Earth still tries to use us. My name is Lady Nivea Gilleon. In a mating with four of the most powerful individuals on Mars, I become Earth’s pawn.  It takes the gorgeous man I threw away like yesterday’s trash to rescue me.


mated victoria valloMATED (IMPRISONED BOOK 2) by Victoria Vallo

If you commit a crime on Vaharis 6, there’s more than one way to work off your sentence…Sam doesn’t know what to think when his “alternative sentence” ends up being an arranged courtship with another male panther shifter. It’s better than going to prison, but Sam can’t help worrying when he finds out how much was paid for his freedom … and how determined his new keeper is to make Sam his true mate.

Laxus has been shunned by other shifters for many reasons, including his preference for male lovers. He’s more than willing to rescue Sam from the horrors of prison life, especially when he sees Sam’s reaction to his touch. As the younger man tries to deny his reactions, Laxus becomes more resolute than ever to seduce Sam and work his way into his heart.



Space salvager Abby Marks has lived through the deaths of her brothers and an abduction. Independent, she lives by her own rules. But her life takes a turn when she decides to salvage what appears to be an abandoned Gravasian ship—only to come face-to-face with Vaden el Gravaso, an intimidating, yet downright sexy warrior, who seems intent on keeping her.

Engine troubles have disabled his ship. When Abby boards his vessel, she pulls a blaster and shoots him, so how can he not want her? Vaden knows her brothers are very much alive and searching for her, but so is her abductor. He isn’t about to let any of them have her. As her past and present collide, both their lives and hearts are at risk.

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lady doctor wyreLADY DOCTOR WYRE: A JANE AUSTEN SPACE OPERA by Joely Sue Burkhart

VS Note, added AUG 30: A reader has indicated to me this may be a lightly edited re-release. The book seemed familiar to me but I wasn’t sure and didn’t find an earlier copyright date…I do try to flag re-releases where I can.

In a universe where ladies rule supreme…A mash-up of Jane Austen and Firefly, this series puts ladies in charge—in space. If you love a Regency romp and space opera, join Lady Wyre on her adventures.
Hiding in the backwards colony of Americus for seven years is preferable to even one day of torture in the Tower of Londonium. Without her research or the simplest of luxuries, Lady Wyre bides her time by dallying with the safe and honorable Sheriff Gilead Masters.
Until her other lover, the dashing assassin Lord Sigmund Regret, arrives for their yearly solstice interlude a few days early.
While she’s trying to keep her two men from each other’s throats, the colony’s rebellion against Britannia becomes more volatile. Her not-so-safe sheriff reveals a secret past that drags her straight back into the dangerous chess game of politics. With the Queen’s Ravens closing in, Charlotte wearies of her life on the run. She fires a warning shot across Britannia’s bow.
Cease hunting Lady Doctor Wyre—or lose the technological power the Crown holds so dear. Forever. Alas, Dear Reader, her two lovers may ruin her perfect plan by killing each other.


dreaming of ayamaDREAMING OF AYAMA (DAWNBREAKER BOOK 2) by K A Knight

The day the Dawnbreaker exploded and we crash-landed changed not just my life, but also thousands of others’ lives for good. Faced with an uncertain future on a mysterious and unknown planet, I am forced to adapt quickly. When it becomes clear we are not the only ones on this world, we need to try and gain their trust and friendship, or we will unwittingly start a war we have no chance of winning.

With my men at my side, I can take on anything—at least, I think so. But what if the men I trusted are hiding secrets of their own? Lies unravel, truths are revealed, and The Saviours live on.
With enemies on all sides and people looking to me for guidance, will I bend and break, or stand tall and come out stronger than ever?
I’m Indy Stewart, a member of Colony Mission 43, and I am a survivor—whatever it takes.



Clea knows where she is, and she knows what she is expected to do. She just can’t bring herself to do it. When a handsome, aged creature named Ignis wins the bid for Clea’s body, she makes up her mind: she will fight her way out of his arms before she lets herself be forced into his bed.

Ignis didn’t want to be at the Hub, and he definitely didn’t want to be in the position he was in now: that of wooing his way between the legs of the human woman before him. What he really wanted was his wife, the one whose flame had been extinguished many annums before. But the fate of his entire planet rested upon his shoulders, and he was determined to do his duty.

And yet, the longer Ignis is around feisty human Clea, the more the ruler of the war planet Incenda realizes the Earth woman has her own fire deep inside. Will Ignis persuade Clea to be his mate and help him save his home planet, or will the heat of their warring desire and hatred for each other consume them both?


star knight errant thrustSTAR KNIGHT ERRANT: THRUST by A K Shelley

When Martian Air Science Engineer Cass Hedley takes a dare to use her new Artificial Intelligence system for a night of erotic release, there’s only one man she can imagine spending time with—the legendary comic book hero Star Knight Errant. She imagines strong hands, hard abs, and bubble baths, but her black market AI has another idea—an illegal fight club that will only end in her sexy companion’s death…or hers.

When Evander Mór transports to an unknown desert planet, his mission changes. Instead of brokering a peace deal, he’ll figure out what backwater he’s landed on and enjoy a well-earned weekend off with a gorgeous scientist. But when things get hotter than a supernova between them, he discovers he only has eighteen hours to stop an AI bent on murder, convince Cass he’s more than fiction, and find a way to cross the gulf between galaxies to bring her home.

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conquered kallista daneCONQUERED (CENTAURI CAPTIVES BOOK 4) by Kallista Dane and Kate Richards

Aja—I may be his captive,
But I won’t be conquered.
The dominant alien ordering me to call him Master is more than a warrior. Dark and mysterious, he has skills and talents beyond any I’ve ever encountered.
He can read my soul.
He’s discovered my naughtiest secret desires. And he’s determined to make me act out those wicked fantasies—for his enjoyment.
But I have another secret. One he must never learn. For it could cost me my life.

Vyraz – I am the last of my kind, preparing for the end. Until a headstrong human dares me to conquer her—and brings me back to life.
Arythios is gone, destroyed by an evil force. Men, women, children—dead. All that remains of our world, once the most powerful in the galaxy, is a team of warriors, a handful of starships, and me – the last surviving Archon.
I carry a heavy burden, that of keeping our history alive. And now I’ve been tasked with another. Choose one of the females sent to us as a breeder…(more blurb on ebook seller page…)


malikMALIK (THE KIF WARRIORS BOOK 1) by Kiki Burrelli and Crista Crown

VS Note: Authors state this is an alien mpreg series

All his life, Loshka has been trained to be one thing, a pleasure slave. Led by a higher calling, he was taught the path to eternal glory was paved with obedience. His will is not important, not when compared to the will of his future master.

But his faith is tested when Loshka is given to a brutal alien master who enjoys Loshka’s screams of pain more than his pleasure. As Loshka resigns himself to a short life with the cruel monster, he is kidnapped by a group of warriors.

Malik and his warrior family are searching the forsaken lands for a missing boy when they find Loshka. Malik never expected his mate would be an alien man who is as soft as he is vulnerable. He doesn’t have the hard scales or sharp claws that Malik and his kind use to survive daily in the harsh desert landscape.

Loshka is not just afraid, but completely unaware of what it means to belong to another, not as an object, but as a mate. It takes every ounce of Malik’s patience to convince Loshka that he deserves more than the life handed to him.

But just as Loshka learns that with love, a future and a family are not impossible, his past returns to drag him back into a life of forced servitude. The fated mates have already been through so much, can they survive one more threat to their bond?


rise againstRISE AGAINST: A FOUNDLING NOVEL by Hailey Edwards

Luce has come, literally, through hell, and now she’s trying to pick up the pieces. Earth is getting ready for the war to end all wars: it’s angels vs demons and Luce is the only one who seems worried about humanity, hapless pawns who are stuck in the middle of the battlefield. Between building an army and running for her life, she’s got a lot on her plate – and that’s not to mention her beloved Cole.
As angels drop dead and violent forces begin to gather in the city, the final pieces of an ancient war fall into place, and it’s time for Luce and her loyal coterie to face an enemy like no other. In order to survive, they’ll need to team up with those they’ve considered enemies, and try to decide who, if anyone, they can trust. And Luce must decide how much she’s ready to risk in the name of peace – and whether she’d be prepared to sacrifice her very soul.

Amazon     Apple Books

blaze queens bird of preyBLAZE: QUEEN’S BIRD OF PREY BOOK 2 by Kathi S Barton

Blaze and her warrior sisters had been around for several millennia, their time of fighting in wars and conquering kingdoms now a distant memory. Before Queen Dante passed, she’d graced her prized warriors—the falcon, hawk, eagle, phoenix, vulture, and owl—with humanity as well as immortality.

Blaze, a hawk, had done many things in her immortal lifetime. Now, making toys was a pastime she enjoyed. However, the owner of the print shop that made the blueprints for her designs had not only ripped her off, but several other companies by giving them faulty blueprints and keeping the correct ones for himself to profit from. Blaze had caught the defect before she had put her project into production, the other firms hadn’t been so lucky and had lost millions. Given the opportunity, Blaze purchased the print shop.

Bryson had worked for the print shop for ten years. However, he had no knowledge of the owner’s dirty dealings. When the new owner stepped in, he was happy to still have a job and was eager to help in any way he could. What he hadn’t expected was the jolt he received when he shook the new owner’s hand. In that moment he knew two things, she wasn’t human, and she was his mate.


taryns tideriderTARYN’S TIDERIDER (ALIENS OF ATLANTIS BOOK 1) by JL Madore and Skylar Rain

Can love save two races headed for extinction?

Alien abduction? Seriously? After the ice caps melt and humanity devolves to its base survival instincts, Mackenzie can’t imagine life getting any more dangerous. Until she wakes in an underground city of protective alien warriors.

Taryn should never have brought the human back to Atlantis. Now, instead of dealing with the attack of sea creatures, failing shields, and their kind nearing the brink of extinction, he’s fighting the constant arousal of being near Mackenzie, the human woman haunting his fantasies.



Seven-foot-tall Aurelians are addicted to claiming innocence.
Mia: Mine is the bait.
The huge, dominant species cannot control their mating rage around a woman untouched. They have deep biological drives to find their Fated Mate. It blinds them. It turns them into animals. Dangerous animals. I can’t be near the aggressive warrior species…I have no choice.
I’m a Sector 4 thief, and when my boss tells me to do something, it’s either do it or get my skull cracked open. Even if that means trying to fool a species that can smell what you’re thinking.
I have to infiltrate the manor of the most powerful aliens on the planet. I have to convince them I’m a maid. A damsel in distress. Nothing more than an innocent, helpless woman on the big bad planet.

Gallus. Cyrus. Varian. Three powerful aliens who have built a fortune seeing through deception. Ivory skin. Huge rippling muscles and hands that could crush your skull in a single squeeze. Blank grey eyes that see through me. Protective, possessive, and controlling. Once I’m in their manor, they won’t let go. Will they be blinded by my innocence…Or will I be caught and punished?


bhyrBHYR (ALIEN WARRIOR BOOK 3) by Penelope Fletcher

We are the destroyers of worlds. The scourge of the weak and the masters of creation. We are as one fist, one blade, one almighty force. We are horde.
~Unknown, Ranked Warrior of the Azteka Horde

Bhyr, leader of the Azteka Horde, is committed to saving his species from extinction. Taking the human female as a breeder is his divine right. He will breed her, anoint his spawn, and then rid himself of the complications that come with a mate. But when the time comes, will he be able to strike down the one he loves most?

Indira is abducted from Earth and leashed to an alien barbarian. He wants one thing of her: an heir. Vowing to escape his clutches, Indira begins a revolt that causes ripples throughout the galaxy. But as she strives to thwart the most feared being in the universe, she must question how the warrior she defied became the darkest desire of her heart.


black spireGALAXY’S EDGE: BLACK SPIRE (STAR WARS) by Deliliah S Dawson

VS Note: Not a romance but a release of note.  Here’s the publisher’s note: Walk the ancient streets, meet the colorful characters, and uncover the secret history of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, the new expansion to the Disney Parks experience!

After devastating losses at the hands of the First Order, General Leia Organa has dispatched her agents across the galaxy in search of allies, sanctuary, and firepower—and her top spy, Vi Moradi, may have just found all three, on a secluded world at the galaxy’s edge.

A planet of lush forests, precarious mountains, and towering, petrified trees, Batuu is on the furthest possible frontier of the galactic map, the last settled world before the mysterious expanse of Wild Space. The rogues, smugglers, and adventurers who eke out a living on the largest settlement on the planet, Black Spire Outpost, are here to avoid prying eyes and unnecessary complications. Vi, a Resistance spy on the run from the First Order, is hardly a welcome guest. And when a shuttle full of stormtroopers lands in her wake, determined to root her out, she has no idea where to find help.

To survive, Vi will have to seek out the good-hearted heroes hiding in a world that redefines scum and villainy. With the help of a traitorous trooper and her acerbic droid, she begins to gather a colorful band of outcasts and misfits, and embarks on a mission to spark the fire of resistance on Batuu—before the First Order snuffs it out entirely.

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When the Arcav invaded Earth, human leaders didn’t even try to fight. All human women were forced to give blood so they could be tested for compatibility as Arcav mates. Harlow’s life changes forever when her name is announced as mate to the Arcav King. Within just a few seconds, she’s no longer a cop. Now, she’s expected to hand herself in and travel back to Arcavia with an alien she has never met. Instead, she works with the resistance, fleeing with the help of other humans and fighting for her autonomy. If there’s one thing Harlow knows, it’s this: She’ll never give up her freedom for a seven-foot, horned alien. Even if his heated looks make her toes curl and his dominant ways give her goosebumps.

Varian doesn’t understand why Harlow won’t come to him. How can she overlook the pleasure that awaits in his arms? He’ll keep her safe, even if that means stealing her freedom forever. With his sanity on the line, he can’t afford to go back to Arcavia empty-handed. When another species of aliens begin eyeing up Earth’s resources, the Arcav may be the only ones who can keep Earth in one piece. Can Harlow stay on the run forever? Or will Varian convince her to take her rightful place… at his side?


passengersTHE PASSENGERS by John Marrs

VS Note: Not a romance but wow, when I read th4e concept, I was hooked and one clicked. A release of note, surely it’ll be a movie…

You’re riding in your self-driving car when suddenly the doors lock, the route changes and you have lost all control. Then, a mysterious voice tells you, “You are going to die.”

Just as self-driving cars become the trusted, safer norm, eight people find themselves in this terrifying situation, including a faded TV star, a pregnant young woman, an abused wife fleeing her husband, an illegal immigrant, a husband and wife, and a suicidal man.

From cameras hidden in their cars, their panic is broadcast to millions of people around the world. But the public will show their true colors when they are asked, “Which of these people should we save?…And who should we kill first?”

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sapphire flamesSAPPHIRE FLAMES: A HIDDEN LEGACY NOVEL by Ilona Andrews

VS note: They’re an autobuy for me.

n a world where magic is the key to power and wealth, Catalina Baylor is a Prime, the highest rank of magic user, and the Head of her House. Catalina has always been afraid to use her unique powers, but when her friend’s mother and sister are murdered, Catalina risks her reputation and safety to unravel the mystery.

But behind the scenes powerful forces are at work, and one of them is Alessandro Sagredo, the Italian Prime who was once Catalina’s teenage crush. Dangerous and unpredictable, Alessandro’s true motives are unclear, but he’s drawn to Catalina like a moth to a flame.

To help her friend, Catalina must test the limits of her extraordinary powers, but doing so may cost her both her House–and her heart.

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soul of the dragonsSOUL OF THE DRAGONS (BAD DRAGONS BOOK 3) by Terry Bolryder

Anna didn’t expect things to go this far in the Blur. But after misadventures, death-defying rescues, and romantic interludes aplenty, she’s now face-to-face with the fact that she’s madly in love with five powerful, incredible dragons. And ALL of them want her more badly than air. But as perfect as they all are, how can she possibly choose between them if doing so will only break her heart?
A dramatic confrontation with a new enemy that threatens to obliterate everything will push the dragons to the very limit of their abilities, both individually an as a group. Meanwhile, Anna will be brought face to face with the person that started it all, back in the library so long ago. But now that she’s in love with five dragons equally, there’s only one question left to ask. Can she love one more broken dragon?
With their mate in danger, and their world on the brink of war, the dragons must band together to save all that they hold dear. Meanwhile, Anna will be forced to make the toughest decision she’s ever made, all while the fate of the world and her beloved dragons is in her hands.


An immortal battle to the throne.
Full with Egyptian mythology, fantasy, wild romance and sizzling scenes, Seratis Daughter of the Sun makes the perfect escapism for fantasy lovers, Egyptian historical myths fans, and spicy paranormal romance readers.


eye of dangerEYE OF DANGER: TIGER’S EYE MYSTERIES by Alyssa Day

When Tess Callahan’s long-lost and presumed-dead father comes back to town, running from the mob, she’s not sure how to feel. But when she finds out the bad guys are really after her, to use her “gift” as a weapon, she knows exactly who to turn to. When Jack Shepherd must confront mob bigwigs, a rogue vampire, and Tess’s dad all in the same day, he realizes that small towns can be every bit as deadly as the rebellion he led when he was a soldier. Tess is in trouble, and there’s no way Jack will let anything happen to her—they haven’t even gone on their first date!

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wonderland academyWONDERLAND ACADEMY BOOK 1 by Melanie Karsak

Getting into Wonderland Academy is easy:
You must be a little mad.
You must follow the white rabbit.
You must find the key to enter Wonderland.
You must not be named Alice or risk being beheaded by order of the Queen of Hearts.
We might have an issue with that last one.
My name may be Alice, but Wonderland Academy is everything my real life isn’t. Who wouldn’t want to learn how to ride a jabberwocky, train with a vorpal sword, cast spells using a teacup, or shapeshift into a fairy? As long as no one figures out my real name, I should be fine.
The only problem? Aden, the Queen of Hearts’ son, is quickly becoming my best friend. And then there’s Corbin. Brooding, surly, tattooed, and definitely not my type, I can’t stop thinking about him. But Corbin has secrets of his own, and Wonderland and secrets don’t mix.
How I’m going to pass my classes and protect my secret like my life depends on it is beyond me. But I better find a way. Because in Wonderland, no Alice is safe.



VS Note: From July

Determined to end the dreaded mermaid mating cycle between land and sea, Targa and Mira scour rare fragments of mosaic art from deep in the ocean for clues. On the hunt for the ancient spell’s source, all signs point to the ruins of Atlantis. Before the legend’s final chapter can unfold, Targa learns that only she has the strength to break the curse… the cost of which may be her life. Can Targa find the courage to face her destiny and liberate an ocean of chained hearts?


abyss lily archerTHE ABYSS (FAE’S CAPTIVE BOOK 7) by Lily Archer

Beth has lured me into the slave rebellion with promises that spark a fire in my heart … and in other places, as well. The Bazaar will either lead to a revolution, or end in countless lives lost and an even greater stronghold for slavery. On top of that, an old enemy has arisen, and fighting him will take every bit of strength and magic I possess. But he has more lives and more plans than I can fathom, and each of them includes destroying the realms, my king, and my mate.
Beth’s journey to the mines is even more fraught with danger, but her will is insurmountable, and my need to claim her only reinforces our agreement. The future may be filled with pitfalls, but I swear to the Ancestors I will get her to the mines and claim her so well that she will never doubt my devotion. But first, we’ll have to survive the deepest, darkest hole in all of Arin–the Abyss.


song of the abyssSONG OF THE ABYSS (TOWER OF WINDS) by Makiia Lucier

They came in the night as she dreamt, in her berth, on a shipsailing home to del Mar. After, they would be all Reyna thought about:two carracks painted scorpion black. No emblem on either forecastle, nopennants flying above the mainmasts to hint at a kingdom of origin.

     Never a good sign. 
     As the granddaughter of a famed navigator, seventeen-year-old Reyna has always lived life on her own terms, despite those who say a girl could never be an explorer for the royal house of St. John del Mar. She is determined to prove them wrong, and as she returns home after a year-long expedition, she knows her dream is within reach. No longer an apprentice, instead: Reyna, Master Explorer.
     But when menacing raiders attack her ship, those dreams are pushed aside. Reyna’s escape is both desperate and dangerous, and when next she sees her ship, a mystery rises from the deep. The sailors–her captain, her countrymen–have vanished. To find them, Reyna must use every resource at her disposal . . . including placing her trust in a handsome prince from a rival kingdom.
     Together they uncover a disturbing truth. The attack was no isolated incident. Troubling signs point to a shadowy kingdom in the north, and for once, the rulers of the Sea of Magdalen agree: something must be done. But can Reyna be brave enough to find a way?


Kicked off the case by the good guys and attacked by the bad guys, Dot and Mason aren’t giving up!
Kids are still going missing, and the locals want their help. Add in fairies, Yeti, and crazy symbols, and it’s all uphill, headed for disaster. With a dark wizard on to them, every move they make could be walking right into an ambush.
Dot’s powers take a deeper shift, and it might be the opening they need or the evil trick which turns them into a pile of bones.



My name is Lexi Cameron and until three weeks ago, I thought I was human.
It was all a lie.
I’m a demon, and I’m signed up to attend The Demon Academy.
I soon find out it’s the darkest, cruellest school around and not many survive a full year, let alone three.
Welcome to DA, where unless you are a high demon, you can expect to be treated like trash.
My plan? 
To be invisible and get the hell out of this academy, but it doesn’t work out that way…
I have one angel teacher trying to get rid of me, the students of DA making sure I know what a demon can do and I’m not going to survive Demon Academy for long.
That is until the Lucifer sons see me.
They want to break me,
they love to play games with my heart,
and even if I wanted to run from them…I can’t.
I’m apparently their mate.
And just like their father’s home, hell can’t be escaped. 


dame audreyDAME AUDREY by Aurora Springer

VS Note: The snippets she’s been sharing weekly have been very enjoyable. I pre-ordered this.

Young widow seeks true love amid the turmoil of Chaucer’s England.
In fourteenth century Britain, Dame Audrey cherishes her independence as the widow of a wealthy cloth merchant. But several of the wealthier traders covet her profitable business and she fears they will invoke the Abbot’s authority to compel her to marry a man of their choice. Her worst nightmare is suffering under a cruel husband like the hateful jeweler, Henry Goldsmith, who has threatened to curb her lively spirits.
Audrey joins a pilgrimage to Glastonbury to pray for guidance. The holy relics give her no inspiration nor do her fellow travelers. On the homeward journey, she aids the dying victim of a brutal robbery. She wins the stranger’s blessing and a gold brooch with a green dragon. Back in her hometown, the faerie brooch attracts trouble from thieves of all ranks and the attentions of a handsome yeoman, Selwyn Drake. As her nightmare looms nearer, she grows desperate to preserve her freedom.
Can the magic brooch help Audrey evade the schemes to force her into wedlock or must she submit to a husband’s will?

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immortal sky eIMMORTAL SKYE (VAMPIRE MATES) by K L Bone

Every vampire dreams of finding their destined mate—the one who brings the beat of life to their undead heart. Nearly two millennia ago, a pure-blood daughter of the Skye vampire bloodline found her soulmate in Rónán, the selkie knight charged with protecting her from all harm.

Rónán had saved Julia’s life when she was a child. Instead of being rewarded, he was enslaved by her father. Forced to serve the Skye family against his will, Rónán’s only comfort comes in watching over the lord’s daughter, whose innocence and sweet nature steals his heart.

Lord Skye has other plans for his only heir, including a politically advantageous pairing, and protecting her pure-blood lineage. Forced into an arranged marriage, Julia struggles to resist her father’s plans, but an ancient spell is cast upon her, rendering her helpless to the manipulations of others. As a result, Julia shatters the heart of the man she swore to love above all others.

After centuries apart, Julia is summoned home to the Isle of Skye, where she must face her past, and attempt to set right the wrongs committed against the man to whom her heart is eternally entwined.



Morgan Holland is a poacher’s daughter looking for a way out of the swamp. She’s been making secret moves to relocate, but it seems like every time she takes a step forward, she gets shoved two steps back. Her dad and friends are on the hunt for the Shifters, and they’re closing in fast. She doesn’t know Liam Lachlan, but he’s in danger, and she’ll take a huge risk to warn him. She’s walking a fine line that could get her in deep trouble with both sides. But the more time she spends with Liam, the more she wants to keep him safe—even if it means risking her own life and the future she’s been fighting for.

Liam Lachlan is one of the legendary gator shifters in the swamps of Uncertain. He’s been quiet about what he is all these years, but rumor has it some poachers have figured him out and are hunting him. Good. Bring it. It’s been a while since he had a good war. Only problem is, the girl who warned him is the daughter of the biggest, baddest poacher in the swamps, and hurting her people means demolishing her. If it’s up to the gator in him, he’ll put an end to anyone who is hunting his family. But the man in him will stop at nothing to keep Morgan safe.


immortalenemiesIMMORTAL ENEMIES (VAMPIRE MATES) by Jessie Lane

More than a thousand years ago, their love burned brighter than the sun.
Now, the only thing that burns is his hatred for the woman he once sacrificed his life to save… and his skin in the daylight.
Arne Eriksson grew up in a time when Vikings ruled the seas. He’d longed for the day he would earn his entrance to Valhalla. A treasured afterlife he’d never see since being turned into a vampire.
The person responsible for making him a monster– the woman he’d once wanted to marry.
Liv Nornssdottir was the outcast of the Viking era. The daughter of the mystical Norns and accused of not being entirely human, the village shunned her.
All except for one… a boy who grew into the man she came to love.
When he sacrificed himself to protect her, she did the only thing she could think of to save him– she had him turned into a vampire. Something so taboo she knew it would cost her Arne’s affections for all eternity. In the moment, she didn’t think, she reacted.
She’s been running from him ever since.
Lovers turned to immortal enemies.
The problem is… he’s found her.
And Arne is none to happy to learn the woman who damned him to an eternity without glory is also his mate.

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immortal protectorIMMORTAL PROTECTOR: VAMPIRE MATES by Alice K Wayne

On the word of an Oracle, Kai leaves his home in search of his destined mate. One of the fiercest vampire warriors the Maori people have ever seen, even he may not be strong enough to melt Katya’s frozen heart.
She’s the daughter of a prominent Russian drug king, and a life full of violence, power struggles, attempts on her life, and betrayal has turned her into an Ice Queen.
When a beefy, boisterous Maori warrior forces himself into her life—and maybe even her heart—she’s not sure she can freeze him out. No matter how hard she tries.

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After falling in battle, Lilith, known as Queen Merciless to foe and friend alike, expects to wake up in the toasty halls of hell —not the depths of the Underworld as a candidate for entry into the Academy for the Fallen.

Confused, she assumes it’s either a misunderstanding or someone’s idea of a joke. Forced to prove her strength with three challenging tests, Lilith is determined to dominate, showing she has no need for more schooling.
She’s no damsel needing protection or rescue.
Stuck with a former angel on the outs with God, a hellhound with a dangerous secret, and a trickster shapeshifter posing as the previous King of the Afterlife, Lilith thinks they should change the school’s name to Academy for Psychos.
Her opinion only strengthens when she meets the dastardly sexy headmaster.
There are no math classes. No one cares what books you read. And the only chemistry that matters is deadly.
Academy for the Fallen has no use for the weak and pure. Its purpose is to train an elite force of the evilest, blood driven souls to keep the Damned from escaping Satan’s grasp and unleashing hell on Earth.
Time for Lilith to dust off her crown and fight alongside the irresistible dark trio determined to win her affection.  There’s a new war to wage — the battle between evil and evil — and no one is a badder bitch than Queen Merciless. 


walk tallWALK TALL (ASSASSIN’S CLAWS BOOK 1) by Susi Hawke

Clay Moreno is a paid killer, just like his four brothers. It’s the family business—they fight together, they die together. Whether they’re working as a group or alone, they are a tight unit who protect their own.

Clay drew the short straw on their latest mission: assassinate the American president. He knew the case was going to be tough, but the last thing he expected to find was his mate… the president’s own son. The fact that he began the case with plans to seduce his way into the White House via that same son is beside the point. What his mate doesn’t know shouldn’t hurt him…

Nick Jackson is lonely and ordinary in a family of overachievers. He doesn’t want to do photo ops for the press, prep for the next year’s tests over the summer or any of the hundreds of other things his mother hassles him about. All he wants is to relax after his first year of college, work on his tan… and maybe find a boy to flirt with.


vampires dont sparkleVAMPIRES DON’T SPARKLE by Mia Archer and Andrew Beymer

All I wanted was a normal high school life, but it turns out fate had other things in mind.

I’m a reaper like my father before me. Tasked with ferrying souls from the mortal world to their eternal reward when they die. I didn’t want to go into the family business, but crazy supernatural shit keeps finding me whether I want it or not!

Take my latest problem. Vampires. Nosferatu. The undead. Children of the night. Bloodsuckers. They’re totally real, and they’re totally sneaking around my school and trying to put the moves on my girl!

Which is a problem. Most mortals have the good sense to stay away from things that go bump in the night, but not Stacy. Show her a hint of the supernatural and suddenly she’s acting like we’re a combination of the Scooby Gang and the Ghostbusters and she’s running in, stakes out, without an appreciation for how often encounters between the undead and the living result in the living becoming the undead!
I thought life would settle down after all that nasty business with Graham the necromancer. I couldn’t have been more wrong.
There are bloodsuckers infesting my school, they’re after my girl for some reason, and it’s time to show them how wrong those old dudes were when they said don’t fear the reaper!


trouble ex machinaTROUBLE EX MACHINA (THE RARE AND THE UNKNOWN BOOK 5) by Shai August

Trouble McNamara is on a mission to find the dark witch Mahjabeen, with help from her…something Romeo Crutchfield she traipses around the world. Can Trouble corner the dark witch and bring her to justice for her attempts on the leaders of the Rare and Unknown? Or will Mahjabeen escape from trouble? Trouble returns and she causing all manner of trouble.


gentleman wolf.PNGGENTLEMAN WOLF (CAPITAL WOLVES DUET BOOK 1) by Joanna Chambers

An elegant werewolf in Edinburgh… 1788. When Lindsay Somerville, the most elegant werewolf in Paris, learns that the man who held him in abject captivity for decades is on his way to France, intent on recapturing him, he knows he must leave the Continent for his own safety. Lindsay cannot take the risk of being recaptured—he may have been free for a century but he can still feel the ghost of his old chains under his fine clothes.… on a mission… While he’s in Edinburgh, Lindsay has been tasked with acquiring the “Naismith Papers”, the writings of a long-dead witchfinder. It should be a straightforward mission—all Lindsay has to do is charm an elderly book collector, Hector Cruikshank. But Cruikshank may not be all he seems, and there are others who want the papers.… meets his match

As if that were not enough, while tracking down the Naismith Papers, Lindsay meets stubborn architect Drew Nicol. Although the attraction between them is intense, Nicol seems frustratingly determined to resist Lindsay’s advances. Somehow though, Lindsay can’t seem to accept Nicol’s rejection. Is he just moonstruck, or is Nicol bonded to him in ways he doesn’t yet understand?
Note: this is the first book of a duology – the story continues and will complete in the second book, Master Wolf.

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doctor enchantedDOCTOR ENCHANTED: REVENGE OF THE BEARS by Juniper Hart

He’s hot, intense, somewhat of a jerk…and my boss.  On top of that, he’s a rich, powerful alpha. I thought he hated me, but one passionate night, he proved me wrong.  My life was almost a dream come true…until one cursed night at a party aboard a yacht. Now everyone seems to know about our secret affair. That’s not the worst of our problems, though. The nightmare has a name: Helios.  A dangerous fugitive with a lust for vengeance so deep that he doesn’t care who he has to kill to get it—and our hospital is harboring him.
The question is, what the hell does Helios want with us? From the look of things, I’d say he wants me.


alphas deceptionALPHA’S DECEPTION: REVENGE OF THE BEARS by Juniper Hart

One night at an Enchanted bar changed my entire world forever… I should have just let him have the drink and run. I didn’t. Toby’s eyes sucked me in—almost as fast as his lips.
I have no idea who I thought I was fooling. Could a thieving witch and a billionaire bear ever end up together? Of course not.
Is that why I hid our baby from him for years? Or was it his underworld ties and workplace scandals?
Now, I am caught up in something that is forcing me to steal from him.The matter is life or death, after all. He still has the same effect on me as he did when we first met, but I can’t get sucked in again. If fate finds you once, it has a pesky way of catching up with you again—not unlike your past.


golden griffins babyTHE GOLDEN GRIFFIN’S BABY (SHIFTER DADS BOOK 3) by Zoe Chant

In the last year, Lila has lost everything. Her husband. Her home. Her community. All she has left is her children…and the kindness of the town of Oak Ridge, who took her in when her husband’s pack leader showed his true colors.

Griffin shifter and Marine veteran Flynn is a naturally suspicious man. He’s seen too much evil in his life to trust in good hearts and happy endings–much less believe that any of it could be his. So when Lila shows up in town, complete with adorable kids and a sad sob story, he’s sure she must be a spy for the predatory lion pack she came from.
Then lions attack her home. And Flynn realizes how wrong he’s been.
Suddenly, Flynn is caught up in protecting a woman he’s just met, and caring for a child and a baby who’ve taken his heart in a way he never could’ve predicted. Can Lila open up her bruised heart and let him in? Can Flynn learn that he deserves a family? And what happens when the truth about Lila’s husband’s death comes out?



My name is Neely and I’m a telepath-spiker. Not only can I read a person’s thoughts, I can also spike deadly power straight into their brain. But don’t worry, I have strict rules about that sort of thing.

I’m hiding again. This time in a California desert truck stop town run by Lucas Blacke, a tiger shifter and alpha leader who’s as handsome as Lucifer and twice as slippery. I’ve been running from alphas like him my whole life. They either want to own me or kill me—there is no middle ground.

Now a homicidal alpha from my past is threatening everything I care about and I know I can’t fight him alone. Lucas Blacke is dangerous, and his intentions are murky at best, but I’ve run out of options. If I want to live, I’m going to have to put my faith in a man I know I can’t trust.


once upon a princess deborah baileyONCE UPON A PRINCESS: LAND OF DREAMS – A PARANORMAL FAIRY TALE by Deborah A Bailey

VS Note: Lovely to see a new title from Deborah! I enjoyed her scifi romance HATHOR LEGACY series…

Formula for Fairy Tale Love: 1 adventurous Heroine + 1 tortured-but-noble Hero = Happily-Ever-After.
In the rich and fertile land called Montrose, humans and creatures of magic exist together in a complex web of harmony…and deceit.
Willem was created of magic and trapped in the Land of Dreams by a curse in which he shared his gargoyle form with Eduardo. When Eduardo freed himself from the evil spell his jealous half-brother Erokan cast on him, Willem survived and was given a new life by the faeries. Haunted by the duality of his previous existence as well as the woman he and Eduardo both fell in love with while hexed, Willem, now a gargoyle shifter, meets the daughter of Lord Montrose. Compassionate, graceful and adamant about marrying for love and not riches, Cicely is far more wondrous than her outside beauty suggests. Suddenly, everything he’s ever wanted is within his grasp. But he isn’t the only man who longs to capture her.

Aware that Cicely descends from the royal line and was hidden away as a child to keep her magical ability a secret, a mysterious stranger intends to bend the powerful fire elemental to his will. To succeed, he has only to dominate Willem, still anguished by the curse that trapped him…and easily beguiled by a fair princess.

Cicely knows she possesses magical ability, but her origins are a mystery even to her. She loves her family and her land. Falling in love with the courageous, self-sacrificing Willem may be the key to awakening…or unleashing…something formidable buried deep inside her.

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weaverTHE WEAVER (THE WEAVER  Trilogy Book 1) by Heather Kindt

Most writers choose the endings to their stories . . . most writers are not Weavers.
Laney Holden is a freshman at Madison College whose life goes from normal to paranormal in a matter of seconds. When the antagonist in the book she’s writing shoves her down the stairs at the subway station, she learns she is a Weaver. Weavers bridge the narrow gap between fantasy and reality, bringing their words to life. Laney soon meets William whom she also suspects is a character from her book—one she’s had a mad crush on since her pen hit the paper. But he’s in danger as her antagonist reveals a whole different ending planned for Laney’s book that involves killing William. Laney must use her writing to save the people closest to her by weaving the most difficult words she will ever write.


witchstone amuletTHE WITCHSTONE AMULET by Mason Thomas

Protect it at all costs.
That’s what rugby player Hunter Best’s mother told him before she died. But when Hunter surprises an intruder in his Chicago apartment, he discovers her amulet stolen. Hunter pursues the thief—all the way through a strange vortex. He wakes in a bizarre and violent world, a benighted realm on the threshold of civil war.

The queen has become a ruthless tyrant, punishing any who oppose her, weakening the kingdom’s defenses against the brutal Henerans. To survive, Hunter must depend on the man who robbed him, a handsome former spy named Dax, now a leader of the resistance that believes the queen is an imposter—a Heneran disguised by magic… who also looks identical to Hunter’s mother.

There’s no love lost between Hunter and Dax, and even if Hunter grudgingly agrees with the resistance, he just wants to reclaim his property and go home. But he might be the only one who can oppose the queen and end her reign of terror.

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While Turner and Kian work out the details of Areana’s rescue plan, Carol and Lokan’s tumultuous relationship hits another snag. Is it a sign of things to come?


alpha and omegaALPHA AND OMEGA (DEVIL’S WOLVES MC BOOK 1) by J L Wilder

Jane – as Alpha of the Silver Fang She-wolves, it’s my job to enforce our survival code:
1. Obey Your She-Alpha
2. Hunt or be Hunted
3. Never Trust a Man
But now that the Red Claw are invading our territory, our code is being turned upside down! The only way for me to ensure my pack’s safety is by negotiating with the old-school Alpha of the Devil’s Wolves MC. But first, he’ll have to learn to respect who I am—a proud She-Alpha. 

Case – As Alpha of the Devil’s Wolves MC, I ensure that my pack follows our code:
1. Don’t #&CK with me!
2. Never Kill In Cold Blood.
3. Whiskey is For Drinking, Omegas are for Breeding.
My pack has been without mates for far too long, and with the Red Claws moving in, I’ll need to negotiate with the most stubborn she-wolf in the southwest. But first, she’ll have to accept who I am—her Alpha Daddy. 



VS Note: Author states this ends in a cliffhanger.

The days are blurring together. I can’t seem to keep my eyes open at night. Terror follows us everywhere we go. Nowhere is safe. It’s spreading. Thriving. We can’t outrun it. All we can do is bunker down and pray it passes us by. But that’s wishful thinking. The ravaged will find us and there’s not a thing we can do to stop them. They are everywhere.

I haven’t seen him. I haven’t spoken to him. But I know he’s there. I know he’ll be there if I need him. It’s not long before I do. My name is Willow. His name is Jason.  I hate him—or I used to. Now I just need him. Want him. Miss him. The ravaged are coming. They always are, and he’s always there to stand between them and me.
But the Ravaged aren’t the only dangers lurking behind every corner. There’s something more sinister stalking me. And when it finds me, I’m on my own.


power of firePOWER OF FIRE (THE BROKEN ACADEMY) by Jade Alters

An unforgivable accident tore my family apart. It wasn’t my fault. It was his.
I’m a Dragon and I’m seeking revenge. But in order to do that, I need to control the wildfire within me.
Joining the Broken Academy is the only way.
Yes, this secret world is my only hope. And another Dragon, Lee, wants to help me.
Along with the other men who now seem more like lovers than mere allies. It’s a romantic world in here. But I can’t stray away from my path. There’s a reason why I came here. Him. The one who destroyed my family has to die. And I’m the one who’ll put him in his grave.


noble causeA NOBLE CAUSE (LEGACY BOOK 2) by Mickie B Ashling

Having achieved his heart’s desire at a high price, Prince Colin of Sendorra and his fiancé, Nobel Prize winner Alain de Gris, find themselves at the epicenter of a twisted plot. Colin’s cousin, Drake Bradford, and his grandmother Maura, the high priestess of the Bradford Coven, have conspired for years to bring down the royal family.

Resembling his cousin in features and coloring, Drake, the soulless rat, has been using their similarities—and black magic—to his advantage. Princess Charlotte, Colin’s ex-girlfriend, is unwittingly drawn into the feud, blissfully unaware she’s been sleeping with an impostor.

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cookies and clairvoyanceCOOKIES AND CLAIRVOYANCE (A MAGICAL BAKERY MYSTERY BOOK 8) by Bailey Cates

Hedgewitch Katie Lightfoot is juggling wedding preparations, a visit from her father, and home renovations on top of her long hours at the Honeybee Bakery, where she and her aunt Lucy imbue their yummy cookies and pastries with beneficial magic. But when firefighter Randy Post is accused of murdering a collector of rarities, and his prints are on the statue that was used to kill the man, Katie steps in.

Randy is not only Katie’s fiancé’s coworker, but also the boyfriend of fellow spellbook club member and witch Bianca Devereaux. Bianca and Declan are both sure Randy is innocent, and so is Katie. However, to prove it she’ll have to work with ornery detective Peter Quinn again—and this time around he knows she’s more than your everyday baker.

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plague doctorTHE PLAGUE DOCTOR (THE PARANORMAL UNIVERSITY FILES: SKYLAR BOOK 4) by Vivienne Savage and Dominique Kristine

When a zombie epidemic sweeps trough the local mall and kicks the school year off with a bang, Sky can’t wait to take on her first official operation of the term. Thankfully, her kind are immune to it, right?


haunted house murderHAUNTED HOUSE MURDER  by Various

Newcomers to Tinker’s Cove, Ty and Heather Moon have moved into a dilapidated house reputed to be a haven for ghosts. Now strange noises and flickering lights erupt from the house at all hours and neighborly relations are on edge. And when a local boy goes missing near the house, it’s up to Lucy Stone to unravel the mystery of the eccentric couple and their increasingly frightful behavior.

For the past two years, the house next door to Hayley Powell has sat abandoned after the owner died under mysterious circumstances. The Salinger family has recently taken possession of the property, but the realtor behind the deal has vanished—after a very public and angry argument with Damien Salinger. If Bar Harbor’s newest neighbors are murderers, Hayley will haunt them until they confess.

With its history of hauntings and ghost sightings, Busman’s Harbor is the perfect setting for Halloween festivities. But when a reenactment of a Prohibition-era gangster’s murder ends with a literal bang and a dead actor from New Jersey, Julia Snowden must identify a killer before she ends up sleeping with the fishes.

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bridge kingdomTHE BRIDGE KINGDOM by Danielle L Jensen

Lara has only one thought for her husband on their wedding day: I will bring your kingdom to its knees. A princess trained from childhood to be a lethal spy, Lara knows that the Bridge Kingdom represents both legendary evil – and legendary promise. The only route through a storm-ravaged world, the Bridge Kingdom controls all trade and travel between lands, allowing its ruler to enrich himself and deprive his enemies, including Lara’s homeland. So when she is sent as a bride under the guise of fulfilling a treaty of peace, Lara is prepared to do whatever it takes to fracture the defenses of the impenetrable Bridge Kingdom.

But as she infiltrates her new home – a lush paradise surrounded by tempest seas – and comes to know her new husband, Aren, Lara begins to question where the true evil resides. Around her, she sees a kingdom fighting for survival, and in Aren, a man fiercely protective of his people. As her mission drives her to deeper understanding of the fight to possess the bridge, Lara finds the simmering attraction between her and Aren impossible to ignore. Her goal nearly within reach, Lara will have to decide her own fate: Will she be the destroyer of a king or the savior of her people?

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bound by passionBOUND BY PASSION (THE ALLIANCE BOOK 4) by Brenda K Davies

When Kadence has a vision of a cabin in the woods, Saxon and his friends are determined to find it. He’s beginning to think they’re on a wild goose chase… until he stumbles across the cabin and a horde of Savages. Elyse and her father have spent months imprisoned by Savages. Tortured and brutalized, she has no hope of getting out alive. When Saxon arrives, he gives her a chance at freedom; however, he wants to know why the Savages imprisoned her, and she can never reveal that. She tries to keep her distance, but when they are trapped together, it becomes increasingly difficult to resist the growing desire between them. Desperate to save her father, Elyse realizes Saxon may be the only one who can help her, but if she reveals the truth, will he forgive her… or kill her?

***The Alliance Series is a spin-off of the Vampire Awakenings series. You do not have to read the Vampire Awakenings Series to follow the Alliance Series.

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With the demise of the Old King, there’s a prophesy that a queen will ascend to the throne of the Black Hills. Bad news for the king’s sons, who are prepared to defend their birthright against all comers. But for blacksmith Keeley Smythe, war is great for business. Until it looks like the chosen queen will be Beatrix, her younger sister. Now it’s all Keeley can do to protect her family from the enraged royals.

Luckily, Keeley doesn’t have to fight alone. Because thundering to her aid comes a clan of kilt-wearing mountain warriors called the Amichai. Not the most socially adept group, but soldiers have never bothered Keeley, and rough, gruff Caid, actually seems to respect her. A good thing because the fierce warrior will be by her side for a much longer ride than any prophesy ever envisioned.

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rage stormheartRAGE: A STORMHEART NOVEL by Cora Carmack

Princess or adventurer. Duty or freedom. Her Kingdom or the Stormhunter she loves. If Aurora knows anything, it’s that choices have consequences. To set things right, she joins a growing revolution on the streets of Pavan.

In disguise as the rebel Roar, she puts her knowledge of the palace to use to aid the rebellion. But the Rage season is at its peak and not a day passes without the skies raining down destruction. Yet these storms are different…they churn with darkness, and attack with a will that’s desperate and violent. This feels like more than rage. It feels like war.

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Branwen has a secret powerful enough to destroy two kingdoms.

Her ancient magic led to a terrible betrayal by both her best friend, the princess Essy, and her first love, Tristan. Now this same magic is changing Branwen. Adrift in a rival court, Branwen must hide the truth from the enemy king by protecting the lovers who broke her heart—and finds herself considering a darker path. Not everyone wants the alliance with Branwen’s kingdom to succeed—peace is balanced on a knife’s edge, and her only chance may be to embrace the darkness within.

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star crossed with scarlettSTAR CROSSED WITH SCARLETT (MIDDLEMARCH CAPTURE BOOK 6) by Shelley Munro

The moment the resonance traps Ransom, he’s tossed into a living hell. Everything meaningful to him is in danger unless he follows the orders of a prince lying in stasis.
But that’s not the royal’s only demand.
Prince Kalim expects Ransom to deliver Scarlett—the woman Ransom’s dragon desires.
Captured by a dragon. Scarlett Mitchell can’t believe this twist of fate and, once she learns of the dragon-man’s quest, she struggles with the blast of excitement and yearning that seize her imagination. She’s the queen of lists and measures the pros against the cons in every decision—a lesson taught by experience. Life works better when she reins in her spontaneity.
She should turn her back on this dangerous journey, but she can’t.

Romantic sparks fly between Ransom and Scarlett as they travel to the final showdown with the prince. Painful secrets from the past poke at weak spots and emotions run high while a volcanic eruption threatens to annihilate everyone and everything in its path.
Two star-crossed lovers…Courage, determination, and pure grit are required to save the day before this ill-fated quest turns into another impulse gone wrong, or worse—a death trap.

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Saffron Sawyer aspires to rise from the magical world’s bottom rung. But when her wish to join the renowned Office of Faery Godmothers is granted, bullies make her first day on the job unbearable. And to add to her misery, she discovers that someone is abducting her coworkers one-by-one.

Desperate to prevent another kidnapping, she scrambles to piece together the clues. After teaming up with the handsome and powerful Devil’s Advocate, she uncovers a strange connection between the disappearances and her lowly former gig. But when Saffron learns her promotion was only a ploy, she vows to ruin the devious plan.

Can Saffron muster enough magic to trap the villain before she’s sacked or stolen?



star cruise mystery dancerVS Note: Highlighting my STAR CRUISE: MYSTERY DANCER this week, which was a scifi take on the legend of Anastasia, combined with dancing, so I had FUN writing this one!

First published in the Embrace the Passion: Pets in Space 3 anthology…

Tassia Megg is a woman on the run after the death of her elderly guardian. She needs to get off the planet in a hurry when chance directs her to an open dance audition for the luxury cruise liner Nebula Zephyr’s resident troupe. One thing Tassia can do is dance.

Security Officer Liam Austin is suspicious of the newest performer to join the Comettes. She shows all the signs of being a woman on the run and seems to fit the Sectors-wide broadcast description of a missing thief, accused of stealing priceless artifacts. As he gets to know Tassia during the cruise, he starts to wonder if she’s something more – a long vanished princess in hiding from deadly political enemies of her family perhaps?

And what’s the story with the three eyed feline companion other crew members swear Tassia brought aboard the ship? Does the animal even exist?

As the ship approaches its next port of call, all the issues come to a boil and Liam must decide if he’ll step in to help Tassia or betray her. F’rrh the alien cat is the key to the mystery and Tassia’s fate.

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The term “new” is generally plus or minus a week or two. I try to catch up on ones I missed in recent months.  And I may mention ‘special items’.

I do NOT cover every single new release in SFR/FantasyR/PNR. I never have. That would be an impossible task for any human! I assemble my list by hand every week based on various informal inputs, and I do curate the list to some extent…

I check and verify all the buy links at the time I create the post  but after that I’m not responsible.

Much Too Valuable Weekend Writing Warriors

Warriors logo revisedTaking excerpts from CAMRON, one of my recent scifi romance releases…(BADARI WARRIOR’S BABY is actually the most recent). I’ll probably switch to REEDE next week, because it should be released by then.

Here’s the link to the Weekend Writing Warriors central page, so you can visit all the participants sharing excerpts today…a fun way to sample new books and find new authors! (Also welcome to the Sunday Snippet visitors!)

Punctuation may be wonky to comply with our guidelines here. May be edited a bit from published version.

If you haven’t read any of my Badari Warriors books, here’s the background:

Genetically engineered soldiers of the far future, the Badari were created by alien enemies to fight humans. But then the scientists kidnapped an entire human colony from the Sectors to use as subjects in twisted experiments…the Badari and the humans made common cause, rebelled and escaped the labs. Now they live side by side in a sanctuary valley protected by a powerful Artificial Intelligence, and wage unceasing war on the aliens. 

The excerpt – Gemma and Camron have escaped a crashed, burning flyer and were briefly on the run together. Skipping ahead, after the Khagrish have recaptured the pair, the alien in charge outlines his plans for them.

“The two of you have no way to know this, but I’m an avid hunter. Back on the home world, my domicile is full of trophies, rare beasts taken from many worlds where I’ve served,” He pointed at Camron, “But I’ve never hunted one of you animals, nor a human, so we’re all in for a very interesting time.”

“Leave her out of this,” Camron said urgently, “Hunt me at your peril—I’m a soldier, I’ll gladly take you on, but don’t include the woman.”

“Protective of the female, eh?” Parryfilmunn grinned unpleasantly, “All the more reason to send her out into the range with you.”

Camron lunged at him, but the guards swarmed him before he got close. Gemma flinched in sympathy – how much punishment could Camron take? “Stop it! I’ll gladly go with him and your head will be the trophy, not ours.”

The listening scientist left her chair and stepped closer to Camron, voice raised in protest, “He’s much too valuable to be wasted in a meaningless hunt.” Looking down her nose at Gemma, she made a casual hand gesture as if to shoo her away. “Take the human, we have more than enough of them, but the male is one of a dwindling population.”

And the hunt is on…..the Khagrish have no redeeming virtues, by the way.

camronThe blurb:

Dr. Gemma Madarian is far from her home in the human Sectors, kidnapped along with hundreds of other humans to be used for horrifying experiments conducted on a remote planet by alien scientists.

She and another prisoner, Camron of the Badari, are the only survivors of a deadly crash landing. She’s paired up with the genetically engineered soldier by their mutual enemies and sent fleeing through rough country, hunted for pleasure by an enemy officer and his ferocious trackers.

The enemy wants a triumphant kill. Gemma and Camron want to survive.

Camron never dreamt of having a mate but Gemma shatters his preconceptions and makes him desperate to do everything in his power to save her life and claim her for his.

There’s no help or refuge to be had in the desert where they’re fleeing for their lives.
Or is there?

Will Camron and Gemma live to fight another day and explore the growing attraction between them, or will ancient secrets and bitter rivalries end their bid for freedom?

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BadariWarriorsBoxSetFinalNew to my award winning Badari Warriors series? There’s a box set of the first 3 books!

There’s no new material included, other than a brief recap of why I wrote each book (which appeared in previous blog posts) But I thought it was time to put the books together!

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